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Visual Attention In Children

Author : Kenneth A. Lane
ISBN : 9781556429569
Genre : Medical
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In typical child development, attention controls many aspects of learning, including memory, motor control, and problem solving. Attention organizes the constant influx of information that needs to be absorbed by children. Inside Visual Attention in Children: Theories and Activities, Dr. Kenneth A. Lane describes the positive aspects of attention that are needed for children to be successful in the classroom, such as concentration and vigilance, as opposed to negative aspects that can lead to failure, such as distractibility and confusion. This book is divided into two parts. The first eight chapters of the book explain attention and its relationship to vision and visual stimuli. The core topics discussed here include Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Executive Function, and Memory. The second half outlines a Vision Therapy program and consists of activities for improving visual attention in children. Over 100 activities are explained and illustrated. Visual Attention in Children: Theories and Activities is anchored on current theories in five areas of attention that shape child development. Theories Described Include: • Focused Attention – The ability to respond discreetly to visual, auditory, and tactile stimuli • Selective Attention – The ability to maintain behavioral or cognitive abilities in the face of distracting or competing stimuli • Shifting Attention – The ability to rapidly shift attention from one object to another • Sustained Attention – The ability to maintain a consistent behavioral response during a continuous or repetitive activity • Divided Attention –The ability to engage in more than one attention-focused task at one time. Visual Attention in Children: Theories and Activities is the perfect tool for occupational therapy students and clinicians as well as other professionals specializing in child development and learning who are looking to enhance their understanding of this topic and who need unique ideas and activities to add to their visual therapy training programs.

Is The Impairment In Temporal Allocation Of Visual Attention In Children With Adhd Related To A Developmental Delay Or A Structural Cognitive Deficit

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ISBN : OCLC:1051377347
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Highlights: We investigated the temporal allocation of visual attention in 11-year-old children with ADHD. We compared their attentional blink (AB) parameters with those observed in three groups of healthy control participants (8-year-olds, 11-year-olds and adults). Children with ADHD presented much the same similar AB pattern as the healthy 8-year-old controls. Impaired allocation of temporal selective attention in children with ADHD is due to a developmental delay and not a specific cognitive deficit. Abstract: We investigated the temporal allocation of visual attention in 11-year-old children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) by comparing their attentional blink (AB) parameters (duration, amplitude and minimum performance) with those observed in three groups of healthy control participants (8-year-olds, 11-year-olds and adults). The AB is a marker of impaired ability to detect a second target following the identification of a first target when both appear randomly within a rapid sequence of distractor items. Our results showed developmental effects; with age, the AB duration decreased and the AB minimum moved to shorter lag times. Importantly, 11-year old children with ADHD presented much the same similar AB patterns (in terms of duration and minimum position) as the healthy 8-year-old controls. Our results support the hypothesis whereby impaired allocation of temporal selective attention in children with ADHD is due to a developmental delay and not a specific cognitive deficit.

Visual Attention In Children With Cortical Visual Impairment

Author : Amy Moore Covington
ISBN : OCLC:841295926
Genre : Attention in children
File Size : 65. 31 MB
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Visual Attention In Children With Cortical Visual Impairment

Author : Stacey Ann Cohen-Maitre
ISBN : OCLC:51853427
Genre : Attention in children
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Unadulterated Children And Adults Visual Attention To Healthy And Unhealthy Food

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:1051894351
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Abstract: Objective: Visually attending to unhealthy food creates a desire to consume the food. To resist the temptation people have to employ self-regulation strategies, such as visual avoidance. Past research has shown that self-regulatory skills develop throughout childhood and adolescence, suggesting adults' superior self-regulation skills compared to children. Methods: This study employed a novel method to investigate self-regulatory skills. Children and adults' initial (bottom-up) and maintained (top-down) visual attention to simultaneously presented healthy and unhealthy food were examined in an eye-tracking paradigm. Results: Results showed that both children and adults initially attended most to the unhealthy food. Subsequently, adults self-regulated their visual attention away from the unhealthy food. Despite the children's high self-reported attempts to eat healthily and importance of eating healthily, children did not self-regulate visual attention away from unhealthy food. Children remained influenced by the attention-driven desire to consume the unhealthy food whereas adults visually attended more strongly to the healthy food thereby avoiding the desire to consume the unhealthy option. Conclusions: The findings emphasize the necessity of improving children's self-regulatory skills to support their desire to remain healthy and to protect children from the influences of the obesogenic environment. Highlights: Children and adults initially attend visually to unhealthy rather than healthy food. Adults disengage visual attention away from unhealthy food whereas children do not. Children want to eat healthily but do not visually disengage from unhealthy food. Increased attention to unhealthy food may drive children's unhealthy eating. Initial and retained visual attention can be a measure for self-regulatory capacity.

