therapeutic attachment relationships interaction structures and the processes of therapeutic change

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Therapeutic Attachment Relationships

Author : Geoff Goodman
ISBN : 0765707454
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 34. 71 MB
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The 75 years that span the writings of Sigmund Freud and John Bowlby two minds that have significantly shaped thinking about the processes of change in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis have yielded dramatic changes in the ways in which we conceptualize human relationship as curative. Their different positions reflect changes in our culture, in the philosophy of science, and in contemporary views of human subjectivity. Heisenberg's uncertainty principle the principle that the position of an electron cannot be determined because the observation of its position affects its position in an indeterminate way has been appropriated as a metaphor for human interaction. Freud's foundational, technical recommendations, such as abstinence and neutrality, have yielded to mutuality and subjectivity within the therapist-patient dyad. Attachment theory and research have begun to specify the variety of therapist-patient interactions and the relation between the quality of these interactions and patient outcomes. The goal of this book is to contribute to our understanding of these interaction structures and their influence on therapeutic changes in the patient. Geoff Goodman invites the reader to consider the attachment relationship as an often-overlooked specific factor that nevertheless plays a key role in all therapeutic processes. Therapeutic Attachment Relationships explores the attachment relationship as an effective ingredient in all therapeutic change."

Transforming The Internal World And Attachment

Author : Geoff Goodman
ISBN : 0765707098
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 76. 13 MB
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Transforming the Internal World and Attachment reviews and discusses four theories about what makes psychotherapy effective across forms of treatment, treatment settings, and diagnostic categories: mindfulness, mentalization, psychological mindedness, and the attachment relationship. Geoff Goodman offers some provisional hypotheses about therapeutic effectiveness and suggests some ways of testing these hypotheses empirically, using sophisticated assessment instruments that measure psychotherapy process and outcome. Managed-care companies are withholding reimbursements for treatments not considered "empirically supported." Instead of engaging in horse races with randomized controlled trials (RCTs), Geoff Goodman suggests that we need to establish an empirical basis for the therapeutic effectiveness of all forms of treatment, move beyond examining common factors such as the therapeutic alliance, and turn our collective attention to common factors that psychotherapy researchers often erroneously promote as specific factors. Perhaps these so-called specific factors produce therapeutic change regardless of the brand-name treatment packages through which they are typically delivered. These specific factors might also work better for particular groups of patients with specific problem areas such as affect dysregulation and impulsivity. In Volume II, Goodman demonstrates how these specific factors can be implemented in a variety of therapeutic settings with a variety of patients.

Trauma Informed Drama Therapy

Author : Nisha Sajnani
ISBN : 9780398087784
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 48. 90 MB
Format : PDF
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This book examines how drama therapists conceptualize and respond to relational and systemic trauma across systems of care including mental health clinics, schools, and communities burdened by historical and current wounds. The chapters in this book offer drama therapists compelling examples of emerging models of trauma-informed drama therapy, as well as offering experienced practitioners the opportunity to question the assumptions made by prevailing paradigms that underlie our practice. The introductory chapters review the influence and history of trauma theory and treatment on drama therapy, followed by two sections: The first presents readers with seven emerging approaches and the second section offers detailed applications to specific populations, ending with a meta-analysis of drama therapy in the treatment of trauma. This ground-breaking book will also be useful for creative arts therapists, mental health professionals, educators, students and for many others interested in the role of the drama and performance in the treatment of trauma.

Attachment Processes In Couple And Family Therapy

Author : Susan M. Johnson
ISBN : 1572308737
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 84. 93 MB
Format : PDF
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Offering fresh and provocative insights on the practice of couple and family therapy, this unique volume shows how attachment theory can inform, enhance, and guide interventions for a wide range of relationship problems and clinical issues. Chapters from leading attachment researchers and family therapists integrate the literature from both fields to provide a multifaceted perspective on the role of attachment in distressed and satisfying relationships. Illustrated with evocative clinical material, the book presents research-based therapy models for embattled couples, families struggling with parent-child conflict and adolescent problems, and adoptive and foster families. Also discussed are ways to support stronger mother-infant attachment attachment-oriented interventions for couples facing specific clinical problems, including depression, PTSD, and chronic pain applications for same-sex couples and much more.

Attachment In Psychotherapy

Author : David J. Wallin
ISBN : 9781462522712
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 51. 63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This eloquent book translates attachment theory and research into an innovative framework that grounds adult psychotherapy in the facts of childhood development. Advancing a model of treatment as transformation through relationship, the author integrates attachment theory with neuroscience, trauma studies, relational psychotherapy, and the psychology of mindfulness. Vivid case material illustrates how therapists can tailor interventions to fit the attachment needs of their patients, thus helping them to generate the internalized secure base for which their early relationships provided no foundation. Demonstrating the clinical uses of a focus on nonverbal interaction, the book describes powerful techniques for working with the emotional responses and bodily experiences of patient and therapist alike.

Attachment Based Family Therapy For Depressed Adolescents

Author : Guy S. Diamond
ISBN : 1433815672
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 63. 50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This text shows how to design a treatment manual and adherence measure for attachment-based family therapy (ABFT) for adolescent depression and presents data and results on the treatment's efficacy.

Attachment And Family Therapy

Author : Crittenden, Patricia
ISBN : 9780335235902
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 23. 79 MB
Format : PDF
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This book explores an integration of ideas from attachment theory and systemic family therapy including current developments and integrated cases.

Changing Minds In Therapy Emotion Attachment Trauma And Neurobiology Norton Series On Interpersonal Neurobiology

Author : Margaret Wilkinson
ISBN : 9780393705614
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 63. 80 MB
Format : PDF
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The latest application of contemporary neuroscience to therapeutic work. There is an increasing clinical focus on how recent advances in neuroscience, attachment, and trauma can be applied to treating patients with a history of early neglect. Margaret Wilkinson draws on her extensive clinical expertise as a master therapist to explain the role of the mind-brain relationship in therapeutic change.

The Making And Breaking Of Affectional Bonds

Author : John Bowlby
ISBN : 9781135070892
Genre : Medical
File Size : 38. 46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Helping both parents and psychologists to arrive at a better understanding of the inner emotional world of the infant, this selection of key lectures by Bowlby includes the seminal one that gives the volume its title. Informed by wide clinical experience, and written with the author's well-known humanity and lucidity, the lectures provide an invaluable introduction to John Bowlby’s thought and work, as well as much practical guidance of use both to parents and to members of the mental health professions.

Restoring Mentalizing In Attachment Relationships

Author : Jon G. Allen
ISBN : 9781585624188
Genre : Medical
File Size : 51. 14 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The essence of "plain old therapy," according to Jon G. Allen, is a mindful relationship between the patient and a trusted clinician who recognizes and understands the patient's trauma and connects with the nature and magnitude of his or her suffering. In Restoring Mentalizing in Attachment Relationships: Treating Trauma With Plain Old Therapy, Allen, a clinical psychologist with widely respected expertise in trauma, makes a research-based case for the virtues of the healing relationship created and nurtured through traditional psychotherapy. Though in recent years therapy has become just one of many treatment options for posttraumatic stress disorder and other trauma-related illnesses, the author argues that it remains the best. The book provides a conceptual framework for treating trauma patients and illuminates relationship factors that are empirically associated with positive outcomes. Patients who have suffered broken and dysfunctional attachments will benefit from its emphasis on trust, compassion, and true connection. Mental health clinicians of diverse theoretical orientations -- be they psychiatrists, psychologists, or social workers, in training or practice -- will benefit from its emphasis on what works, as will their patients.

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