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The Theory Of Social Democracy

Author : Thomas Meyer
ISBN : 9780745654614
Genre : Political Science
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The ascendancy of neo-liberalism in different parts of the world has put social democracy on the defensive. Its adherents lack a clear rationale for their policies. Yet a justification for social democracy is implicit in the United Nations Covenants on Human Rights, ratified by most of the worlds countries. The covenants commit all nations to guarantee that their citizens shall enjoy the traditional formal rights; but they likewise pledge governments to make those rights meaningful in the real world by providing social security and cultural recognition to every person. This new book provides a systematic defence of social democracy for our contemporary global age. The authors argue that the claims to legitimation implicit in democratic theory can be honored only by social democracy; libertarian democracies are defective in failing to protect their citizens adequately against social, economic, and environmental risks that only collective action can obviate. Ultimately, social democracy provides both a fairer and more stable social order. But can social democracy survive in a world characterized by pervasive processes of globalization? This book asserts that globalization need not undermine social democracy if it is harnessed by international associations and leavened by principles of cultural respect, toleration, and enlightenment. The structures of social democracy must, in short, be adapted to the exigencies of globalization, as has already occurred in countries with the most successful social-democratic practices.

Capitalism And Social Democracy

Author : Adam Przeworski
ISBN : 0521336562
Genre : Philosophy
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This is a study of the choices faced by socialist movements as they developed within capitalist societies. Professor Przeworski examines the three principal choices confronted by socialism: whether to work through elections; whether to rely exclusively on the working class; and whether to try to reform or abolish capitalism. He brings to his analysis a number of abstract models of political and economic structure, and illustrates the issues in the context of historical events, tracing the development of socialist strategies since the mid-nineteenth century. Several of the conclusions are novel and provocative. Professor Przeworski argues that economic issues cannot justify a socialist programme, and that the workers had good reasons to struggle for the improvement of capitalism. Therefore, the project of a socialist transformation, and the fight for economic advancement, were separate historical phenomena.

The Political Theory Of Swedish Social Democracy

Author : Timothy Alan Tilton
ISBN : STANFORD:36105034768825
Genre : Political Science
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Sweden's Social Democratic movement is widely regarded as the most successful of its kind in the world. Its success is often attributed to its pragmatism rather than its consistent ideological commitment. This book argues that, on the contrary, Sweden's distinctive economic and social policies cannot be understood apart from the ideological convictions of several generations of political leaders and thinkers. Examining the thinking of major figures in Swedish Social Democracy (including Hjalmar Branting, Gunnar Myrdal, and Olof Palme), this book provides the first up-to-date survey of the party's ideological development from its origins in the 1880s until the present.

Radical Theories

Author : Darrow Schecter
ISBN : 0719043859
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 80. 28 MB
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This book aims to reclaim and rediscover the range of radical, democratic, socialist alternatives to capitalism. Schecter argues that whilst the collapse of the Soviet Union has seen the failure of one type of socialism, it has presented the left with the cance to re-evaluate the contribution of thinkers and movements obscured by the hegemony of Marxism-Leninism.

The Dictatorship Of The Proletariat

Author : John Ehrenberg
ISBN : UOM:39015021529642
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 68. 45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Crisis Of Social Democracy In Europe

Author : Michael Keating
ISBN : 9780748665846
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 34. 30 MB
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This volume examines the fortunes of social democracy in Western and East-Central Europe and the policy challenges it faces. By arguing that social democracy is a way of reconciling market capitalism with social inclusion and equality, they show that it h

