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Undergraduate Convexity

Author : Mikkel Slot Nielsen
ISBN : 9789813143661
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 80. 84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This solutions manual thoroughly goes through the exercises found in Undergraduate Convexity: From Fourier and Motzkin to Kuhn and Tucker. Several solutions are accompanied by detailed illustrations and intuitive explanations. This book will pave the way for students to easily grasp the multitude of solution methods and aspects of convex sets and convex functions. Companion Textbook here Request Inspection Copy

Undergraduate Convexity

Author : Niels Lauritzen
ISBN : 9789814412520
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 89. 17 MB
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Based on undergraduate teaching to students in computer science, economics and mathematics at Aarhus University, this is an elementary introduction to convex sets and convex functions with emphasis on concrete computations and examples.Starting from linear inequalities and FourierOCoMotzkin elimination, the theory is developed by introducing polyhedra, the double description method and the simplex algorithm, closed convex subsets, convex functions of one and several variables ending with a chapter on convex optimization with the KarushOCoKuhnOCoTucker conditions, duality and an interior point algorithm.

Problems And Solutions For Undergraduate Analysis

Author : Rami Shakarchi
ISBN : 9781461217381
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 45. 42 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The present volume contains all the exercises and their solutions for Lang's second edition of Undergraduate Analysis. The wide variety of exercises, which range from computational to more conceptual and which are of vary ing difficulty, cover the following subjects and more: real numbers, limits, continuous functions, differentiation and elementary integration, normed vector spaces, compactness, series, integration in one variable, improper integrals, convolutions, Fourier series and the Fourier integral, functions in n-space, derivatives in vector spaces, the inverse and implicit mapping theorem, ordinary differential equations, multiple integrals, and differential forms. My objective is to offer those learning and teaching analysis at the undergraduate level a large number of completed exercises and I hope that this book, which contains over 600 exercises covering the topics mentioned above, will achieve my goal. The exercises are an integral part of Lang's book and I encourage the reader to work through all of them. In some cases, the problems in the beginning chapters are used in later ones, for example, in Chapter IV when one constructs-bump functions, which are used to smooth out singulari ties, and prove that the space of functions is dense in the space of regu lated maps. The numbering of the problems is as follows. Exercise IX. 5. 7 indicates Exercise 7, §5, of Chapter IX. Acknowledgments I am grateful to Serge Lang for his help and enthusiasm in this project, as well as for teaching me mathematics (and much more) with so much generosity and patience.

Problems In Euclidean Space

Author : Harold Gordon Eggleston
ISBN : 9780486458465
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 25. 24 MB
Format : PDF
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This text for advanced undergraduates and graduate students examines problems concerning convex sets in real Euclidean spaces of two or three dimensions. It illustrates the different ways in which convexity can enter into the formulation as the solution to different problems in these spaces. Problems in Euclidean Space features four chapters that develop an increasingly dominant influence of convexity. In the first chapter, convexity plays a minor role; the second chapter considers problems originally stated in a wider context that can be reduced to problems concerning convex sets. In the third chapter, the problems are defined strictly for convex sets and not for more general sets, and the final chapter discusses properties of subclasses of the class of convex sets.

Generalized Convexity Nonsmooth Variational Inequalities And Nonsmooth Optimization

Author : Qamrul Hasan Ansari
ISBN : 9781439868218
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 78. 79 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Until now, no book addressed convexity, monotonicity, and variational inequalities together. Generalized Convexity, Nonsmooth Variational Inequalities, and Nonsmooth Optimization covers all three topics, including new variational inequality problems defined by a bifunction. The first part of the book focuses on generalized convexity and generalized monotonicity. The authors investigate convexity and generalized convexity for both the differentiable and nondifferentiable case. For the nondifferentiable case, they introduce the concepts in terms of a bifunction and the Clarke subdifferential. The second part offers insight into variational inequalities and optimization problems in smooth as well as nonsmooth settings. The book discusses existence and uniqueness criteria for a variational inequality, the gap function associated with it, and numerical methods to solve it. It also examines characterizations of a solution set of an optimization problem and explores variational inequalities defined by a bifunction and set-valued version given in terms of the Clarke subdifferential. Integrating results on convexity, monotonicity, and variational inequalities into one unified source, this book deepens your understanding of various classes of problems, such as systems of nonlinear equations, optimization problems, complementarity problems, and fixed-point problems. The book shows how variational inequality theory not only serves as a tool for formulating a variety of equilibrium problems, but also provides algorithms for computational purposes.

