the way we argue now a study in the cultures of theory

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The Way We Argue Now

Author : Amanda Anderson
ISBN : 9781400826827
Genre : Literary Criticism
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How do the ways we argue represent a practical philosophy or a way of life? Are concepts of character and ethos pertinent to our understanding of academic debate? In this book, Amanda Anderson analyzes arguments in literary, cultural, and political theory, with special attention to the ways in which theorists understand ideals of critical distance, forms of subjective experience, and the determinants of belief and practice. Drawing on the resources of the liberal and rationalist tradition, Anderson interrogates the limits of identity politics and poststructuralism while holding to the importance of theory as a form of life. Considering high-profile trends as well as less noted patterns of argument, The Way We Argue Now addresses work in feminism, new historicism, queer theory, postcolonialism, cosmopolitanism, pragmatism, and proceduralism. The essays brought together here--lucid, precise, rigorously argued--combine pointed critique with an appreciative assessment of the productive internal contests and creative developments across these influential bodies of thought. Ultimately, The Way We Argue Now promotes a revitalized culture of argument through a richer understanding of the ways critical reason is practiced at the individual, collective, and institutional levels. Bringing to the fore the complexities of academic debate while shifting the terms by which we assess the continued influence of theory, it will appeal to readers interested in political theory, literary studies, cultural studies, gender studies, and the place of academic culture in society and politics.

Bleak Liberalism

Author : Amanda Anderson
ISBN : 9780226923529
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 22. 96 MB
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Bleak liberalism -- Liberalism in the age of high realism -- Revisiting the political novel -- The liberal aesthetic in the postwar era: the case of Trilling and Adorno -- Bleak liberalism and the realism/modernism debate: Ellison and Lessing

A Theory Of Literary Explication

Author : Kenneth B. Newell
ISBN : 9781443832304
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 54. 49 MB
Format : PDF
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This book presents current multidisciplinary research and theory from 17 different fields (most of them never before applied to literary explication) in order to provide (1) justification for the practice of a relative-probability type of explication as distinguished from interpretation, (2) a relativistic foundation for the preference of some explication(s) of a literary work over others, and thereby (3) a middle way between the postmodern pluralist view that a work has only an unlimited number of equally acceptable though different explications and the modern intentionalist view that it has only one acceptable explication (the author’s). Nine of the 17 fields are of primary relevance: critical theory, hermeneutics, probability theory, philosophy of science, second-order logic, and four fields of cognitive science (linguistics, epistemology, neuropsychology, and artificial intelligence). But the book also touches upon textual criticism, legal theory, measure theory, fuzzy logic, animal learning behavior, developmental psychology, evolutionary epistemology, and neurobiology. The book shows that those using a relative-probability type of explication on a literary work can achieve consensus because the healthy, adult human brain has an evolved, uniform, and probably innate ability to form relative-probability judgments and to form them in the practice of activities (like reading and explicating) that are not uniform and innate. Lastly, the book contributes to the scholarly areas of explication theory and practice, first, by providing a relativistic foundation for a craft (explication) that currently is not acknowledged to have any foundation but nonetheless continues and will continue to be practiced and, second, by presenting a means (relative epistemic probability) by which judging some explication(s) of a literary work to be more acceptable than others may be justified philosophically—an uncommon circumstance in this postmodern era in which philosophical justification of many beliefs and practices is thought to be untenable.

The Invention Of The Biblical Scholar

Author : Stephen D. Moore
ISBN : 9781451418446
Genre : Religion
File Size : 77. 79 MB
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In this "tale of two disciplines," Stephen D. Moore and Yvonne Sherwood invite the reader into a paradox: just as the wider field of literary studies has now come to operate "after theory," biblical scholars continue their long search for an elusive Holy Grail?a definitive literary-critical theory. Understanding that paradox requires revisiting the peculiar history by which the curious figure of the biblical scholar was invented during the Enlightenment, and how contemporary biblical scholarship continues?however unwittingly?to pursue Enlightenment goals.

The Politics Of Gender In Anthony Trollope S Novels

Author : Margaret Markwick
ISBN : 0754663892
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 89. 72 MB
Format : PDF
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Bringing together established critics and exciting new voices, this collection offers readings of Trollope that recognize and repay his importance as source material for scholars working in diverse fields of literary and cultural studies. Drawing on work from economics, colonialism and ethnicity, gender studies, new historicism, liberalism, legal studies, and politics, the contributors make a convincing case for Trollope's writings as a vehicle for the theoretical explorations of Victorian culture that currently predominate.

Modernizing George Eliot

Author : K.M. Newton
ISBN : 9781849664998
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 43. 81 MB
Format : PDF
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George Eliot's work has been subject to a wide range of critical questioning, most of which relates her substantially to a Victorian context and intellectual framework. This book examines the ways in which her work anticipates significant aspects of writing in the twentieth and indeed twenty first century in regard to both art and philosophy. This new book presents a series of linked essays exploring Eliot's credentials as a radical thinker. Opening with her relationship to the Romantic tradition, Newton goes on to discuss her reading of Darwinism, her radical critique of Victorian values and her affiliation with the modernists. The final essays discuss her work in relation to Derridean themes and to Bernard Williams' concept of moral luck. What emerges is a very different Eliot from the conservative figure portrayed in much critical literature.

Contemporary Literature And The End Of The Novel

Author : P. Vermeulen
ISBN : 9781137414533
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 38. 91 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book explores the paradoxical productivity of the idea of the end of the novel in contemporary fiction. It shows how this idea allows some of our most significant twenty-first century writers to re-imagine the ethics and politics of literature and to figure intractable forms of life and affect.

Radical Cosmopolitics

Author : James D. Ingram
ISBN : 9780231536417
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 43. 71 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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While supporting the cosmopolitan pursuit of a world that respects all rights and interests, James D. Ingram believes political theorists have, in their approach to this project, compromised its egalitarian and emancipatory principles. Focusing on recent debates without losing sight of cosmopolitanism's ancient and Enlightenment roots, Ingram confronts the philosophical difficulties of defending universal ideals and the implications for ethics and political theory. In morality as in politics, theorists have generally focused first on discovering universal values and second on their implementation. Ingram argues that only by prioritizing the development and articulation of universal values through political action in the fight for freedom and equality can theorists do justice to these efforts and cosmopolitanism's universal vocation. Only by proceeding from the local to the global, from the bottom up rather than from the top down, on the basis of political practice rather than moral ideals, can we salvage moral and political universalism. Ingram provides the clearest, most systematic account yet of this schematic reversal and its radical possibilities.

Nineteenth Century Literature

Author :
ISBN : UOM:49015003426351
Genre : English literature
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The Ethos Of A Late Modern Citizen

Author : Stephen K. White
ISBN : 9780674054813
Genre :
File Size : 37. 25 MB
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In The Ethos of a Late-Modern Citizen, Stephen K. White contends that Western democracies face novel challenges demanding our reexamination of the role of citizens. White argues that the intense focus in the past three decades on finding general principles of justice for diversity-rich societies needs to be complemented by an exploration of what sort of ethos would be needed to adequately sustain any such principles. Accessible, pithy, and erudite, The Ethos of a Late-Modern Citizen will appeal to a wide audience.

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