Visual Perception Problems In Children With Ad Hd Autism And Other Learning Disabilities

Author : Lisa A. Kurtz
ISBN : 1846425050
Genre : Education
File Size : 89. 69 MB
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This book provides a comprehensive overview of vision problems in children with developmental disabilities such as AD/HD, autism spectrum disorders, and specific learning disabilities. Written in a very accessible style, it is appropriate for parents and professionals alike and offers non-technical explanations of how vision difficulties are screened for and advice on where to seek appropriate professional care. Lisa Kurtz outlines a range of activities for strengthening children's functional vision and perceptual skills using simple, homemade materials that are readily available in the home or classroom. This is an excellent practical companion for parents of children with visual perception problems and the professionals who work with them.

Children S Language

Author : Carolyn E. Johnson
ISBN : 9781134797370
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 63. 76 MB
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This volume brings together the work of 32 scholars from 13 countries -- investigations of children learning 15 different languages, in some instances more than one at a time. The scope of this work -- as broad as it is -- only partially represents the research interests and approaches of the more than 350 scholars from 34 countries who contributed papers or posters to the Sixth International Congress for the Study of Child Language. This investigative power and diversity are, for the most part, focused on topics and issues of modern day child language research that have been under discussion for the last 30 years or so. Some even go beyond that in early diary studies and philosophers' speculations. While the issues are mainly familiar ones, the 17 chapters contribute to the advancement of child language study in several specific ways. They: * represent current theoretical frameworks, both bringing the insights of the theories to the interpretation of language development and testing tenets or implications of the theories with child language data; * contribute substantively to the crosslinguistic study of child language, reflecting both the linguistic diversity of the authors themselves and a recent major shift in the approach to child language study; * build on the now considerable body of knowledge about children's language, both adding to information about the basic systems of phonology, syntax, and semantics, and extending beyond to explore aspects of narrative and literacy development, language acquisition by bilingual and atypical children, and language processing; and * contain hints of new directions in child language study, such as increased attention to the impact of phonology on other language systems. Taken as a whole, this volume reflects the current strength of crosslinguistic research, the application and testing of new theoretical developments, a new legitimacy of language disorder data, and a new appeal to the descriptive possibilities of language processing models. In addition, there is a theme that runs through many of the chapters and points the way for important research in the future: the role of prosody in the acquisition of various language structures and systems.

Developing Ocular Motor And Visual Perceptual Skills

Author : Kenneth A. Lane
ISBN : 1556425953
Genre : Medical
File Size : 60. 89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"Developing Ocular Motor and Visual Perceptual Skills contains daily lesson plans and practical tips on how to successfully start an activities program. Other helpful features include a glossary of terms and a reference list of individuals and organizations that work with learning disabled children to develop these skills. The first of its kind, Developing Ocular Motor and Visual Perceptual Skills utilizes a learning approach by linking the theories with the remediation activities to help learning disabled children improve their perceptual and fine motor skills. All professionals looking to assess and enhance a variety of fine motor and visual perception deficiencies will welcome this workbook into their practices" -- Publisher description.

Attention In Early Development

Author : Holly Alliger Ruff
ISBN : 0195350456
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 60. 52 MB
Format : PDF
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1. Introduction. 2. Constructs and Measures. 3. Looking and Visual Attention: Overview and Developmental Framework. 4. Scanning, Searching, and Shifting Attention. 5. Development of Selectivity. 6. Development of Attention as a State. 7. Focused Visual Attention and Resistance to Distraction. 8. Increasing Independence in the Control of Attention. 9. Attention in Learning and Performance. 10. Individual Differences in Attention. 11. Early Manifestations of Attention Deficits. 12. Individuality and Development. 13. Recapitulation. References. Author Index. Subject Index

Effect Of Adenotonsillectomy On Visual Attention Tests Among Children With Sleep Disordered Breathing A Controlled Prospective Cohort Study

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:1051918042
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Abstract Objective This study aimed to evaluate the effect of adenotonsillectomy on visual attention and daytime sleepiness in children with sleep‐disordered breathing. Design This was a controlled prospective cohort study. Setting Outpatients from the Otorhinolaryngology Division of Edmundo Vasconcelos Hospital Complex, São Paulo, Brazil. Participants Patients aged 6–17years with upper airway obstruction scheduled to undergo adenotonsillectomy (treatment group) in the Otorhinolaryngology Division of Edmundo Vasconcelos Hospital Complex, in São Paulo, Brazil. Participants of control group were consecutively selected from another outpatient clinic of paediatric surgery, but those with symptoms of sleep‐disordered breathing were excluded. Main outcome measures Children were submitted to visual attention tests (TAVIS‐3) that discriminates normal subjects from those with attentional disorders in advance of the surgery and 2months later, and in the same period for the control group. Parents were interviewed about lifestyle, sleep characteristics and daytime sleepiness. Results The analysis included 27 patients in the adenotonsillectomy group and 30 controls, who had similar age (10.0±3.3 versus 10.3±3.7years; P=0.8), gender (41% boys versus 57%, respectively) and body mass index. There was marked decrease in daytime sleepiness after surgery (delta between groups: −4.7±3.8; P

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