Social Democracy And The Aristocracy

Author : John H. Kautsky
ISBN : 1412834309
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 87. 90 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Ever since the rise of mass labor movements in the late nineteenth century, socialism has been seen as an inevi- table and antagonistic response to capitalism and the spread of industrialization. Over the course of the twentieth century, however, socialism's failure to gain ground in the United States and most of the non-Western world exposed the limited, Eurocentric views of socialist theorists, and also the inadequacy of the theory as it applied to Europe as well. John Kautsky argues that a key factor in the development of social democratic labor movements was the persistence of powerful remnants of aristocratic institutions and ideologies whose survival into the industrial age preserved exclusionary hierarchies. These led, in turn, to radicalism and class consciousness among workers. Kautsky traces the evolution of socialist labor movements in Europe and Japan where aristocratic elements were still strong, detailing the survival of aristocratic privilege and the concomitants of worker class consciousness and demands for equality. He shows how social democratic reliance on free elections was primarily a weapon against the aristocracy rather than capitalism. Contradicting socialist theory, working-class growth came to an end, class lines became blurred, and a considerable degree of equality was achieved through the welfare state. Kautsky turns to those countries that were sufficiently industrialized to have large numbers of workers, but also had reasonably free elections, civil liberties, and less repression of trade unions. Though the United States, Canada, post-Soviet Russia, Mexico, and India have very different histories and societies, their workers have not confronted a powerful aristocracy. Great Britain, the first and for long the most advanced industrial country, was virtually the last to develop a socialist labor movement. In contrast, socialist movements in Canada and the United States, where egalitarian traditions were strong, found little support. Kautsky's concluding chapters treat the spread of corruption, the rise of new oligarchies in Russia, and the position of workers no longer honored and politically weak. In its innovative perspective on long-held theories and its currency for contemporary problems, Social Democracy and Aristocracy is an important contribution to political thought in the post-Marxist world. Its global approach makes it uniquely valuable for the comparative study of labor history and economic development.

Marxism And Social Democracy

Author : Henry Tudor
ISBN : 0521335817
Genre : Communist revisionism
File Size : 67. 9 MB
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This is an anthology in English translation of the major texts concerned with the nineteenth-century debates between democratic socialism and revolutionary Marxism. The central figure is Eduard Bernstein, a leading German social democrat and former associate of Engels, who argued that Marx's analysis of society had been overtaken by events, and that his doctrine of revolution should be replaced by a policy of evolutionary reform by democratic means. The ensuing controversy between Bernstein and his opponents (Bebel, Kautsky, Parvus, Rosa Luxemburg, and Belfort Bax) helped create the split between center and far left, which is still a feature of socialist politics in Europe. Most of the articles and letters contained in this book have never been translated before, so the English-speaking reader is able to follow the debate for the first time. The debate is analysed in the introduction and the editors also provide detailed annotation and a bibliography. This volume will be a critical sourcebook for all serious students of nineteenth-century political theory.

The Nordic Model Of Social Democracy

Author : N. Brandal
ISBN : 9781137013279
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 40. 38 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Social Democracy has long been prominent in Nordic politics through the dominant parties and ideological hegemony of the centre-left. This book explores the growth of social democracy and the policy dilemmas that social democrats face today. It breaks new ground by relating recent literature on social democracy in Europe to Scandinavia.

The Oxford Handbook Of Political Ideologies

Author : Michael Freeden
ISBN : 9780191663710
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 37. 43 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This is the first comprehensive volume to offer a state of the art investigation both of the nature of political ideologies and of their main manifestations. The diversity of ideology studies is represented by a mixture of the range of theories that illuminate the field, combined with an appreciation of the changing complexity of concrete ideologies and the emergence of new ones. Ideologies, however, are always with us. The Handbook is divided into three sections: The first is divided into three sections: The first reflects some of the latest thinking about the development of ideology on an historical dimension, from the standpoints of conceptual history, Marx studies, social science theory and history, and leading schools of continental philosophy. The second includes some of the most recent interpretations and theories of ideology, all of which are sympathetic in their own ways to its exploration and close investigation, even when judiciously critical of its social impact. This section contains many of the more salient contemporary accounts of ideology. The third focuses on the leading ideological families and traditions, as well as on some of their cultural and geographical manifestations, incorporating both historical and contemporary perspectives. Each chapter is written by an expert in their field, bringing the latest approaches and understandings to their task. The Handbook will position the study of ideologies in the mainstream of political theory and political analysis and will attest to its indispensability both to courses on political theory and to scholars who wish to take their understanding of ideologies in new directions.

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