theory of electric polarization dielectrics in static fields dielectrics in stalic fields vol 1

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The Loss Of The Bismarck

Author : Brian Betham Schofield
ISBN : STANFORD:36105080726784
Genre : History
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Theory Of Electric Polarization

Author : Carl Johan Friedrich Böttcher
ISBN : LCCN:78317013
Genre : Dielectrics
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Applied Geophysics

Author : W. M. Telford
ISBN : 9781139642927
Genre : Science
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This is the completely revised and updated version of the popular and highly regarded textbook, Applied Geophysics. It describes the physical methods involved in exploration for hydrocarbons and minerals, which include gravity, magnetic, seismic, electrical, electromagnetic, radioactivity, and well-logging methods. All aspects of these methods are described, including basic theory, field equipment, techniques of data acquisition, data processing and interpretation, with the objective of locating commercial deposits of minerals, oil, and gas and determining their extent. In the fourteen years or so since the first edition of Applied Geophysics, many changes have taken place in this field, mainly as the result of new techniques, better instrumentation, and increased use of computers in the field and in the interpretation of data. The authors describe these changes in considerable detail, including improved methods of solving the inverse problem, specialized seismic methods, magnetotellurics as a practical exploration method, time-domain electromagnetic methods, increased use of gamma-ray spectrometers, and improved well-logging methods and interpretation.

Electronics Sensors For The Evil Genius 54 Electrifying Projects

Author : Thomas Petruzzellis
ISBN : 0071470360
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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54 super-entertaining projects offer insights into the sights, sounds, and smells of nature Nature meets the Evil Genius via 54 fun, safe, and inexpensive projects that allow you to explore the fascinating and often mysterious world of natural phenomena using your own home-built sensors. Each project includes a list of materials, sources for parts, schematics, and lots of clear, well-illustrated instructions. Projects include: rain detector, air pressure sensor, cloud chamber, lightning detector, electronic gas sniffer, seismograph, radiation detector, and more

Multigrid Finite Element Methods For Electromagnetic Field Modeling

Author : Yu Zhu
ISBN : 9780471786375
Genre : Science
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This is the first comprehensive monograph that features state-of-the-art multigrid methods for enhancing the modeling versatility, numerical robustness, and computational efficiency of one of the most popular classes of numerical electromagnetic field modeling methods: the method of finite elements. The focus of the publication is the development of robust preconditioners for the iterative solution of electromagnetic field boundary value problems (BVPs) discretized by means of finite methods. Specifically, the authors set forth their own successful attempts to utilize concepts from multigrid and multilevel methods for the effective preconditioning of matrices resulting from the approximation of electromagnetic BVPs using finite methods. Following the authors' careful explanations and step-by-step instruction, readers can duplicate the authors' results and take advantage of today's state-of-the-art multigrid/multilevel preconditioners for finite element-based iterative electromagnetic field solvers. Among the highlights of coverage are: * Application of multigrid, multilevel, and hybrid multigrid/multilevel preconditioners to electromagnetic scattering and radiation problems * Broadband, robust numerical modeling of passive microwave components and circuits * Robust, finite element-based modal analysis of electromagnetic waveguides and cavities * Application of Krylov subspace-based methodologies for reduced-order macromodeling of electromagnetic devices and systems * Finite element modeling of electromagnetic waves in periodic structures The authors provide more than thirty detailed algorithms alongside pseudo-codes to assist readers with practical computer implementation. In addition, each chapter includes an applications section with helpful numerical examples that validate the authors' methodologies and demonstrate their computational efficiency and robustness. This groundbreaking book, with its coverage of an exciting new enabling computer-aided design technology, is an essential reference for computer programmers, designers, and engineers, as well as graduate students in engineering and applied physics.

A History Of Electricity And Magnetism

Author : Herbert W. Meyer
ISBN : 026213070X
Genre : Electricity
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Written so as to be understood by the non-technical reader who is curious about the origin of all the electrical and electromagnetic devices that surround him, this history also provides a convenient compendium of information for those familiar with the electrical and magnetic fields. The book moves along at a rapid pace, as it must if it is to cover the enormous proliferation of developments that have occurred during the last hundred years or so.The author has struck a workable balance between the human side of his story, introducing those biographical details that help advance it, and its technical side, explaining theories and "how things work" where this seems appropriate. He also achieves a balance in recounting the discovery of basic scientific principles and their technological applications--the myriad of devices and inventions that utilize energy and information in electromagnetic form.Indeed, one of the important themes of the book is the close and reciprocal relationship between science and technology, between theory and practice. Before approximately 1840, the purely scientific investigations of electrical and magnetic phenomena were largely "ad hoc" and observational, and essentially no technology based on them existed. Afterwards, the scientific explorations became more programmatic and mathematical, and technical applications and inventions began to be produced in great abundance. In return, this technology paid its debt to pure science by providing it with a series of measuring instruments and other research devices that allowed it to advance in parallel.Although this book reviews the early discoveries, from the magnetic lodestone and electrostatic amber of antiquity to Galvani's frog's legs and Franklin's kite-and-key of the 1700s, its major emphasis is on the post-1840 developments, as the following chapter titles will confirm: Early Discoveries--Electrical Machines and Experiments with Static Electricity--Voltaic Electricity, Electrochemistry, Electromagnetism, Galvanometers, Ampere, Biot and Savart, Ohm--Faraday and Henry--Direct Current Dynamos and Motors--Improvements in Batteries, Electrostatic Machines, and Other Older Devices--Electrical Instruments, Laws, and Definitions of Units--The Electric Telegraph--The Atlantic Cable--The Telephone--Electric Lighting--Alternating Currents--Electric Traction--Electromagnetic Waves, Radio, Facsimile, and Television--Microwaves, Radar, Radio Relay, Coaxial Cable, Computers--Plasmas, Masers, Lasers, Fuel Cells, Piezoelectric Crystals, Transistors--X-Rays, Radioactivity, Photoelectric Effect, Structure of the Atom, Spectra.

