unjustified enrichment key issues in comparative perspective

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Unjustified Enrichment

Author : David Johnston
ISBN : 113943263X
Genre : Law
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Unjustified enrichment has been one of the most intellectually vital areas of private law. There is, however, still no unanimity among civil-law and common-law legal systems about how to structure this important branch of the law of obligations. Several key issues are considered comparatively in this 2002 book, including grounds for recovery of enrichment, defences, third-party enrichment, as well as proprietary and taxonomic questions. Two contributors deal with each topic, one a representative of a common-law system, the other a representative of a civil-law or mixed system. This approach illuminates not just similarities or differences between systems, but also what different systems can learn from one another. In an area of law whose territory is still partially uncharted and whose borders are contested, such comparative perspectives will be valuable for both academic analysis of the law and its development by the courts.

The Restatement Third Restitution And Unjust Enrichment

Author : Charles Mitchell
ISBN : 9781782251378
Genre : Law
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The publication of the Restatement Third: Unjust Enrichment and Restitution by the American Law Institute in July 2010 was an event of major importance, not only for the development of the law of unjust enrichment in the US, but also for global scholarship relating to this area of private law. The Restatement First appeared in 1937, and the Restatement Second was abandoned; hence the Restatement Third is the most significant survey of the American law on this topic for over 70 years. Private law has been a comparatively neglected area of study in US law schools for several decades, and this is particularly true of the law of unjust enrichment. However, the appearance of the Restatement Third has prompted a renewal of interest in the subject among US scholars, and it is hoped that the present volume of essays will contribute to this revival, while reflecting on the lessons to be learned from the Restatement by other legal systems. Featuring the work of leading scholars from the UK, Germany, South Africa, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia, the essays undertake critical and comparative analysis of the Restatement, and offer fresh insights into the rules that it articulates.

Grundstrukturen Eines Europ Ischen Bereicherungsrechts

Author : Reinhard Zimmermann
ISBN : 3161485475
Genre : Law
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English summary: Two contributions on enrichment by transfer and restitution for wrongs form the central part of this work. Both focus, in particular, on German and English law as two main exponents of the civil law and common law jurisdictions in Europe. Two other contributions deal with the structure of liability for unjustified enrichment in the Dutch Civil Code (a legal system that has traditionally been influenced by French law) and in Scotland and South Africa (two mixed legal systems at the intersection of civil law and common law). Finally, the relevant proposals advanced by the draftsmen of the (third) Restatement of the Law of Restitution in the United States and of the Study Group on a European Civil Code in Europe are critically examined. German description: Im Zentrum des vorliegenden Bandes stehen zwei Beitrage zu den Themen Leistungskondiktion - verstanden in einem systemunabhangigen, untechnischen Sinne - und Eingriffskondiktion. In ihnen wird einer vergleichenden Betrachtung des Bereicherungsrechts zweier Hauptexponenten der civil law- und common law-Jurisdiktionen - Deutschland und England - besonderes Gewicht beigemessen. Weitere Beitrage befassen sich mit der Struktur des Bereicherungsrechts in den Niederlanden, einer Rechtsordnung, die historisch in der franzosisch/italienischen Traditionslinie steht, und in Schottland und Sudafrika, zwei im Schnittpunkt von civil law und common law liegenden Mischrechtsordnungen. Schliesslich werden die Uberlegungen vorgestellt und kommentiert, die in den USA bei der Vorbereitung des neuen (dritten) Restatement des Law of Restitution und in Europa im Rahmen der Study Group on a European Civil Code angestellt werden.

Billigkeitserw Gungen Im Kontext Des Europ Ischen Privatrechts

Author : Jonas C. Rybarz
ISBN : 3161508181
Genre : Law
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English summary: Jonas C. Rybarz exposes general unwritten principles of civil law in the European Union. In the future, his findings will contribute to achieving results in individual cases in the context of European private law as well, results which are compatible with the national concepts of equity. German description: Das europaische Privatrecht wirkt zunehmend auf die nationalen Zivilrechtssysteme ein. Infolge des eindimensionalen Regelungsansatzes fuhrt die Anwendung des europaischen Privatrechts im Einzelfall jedoch immer wieder zu ungerechten Ergebnissen. Aufgrund des unionsrechtlichen Anwendungsvorranges konnen Billigkeitsdefizite des europaischen Privatrechts dabei allein auf Unionsebene ausgeglichen werden.Jonas C. Rybarz versucht daher durch die Analyse einzelner EuGH-Entscheidungen und durch den Vergleich mitgliedstaatlicher Privatrechtsordnungen allgemeine Zivilrechtsprinzipien auf Unionsebene aufzudecken. Mit Hilfe der gefundenen Ergebnisse sollen in Zukunft auch im Kontext des europaischen Privatrechts bei der Rechtsanwendung im Einzelfall Ergebnisse erzielt werden konnen, die mit den nationalen Gerechtigkeitsvorstellungen vereinbar sind.

