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John Dun Cetywayo And The Three Generals 1861 1879

Author : Duncan Campbell Frances Moodle
ISBN : 9781473837386
Genre : History
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John Dunn, resembling a hero of fiction rather than a normal man, was one of the most extraordinary characters of 19th century South Africa. In 1852,at the age of 16 he turned his back on the fledgeling colonial settlement of Port Natal and, crossing the Tugela River, headed into Zululand.. King Cetsshwayo recorded his first meeting with Dunn, mentioning that the night had been bitterly cold: I ordered the servants to bring him in and a tall, splendidly made man appear He was dressed in rags ... I loved this white man as my brother and made him one of my induna.[chiefs] Such was Cetshwayo's generosity despite Dunn having earlier fought on the side of the king's brother during the Zulu War of Succession in which twenty thousand died in a single battle.??Undear Cetshwayo's patronage, Dunn became a Zulu chief in every respect except for the colour of his skin. Later, when still under 20, he was educated by a British officer and accepted into colonial society thus allowing him to lead the double life of an English gentleman and, when he crossed back over the Tugela to his 49 wives, that of a powerful Zulu induna. He also assisted Kind Cetshwayo in supplying the Zulu army with a vast number of guns.??When war was declared in 1879, Dunn wished ato remain neutral but treacherously sided against his friend and benefactor the Zulu king. With the British victorious, Sir Garnet Wolseley, who thought Dunn to be a very fine fellow, divided Zululand into five Kinglets, and proclaimed Dunn overlord of the largest.. ??This autobiography is not only a fascinating insight into one of the most influential men in Natal history but also states his candid perception of several British generals including Lord Chelmsford and Sir Garnet Wolseley.

The Law Of Railways Including The Three General Consolidated Acts 1845 And The Other General Acts For Regulating Railways In England And Ireland With Copious Notes Thereon Also The Standing Orders Of Parliament With Forms Etc

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ISBN : BL:A0020238064
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Cetywayo And The Three Generals

Author : John Dunn
ISBN : BNC:1001908905
Genre :
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The Three Generals

Author : Martin Tessmer
ISBN : 1505994632
Genre : Fiction
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210 BCE. The Roman Republic battles the empire of Carthage for control of the Mediterranean. Mago, Gisgo, and Hasdrubal hold Iberia and its riches firmly within their grip, preparing to send Hannibal the Great enough resources to destroy Rome forever. As the course of western civilization hangs in the balance, young Scipio sails to Iberia with a raw and undermanned army, undertaking a mission no other general would assume: to wrest control of Iberia from the Three Generals, the men who killed his father and uncle.

Memoir Of The Three Campaigns Of Major General Sir Archibald Campbell S Army In Ava

Author : sir Henry Havelock
ISBN : OXFORD:600018545
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15 Stars

Author : Stanley Weintraub
ISBN : 9781416545934
Genre : History
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In the closing days of World War II, America looked up to three five-star generals as its greatest heroes. George C. Marshall, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Douglas MacArthur personified victory, from the Pentagon to Normandy to the Far East. Counterparts and on occasion competitors, they had leapfrogged each other, sometimes stonewalled each other, even supported and protected each other throughout their celebrated careers. In the public mind they stood for glamour, integrity, and competence. But for dramatic twists of circumstance, all three -- rather than only one -- might have occupied the White House. The story of their interconnected lives opens a fascinating window onto some of the twentieth century's most crucial events, revealing the personalities behind the public images and showing how much of a difference three men can make. Marshall and MacArthur were contemporaries and competitors. Eisenhower was MacArthur's underling, then Marshall's deputy, before becoming MacArthur's counterpart as a supreme commander, Ike in Western Europe, MacArthur in the Pacific. Each of the three five-star generals would go on to extraordinary postwar careers: MacArthur as a virtual viceroy of Japan, overseeing its transition to a new constitutional democracy, and then leading the UN forces in the Korean War; Marshall as secretary of state, author of the Marshall Plan, and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize; Eisenhower as president. Fifteen Stars presents the intertwined lives of these three great men against the sweeping background of six unforgettable decades, from two world wars to the Cold War. It is history at its most dramatic yet most personal -- a triumph for Stanley Weintraub, our preeminent military historian.