Dubbel Handbook Of Mechanical Engineering

Author : Wolfgang Beitz
ISBN : 9781447135661
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 83. 25 MB
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The German version of this standard work has provided generations of engineers with a comprehensive source of reference and guidance, on which they can rely throughout their professional lives, and is due to appear in its 19th edition. Now, for the first time, the key sections of this authoritative work are available in English. While DIN standards are retained throughout, the ISO equivalents are given wherever possible. Each subject is discussed in detail and supported by numerous figures and tables, equipping students and practitioners with a concise yet detailed treatment of: Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Thermodynamics, Engineering Design, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Power Transmission, Components of Thermal Apparatus, Machine Dynamics and Components, Manufacturing Process and Systems. Simply a must.

Dielectrics In Time Dependent Fields

Author : Gerard Meurant
ISBN : 9780444600691
Genre : Science
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Theory of Electric Polarization, Volume II: Dielectrics in Time-Dependent Fields focuses on the processes, reactions, and principles involved in the application of dielectrics in time-dependent fields, as well as the Kerr effect, statistical mechanics, and polarization. The publication first examines the phenomenological theory of linear dielectrics in time-dependent fields; empirical description of dielectric relaxation; and the relationship between macroscopic and molecular dielectric relaxation behavior. Concerns cover the relationship between macroscopic and microscopic correlation functions; statistical mechanics of linear dissipative systems and the relationship between response functions and correlation functions; superpositions of distribution functions; and the use of complex dielectric constant in problems with time-dependent field sources. The book then ponders on the dipole correlation function, polarization in the infrared and optical frequency range, and the Kerr effect and related phenomena. Discussions focus on the Kerr effect in condensed systems, extensions of the Kerr effect, extrapolation of the refractive index to infinite wavelength, results obtained from computer simulations, rotational diffusion, and general aspects of molecular reorientation. The manuscript tackles the dielectric properties of molecular solids and liquid crystals and experimental determination of permanent dipole and quadrupole moments. The text is a valuable source of data for researchers interested in the application of dielectrics in time-dependent fields.

Static Electrification

Author : L.B. Loeb
ISBN : 9783642882432
Genre : Science
File Size : 80. 83 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In our preoccupation with thc dramatic developments in the numerous fields of modern physics with their beautiful instrumentation and exciting revelations, we tend to forget our profound ignorance of some of the longest known pheno mena of physics. Among these were, until the middle nineteen hundred and thir ties, ferromagnetism, friction, lightning stroke, the common electric spark, and static electrification. The first two have now been pretty weIl clarified and the und erst an ding of both of these phenomena have contributed greatly to our under standing of the structure of matter and surface physics. The lightning stroke and common spark are weH on their way to clarification. Strangely despite the ever expanding importance of static electrification in industry affecting as it does, a wide diversity of processes either as a useful tool or adversely and extending even to the realms of meteorology, this field has awakened little curiosity and stimulated little investigation in recent years except in so far as the immediate industrial problems it invoked required an immediate and often make-shift remedy. Trained in his early years as a chemist, and brought into contact with some aspects of colloidal chemistry involving electrokinetic potentials, cataphoresis, and spray electrification, thc author had his curiosity aroused by a number of these strange phenomena. Entering physics as a life career coincident with the development of the earl)' studies in atomic structure, in part through his teacher, R. A.

Radiation Dosimetry

Author : C.G. Orton
ISBN : 9781489905710
Genre : Medical
File Size : 86. 36 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Mankind has evolved in a sea of radiation. We have been bombarded constantly by X rays, y rays, UV rays, and particulate radiations from outer space, and by terrestrial radiations from the ground we walk on, from our building materials, and from our own bodies. Recently, we have become increasingly subjected to man-made radiations, especially from the medical and defense industries. All of these radiations are capable of affecting us biologically, both to our benefit and to our detriment. This book provides a thorough review of the physical and biological dosimetry of these radiations. It is targeted to those health professionals who are concerned with understanding the mechanisms fundamental to the biological action of ionizing radiation or who are involved in the application, measurement, or treatment of the effects of such radiations. The first chapter, on "Bioeffect Dosimetry in Radiation Therapy," should be of special interest to anyone involved in the treatment of cancer by radiation. It includes a brief review of the history of the manipulation of time-dose parameters in order to improve therapeutic benefit, and an up-to-date analysis of time-dose relationships designed for use in fractionated radiotherapy and brachytherapy. This is followed by two chapters reviewing and comparing national and international protocols for the precise measurement of photon and electron radiations in therapy. These chapters should be invaluable to radiation physicists responsible for treatment machine calibrations.

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