thomas jefferson s creme brulee how a founding father and his slave james hemings introduced french cuisine to america

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Thomas Jefferson S Creme Brulee

Author : Thomas J. Craughwell
ISBN : 9781594745799
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 75. 27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This culinary biography recounts the 1784 deal that Thomas Jefferson struck with his slaves, James Hemings. The founding father was traveling to Paris and wanted to bring James along “for a particular purpose”— to master the art of French cooking. In exchange for James’s cooperation, Jefferson would grant his freedom. Thus began one of the strangest partnerships in United States history. As Hemings apprenticed under master French chefs, Jefferson studied the cultivation of French crops (especially grapes for winemaking) so the might be replicated in American agriculture. The two men returned home with such marvels as pasta, French fries, Champagne, macaroni and cheese, crème brûlée, and a host of other treats. This narrative history tells the story of their remarkable adventure—and even includes a few of their favorite recipes!

The Myths That Made America

Author : Heike Paul
ISBN : 9783839414859
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 61. 13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This essential introduction to American studies examines the core foundational myths upon which the nation is based and which still determine discussions of US-American identities today. These myths include the myth of »discovery,« the Pocahontas myth, the myth of the Promised Land, the myth of the Founding Fathers, the melting pot myth, the myth of the West, and the myth of the self-made man. The chapters provide extended analyses of each of these myths, using examples from popular culture, literature, memorial culture, school books, and every-day life. Including visual material as well as study questions, this book will be of interest to any student of American studies and will foster an understanding of the United States of America as an imagined community by analyzing the foundational role of myths in the process of nation building.

Bound To The Fire

Author : Kelley Fanto Deetz
ISBN : 9780813174754
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 22. 42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In grocery store aisles and kitchens across the country, smiling images of "Aunt Jemima" and other historical and fictional black cooks can be found on various food products and in advertising. Although these images are sanitized and romanticized in American popular culture, they represent the untold stories of enslaved men and women who had a significant impact on the nation's culinary and hospitality traditions even as they were forced to prepare food for their oppressors. Kelley Fanto Deetz draws upon archaeological evidence, cookbooks, plantation records, and folklore to present a nuanced study of the lives of enslaved plantation cooks from colonial times through emancipation and beyond. She reveals how these men and women were literally "bound to the fire" as they lived and worked in the sweltering and often fetid conditions of plantation house kitchens. These highly skilled cooks drew upon skills and ingredients brought with them from their African homelands to create complex, labor-intensive dishes such as oyster stew, gumbo, and fried fish. However, their white owners overwhelmingly received the credit for their creations. Focusing on enslaved cooks at Virginia plantations including Thomas Jefferson's Monticello and George Washington's Mount Vernon, Deetz restores these forgotten figures to their rightful place in American and Southern history. Bound to the Fire not only uncovers their rich and complex stories and illuminates their role in plantation culture, but it celebrates their living legacy with the recipes that they created and passed down to future generations.

Man Made Meals

Author : Steven Raichlen
ISBN : 9780761181330
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 86. 30 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Steven Raichlen really knows the pleasure men get from cooking, the joy they take in having the skills, the need to show off a little bit. His Barbecue! Bible books have over 4.7 million copies in print—and now he leads his readers from the grill into the kitchen. Like a Joy of Cooking for guys, Man Made Meals is everything a man needs to achieve confidence and competence in the kitchen. Man Made Meals is about the tools and techniques (guess what, grillers, you still get to play with knives and fire.) It's about adopting secrets from the pros—how to multitask, prep before you start cooking, clean as you go. It's about understanding flavor and flavor boosters, like anchovies and miso, and it’s about essentials: how to shuck an oyster, truss a chicken, cook a steak to the desired doneness. It’s about having a repertoire of great recipes (there are 300 to choose from), breakfast to dessert, to dazzle a date, or be a hero to your family, or simply feed yourself with real pleasure. These are recipes with a decided guy appeal, like Blowtorch Oatmeal, Fire-Eater Chicken Wings, Black Kale Caesar, Down East Lobster Rolls, Skillet Rib Steak, Porchetta, Finger-Burner Lamb Chops, Yardbird’s Fried Chicken, Blackened Salmon, Mashed Potatoes Three Ways, and Ice Cream Floats for Grown-Ups.

Colonial Food

Author : Ann Chandonnet
ISBN : 9780747813804
Genre : History
File Size : 32. 80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Of the one hundred Pilgrims who settled at Plymouth in 1620, nearly half had died within months of hardship, starvation or disease. One of the colony's most urgent challenges was to find ways to grow and prepare food in the harsh, unfamiliar climate of the New World. From the meager subsistence of the earliest days and the crucial help provided by Native Americans, to the first Thanksgiving celebrations and the increasingly sophisticated fare served in inns and taverns, this book provides a window onto daily life in Colonial America. It shows how European methods and cuisine were adapted to include native produce such as maize, potatoes, beans, peanuts and tomatoes, and features a section of authentic menus and recipes, including apple tansey and crab soup, which can be used to prepare your own colonial meals.

