venetia und der w stling

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Prada Pumps Und Babypuder

Author : Sophie Kinsella
ISBN : 9783641069469
Genre : Fiction
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Nachwuchs für die Schnäppchenjägerin Rebecca Bloomwood, verheiratete Brandon, ist selig. Sie und ihr Mann Luke erwarten ihr erstes Kind, und natürlich soll für den Nachwuchs alles perfekt vorbereitet sein. Strampelanzüge, Kinderwagen, Spielzeug – Rebecca ist im Kaufrausch. Doch ihr Glück wird getrübt, als sie erfährt, dass ihre höchst attraktive Geburtshelferin Venetia eine Exfreundin von Luke ist. Und die scheint wild entschlossen, ihr den Mann auszuspannen. Als Rebecca dann auch noch herausfindet, dass Luke Geheimnisse vor ihr hat, ist sie überzeugt: Er und Venetia haben eine Affäre ...

Relics Prayer And Politics In Medieval Venetia

Author : Thomas E. A. Dale
ISBN : 0691011753
Genre : Art
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Against a historical backdrop of relic theft and propaganda campaigns waged by two cities vying for patriarchal authority in medieval Venetia, Thomas Dale shows how Romanesque mural painting shaped sacred space and institutional identity. His focus is on the late twelfth-century murals in the crypt of Aquileia Cathedral. The crypt, which contains the relics of Aquileia's founding bishop, Saint Hermagoras, has a historical significance rooted in a legend identifying the saint as a direct disciple of Saint Mark the Evangelist. On this basis, the Carolingians promoted the city's status as patriarchal see of Venetia--a claim that prompted Venice to steal Mark's relics from Alexandria, Egypt, and appropriate Aquileia's history. This book, the first English-language study of the crypt, explores how the paintings complement the relics of Hermagoras in their distinct devotional and political roles. Hermagoras's intercessory power is activated by his orant image displayed over the central aisle within a larger hierarchy of apostles, martyrs, and bishops. The surrounding hagiographic cycle justifies in legalistic fashion Aquileia's patriarchal title and the consecration of the city as locus sanctus of Venetia by the blood of its martyrs. The iconic images in the eastern lunettes present the Virgin's compassio as a pictorial model for the vicarious experience of Christ's Passion. Finally, a fictive curtain over the socle presents allegories of spiritual warfare in the form of exempla from crusades, pilgrimage, and the epic poem Psychomachia, which Dale analyzes as a gloss on the main program.

Kiss Heaven Goodbye

Author : Tasmina Perry
ISBN : 9780755358434
Genre : Fiction
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Four friends leave behind a dark secret on a paradise island in the Sunday Times Top Ten bestselling novel from Tasmina Perry. It was supposed to be the perfect summer... On the idyllic island of Angel Cay, four close friends celebrate the end of their exams, but one dark night will change their innocent lives for ever. As the years pass and each pursues success in different fields - music, fashion, politics -- they try to put the past behind them. But no matter how high their stars climb, they cannot escape the dreadful truth. And when the consequences of that fateful night finally catch up with them, for one of the four, there is a terrible price to be paid...

Shopaholic Baby

Author : Sophie Kinsella
ISBN : 9781409081197
Genre : Fiction
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Venetian Blood

Author : Christine Evelyn Volker
ISBN : 9781631523113
Genre : Fiction
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To escape a failing marriage, Anna Lucia Lottol goes to Venice to visit an old friend-and becomes a suspect in a brutal murder echoing a gruesome homicide that happened decades ago. Fearful of foreign justice and hoping to prove her innocence, she gathers clues before the real murderer comes for her. At the climax of her journey, she discovers a secret that will change her life.

Venetian Bird

Author : Victor Canning
ISBN : 9781447243199
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 35. 76 MB
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Edward Mercer's mission had seemed so simple. A benevolent, unknown American father wished to repay a debt of gratitude to the man who rescued his son during the war. A man who carried the broken-legged boy for two days through snow to receive the medical help he desperately needed. A man who then disappeared. A hero. That man was Gian Uccello. Mercer, an ageing man for hire struggling to maintain his relevance in a young person's world, heads to Venice to track down Uccello. However, finding him proves no easy task as his search unearths secrets, lies, assumed identities and an incendiary conspiracy. Surrounded by beautiful women, vicious gangsters, disbelieving police and precious few allies, he finds himself falling down a rabbit hole he never saw coming. But Edward Mercer is a "stubborn and stupid man" who won't be bought off nor accept the constant lies he is fed, so he pursues the case to its tense and potentially fatal conclusion. The colourful Venetian background is brilliantly drawn and the story unfolds with the speed, realism, excitement and suspense which one expects from Victor Canning, a master story-teller.

