the virgin university survival guide

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The Virgin University Survival Guide

Author : Karla Fitzhugh
ISBN : 9781448132782
Genre : Education
File Size : 76. 55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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University can be a bit of a jungle - student loans, essay deadlines and 'Freshers Week' are just a few hazards. But with the Virgin University Survival Guide you'll never be lost again. This unique university guide provides practical advice on all aspects of university life, including: Getting ready to go - what to take and what to leave behind Freshers Week - what to do and what definitely not to do Your course - studying, coursework and exams Housing, house hunting and dealing with difficult landlords Money - everything you need to know about fees, loans and debt Health and stress Campus crime and safety Work and careers - when to start thinking about the future Graduation and beyond - job, gap year or a post-graduate course? And, of course, how to make the most of your new-found social life. After all, it's not all about studying....

Insider S Guide To Applying To University

Author : Karla Fitzhugh
ISBN : 1844553973
Genre : College applications
File Size : 78. 64 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Is your son or daughter applying to university? Are you looking to discover the secrets of a successful university application? Your complete guide to how the UK university admissions system really works, the Insider's Guide to Applying to University gives the full picture about university applications – from selecting your degree course and university to accepting an offer or going through clearing. Containing essential tips for applicants, the Insider's Guide to Applying to University reveals the real reasons why universities reject a quarter of applications and offers practical tips on how to avoid being part of this statistic. Full of honest insights about key differences between what the official information says and what actually happens, the Insider's Guide to Applying to University discloses vital information you can't find in university prospectuses, from how the application process really works to securing a place on the university degree course of your choice. Including a summary at the end of each chapter with a checklist of the points to remember, there are useful hints and tips from students, admissions tutors and careers professionals, advice on the UCAS personal statement and attending interviews, and information about common misconceptions about courses. With an 8% increase in the number of full-time university applications for 2010 (the biggest rise in eight years) and the trend set to continue, it's vital to ensure the best university application possible - particularly when there university funding cuts threaten a significant reducation in university places available. UCAS has already predicted a challenging and competitive year for those wanting to go to university. It remains the case that the UCAS personal statement is a pivotal part of the UCAS application process, since even with the new A* qualifcation, A level results are no longer enough to guarantee a successful university application. Fortunately, the Insider's Guide to Applying to University gives current advice from experts to ensure you can present a winning application to a university admissions panel. Unravelling the mysteries of university applications and highlighting what admissions tutors are really looking for in prospective students, the Insider's Guide to Applying to University is your indispensable resource if you want to get ahead in applying to university. Can you afford not to?

Which Uni

Author : Karla Fitzhugh
ISBN : 1844552098
Genre : College choice
File Size : 86. 83 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This guide explains exactly how the different university ranking tables work. It has detailed information on just what criteria are used when ranking universities allowing you to really weigh up what is important to you when choosing where to go to continue your studies. You may want somewhere that is highly ranked for your subject or maybe good overall degree results are what you look for in a university. Whatever your requirements, this book brings all of the ranking information together so that you can narrow down your choice and make the right decision to ensure you apply to a university you really want to study at.

A Survival Guide To The Misinformation Age

Author : David J. Helfand
ISBN : 9780231541022
Genre : Education
File Size : 24. 51 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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We all swim in a sea of Big Data, dangerously vulnerable to the unscientific thinking that now replaces the critical faculties we used to rely on. We seek simple explanations where complexity is required. But as we endeavor to solve global problems of energy, food, and water shortages, a planetary biodiversity crisis, and emerging threats to our public health, the development of scientific habits of mind becomes even more essential for our survival. We fear numbers and prefer neat and simple solutions to complex problems, but scientific reasoning plays a central role in combating misinformation and is one of our best tools for meeting the upcoming crises of our century. From confronting our fear of quantitative reasoning and demystifying graphs to elucidating the key concepts of probability and data analysis and the use of precise language and logic, this book supplies an essential set of apps for the frontal cortex while making science both accessible and entertaining. Who says it has to be dull to learn to think like a scientist? Who says only a few can do it? Not David Helfand, one of our nation’s leading astronomers and science educators. Helfand has taught scientific habits of mind to generations of Columbia University undergraduates, where he continues to wage a provocative and necessary battle against sloppy thinking and the encroachment of misinformation.

Selling Rights

Author : Lynette Owen
ISBN : 9781317611806
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 39. 6 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Selling Rights has firmly established itself as the leading guide to all aspects of rights sales and co-publications throughout the world. The seventh edition is substantially updated to illustrate the changes in rights in relation to new technologies and legal developments in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. This fully revised and updated edition includes: coverage of the full range of potential rights from English-language territorial rights through to serial rights, permissions, rights for the reading-impaired, translation rights, dramatization and documentary rights, electronic and multimedia rights More detailed coverage of Creative Commons and Open Access The aftermath of the Digital Economy Act 2010, the Hooper Report and new UK Statutory Instruments affecting copyright Updated coverage of book fairs The implications of adding e-book rights to print licences A separate chapter on collective licensing via Reproduction Rights Organizations The impact of new electronic hardware (e-readers, tablets, mobile phones) – the distinction between sales and licences the rights implications of acquisitions, mergers and disposals updates on serial rights, including online New appendices listing territories normally sought as exclusive by UK publishers and a glossary of rights specific terms. Selling Rights is an essential reference tool and an accessible and illuminating guide to current and future issues for rights professionals and students of publishing.