The German Law Of Unjustified Enrichment And Restitution

Author : Gerhard Dannemann
ISBN : 9780199533114
Genre : Law
File Size : 42. 77 MB
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This text provides a comprehensive description in the English language of the German law of unjust enrichment, by explaining how this works in the context of German law, and by discussing the implications this would have if the German system were implemented in an English legal environment.

Elgar Encyclopedia Of Comparative Law

Author : J. M. Smits
ISBN : 9781847200204
Genre : Law
File Size : 28. 9 MB
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This is a very important and immense book. . . Single-handedly, Smits has reviewed and checked this immense work to bring it to its final high standard in quality and accuracy and selection of laws. The Criminal Lawyer This is a very important and immense book. . . The Elgar Encyclopedia of Comparative Law is a treasure-trove of honed knowledge of the laws of many countries. It is a reference book for dipping into, time and time again. It is worth every penny and there is not another as comprehensive in its coverage as Elgar s. I highly recommend the Elgar Encyclopedia of Comparative Law to all English chambers. This is a very important book that should be sitting in every university law school library. Sally Ramage, The Criminal Lawyer The entries are written in a lucid and accessible style, with appropriate references being given for further research. All in all, a substantial work which will delight enthusiasts of comparative law. The Commonwealth Lawyer The breadth of topics plus the bibliographies allows a reader to use the Elgar Encyclopedia as an initial entry into a field of law, a specific topic, or a legal system. . . Any law library, business library, large public library, or academic library supporting the study of international law or international business will want to have [it] in its collection. . . This work is highly recommended. Ladyjane Hickey, American Reference Books Annual Comparative law is the comparison of law and legal systems from around the world. At one time it was a field of limited interest and academic participation. However, increasing globalization, whether of commerce or culture, makes it imperative that citizens learn more about the law of other countries. That is the premise of this comprehensive new research tool designed for general readers. Some 70 articles address topics as diverse as accident compensation, legal culture, the European Civil Code, and the law and legal systems of a selected set of nations. . . This single-volume work provides an excellent comprehensive overview of the current state of affairs in comparative law. Highly recommended. Lower-level undergraduates and above; general readers. J.E. Stephens, Choice The timely publication of this encyclopedia reflects what is happening [in international law] and, in a field where works (even student textbooks) are often expensive, it comes at an attractive price. Stuart Hannabuss, Reference Reviews The Elgar Encyclopedia of Comparative Law looks set to become an indispensable source for the ever increasing body of lawyers needing accurate information on the structure and working of foreign systems as well as on points of a substantive law. Edited by Professor Jan Smits of Maastricht University the Encyclopedia is the work of an extremely strong international team of noted specialists. Comprising articles on the nature, methodology and focus of comparative law, on the legal systems of particular jurisdictions and on matters of substantive law, the work should be a very significant contribution to the literature. It seems likely that the contributions on the comparative state of affairs in particular fields of substantive law will be an especially valuable aspect of the work. There will be 37 such articles from accident compensation to unjustified enrichment with mistake , personality rights , product liability and transfer of moveable property only a sample of what the work will offer. Casting over this list one is again struck by the wealth of established expertise brought together in the Encyclopedia. I have little doubt that I can speak for the worldwide community of comparative lawyers in saying that the Elgar Encyclopedia of Comparative Law is eagerly awaited. David L. Carey Miller, University of Aberdeen, UK Comparative law is moving swiftly from a long infancy to teenage maturity, and Jan Smits provides the essential tonic. In this outstanding work he has gathered together leading scholars, each his/her o