Sweet Taste Of History

Author : Walter Staib
ISBN : 9781493001927
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 79. 41 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A Sweet Taste of History captures the grandeur of the sweet table—the grand finale course of an 18th century meal. Rather than serving something simple, hostesses arranged elaborate sweet tables, displays of ornate beauty and delicious edibles meant to leave guests with a lasting impression. A Sweet Taste of History will have the same effect, lingering in the minds of its readers and inspiring them to get in the kitchen. This gorgeous cookbook blends American history with exquisite recipes, as well as tips on how to create your own sweet table. It features 100 scrumptious dessert recipes, including cakes, cobblers, pies, cookies, quick breads, and ice cream. It includes original recipes from first ladies well-known for entertaining, such as Martha Washington’s An Excellent Cake and Dolley Madison’s French Vanilla Ice Cream. Chef Staib also offers sources for unusual ingredients and step-by-step culinary techniques, updating some of the recipes for modern cooks. This wonderful keepsake will bring a bygone era in America to life and inspire readers who love to cook, entertain, and follow history.

Das Kurtisanenhaus

Author : Amy Tan
ISBN : 9783641142742
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 23. 58 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Von den luxuriösen Salons der Kurtisanen in Shanghai bis zu den nebelverhangenen Bergen eines einsamen chinesischen Dorfs. Shanghai, 1912: Stürmische Zeiten kündigen sich an. Der Sturz des chinesischen Kaisers versetzt die Stadt in Aufruhr. Auch die Amerikanerin Lucia Minturn blickt einem ungewissen Schicksal entgegen. Sie kam einst der Liebe wegen in dieses ferne Land und blieb schließlich für ihre Tochter Violet. Schweren Herzens entschließt sie sich, China zu verlassen. In den Wirren wird sie jedoch von ihrer Tochter getrennt, und während Lucia auf dem Schiff nach San Francisco um Violet bangt, wird die Vierzehnjährige in ein Kurtisanenhaus verschleppt. Verzweifelt wendet sich Violet dort an eine der Kurtisanen, die ihr bald zur engsten Vertrauten wird. Durch sie lernt sie, ihr Los anzunehmen. Und so setzt Violet ihre ersten Schritte auf einem langen und beschwerlichen Weg, der ihr alles abverlangt – und sie nach schweren Schicksalsschlägen doch zu großer Liebe führen wird.

Celia Garth

Author : Gwen Bristow
ISBN : 3795101581
Genre : South Carolina
File Size : 73. 71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Sommerhaus Mit Swimmingpool

Author : Herman Koch
ISBN : 9783462305166
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 80. 53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Diesem Hausarzt ist nichts heilig, auch nicht seine Familie – der neue Roman von Herman Koch Marc Schlosser ist Hausarzt in Amsterdam. Als einer seiner Patienten, der berühmte Schauspieler Ralph Meier, stirbt, muss er sich wegen eines möglichen Kunstfehlers vor der Ärztekammer verantworten. Doch war es wirklich ein Kunstfehler? Oder hat das alles vielleicht mit den Geschehnissen im Ferienhaus zu tun, in dem beide Familien den letzten Sommer verbrachten? Zwei heranwachsende Töchter hat Marc Schlosser, Lisa und Julia. Und eine attraktive Frau, Caroline. Als sein Patient Ralph Meier, selbst verheiratet und Vater zweier jugendlicher Söhne, ihn und seine Familie einlädt, sie im Sommer ein paar Tage in ihrem Ferienhaus in Frankreich zu besuchen, klingt das zunächst wie eine gute Idee. Erst jetzt, nach Ralphs Tod, anderthalb Jahre nach den gemeinsamen Urlaubstagen, treten die Verwerfungen zwischen den beiden Familien allmählich zutage, und der Leser fiebert atemlos jeder weiteren Enthüllung entgegen. »Sommerhaus mit Swimmingpool« ist ein hoch spannendes, meisterlich konstruiertes Familiendrama, in dem Vaterinstinkte, sexuelle Macht und Heuchelei eine große Rolle spielen. Mit scharfem Witz und genialer Beobachtungsgabe legt Koch gesellschaftliche und familiäre Risse bloß und erschafft mit Marc Schlosser den wohl abgründigsten Hausarzt der jüngeren Literatur.

Sechs Getr Nke Die Die Welt Bewegten

Author : Tom Standage
ISBN : 3411160039
Genre :
File Size : 43. 24 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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