urbanism in the age of climate change

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Urbanism In The Age Of Climate Change

Author : Peter Calthorpe
ISBN : 1610910052
Genre : Architecture
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“Cities are green” is becoming a common refrain. But Calthorpe argues that a more comprehensive understanding of urbanism at the regional scale provides a better platform to address climate change. In this groundbreaking new work, he shows how such regionally scaled urbanism can be combined with green technology to achieve not only needed reductions in carbon emissions but other critical economies and lifestyle benefits. Rather than just providing another checklist of new energy sources or one dimensional land use alternatives, he combines them into comprehensive national growth scenarios for 2050 and documents their potential impacts. In so doing he powerfully demonstrates that it will take an integrated approach of land use transformation, policy changes, and innovative technology to transition to a low carbon economy. To accomplish this Calthorpe synthesizes thirty years of experience, starting with his ground breaking work in sustainable community design in the 1980s following through to his current leadership in transit-oriented design, regional planning, and land use policy. Peter Calthorpe shows us what is possible using real world examples of innovative design strategies and forward-thinking policies that are already changing the way we live. This provocative and engaging work emerges from Calthorpe’s belief that, just as the last fifty years produced massive changes in our culture, economy and environment, the next fifty will generate changes of an even more profound nature. The book, enhanced by its superb four-color graphics, is a call to action and a road map for moving forward.

Eco Urbanism In The Age Of Climate Change

Author : Robin Croen
ISBN : OCLC:1037020010
Genre :
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This thesis seeks to examine the intersection of urbanization and climate change and asks how design can play a part in developing sustainable, healthy, vibrant, and adaptive cities. More specifically, it asks “How do we design for growing urban landscapes that are threatened by climate change?” The city of Sacramento, California is a relevant study site for this topic as it is currently experiencing a new era of growth and development while concurrently being threatened by intensifying weather extremes. The project focuses on the adaptive reuse of a freight railroad track that cuts through the Midtown neighborhood of Sacramento, and proposes re-imagining this space as a pedestrian-focused promenade layered on top of and integrated with functional urban stormwater infrastructure. The project also examines the existing spatial hierarchies of the city’s right-of-way adjacent to the project site and suggests strategies for reallocating space to prioritize interactions, activities, and designs that make for better urban life in addition to overlaying a network of climate adaptive strategies. A survey of relevant literature and precedent projects serves as the theoretical grounding for the design framework and proposed implementations. Ultimately, the goal of this project is to create a scalable set of strategies that address the thesis question and adhere to the tenets of the framework, and apply them to the study site as a neighborhood-scale pilot. Strategies for scaling the project up to a regional scale and down to an individual scale are examined with the intent to use this project as a catalyst for lasting positive change on the region, its inhabitants, and other urban environments both local and far afield.

The Urban Design Reader

Author : Michael Larice
ISBN : 9781136205668
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 55. 38 MB
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The second edition of The Urban Design Reader draws together the very best of classic and contemporary writings to illuminate and expand the theory and practice of urban design. Nearly 50 generous selections include seminal contributions from Howard, Le Corbusier, Lynch, and Jacobs to more recent writings by Waldheim, Koolhaas, and Sorkin. Following the widespread success of the first edition of The Urban Design Reader, this updated edition continues to provide the most important historical material of the urban design field, but also introduces new topics and selections that address the myriad challenges facing designers today. The six part structure of the second edition guides the reader through the history, theory and practice of urban design. The reader is initially introduced to those classic writings that provide the historical precedents for city-making into the twentieth century. Part Two introduces the voices and ideas that were instrumental in establishing the foundations of the urban design field from the late 1950s up to the mid-1990s. These authors present a critical reading of the design professions and offer an alternative urban design agenda focused on vital and lively places. The authors in Part Three provide a range of urban design rationales and strategies for reinforcing local physical identity and the creation of memorable places. These selections are largely describing the outcomes of mid-century urban design and voicing concerns over the placeless quality of contemporary urbanism. The fourth part of the Reader explores key issues in urban design and development. Ideas about sprawl, density, community health, public space and everyday life are the primary focus here. Several new selections in this part of the book also highlight important international development trends in the Middle East and China. Part Five presents environmental challenges faced by the built environment professions today, including recent material on landscape urbanism, sustainability, and urban resiliency. The final part examines professional practice and current debates in the field: where urban designers work, what they do, their roles, their fields of knowledge and their educational development. The section concludes with several position pieces and debates on the future of urban design practice. This book provides an essential resource for students and practitioners of urban design, drawing together important but widely dispersed writings. Part and section introductions are provided to assist readers in understanding the context of the material, summary messages, impacts of the writing, and how they fit into the larger picture of the urban design field.

Author : Τζούλιαν Μπαρνς
ISBN : 9786180305609
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 52. 32 MB
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Μάιος του 1937. Ένας τριαντάρης περιμένει δίπλα στον ανελκυστήρα μιας πολυκατοικίας του Λένινγκραντ. Περιμένει όλη τη νύχτα ότι ανά πάσα στιγμή θα τον οδηγήσουν στο Αρχηγείο της Υπηρεσίας Κρατικής Ασφάλειας. Καμιά από τις διασημότητες που γνώρισε την περασμένη δεκαετία δεν μπορεί τώρα να του φανεί χρήσιμη. Και ελάχιστοι από όσους οδηγούνται στο Αρχηγείο επιστρέφουν. Αυτή είναι η αφετηρία του νέου αριστουργηματικού μυθιστορήματος του Μπαρνς, μια ιστορία για τη σύγκρουση ζωής και τέχνης, το θάρρος, τη δειλία, και τον πόνο του αναπόφευκτου συμβιβασμού. Το βιβλίο αναφέρεται στη ζωή, το έργο του Ντμίτρι Σοστακόβιτς καθώς και στη σύγκρουσή του με το σταλινικό καθεστώς.