Convexity And Optimization In Rn

Author : Leonard D. Berkovitz
ISBN : 9780471461661
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 34. 72 MB
Format : PDF
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A comprehensive introduction to convexity and optimization inRn This book presents the mathematics of finite dimensionalconstrained optimization problems. It provides a basis for thefurther mathematical study of convexity, of more generaloptimization problems, and of numerical algorithms for the solutionof finite dimensional optimization problems. For readers who do nothave the requisite background in real analysis, the author providesa chapter covering this material. The text features abundantexercises and problems designed to lead the reader to a fundamentalunderstanding of the material. Convexity and Optimization in Rn provides detailed discussionof: * Requisite topics in real analysis * Convex sets * Convex functions * Optimization problems * Convex programming and duality * The simplex method A detailed bibliography is included for further study and an indexoffers quick reference. Suitable as a text for both graduate andundergraduate students in mathematics and engineering, thisaccessible text is written from extensively class-tested notes.

Convex Sets And Their Applications

Author : Steven R. Lay
ISBN : 9780486458038
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 90. 19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Suitable for advanced undergraduates and graduate students, this text introduces the broad scope of convexity. It leads students to open questions and unsolved problems, and it highlights diverse applications. Author Steven R. Lay, Professor of Mathematics at Lee University in Tennessee, reinforces his teachings with numerous examples, plus exercises with hints and answers. The first three chapters form the foundation for all that follows, starting with a review of the fundamentals of linear algebra and topology. They also survey the development and applications of relationships between hyperplanes and convex sets. Subsequent chapters are relatively self-contained, each focusing on a particular aspect or application of convex sets. Topics include characterizations of convex sets, polytopes, duality, optimization, and convex functions. Hints, solutions, and references for the exercises appear at the back of the book.

Solutions Manual To Accompany Geometry Of Convex Sets

Author : I. E. Leonard
ISBN : 9781119184171
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 25. 56 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A Solutions Manual to accompany Geometry of Convex Sets Geometry of Convex Sets begins with basic definitions of the concepts of vector addition and scalar multiplication and then defines the notion of convexity for subsets of n-dimensional space. Many properties of convex sets can be discovered using just the linear structure. However, for more interesting results, it is necessary to introduce the notion of distance in order to discuss open sets, closed sets, bounded sets, and compact sets. The book illustrates the interplay between these linear and topological concepts, which makes the notion of convexity so interesting. Thoroughly class-tested, the book discusses topology and convexity in the context of normed linear spaces, specifically with a norm topology on an n-dimensional space. Geometry of Convex Sets also features: An introduction to n-dimensional geometry including points; lines; vectors; distance; norms; inner products; orthogonality; convexity; hyperplanes; and linear functionals Coverage of n-dimensional norm topology including interior points and open sets; accumulation points and closed sets; boundary points and closed sets; compact subsets of n-dimensional space; completeness of n-dimensional space; sequences; equivalent norms; distance between sets; and support hyperplanes · Basic properties of convex sets; convex hulls; interior and closure of convex sets; closed convex hulls; accessibility lemma; regularity of convex sets; affine hulls; flats or affine subspaces; affine basis theorem; separation theorems; extreme points of convex sets; supporting hyperplanes and extreme points; existence of extreme points; Krein–Milman theorem; polyhedral sets and polytopes; and Birkhoff’s theorem on doubly stochastic matrices Discussions of Helly’s theorem; the Art Gallery theorem; Vincensini’s problem; Hadwiger’s theorems; theorems of Radon and Caratheodory; Kirchberger’s theorem; Helly-type theorems for circles; covering problems; piercing problems; sets of constant width; Reuleaux triangles; Barbier’s theorem; and Borsuk’s problem Geometry of Convex Sets is a useful textbook for upper-undergraduate level courses in geometry of convex sets and is essential for graduate-level courses in convex analysis. An excellent reference for academics and readers interested in learning the various applications of convex geometry, the book is also appropriate for teachers who would like to convey a better understanding and appreciation of the field to students. I. E. Leonard, PhD, was a contract lecturer in the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences at the University of Alberta. The author of over 15 peer-reviewed journal articles, he is a technical editor for the Canadian Applied Mathematical Quarterly journal. J. E. Lewis, PhD, is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Alberta. He was the recipient of the Faculty of Science Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2004 as well as the PIMS Education Prize in 2002.


Author : Roger Webster
ISBN : 0198531478
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 70. 70 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A wide-ranging introduction to convex sets and functions, suitable for final-year undergraduates and also graduate students.

Optimization Theory

Author : Jiongmin Yong
ISBN : 9789813237667
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 86. 72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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