the vegetation of antarctica through geological time

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The Vegetation Of Antarctica Through Geological Time

Author : David J. Cantrill
ISBN : 9780521855983
Genre : Science
File Size : 30. 74 MB
Format : PDF
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Looks at the fossil plant history of Antarctica and its relationship to the global record of environmental and climate change.


Author : N. Bonner
ISBN : 9781483286006
Genre : Science
File Size : 39. 7 MB
Format : PDF
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Antarctica, a vast land remote from the other continents and still the least known of them all, provides a unique international laboratory for science. Despite the costs, a growing number of countries are supporting basic scientific research on the continent and in its surrounding seas. Our knowledge of life in this extreme environment, although limited, suggests that it is a key environment for many areas of science. Potential economic developments for food and minerals as well as increasing political complications might jeopardise the present scientific accord in the future. Now is the time to take stock: what do we know about Antarctic ecology? What are the threats and how can they be met? In this volume Antarctic scientists from six countries write about the Antarctic ecosystem.

Transformative Paleobotany

Author : Michael Krings
ISBN : 9780128130131
Genre : Science
File Size : 23. 4 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Transformative Paleobotany: Papers to Commemorate the Life and Legacy of Thomas N. Taylor features the broadest possible spectrum of topics analyzing the structure, function and evolution of fossil plants, microorganisms, and organismal interactions in fossil ecosystems (e.g., plant paleobiography, paleoecology, early evolution of land plants, fossil fungi and microbial interactions with plants, systematics and phylogeny of major plant and fungal lineages, biostratigraphy, evolution of organismal interactions, ultrastructure, Antarctic paleobotany). The book includes the latest research from top scientists who have made transformative contributions. Sections are richly illustrated, well concepted, and characterize and summarize the most up-to-date understanding of this respective and important field of study. Features electronic supplements, such as photographs, diagrams, tables, flowcharts and links to other websites Includes in-depth illustrations with diagrams, flowcharts and photographic plates (many in color for enhanced utility), tables and graphs

Plants In Mesozoic Time

Author : Carole T. Gee
ISBN : 9780253001993
Genre : Science
File Size : 22. 79 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Plants in Mesozoic Time showcases the latest research of broad botanical and paleontological interest from the world's experts on Mesozoic plant life. Each chapter covers a special aspect of a particular plant group -- ranging from horsetails to ginkgophytes, from cycads to conifers -- and relates it to key innovations in structure, phylogenetic relationships, the Mesozoic flora, or to animals such as plant-eating dinosaurs. The book's geographic scope ranges from Antarctica and Argentina to the western interior of North America, with studies on the reconstruction of the Late Jurassic vegetation of the Morrison Formation and on fossil angiosperm lianas from Late Cretaceous deposits in Utah and New Mexico. The volume also includes cutting-edge studies on the evolutionary developmental biology ("evo-devo") of Mesozoic forests, the phylogenetic analysis of the still enigmatic bennettitaleans, and the genetic developmental controls of the oldest flowers in the fossil record.

History Of The Australian Vegetation

Author : Robert S. Hill
ISBN : 9781925261479
Genre : Science
File Size : 52. 48 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Australian vegetation is the end result of a remarkable history of climate change, latitudinal change, continental isolation, soil evolution, interaction with an evolving fauna, fire and most recently human impact. This book presents a detailed synopsis of the critical events that led to the evolution of the unique Australian flora and the wide variety of vegetational types contained within it. The first part of the book details the past continental relationships of Australia, its palaeoclimate, fauna and the evolution of its landforms since the rise to dominance of the angiosperms at the beginning of the Cretaceous period. A detailed summary of the palaeobotanical record is then presented. The palynological record gives an overview of the vegetation and the distribution of important taxa within it, while the complementary macrofossil record is used to trace the evolution of critical taxa. This book will interest graduate students and researchers interested in the evolution of the flora of this fascinating continent.


Author : David McGonigal
ISBN : 1552977064
Genre : Nature
File Size : 78. 90 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Describes the environment, regions, wildlife, and history of explorations in Antarctica.

A Natural History Of The New World

Author : Alan Graham
ISBN : 9780226306803
Genre : History
File Size : 86. 51 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A Natural History of the New World traces the evolution of plant ecosystems, beginning in the Late Cretaceous period and ending in the present, charting their responses to changes in geology and climate.

The Oldest Living Things In The World

Author : Rachel Sussman
ISBN : 9780226057644
Genre : Nature
File Size : 50. 66 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Oldest Living Things in the World is an epic journey through time and space. Over the past decade, artist Rachel Sussman has researched, worked with biologists, and traveled the world to photograph continuously living organisms that are 2,000 years old and older. Spanning from Antarctica to Greenland, the Mojave Desert to the Australian Outback, the result is a stunning and unique visual collection of ancient organisms unlike anything that has been created in the arts or sciences before, insightfully and accessibly narrated by Sussman along the way. Her work is both timeless and timely, and spans disciplines, continents, and millennia. It is underscored by an innate environmentalism and driven by Sussman’s relentless curiosity. She begins at “year zero,” and looks back from there, photographing the past in the present. These ancient individuals live on every continent and range from Greenlandic lichens that grow only one centimeter a century, to unique desert shrubs in Africa and South America, a predatory fungus in Oregon, Caribbean brain coral, to an 80,000-year-old colony of aspen in Utah. Sussman journeyed to Antarctica to photograph 5,500-year-old moss; Australia for stromatolites, primeval organisms tied to the oxygenation of the planet and the beginnings of life on Earth; and to Tasmania to capture a 43,600-year-old self-propagating shrub that’s the last individual of its kind. Her portraits reveal the living history of our planet—and what we stand to lose in the future. These ancient survivors have weathered millennia in some of the world’s most extreme environments, yet climate change and human encroachment have put many of them in danger. Two of her subjects have already met with untimely deaths by human hands. Alongside the photographs, Sussman relays fascinating – and sometimes harrowing – tales of her global adventures tracking down her subjects and shares insights from the scientists who research them. The oldest living things in the world are a record and celebration of the past, a call to action in the present, and a barometer of our future.

Antarctic Science

Author : I. Hempel
ISBN : 9783642787119
Genre : Science
File Size : 53. 84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Public awareness of the importance of Antarctic research, particularly in relation to global problems, has increased. The book spans a broad spectrum of Antarctic science from the "ozone hole" to microbiology to the sea ice. The main focus is on the role of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean in the world climate system, e.g. the formation of sea ice and its relevance to ocean circulation, the biological pump in relation to CO2 release. The past climate history is revealed by the analysis of ice cores and sediments. Studies of plate tectonics and fossil records reach further back in earth history. Key words in the biological chapters are krill and the rich Antarctic benthos. Finally, the potential conflict between conservationists, researchers and tourists is discussed.

Vegetation Of New Zealand

Author : Peter Wardle
ISBN : 0521258731
Genre : Science
File Size : 85. 96 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A comprehensive account of the vegetation, its origin, ecology, biogeography and community structure.

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