virus taxonomy ninth report of the international committee on taxonomy of viruses

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Virus Taxonomy

Author : Andrew M.Q. King
ISBN : 9780123846846
Genre : Science
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The practical need to partition the world of viruses into distinguishable, universally agreed upon entities is the ultimate justification for developing a virus classification system. Since 1971, the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) operating on behalf of the world community of virologists has taken on the task of developing a single, universal taxonomic scheme for all viruses infecting animals (vertebrate, invertebrates, and protozoa), plants (higher plants and algae), fungi, bacteria, and archaea. The current report builds on the accumulated taxonomic construction of the eight previous reports dating back to 1971 and records the proceedings of the Committee since publication of the last report in 2005. Representing the work of more than 500 virologists worldwide, this report is the authoritative reference for virus organization, distinction, and structure.

Advances In Virus Research

Author :
ISBN : 9780128024249
Genre : Medical
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Published since 1953, Advances in Virus Research covers a diverse range of in-depth reviews, providing a valuable overview of the current field of virology. Contributions from leading authorities Informs and updates on all the latest developments in the field

Marburg And Ebolaviruses

Author : Elke Mühlberger
ISBN : 9783319689487
Genre : Medical
File Size : 55. 25 MB
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This volume provides an overview of recent advances in our understanding of the biology of marburg- and ebolaviruses. It focuses on four essential areas: 1) ecology, outbreaks and clinical management, 2) disease, pathogenesis and protection, 3) virus replication inside the cell, and 4) molecular tools for virus study and taxonomy. For 50 years, these viruses have spilled over sporadically and without warning from their wildlife reservoirs, often causing major outbreaks and high fatalities. The consequences can be devastating, with a clear potential for global reach, as demonstrated by the 2013 West African outbreak of Ebola virus, which led to over 28,000 reported cases across three continents and more than 11,000 deaths. Given the international threat posed by these viruses, the pace and scope of basic research have also greatly intensified, ranging from studies of virus emergence, epidemiology, antiviral countermeasures and human disease to detailed mechanistic studies of virus entry, replication, virion assembly and protein structure. Written by internationally respected experts, this book will appeal to a wide audience and be a valuable resource for basic researchers, clinicians and advanced students alike.

Diseases Of Swine

Author : Jeffrey J. Zimmerman
ISBN : 9781118347140
Genre : Medical
File Size : 73. 20 MB
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First published in 1958, Diseases of Swine, Tenth Edition is a fully revised and updated version of this classic reference. Now published in association with the American Association of Swine Veterinarians, the Tenth Edition adds new knowledge throughout in a reorganized format to provide more intuitive access to information. With chapters written by more than 150 of the foremost experts in the field, Diseases of Swine remains the premier source of comprehensive information on swine production, health, and management for swine health specialists of all disciplines and at any level of expertise, including veterinarians, researchers, and students. Featuring a new content organization designed for improved navigability, the Tenth Edition adds chapters on the cardiovascular system, diagnostic tests and test performance, food safety and zoonotic diseases, show and pet pigs, and the most current information on both long-recognized and emerging pathogens. Diseases of Swine, Tenth Edition is an indispensable resource for anyone interested in swine health.

Plant Virus Host Interaction

Author : R.K. Gaur
ISBN : 9780124115989
Genre : Science
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Plant Virus-Host Interaction contains cutting-edge research in plant molecular virology, including pathogenic viroids and transport by insect vectors, interference with transmission to control viruses, and synergism, with pivotal coverage of RNA silencing and the counter-defensive strategies used by viruses to overcome the silencing response in plants. With a clear focus on plant virus evolution, including quantitative and population genetics, Plant Virus-Host Interaction provides insights on the major factors favoring disease emergence, such as genetic change in pathogen and host populations and changes in host ecology and environment. The book also examines socioeconomic implications of widespread plant viral agents. Contributions from leading experts around the globe provide varied perspectives, while comprehensive coverage ensures a complete look at this exciting field. Covers the emergence of new viral diseases Provides molecular approaches for virus-host interaction Highlights RNA silencing and counter-defensive strategies Discusses socioeconomic implications of viral spread and mitigation techniques


Author : Ralf Georg Dietzgen
ISBN : 9781908230119
Genre : Science
File Size : 73. 14 MB
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Rhabdoviruses are a diverse family of single stranded, negative sense RNA viruses that can successfully utilize a myriad of ecological niches, ranging from plants and insects to fish and mammals. This virus family includes pathogens, such as rabies virus, vesicular stomatitis virus, and potato yellow dwarf virus that are of tremendous public health, veterinary, and agricultural significance. Due to the relative simplicity of their genomes and morphology, in recent years rhabdoviruses have become powerful model systems for studying molecular virology. Written by a select group of world-renowned virologists, this book reviews all of the most recent advances in rhabdovirology, providing a timely overview of the field. Most contributions are written from a molecular and genomic perspective and contain expert insights upon which to base future research efforts. The topics covered include: morphology * genome organization * transcription * virus replication * taxonomy * characterization * virus evolution * vesiculovirus * lyssavirus * ephemeroviruses * fish novirhabdoviruses * the sigma viruses of Drosophila * virus-host protein interaction of plant-adapted rhabdoviruses * cereal-infecting rhabdoviruses * rabies prevention and control, including lyssavirus vaccine development. The book is a "must read" for all virologists working on these and related negative sense RNA viruses. It is recommended for all biology, veterinary, and medical libraries.