Disaster Risk Management In An Age Of Climate Change

Author : Disasters Roundtable
ISBN : 9780309130653
Genre : Social Science
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Issues In Science And Technology

Author :
ISBN : OSU:32435083711135
Genre : Science
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Author : Πλατων
ISBN : 9607478118
Genre : Cosmology
File Size : 52. 95 MB
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Fantasy Islands

Author : Julie Sze
ISBN : 9780520959828
Genre : History
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The rise of China and its status as a leading global factory are altering the way people live and consume. At the same time, the world appears wary of the real costs involved. Fantasy Islands probes Chinese, European, and American eco-desire and eco-technological dreams, and examines the solutions they offer to environmental degradation in this age of global economic change. Uncovering the stories of sites in China, including the plan for a new eco-city called Dongtan on the island of Chongming, mega-suburbs, and the Shanghai World Expo, Julie Sze explores the flows, fears, and fantasies of Pacific Rim politics that shaped them. She charts how climate change discussions align with US fears of China's ascendancy and the related demise of the American Century, and she considers the motives of financial and political capital for eco-city and ecological development supported by elite power structures in the UK and China. Fantasy Islands shows how ineffectual these efforts are while challenging us to see what a true eco-city would be.

Partecipazione E Ict

Author : Aa.Vv.
ISBN : 9788849275360
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 86. 99 MB
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Se non colleghiamo esplicitamente il concetto di partecipazione a un concetto umano di città limitiamo il discorso a un elenco di metodi e procedure che cercano di rendere protagonisti i cittadini, laddove i protagonisti il più delle volte restano inconsapevoli dei processi di crescita delle città e dei suoi valori. Maieutica, coinvolgimento attivo dei cittadini e approfondimento metodologico sono la base dei processi partecipativi per una città vivibile. Negli ultimi anni c’è stata una notevole crescita della comunità del software open source, la quale ha elaborato vari strumenti di comunicazione e collaborazione: dai blog, ai wiki, alle mailing list e ai social network. Lo scambio d’informazioni tra progettisti ed esperti, ma soprattutto tra progettisti e attori coinvolti nel processo progettuale e cioè amministratori, finanziatori, cittadini interessati, può avvenire anche nello spazio virtuale e cioè in rete con un allargamento dei partecipanti al processo progettuale comprese associazioni organizzate e singoli cittadini, in qualche modo investiti dal progetto in questione. La Biourbanistica, attraverso l'introduzione del concetto di ipercomplessità e quello di una architettura strutturata in chiave biologica, dà vita ad un nuovo modello scientifico. Tale modello considera l’organismo urbano come una forma emergente di una complessità irriducibile al funzionalismo lineare, per analizzare la quale è richiesto l’utilizzo di una metodologia interdisciplinare fondendo insieme, sotto la prospettiva epistemologica della complessità, contributi multidisciplinari anche (apparentemente) molto distanti tra loro. ANTONIO CAPERNA Architetto e Dottore di Ricerca in Progetto Urbano Sostenibile. Le sue attuali ricerche sono finalizzate alla riformulazione epistemologica dell’urbanistica (verso la biourbanistica) e all’applicazione del Biophilic Design al progetto urbano. ALESSANDRO GIANGRANDE Ha insegnato “Teoria dei modelli per la progettazione” presso l’Università di Roma “La Sapienza” (1973-1992). Nel 1993 di è trasferito all’Università Roma Tre dove ha insegnato “Analisi e valutazione ambientale”, “Progettazione e pianificazione sostenibile” e “Tecniche di valutazione ambientale di piani e progetti”. Ha diretto il laboratorio TIPUS (Tecnologie Informatiche per il Progetto Urbano Sostenibile) del Dipartimento di Studi Urbani e ha svolto numerose ricerche ed esperienze professionali nel campo della progettazione partecipata. PAOLO MIRABELLI lavora al CNR, Istituto di Tecnologie della Costruzione, sede di Milano: Information and Communication Technologies; precedentemente ha lavorato presso l’Università di Roma Tre, laboratorio di Tecnologie dell’Informazione per il Progetto Urbano Sostenibile. La sua formazione è in Architettura orientata alle nuove tecnologie, tema su cui ha collaborato a ricerche e pubblicazioni dal 1983 con didattica in vari corsi tra cui il Master PISM. ELENA MORTOLA Ha insegnato Metodologia Progettuale e CAAD presso l’Università di Roma “La Sapienza” (1883-1992). Dal 1993 insegna “Progettazione Architettonica Assistita dal Computer” nell’Università Roma Tre, dove ha coordinato il Master internazionale di II livello “Progettazione interattiva sostenibile e multimedialità”. Ha collaborato con molte Università italiane e straniere e ha svolto numerose ricerche ed esperienze professionali nel campo della progettazione partecipata.

The Recurring Dark Ages

Author : Sing C. Chew
ISBN : 0759104522
Genre : History
File Size : 75. 6 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In this modern era of global environmental crisis, Sing Chew provides a convincing analysis of a 5,000-year history of recurring human and environmental crises_a Dark Ages significant in defining the relationship between nature and culture. The author's message about the coming Dark Ages, as human communities continue to reorganize to meet the contingencies of ecological scarcity and climate changes, is a must-read for those concerned with human interactions and environmental changes, including environmental anthropologists and historians, world historians, geographers, archaeologists, and environmental scientists.

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