The Venetian Betrayal

Author : Steve Berry
ISBN : 9781844568307
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 75. 21 MB
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A pacy international thriller with a historical twist, from the New York Times bestselling author. Cotton Malone is back and the stakes were never higher: a deadly virus that could wipe out civilisation as we know it - and a cure that lies buried in the past. The Venetian League, a secret group of 45 political and economic leaders from around the world, has joined forces with a coalition of former Soviet republics to create a potentially devastating biological weapon, a bird flu-like virus that has been artificially mutated to pass from human to human. Whoever develops the cure would control the future of global warfare. Yet that cure may have been discovered centuries ago, and if so the clue to the location of the formula lies buried with Alexander the Great. When Cotton Malone's former companion Cassiopeia Vitt hears about it, she and Cotton join the hunt for Alexander's long-lost tomb, and what at first seems to Cotton a wild quest for the answer to a perplexing historical riddle becomes a harrowing fight for truth that has unimaginable repercussions, both geopolitical and terrifyingly personal.

The Venetian House

Author : Mary Nickson
ISBN : 9781409006596
Genre : Fiction
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SOMETIMES COMING TO TERMS WITH THE FUTURE MEANS LETTING GO OF THE PAST... For Victoria, orphaned at six, her grandmother Evanthi's beautiful home in Corfu - known locally as The Venetian House - has always meant safety, freedom and a near-magical kind of contentment. Brought up by her cousin Guy's parents in England, she - together with Guy and his childhood friend Richard Cunningham - always longed for the idylllic summer holidays where they forged a friendship that would last a lifetime. Victoria was mesmerized by brilliant, selfish, enigmatic Guy, but it was safe, affectionate, reliable Richard whom she married. Now, twenty years later, Richard is dead. Victoria discovers her marriage was a sham and, desperate to escape, she takes Jake out to The Venetian House, feeling that only these beloved surroundings can she face her demons. Then photographer Patrick Hammond arrives. He brings with him his own troubles - his marriage to elegant, self-centred, neurotic Rachel is in crisis - yet a friendship, and possibly something more, starts to develop between Patrick and Victoria. But for Evanthi there is something strangely familiar about Patrick and soon she is forced to face her own troubled past.

Venetian English English Venetian

Author : Lodovico Pizzati
ISBN : 9781425987909
Genre : Foreign Language Study
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Hard not to be florid about this book Devoured in snippets or read straight through. It presents amazing experiences and skills. Because Marc-Charles Nicolas has a brilliantly delicate appreciation for the idea of a sentence in a poem, the juxtapositions of segments in these pages appear essentially to construct entire topics for mediation. Examined along and the dawnings increase and multipy--- inspirations, love, feelings, locations, events hitherto isolated are now all hooks-and-eyes into each other. And because Marc-Charles gets his inspiration from the muse, you feel the exquisiteness and beauty buried in shattered phrases about the "universality of poetry." As a poet he belongs to a life larger than his own. The life of genuine things. And (One more performance worth a word): the poems in his book "Perfumed Paradise" are filled with aboutness'. Put together as they are, they're seen to abound with roots: their laughter or melancholy or ire has discernible reasons. The humanness of poem-writing as a hobby, the splendid unavoidability of it ---that is what this compilation brings together. But floridity was to be kept away. One cloudless day---pace the anti-sentimentalists: life is short I sat in the sun and by a Brook with a friend and passed pages of this manuscript from side to side, reading fragments aloud, laughing quietly or looking grave, occasionally thrilled and bemused. A while back, this was, yet I remember no happier afternoon. The poems were written originally in French 13 years ago in the year 1993, delicious remembrance - fantastic book! Virgo A. Bernice

The Book Of Ser Marco Polo The Venetian

Author : Marco Polo
ISBN : 9781108022071
Genre : History
File Size : 83. 24 MB
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The Book of Ser Marco Polo describes the thirteenth-century travels of Marco Polo through Asia, Persia, China and Indonesia.

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