universities and their leadership

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Universities And Their Leadership

Author : William G. Bowen
ISBN : 0691059217
Genre : Education
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On the occasion of the 250th anniversary of Princeton University, leading educators and commentators participated in a symposium jointly sponsored by Princeton and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. This book contains a collection of original essays from presenters at the Princeton Conference. These essays offer a useful perspective on issues facing American universities as they enter the 21st century.

Higher Ground

Author : Nannerl O. Keohane
ISBN : 9780822387770
Genre : Education
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Nannerl O. Keohane is one of the most widely respected leaders in higher education. A political theorist who served as President of Wellesley College and Duke University, she has firsthand knowledge of the challenges facing modern universities: rising costs, the temptations of “corporatization,” consumerist students, nomadic faculty members, and a bewildering wave of new technologies. Her views on these issues and on the role and future of higher education are captured in Higher Ground, a collection of speeches and essays that she wrote over a twenty-year period. Keohane regards colleges and universities as intergenerational partnerships in learning and discovery, whose compelling purposes include not only teaching and research but also service to society. Their mission is to equip students with a moral education, not simply preparation for a career or professional school. But the modern era has presented universities and their leadership with unprecedented new challenges. Keohane worries about access to education in a world of rising costs and increasing economic inequality, and about threats to academic freedom and expressions of opinion on campus. She considers diversity as a key educational tool in our increasingly pluralistic campuses, ponders the impact of information technologies on the university’s core mission, and explores the challenges facing universities as they become more “global” institutions, serving far-flung constituencies while at the same time contributing to the cities and towns that are their institutional homes. Reflecting on the role of contemporary university leaders, Keohane asserts that while they have many problems to grapple with, they will find creative ways of dealing with them, just as their predecessors have done.

Leadership In Higher Education

Author : Francis L. Lawrence
ISBN : 9781412809368
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 90. 29 MB
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In this collection of interviews, presidents and chancellors of some of America's most respected universities candidly reflect on their experiences during the decade leading up to the twenty-first century and immediately following it. This was a time of change and uncertainty, when opportunities for achievement and potential for failure made their role uncommonly challenging, and success called for considerable determination, integrity, foresight, skill, and courage.The American higher education system, often characterized as the best in the world, is distinguished for its scholarship as well as its accessibility. Its indispensable role as an engine for individual and societal economic advancement has made universities the targets of media interest, critical examination, and political manipulation. Higher education has become the passport to the American dream, and the percentage of those going to college has increased, challenging individual institutions and systems to accommodate growing numbers of aspiring students while searching for solutions to problems of inadequate college preparation and inadequate financial assistance for low-income students. Despite their increasing importance to the nation, the region, and their communities, public and private universities have seen states reduce their support to their state systems of higher education, shifting the responsibility to individuals and institutions.Leadership in Higher Education traces the careers of thirteen women and men who have presided over a total of twenty universities or university systems and three national organizations of higher education: Robert Berdahl, Myles Brand, Molly Corbett Broad, John T. Casteen III, Mary Sue Coleman, Norman C. Francis, Nils Hasselmo, Shirley Ann Jackson, Shirley Strum Kenny, William English Kirwan, Francis L. Lawrence, Charles M. Vest, and David Ward.

University Leadership In Urban School Renewal

Author : Nancy L. Zimpher
ISBN : 0275980952
Genre : Education
File Size : 71. 27 MB
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The themes of this book resonate closely with the values of ACE: leadership, change, community partnership, and the importance of teacher education and learning. The book features examples of university leaders who took a personal interest in and led their institutions' efforts to improve the quality of teacher preparation, and who developed partnerships with school systems to ensure that more future teachers were recruited, prepared, and provided with an excellent transition into their teaching roles.

Promoting Service Leadership Qualities In University Students

Author : Daniel T.L. Shek
ISBN : 9789812875150
Genre : Education
File Size : 73. 47 MB
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This book outlines the development of service leadership curricula, programs and materials designed for university students in Hong Kong. In addition, it includes evaluation studies and specific service leadership programs, making it a pioneering book that integrates service leadership and student wellbeing for Chinese university students. In view of the transformation of industries resulting in shifts from manufacturing economies to service economies, the book takes a holistic approach to leadership development, focusing on three basic components of effective service leadership that are closely related to student wellbeing: leadership competencies such as emotional intelligence and resilience, moral character, and a caring disposition. This approach represents a move away from literature that emphasizes the elite leadership model, assuming that leadership is the privilege of a talented few. By extension, it argues that the promotion of service leadership qualities is a good strategy for promoting student wellness. The individual chapters are extended versions of papers presented at the “International Conference on Service Leadership Education for University Students: Experience in Hong Kong,” which was held in May 2014. The book offers a valuable contribution to Chinese and global academic literature on service leadership and will benefit researchers and educators alike.

Enhancing Leadership In Colleges And Universities

Author : Arthur Sandeen
ISBN : 9780398086015
Genre : Education
File Size : 76. 20 MB
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In view of the serious challenges facing college and university administrators, it is encouraging to note the increased interest in improving leadership knowledge and skills. This book presents an additional option to college and university administrators in their efforts to enhance their leadership skills. The case study approach to improving insights and skills in leadership is predicated on the belief that leadership is learned, and that it often requires courage to act and to live with the consequences of one's actions. The book includes 18 cases on a variety of issues being faced by college and university leaders. Its purpose is to encourage administrators to enhance their ability to make decisions by focusing on the decision-making process and by trinking about the consequences of the various options available to them. The options presented in each case can be expanded by those studying and discussing them or revised to meet their personal preferences. Questions to encourage further discussion are presented at the end of each case, including a list of suggested readings that are related to the case. The cases are organized into four sections: (1) Raising Money and Funding of Services, (2) Athletics and Facilities, (3) Academic Policies and Issues, and (4) Student Service Issues. The cases represent realistic but fictitious issues at a variety of colleges and universities. The issues and the names of the institutions are fictitious; any resemblance to any actual institution or person is entirely coincidental.

