the theory and practice of statutory interpretation

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The Theory And Practice Of Statutory Interpretation

Author : Frank B. Cross
ISBN : 0804769818
Genre : Law
File Size : 26. 96 MB
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Today, statutes make up the bulk of the relevant law heard in federal courts and arguably represent the most important source of American law. The proper means of judicial interpretation of those statutes have been the subject of great attention and dispute over the years. This book provides new insights into the theory and practice of statutory interpretation by courts. Cross offers the first comprehensive analysis of statutory interpretation and includes extensive empirical evidence of Supreme Court practice. He offers a thorough review of the active disputes over the appropriate approaches to statutory interpretations, namely whether courts should rely exclusively on the text or also examine the legislative history. The book then considers the use of these approaches by the justices of the recent Rehnquist Court and the degree to which they were applied by the justices, either sincerely or in pursuit of an ideological agenda.

Statutory Interpretation

Author : Randy N. Graham
ISBN : 1552390632
Genre : Law
File Size : 87. 96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Dynamic Statutory Interpretation

Author : William N. Eskridge
ISBN : 0674218787
Genre : Law
File Size : 40. 47 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Contrary to traditional theories of statutory interpretation, which ground statutes in the original legislative text or intent, legal scholar William Eskridge argues that statutory interpretation changes in response to new political alignments, new interpreters, and new ideologies. It does so, first of all, because it involves richer authoritative texts than does either common law or constitutional interpretation: statutes are often complex and have a detailed legislative history. Second, Congress can, and often does, rewrite statutes when it disagrees with their interpretations; and agencies and courts attend to current as well as historical congressional preferences when they interpret statutes. Third, since statutory interpretation is as much agency-centered as judgecentered and since agency executives see their creativity as more legitimate than judges see theirs, statutory interpretation in the modern regulatory state is particularly dynamic. Eskridge also considers how different normative theories of jurisprudence--liberal, legal process, and antiliberal--inform debates about statutory interpretation. He explores what theory of statutory interpretation--if any--is required by the rule of law or by democratic theory. Finally, he provides an analytical and jurisprudential history of important debates on statutory interpretation.

Interpreting Statutes

Author : Stephen Bottomley
ISBN : 1862875561
Genre : Law
File Size : 67. 2 MB
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Interpreting Statutes was cited 4 times by the High Court in Momcilovic v The Queen [2011] HCA 34 (8 September 2011)Interpreting Statutes has been written for lawyers and judges who must interpret statutes on a daily basis, as well as for students and scholars who have their own responsibility for the future. This book takes a new approach to statutory interpretation. The authors consider the fundamental importance of context in statutory interpretation across various fields of regulation and explore the problems, which arise from the frequent disjunction between regulatory design and subsequent statutory interpretation. As a result, they bring to the fore fundamental theoretical questions underlying interpretive choice and expand our appreciation of how critical interpretive issues are to the proper functioning of our legal system. The book is divided into two parts. The first covers several areas dealing with fundamental theoretical issues. The second deals with particular areas of the law, such as criminal law or corporate law, addressing the utility and functionality of the general theories from different legal perspectives and illustrating the fact that different interpretive principles may take precedence in different areas of the law. It reveals the complexity of statutory interpretation when applied to actual practice in a particular area of law. Despite this complexity and the unique problems of statutory interpretation within each area of law, some major themes emerge including: the strong influence of constitutional interpretation; tension between common law rights and statutory innovation; questions about the interaction of domestic law with international law; tension between settled judicial principles of interpretation and principles embedded in legislation; issues concerning the interpretation of delegated legislation; and questions about gap filling and discretion in the interpretation of statutes and codes.

Logic In The Theory And Practice Of Lawmaking

Author : Michał Araszkiewicz
ISBN : 9783319195759
Genre : Law
File Size : 71. 68 MB
Format : PDF
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This book presents the current state of the art regarding the application of logical tools to the problems of theory and practice of lawmaking. It shows how contemporary logic may be useful in the analysis of legislation, legislative drafting and legal reasoning concerning different contexts of law making. Elaborations of the process of law making have variously emphasised its political, social or economic aspects. Yet despite strong interest in logical analyses of law, questions remains about the role of logical tools in law making. This volume attempts to bridge that gap, or at least to narrow it, drawing together some important research problems—and some possible solutions—as seen through the work of leading contemporary academics. The volume encompasses 20 chapters written by authors from 16 countries and it presents diversified views on the understanding of logic (from strict mathematical approaches to the informal, argumentative ones) and differentiated choices concerning the aspects of law making taken into account. The book presents a broad set of perspectives, insights and results into the emerging field of research devoted to the logical analysis of the area of creation of law. How does logic inform lawmaking? Are legal systems consistent and complete? How can legal rules be represented by means of formal calculi and visualization techniques? Does the structure of statutes or of legal systems resemble the structure of deductive systems? What are the logical relations between the basic concepts of jurisprudence that constitute the system of law? How are theories of legal interpretation relevant to the process of legislation? How might the statutory text be analysed by means of contemporary computer programs? These and other questions, ranging from the theoretical to the immediately practical, are addressed in this definitive collection.

Legislation And Statutory Interpretation

Author : William N. Eskridge
ISBN : 1599410788
Genre : Law
File Size : 74. 11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Suitable for students or practitioners, this authoritative overview of the legislative process and statutory interpretation moves smoothly and understandably between the theoretical and the practical. You'll find in-depth discussion of such topics as theories of legislation and representation, electoral and legislative structures, extrinsic sources for statutory interpretation, and substantive canons of statutory interpretation. Reap the benefits of the authors' experience, opinions, and insight and gain a working knowledge of the area.

