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The Terrorist Criminal Nexus

Author : Jennifer L. Hesterman
ISBN : 9781466557628
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 46. 58 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Postmodern global terrorist groups engage sovereign nations asymmetrically with prolonged, sustained campaigns driven by ideology. Increasingly, transnational criminal organizations operate with sophistication previously only found in multinational corporations. Unfortunately, both of these entities can now effectively hide and morph, keeping law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the dark and on the run. Perhaps more disturbing is the fact that al Qaeda, Hezbollah, FARC, drug cartels, and increasingly violent gangs—as well as domestic groups such as the Sovereign Citizens—are now joining forces. Despite differing ideologies, they are threatening us in new and provocative ways. The Terrorist-Criminal Nexus: An Alliance of International Drug Cartels, Organized Crime, and Terror Groups frames this complex issue using current research and real-world examples of how these entities are sharing knowledge, training, tactics, and—in increasing frequency—joining forces. Providing policy makers, security strategists, law enforcement and intelligence agents, and students with new evidence of this growing threat, this volume: Examines current and future threats from international and domestic criminal and terror groups Identifies specific instances in which these groups are working together or in parallel to achieve their goals Discusses the "lifeblood" of modern organizations—the money trail Describes how nefarious groups leverage both traditional funding methods and e-commerce to raise, store, move, and launder money Explores the social networking phenomenon and reveals how it is the perfect clandestine platform for spying, communicating, recruiting, and spreading propaganda Investigates emergent tactics such as the use of human shields, and the targeting of first responders, schools, hospitals, and churches This text reveals the often disregarded, misunderstood, or downplayed nexus threat to the United States. Proving definitively that such liaisons exist despite differing ideologies, the book provides a thought-provoking new look at the complexity and phenomena of the terrorist-criminal nexus. This book was excerpted in the February/March 2013 issue of The Counter Terrorist.

The Criminal Terror Nexus In Chechnya

Author : Jeff Meyers
ISBN : 9781498539319
Genre : History
File Size : 30. 61 MB
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This study examines a number of Chechen groups’ links to criminality and terrorism. It analyzes the role of Soviet and Russian policies in the region, investigates the influence of Islam, and provides comparisons to international crime and terror organizations.

Terrorism As Crime

Author : Mark S. Hamm
ISBN : 0814737455
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 38. 26 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Car bombing, suicide bombing, abduction, smuggling, homicide, and hijacking are all profoundly criminal acts. In Terrorism as Crime Mark S. Hamm presents an understanding of terrorism from a criminological point of view, arguing that the most successful way to understand, detect, prosecute and deter these acts is to use conventional criminal investigation methods. Whether in Oklahoma City or London, Terrorism as Crime demonstrates that criminal activity is the lifeblood of terrorist groups and that there are simple common denominators at work that can remove the mystery surrounding many of these terrorist groups. Once understood the vulnerabilities of these organizations can be exposed. This important volume focuses in on six case studies of crimes committed by jihad and domestic right wing groups, including biographies of more than two dozen terrorists along with descriptions of their organizations, strategies, and terrorist plots. Terrorism as Crime offers an original and significant framework for explaining international and domestic terrorism, as well as how future acts might be detected or exposed.

Crime And Terrorism

Author : Peter N. Grabosky
ISBN : 9781849200325
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 34. 62 MB
Format : PDF
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High quality, compelling criminology text on terrrorism - much needed in the market.

Transnational Crime And The Criminal Terrorist Nexus

Author : Jennifer L. Hesterman
ISBN : 1585661392
Genre : Organized crime
File Size : 70. 69 MB
Format : PDF
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Modernized transnational crime is on the rise and threatens our national security like never before. Globalization, technological advances, and anarchy resulting from the end of the Cold War has made transnational crime much easier to perpetrate and has given criminals flexibility to change tactics to evade law enforcement continually. Powers bestowed on federal law-enforcement agencies through the Patriot Act must be upheld to help fight modern organized crime and terrorism in the global environment. Agencies require expanded training on proactive, investigative approaches to stop crime and terrorist acts before they happen, not merely to analyze the outcome, as is the traditional procedure. Government agencies are effectively sharing information at the tactical level. Strategic-level interaction is weak and requires attention. With greater education and training on these issues, the US military could be a powerful force multiplier. This study academically frames the issue, providing policy makers a fresh perspective on existing and emerging threats to use in their future planning and modeling efforts.