Pflanzenkrankheiten Und Pflanzenschutz

Author : Horst Börner
ISBN : 3825205185
Genre : Phytomedizin
File Size : 45. 93 MB
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Jawetz Melnick Adelbergs Medical Microbiology 27 E

Author : Karen C. Carroll
ISBN : 9780071825030
Genre : Medical
File Size : 40. 74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Understand the clinically important aspects of microbiology with this full-color review Includes more than 20 case studies The twenty-seventh edition of Jawetz, Melnick & Adelberg’s Medical Microbiology delivers a concise, up-to-date overview of the roles microorganisms play in human health and illness. Linking fundamental principles with the diagnosis and treatment of microbial infections, this classic text has been updated throughout to reflect the tremendous expansion of medical knowledge afforded by molecular mechanisms, advances in our understanding of microbial pathogenesis, and the discovery of novel pathogens. Along with brief descriptions of each organism, you will find vital perspectives on pathogenesis, diagnostic laboratory tests, clinical findings, treatment, and epidemiology. The book also includes an entire chapter of case studies that focuses on differential diagnosis and management of microbial infections. Here’s why Jawetz, Melnick & Adelberg’s Medical Microbiology is essential for USMLE review: 650+ USMLE-style review questions 300+ informative tables and illustrations 23 case studies to sharpen you differential diagnosis and management skills An easy-to-access list of medically important microorganisms Coverage that reflects the latest techniques in laboratory and diagnostic technologies Full-color images and micrographs Chapter-ending summaries Chapter concept checks Jawetz, Melnick & Adelberg’s Medical Microbiology introduces you to basic clinical microbiology through the fields of bacteriology, virology, mycology, and parasitology, giving you a thorough yet understandable review of the discipline.

Molekulare Virologie

Author : Susanne Modrow
ISBN : 9783827422415
Genre : Science
File Size : 67. 40 MB
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Vom Gen zur Pathogenese Das Lehrbuch Molekulare Virologie, seit vielen Jahren als unentbehrliches Standardwerk für Fachleute und Studenten etabliert, liegt nun wieder in einer überarbeiteten und erweiterten Neuauflage vor. Neben der durchgängigen Aktualisierung der Inhalte und Literaturzitate sind unter anderem Layout und Format des Buches angepasst sowie die eingestreuten Exkurse, die schlaglichtartig interessante Einzelthemen beleuchten, thematisch differenziert worden. Durch Einbindung eines zusätzlichen Autors sind zudem humanmedizinisch-klinische Aspekte nun noch stärker berücksichtigt. Molekulare Virologie ist eine Einführung in die molekular- und zellbiologischen Grundlagen von Virusinfektionen bei Mensch und Tier. Das Buch vermittelt einen ausgewogenen Überblick über humanpathogene und tierpathogene Viren. Mit seiner klaren Gliederung und verständlichen Darstellung weist dieses systematisch angelegte Lehr- und Nachschlagewerk sowohl Studenten und Dozenten der Biologie, Human- und Veterinärmedizin als auch Virologen, forschungsorientierten Klinikern, Tierärzten und Seuchenmedizinern sowie Fachleute in Mikrobiologie, Hygiene und Diagnostik den Weg durch die Vielfalt der virologischen Forschungsergebnisse. Im ersten Teil des Buches arbeiten die Autoren die allgemeinen Prinzipien der Struktur, Vermehrung und Lebenszyklen von Viren heraus und beschreiben die wichtigsten pathogenetischen und immunologischen Mechanismen viraler Erkrankungen. Auch die Diagnostik und Therapie sowie die Epidemiologie solcher Infektionen und das heutige Methodenrepertoire der Virologen werden hier vorgestellt. Der zweite, spezielle Teil führt dann systematisch durch die Vielfalt der human- und tierpathogenen Viren. Ausführlich werden zum einen die Morphologie, die Genomorganisation und die Proteinaustattung sowie die Replikationsmechanismen der verschiedenen Virusfamilien dargestellt. Für die jeweils wichtigsten Vertreter präsentieren die Autoren zum anderen einen Überblick über die relevanten humanmedizinisch-klinischen beziehungsweise veterinärmedizinischen Aspekte. Auch seuchenrechtliche Aspekte kommen hier zur Sprache. Dem Autorenteam gelingt es mit diesem Werk erneut, Virologie in ihrer ganzen Spannbreite - vom Molekül bis zur Klinik - überschaubar zu machen. Mit der konsequenten Verknüpfung dieser beiden Zugänge schlägt dieses Werk zudem dringend benötigte Brücken zwischen (molekular)biologischer Grundlagenforschung und medizinischer Anwendung.

Plant Virology

Author : Roger Hull
ISBN : UCR:31210023873175
Genre : Science
File Size : 20. 73 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This edition updates and revises many details of the previous edition. Includes updated references and increased focus on molecular biology, transgenic resistance, aphid transmission, and new, cutting-edge topics.

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