Die Aktuelle Mpu Alkohol Vorbereitung

Author : Lothar Arnold
ISBN : 9783746042824
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 40. 77 MB
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Der unentbehrliche Begleiter durch die MPU! Ein schwieriger Lebensabschnitt beginnt, der überhaupt nicht ins Programm passt. Solange Sie im Straßenverkehr nicht auffällig waren, mussten Sie sich keine Gedanken dazu machen, ob Ihnen jegliches Wissen über Eignung oder Nichteignung von Kraftfahrern fehlt. Aber jetzt müssen Sie zur MPU, um sich begutachten zu lassen. Dieses ausführliche Lernmaterial vermittelt Ihnen genau das Wissen, das Sie benötigen, um im ersten Anlauf die MPU sicher zu bestehen. Ohne eine ausreichend gründliche Vorbereitung auf die MPU wird ein Bestehen niemals möglich sein. Mit diesen ausführlich geprüften Informationen wird es Ihnen leicht fallen, die Fragen des Gutachters zu durchschauen, sodass Sie umgehend Ihren Führerschein zurückbekommen. Dieses erprobte Vorbereitungsprogramm bereitet Sie auf alle zu erwartenden Situationen vor und führt Sie gezielt zum Erfolg. Sobald Sie auf den Gutachter in der Prüfung treffen, müssen Sie vorbreitet sein, um alle Fragen plausibel erklären zu können. Das komplette MPU- Wissenspaket umfasst: +++Alle anfallenden Fragen zur MPU +++ Umgehende Maßnahmen nach der MPU-Anordnung +++ Begutachtungs-Leitlinien zur Kraftfahrereignung +++ Fakten und Wissen zum Thema Alkohol +++ 136 TÜV-Fragen bei einer Alkohol-MPU +++ positive und negative Gutachten +++ Hintergrundinformationen in Bezug auf das Begutachtungssystem +++ Definitionen rund um das Thema Alkohol +++ MPU und Frauen +++ MPU und Radfahrer Brandneu: Viele Fragen und Antworten - so geht es richtig! +++ MPU mit 59 Fragen, Antworten und Erklärungen zu den Fragen des Gutachters, mit der wissenschaftlichen Auswertung einer MPU in verständlichen Worten.+++ Das klassische Eigentor! So bitte nicht! Ausführliches negatives MPU-Gutachten und die Begründung des Gutachters. +++ 3 weitere ausführliche positive MPU-Originalgutachten inkl. Begründung, zudem 20 Knock-Out Fragen aus Untersuchungsgesprächen +++ Wichtig: Es wird erklärt, warum das bloße Auswendiglernen von Fallbeispielen oder Gutachten nicht reicht +++ Der wichtige, unentbehrliche Gutachter-Fragenkatalog mit den richtigen, ausführlichen Antworten!!! Diese MPU-Vorbereitung wird Sie garantiert zu einem positiven Gutachten führen, sodass Sie nach diesem schwierigen Lebensabschnitt endlich wieder positiv in die Zukunft schauen können und Ihren Führerschein wieder vorzeigen können.

Statutory Construction And Interpretation

Author :
ISBN : 9781587332135
Genre : Law
File Size : 63. 80 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book reviews the primary rules courts apply to discern a statute's meaning. However, each matter of interpretation before a court presents its own challenges, and there is no unified, systematic approach used in all cases. While schools of statutory interpretation may vary on what factors should be considered, all approaches start (if not necessarily end) with the language and structure of the statute itself. In analyzing a statute's text, courts are guided by the basic principle that a statute should be read as a harmonious whole, with its separate parts being interpreted within their broader statutory context.

Language Meaning And The Law

Author : Christopher Hutton
ISBN : 9780748633524
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 57. 60 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Language, Meaning and the Law offers an accessible, critical guide to debates about linguistic meaning and interpretation in relation to legal language. Law is an ideal domain for considering fundamental questions relating to how we assign meanings to words, understand and comment on texts, and deal with socially and ideologically significant questions of interpretation. The book argues that theoretical issues of concern to linguists, philosophers, literary theorists and others are illuminated by the demands of the legal context, since law is driven by the need for practical solutions and for determinate outcomes based on explicit reasoning. Topics covered include: the relationship of linguistics to legal theory, indeterminacy and statutory interpretation, the theory and practice of using dictionaries in law, defamation and language in the public sphere, and the distinction between perjury and deception. This book does not assume specialist knowledge of the field, and is designed as a self-contained, advanced introduction to a fascinating area of study. The reader will gain an overall insight into issues and debates about meaning and interpretation, as well as an understanding of how these questions are shaped by the legal context.

Gerechtigkeit F R Igel

Author : Ronald Dworkin
ISBN : 9783518780206
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 59. 50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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»Der Fuchs weiß viele Dinge, aber der Igel weiß eine große Sache.« Der griechische Dichter Archilochos hat diesen Satz formuliert, Isaiah Berlin hat ihn mit seinem Tolstoi-Essay berühmt gemacht. Aber was ist diese »eine große Sache«? Ronald Dworkin liefert eine Antwort: Es sind Werte in all ihren Erscheinungsformen. Wenn wir verstehen wollen, was Wahrheit und Schönheit sind, was dem Leben Sinn verleiht, was die Moral fordert und die Gerechtigkeit verlangt, so müssen wir der Spur jener moralischen Einstellungen nachgehen, die menschliches Denken, Fühlen und Handeln durchdringen und zu einer Einheit formen. »Gerechtigkeit für Igel« ist eines jener Bücher, wie es sie in Zeiten der Füchse – der Spezialisten und Skeptiker – immer seltener gibt: eines, das aus einem einzigen Prinzip eine ganze Welt erklären und zugleich Orientierung geben möchte.

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