Author : Anne Coates
ISBN : 1861441533
Genre : College student orientation
File Size : 22. 56 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This is the large print edition of University - A Survival Guide (9781861440723). The content therefore is the same as this edition which was originally published in 2008.

Counternarrative Possibilities

Author : James Dorson
ISBN : 9783593505541
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 85. 81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"Counternarrative Possibilities" reads Cormac McCarthy s Westerns against the backdrop of the two formative national tropes of virgin land (from the 1950s) and homeland (after 9/11) in American mythology. While both of these figures have been used in exceptionalist discourse about the United States, they are also intimately connected with the emergence and transformation of the field of American Studies. Using an integrative approach to read McCarthy s Westerns in relation to both their ideological context and the institutionalized ideology critique that has shaped their reception, the book shows how McCarthy s Westerns simultaneously counter the national narratives underlying the tropes of virgin land and homeland and reinvest them with new, potentially transformative meaning. McCarthy s work of the 1980s and 1990s both draws on postmodern strategies of narrative disruption and departs from them by staging a return to narrative that prefigures recent postpostmodern developments. Departing from prevailing accounts of McCarthy that place him in relation to his literary antecedents, "Counternarrative Possibilities" takes a forward-looking approach that reads McCarthy s work as a key influence on millennial fiction. Weaving together disciplinary history with longstanding debates over the relationship between aesthetics and politics, "Counternarrative Possibilities" is at once an exploration of the limits of ideology critique in the 21st century and a timely reconsideration of McCarthy s work after postmodernism. "

The Truth

Author : Ann McPherson
ISBN : 0192727036
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 29. 88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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With over a million copies sold worldwide and translated into 22 languages, the Health Freak books have been a global publishing phenomenon, bringing both fun and vital health education to teenagers the world over. The Truth has the popular question-and-answer format of the Health Freak series based on genuine questions emailed by kids to the authors' award-winning health advice website ( Frank, down-to-earth answers are given by the authors, both of whom are doctors specializing in teenage health issues. It includes chapters on Bullying, Relationships, Stress, Sex, Drugs and Weight. Teenage Health Freak titles include: The Diary of a Teenage Health Freak; The Diary of the Other Health Freak; RU a Teenage Health Freak?; Health Freak: Sex; Health Freak: Drugs, Health Freak: Bullying, Health Freak: Relationships, Health Freak: Stress. The authors' other books include Mum I Feel Funny (which won the Times Education Supplement Information Book Award), Me and My Mates, The Virgin Now Boarding, and Fresher Pressure. Most recently they published a book for parents about the teenage years called Teenagers: the agony, the ecstasy, the answers. The authors also run the extremely successful website on which this book is based - - which receives over 150,000 hits a week and recently won the BUPA communication award.

Making Short Films Third Edition

Author : Clifford Thurlow
ISBN : 9780857854322
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 71. 8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Making movies is the most exciting way to earn a living and it is not surprising that media and film studies remain the most popular courses at colleges across the western world. A short film provides an opportunity for elliptical, poetic, condensed story telling. Shorts can take risks rarely seen in features. It is the arena where a strong voice or individual vision is possible; an invitation for experimentation and originality. Making Short Films, 3rd edition is entirely revised and restructured, providing a much more complete and detailed guide to filmmaking, with more information on new technology, illustrations and ideas for best practice.

The Columbia Guide To Central African Literature In English Since 1945

Author : Adrian Roscoe
ISBN : 9780231503792
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 73. 31 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Columbia's guides to postwar African literature paint a unique portrait of the continent's rich and diverse literary traditions. This volume examines the rapid rise and growth of modern literature in the three postcolonial nations of Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Zambia. It tracks the multiple political and economic pressures that have shaped Central African writing since the end of World War II and reveals its authors' heroic efforts to keep their literary traditions alive in the face of extreme poverty and AIDS. Adrian Roscoe begins with a list of key political events. Since writers were composing within both colonial and postcolonial contexts, he pays particular attention to the nature of British colonialism, especially theories regarding its provenance and motivation. Roscoe discusses such historical figures as David Livingstone, Cecil Rhodes, and Sir Harry Johnston, as well as modern power players, including Robert Mugabe, Kenneth Kaunda, and Kamuzu Banda. He also addresses efforts to create a literary-historical record from an African perspective, an account that challenges white historiographies in which the colonized was neither agent nor informer. A comprehensive alphabetical guide profiles both established and emerging authors and further illustrates issues raised in the introduction. Roscoe then concludes with a detailed bibliography recommending additional reading and sources. At the close of World War II the people of Central Africa found themselves mired in imperial fatigue and broken promises of freedom. This fueled a desire for liberation and a major surge in literary production, and in this illuminating guide Roscoe details the campaigns for social justice and political integrity, for education and economic empowerment, and for gender equity, participatory democracy, rural development, and environmental care that characterized this exciting period of development., reviewing a previous edition or volume

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