Crime Terror Nexus In South Asia

Author : Ryan Clarke
ISBN : 9781136739699
Genre : History
File Size : 73. 98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book examines the crime-terror nexus in South Asia, focusing in particular on the activities of non-state actors that operate out of Pakistan, and challenges the conventional wisdom that the Pakistan Taleban (TTP) and Al-Qaeda are Pakistan’s most serious security threats. Much research has focused on the policies of India and Pakistan towards Kashmir. But surprisingly little attention has been paid to several notable Pakistan-based non-state actors who are increasingly operating on their own, and who have the potential to greatly inhibit, if not derail, the peace process there. These groups blur the line between terrorism and organized crime with serious implications for policy in the region. India and Pakistan can engage in confidence-building measures, but if criminal actors such as Lashkar-i-Taiba (LeT) and D-Company cannot effectively be controlled, a lack of trust between both sides will remain. Although the role of regular military forces is not to be discounted, many of the non-state actors in Indian-Held Kashmir, such as LeT, are not confined by the same restraints as state forces, thus allowing them engage in more violent actions without fear of reprisal. In order for lawmakers, security personnel, and others to develop sound, comprehensive policies, these forces and their potential to undermine political initiatives must be fully appreciated. This book explores the dynamics of the relationship between Pakistan, D-Company, and LeT and how it affects strategic thought, decision-making, and security interests in the region and explains the triangular relationships between states, terrorist groups, and organized criminal syndicates in general, and in India and Pakistan in particular. This book will of much interest to students of South Asian politics, terrorism, organised crime, war and conflict studies, and Security Studies in general.

Black Market Billions

Author : Hitha Prabhakar
ISBN : 9780132180245
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 70. 54 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Black Market Billions blows the lid off the world's fastest-growing illicit industry: organized retail crime. Hitha Prabhakar reveals how criminals with ties to terrorist groups around the world are committing huge product thefts, and using the profits to fund terrorist acts. Prabhakar connects the dots and follows the money ... from consumers "dying for a deal" to terrorist cells eager to do the killing.

Soft Target Hardening

Author : Jennifer Hesterman
ISBN : 9781482244212
Genre : Computers
File Size : 30. 64 MB
Format : PDF
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Terrorist attacks occur daily and are increasingly being aimed at civilian populations around the world. Battlefield lines have been redrawn to include churches, schools, hospitals, and malls. This breach of moral boundary is shocking and invokes fear—two primary goals of terrorism. Although there is an increase in soft target activity—or attacks on places of worship, study, and leisure—there is hesitation to explore such susceptibility in the United States. Soft Target Hardening: Protecting People from Attack starts the national dialogue by providing case studies, best practices, and methodologies for identifying soft target vulnerabilities and reducing risk in the US. Offering deterrence and mitigation techniques from more than 275 sources, this comprehensive book: Explores US cultural nuances contributing to the country turning a psychological blind eye toward soft target threats Assesses the attractiveness of soft target threats presented by foreign and domestic terror groups and drug trafficking organizations Analyzes the unique vulnerabilities of churches, schools, hospitals, malls, sporting and recreational events, and other soft targets Gives an overview of soft target hardening tactics from global hotspots, including first-person accounts and photographs Introduces the concept of effects-based hardening, derived from the military model of effects-based operations Discusses emerging soft target challenges such as insider threats, kidnapping, and use of human shields Evaluates the likelihood of the use of weapons of mass destruction against civilian-centric venues Soft Target Hardening: Protecting People from Attack is a must read for those who secure, own, and operate soft target facilities, and for citizens who want to protect themselves and their families from attack.


Author : Michelle Malkin
ISBN : 9781621570936
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 42. 44 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Malkin exposes how America continues to welcome terrorists, criminal aliens, foreign murderers, torturers, and the rest of the world's undesirables.

Understanding Organized Crime

Author : Stephen L. Mallory
ISBN : 9781449675776
Genre : Law
File Size : 30. 83 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Today, the world is facing an increasing impact from established organized crime, emerging transnational organized crime, and gangs that requires an understanding of who and what these organizations are and how they achieve their goals. Updated to include new and relevant research and statistics, Understanding Organized Crime, Second Edition provides students with a better understanding of how and why these criminal groups continue to dominate the world of crime and what law enforcement must do to address this threat. Written by a leading expert in the field and based on his experience and academic research, Understanding Organized Crime, Second Edition is a comprehensive introduction to the subject and includes coverage of the types of organized crime, definitions of organized crime, why it continues to exist, and how it has evolved throughout history. Material covered includes the structure and hierarchy of each organization, their methods of operation, and the techniques and laws used by law enforcement to address the dynamic nature of domestic and transnational organized crime. Using the author’s unique approach to the topic, students will learn about organized crime through the eyes of the criminal investigator, and how law-enforcement practitioners today are counteracting these criminal organizations. New and Key Features of the Second Edition: • Revised and updated to include new and relevant research, statistics, and case studies to help students understand the true nature of organized crime and the players involved. • Chapter 5 (Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations) has been updated to include the most recent information on new alliances and wars over territories and smuggling routes between established cartels and emerging organizations in Mexico. • A new chapter, The Nexus of Transnational Organized Crime and Terrorism, addresses the increasing connections between terrorist groups and transnational organized crime, including new challenges facing governments and law enforcement in identifying and prosecuting these cooperative networks. • Provides information outlining the new age of piracy that has resulted in the creation of task forces that focus on areas around the Gulf of Aden off the coast of Somalia. • Additional and updated information is now included in the chapters on the Russian Mafia, the Italian-American Mafia, the Yakuza, and Outlaw Bikers. Instructor Resources: *Test Bank *Microsoft PowerPoint slides Student Resources: * Companion Website (secure) featuring: -interactive glossary -interactive flashcards -practice exercises -and more!

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