University Leadership

Author : Catherine Bargh
ISBN : UOM:39015049543369
Genre : Education
File Size : 25. 63 MB
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There is a myth that university leaders have been reborn as chief executives. The authors of University Leadership argue that the reality is both more complex and more ambiguous. Although the managerial and political pressures on university leaders have increased (as have expectations of the institutional leadership they can provide) there is substantial evidence of significant continuity - not simply in who vice chancellors are and what they do - but also in how they conceive their roles; and the donnish monopoly of the top jobs in universities remains virtually unchallenged despite the development of mass higher education. This is a balanced empirical and theoretical study of the present state of institutional leadership in higher education. It draws upon the authors' own research and other international studies, contextualizes the roles of university leaders, and is studded with fascinating data and vignettes about their backgrounds, ideas and day-today practices. It is essential reading for university leaders and managers, senior academics, policy-makers, and scholars of the policy and practice of higher education.

Women Leaders In Higher Education

Author : Tanya Fitzgerald
ISBN : 9781135048662
Genre : Education
File Size : 79. 74 MB
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Leadership in universities is physically, intellectually and emotionally demanding work. It involves multiple and complex tasks and responsibilities such as staff management, strategic management, operational planning, financial and resources management, policy development, quality assurance processes, improving student outcomes, and engaging with community and the professions/industry. Leadership is not simply the act of being a leader, it is the act of leadership that projects ‘success’ and ‘desirable’ attributes. Leadership has the capacity to be deeply seductive yet it is not an immediately attractive option for women, particularly for those who carry the burden of family and domestic responsibilities, for whom finding a space for leading is no easy task. Yet despite the almost pessimistic research evidence, women are in senior leadership positions in higher education, however precarious their numbers. There can be little doubt that universities benefit from diversity in their student and staff population This book addresses the central questions; Who are the women who survive and occupy elite leadership roles in universities? How might their leadership be shaped by and a consequence of institutional climate? What strategies do they learn and adopt and how do they lead and manage their female colleagues? What about those women who do not ‘fit’ the gender script? The chapters overview the changing policy landscape in higher education; provide a critical commentary on the interplay between gender, leadership, higher education, and organisational diversity, and draw on education and critical management literatures in order to offer a broader understanding of gender and elite leadership; This book will be essential reading for anyone involved or interested in higher education policy and management, academic leadership, organisational diversity and gender studies.

Leadership And Management In Universities

Author : Titus Oshagbemi
ISBN : 9783110853681
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 49. 99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Reflections Of South African University Leaders 1981 To 2014

Author : Council on Higher Education
ISBN : 9781928331094
Genre : Education
File Size : 44. 98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Much has been written about the ever-growing demands on university leadership worldwide in the face of increasingly complex changes and challenges from within the academy and beyond. However, as we are reminded by Johan Muller in the Introduction to this book, "there are particular features of time and place that also throw up unique problems". It is precisely 'time and place' that make this set of reflections by university leaders quite remarkable and distinguishes it from the many biographies to be found in the literature on higher education leadership. ... In the main, this collection spans two decades, the 1990s and 2000s, of unprecedented levels of change in South African higher education. Leaders in universities, as well as those responsible for higher education policy in the government and associated statutory bodies, had no neat script to work off, nor 'manuals' or prescripts of 'good' leadership or practice. Instead, there was palpable excitement about collectively imagining and nurturing a new post-apartheid higher education system, which would contribute to the social and economic development needs of the country, the deepening of democracy and which would also be globally relevant. Most reflections touch on the coalface of leadership, which is the face-to-face interactional dimension, dealing with staff, with students, with council chairs. What comes through clearly, is the importance of what are sometimes called 'people skills'. In these accounts this is not simply presented as a human relations aptitude, for a number of reasons, first of which is the special nature of universities and their occupants. More than one points out the special challenge of managing the talented people that are academics, and their inbuilt distaste for bureaucracy, their reluctance to be managed or told what to do. The message here is consistently one of needing to be completely open with academics, the importance of maintaining the distinction between 'collegial' and 'executive' management (avoiding 'managerialism'), and the critical importance of winning and holding their trust. The inspiration for this collection arose in late 2013 in the Council on Higher Education's (CHE) Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate, the directorate responsible for conducting research on the higher education landscape and monitoring the state of the sector. They noted that conditions besetting universities had grown increasingly complex, both globally but more especially locally, and the question arose - how had this altered the challenges to university leadership over the period between the new political dispensation and the second decade of the new millennium? More particularly, how had leaders with a proven track record of visionary and strong leadership during this period faced these challenges? How did they see the main changes that needed dealing with? What challenges did these changes pose and how were they successfully overcome? What did they think, looking back, were the main constituents of successful leadership and management? What wisdom could be distilled for posterity? The Directorate decided to invite a range of vice-chancellors and senior academic leaders who had completed their terms of office to contribute to a project that set out to gather such reflections and compile them into a publication.

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