Unjust Enrichment And Contract

Author : Tariq Baloch
ISBN : 9781847314987
Genre : Law
File Size : 39. 62 MB
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This book examines the role of unjust enrichment in the contractual context, defined as contracts which are (a) terminated for breach, or (b) subsisting, or (c) unenforceable. The book makes three claims in relation to the orthodox common law account of restitution (founded on unjust enrichment) in the contractual context. Firstly, the orthodox account correctly proceeds on the basis that the restitutionary claim in the contractual context is founded on an independent cause of action in unjust enrichment, rather than some equitable notion of unconscientiousness or the law of contract. Secondly, the book departs from the orthodox account by rejecting the unjust factors approach and endorsing the absence of basis approach for the law of unjust enrichment. Finally, the book argues that the right to restitution in the contractual context should be determined by the conditionality of the transfer of the benefit rather than a requirement such as the termination of the contract, as the orthodox account dictates. To that end the book proposes the following model, under which the right to restitution in the contractual context is determined by the resolution of the following two questions: (1) Was the transfer of the benefit (eg of money or services) conditional? (2) Was there a qualifying failure of condition? A condition can be, and often is, the other contracting party's counter-performance, but it may also be an event not promised by either party. What qualifies as a failure of condition depends on the type of contract in question. This book identifies two types of contracts, namely those which are apportioned (eg instalment contracts) and those which are unapportioned. It is only in relation to the latter that termination is required. It is a particular strength of the book that it is underpinned by detailed and original historical analysis which makes a novel and distinct contribution to the history of the laws of unjust enrichment and contract. 'Dr Baloch has produced the definitive study of the inter-relationship between contract and unjust enrichment. This has been achieved by carefully considering the historical roots of our common law, and how this is to be understood in its best light in the modern era.' Robert H Stevens, University College, London. 'Dr Baloch's exploration of the boundary between contractual and unjust enrichment liability in the 17th to 19th centuries has important things to say about the history of ideas of 'contract' in this period.' Mike Macnair, Oxford University. 'This is an innovative and rigorous book which engages with one of the most difficult areas in the law of unjust enrichment, namely the relationship between the law of unjust enrichment and the law of contract. Baloch roots his treatment of the modern law in its history and the historical analysis throughout is very careful and well grounded in the primary sources.' David Ibbetson, Cambridge University. 'This is a valuable book, thoughtful and well researched. It is concerned to build a model that fits comfortably with the cases, and its focus is on the work of modern commentators. Those concerned with the relationship of contract and the law of restitution whether at a theoretical level or in practice will benefit by careful study of what Dr Baloch has to say, whether or not they agree with it.' Jack Beatson, Royal Courts of Justice, 14 February 2009 (From the foreword)

Structure And Justification In Private Law

Author : Charles E F Rickett
ISBN : 9781847317094
Genre : Law
File Size : 37. 19 MB
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Peter Birks's tragically early death, and his immense influence around the world, led immediately to the call for a volume of essays in his honour by scholars who had known him as a colleague, teacher and friend. One such volume, published in 2006, contained essays largely from scholars working in England (Mapping the Law: Essays in Memory of Peter Birks, edited by Andrew Burrows and Lord Rodger). This volume contains the essays of those outside England who chose to honour Peter, and appears later than the English volume, reflecting the far flung habitations of its authors. The essays contained in this volume are focussed around the law of unjust enrichment, but are not narrowly preoccupied - instead they move freely from unjust enrichment to some of the most profound questions in private law concerning taxonomy, the relationship between contract, property and unjust enrichment, and the place of remedies within private law. This volume, featuring the work of some of the world's great private lawyers, provides a fitting tribute to a great scholar, and a series of thought-provoking essays inspired by his example. Contributors Kit Barker Michael Bryan Peter Butler Hanoch Dagan Simone Degeling Daniel Friedmann Mark Gergen Ross Grantham Steve Hedley John McCamus Mitchell McInnes Eoin O'Dell Charles Rickett Struan Scott Emily Sherwin Stephen Smith Richard Sutton Michael Tilbury Stephen Waddams Peter Watts Ernest Weinrib Eric Descheemaeker

Accounting For Profit For Breach Of Contract

Author : Katy Barnett
ISBN : 9781847319524
Genre : Law
File Size : 85. 76 MB
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This book defends the view that an award of an account of profits (or 'disgorgement damages') for breach of contract will sometimes be justifiable, and fits within the orthodox principles and cases in contract law. However there is some confusion as to when such an award should be made. The moral bases for disgorgement damages are deterrence and punishment, which shape the remedy in important ways. Courts are also concerned with vindication of the claimant's performance interest, and it is pivotal in these cases that the claimant cannot procure a substitute performance via an award of damages or specific relief. The book argues that disgorgement damages should be available in two categories of case: 'second sale' cases, where the defendant breaches his contract with the claimant to make a more profitable contract with a third party; and 'agency problem' cases, where the defendant promises the claimant he will not do a certain thing, and the claimant finds it difficult to supervise the performance. Moreover, disgorgement may be full or partial, and 'reasonable fee damages' for breach of contract are best understood as partial disgorgement rather than 'restitutionary damages'. Equitable bars to relief should also be adopted in relation to disgorgement damages, as should allowances for skill and effort. This book will be of interest to contract and commercial lawyers, and will be especially valuable to anyone with an interest in contract remedies and restitution. It draws on case law in a number of common law jurisdictions, primarily England and Wales, and Australia.

Unjustified Enrichment In South African Law

Author : J. C. Sonnekus
ISBN : STANFORD:36105132850236
Genre : Law
File Size : 26. 37 MB
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