Alexandre Dumas Ultimate Collection 40 Titles Including The Three Musketeers Series The Marie Antoinette Novels The Count Of Monte Cristo The Valois Trilogy And More Illustrated

Author : Alexandre Dumas
ISBN : 9788026851196
Genre : Fiction
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This carefully crafted ebook: “ALEXANDRE DUMAS Ultimate Collection: 40+ Titles Including The Three Musketeers Series, The Marie Antoinette Novels, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Valois Trilogy and more (Illustrated)” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents: The D'Artagnan Romances The Three Musketeers Twenty Years After The Vicomte of Bragelonne Ten Years Later Louise da la Valliere The Man in the Iron Mask The Valois Trilogy Queen Margot (Marguerite de Valois) Chicot de Jester: La Dame de Monsoreau The Forty-Five Guardsmen The Memoirs of a Physician - Marie Antoinette Series Joseph Balsamo: The Magician The Mesmerist’s Victim: Andrea de Taverney The Queen’s Necklace Taking the Bastile: Ange Pitou The Countess de Charny: The Execution of King Louis XVI Other Novels The Count of Monte Cristo The Conspirators: The Chevalier d'Harmental The Regent’s Daughter The Hero of the People The Royal Life-Guard Captain Paul The Sicilian Bandit The Corsican Brothers The Companions of Jehu The Wolf Leader The Black Tulip The Last Vendee The Prussian Terror Short Stories A Masked Ball Solange Celebrated crimes The Borgias The Cenci Massacres of the South Mary Stuart Karl-Ludwig Sand Urbain Grandier Nisida Derues La Constantin Joan of Naples The Man in the Iron Mask (An Essay) Martin Guerre Ali Pacha The Countess De Saint-Geran Murat The Marquise De Brinvilliers Vaninka The Marquise De Ganges Essays Alexandre Dumas by W. E. Henley A Gossip on a Novel of Dumas’s by Robert Louis Stevenson Alexandre Dumas by Andrew Lang To Alexandre Dumas by Andrew Lang Biography Alexandre Dumas by Adolphe Cohn Alexandre Dumas, père (1802-1870) was a French writer whose works have been translated into nearly 100 languages and he is one of the most widely read French authors. His most famous works are The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers.

Journeys Of Master Wizard Farangu Ii

Author : STEVE ESOMBA, Dr.
ISBN : 9781291351682
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Confederate Generals In The Trans Mississippi

Author : Lawrence L. Hewitt
ISBN : 9781572339859
Genre : History
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Until relatively recently, conventional wisdom held that the Trans-Mississippi Theater was a backwater of the American Civil War. Scholarship in recent decades has corrected this oversight, and a growing number of historians agree that the events west of the Mississippi River proved integral to the outcome of the war. Nevertheless, generals in the Trans-Mississippi have received little attention compared to their eastern counterparts, and many remain mere footnotes to Civil War history. This welcome volume features cutting-edge analyses of eight Southern generals in this most neglected theater—Thomas Hindman, Theophilus Holmes, Edmund Kirby Smith, Mosby Monroe Parsons, John Marmaduke, Thomas James Churchill, Thomas Green, and Joseph Orville Shelby—providing an enlightening new perspective on the Confederate high command. Although the Trans-Mississippi has long been considered a dumping ground for failed generals from other regions, the essays presented here demolish that myth, showing instead that, with a few notable exceptions, Confederate commanders west of the Mississippi were homegrown, not imported, and compared well with their more celebrated peers elsewhere. With its virtually nonexistent infrastructure, wildly unpredictable weather, and few opportunities for scavenging, the Trans-Mississippi proved a challenge for commanders on both sides of the conflict. As the contributors to this volume demonstrate, only the most creative minds could operate successfully in such an unforgiving environment. While some of these generals have been the subjects of larger studies, others, including Generals Holmes, Parsons, and Churchill, receive their first serious scholarly attention in these pages. Clearly demonstrating the independence of the Trans-Mississippi and the nuances of the military struggle there, while placing both the generals and the theater in the wider scope of the war, these eight essays offer valuable new insight into Confederate military leadership and the ever-vexing questions of how and why the South lost this most defining of American conflicts. Lawrence Lee Hewitt was professor of history at Southeastern Louisiana University. He is the coeditor, with Bruce S. Allardice, of Kentuckians in Gray: Confederate Generals and Field Officers of the Bluegrass State. He and Arthur W. Bergeron Jr. coedited three volumes of Confederate Generals in the Western Theater. Until his death in 2010, Arthur W. Bergeron Jr. was a reference historian with the United States Army Military History Institute. He was the author of Confederate Mobile, 1861–1865, and coeditor, with Lawrence Lee Hewitt, of Louisianians in the Civil War. Thomas E. Schott worked for many years as a historian for the U. S. Air Force and U. S. Special Operations Command. He is the author of Alexander H. Stephens of Georgia, which won the Jefferson Davis Award. He has authored numerous articles on subjects ranging from the Civil War to baseball. Schott is co-editor, with Lawrence Lee Hewitt, of Lee and His Generals: Essays in Honor of T. Harry Williams.

The Three Presidencies Of India

Author : John Capper
ISBN : BSB:BSB10433382
Genre : British
File Size : 79. 63 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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