volunteer tourism in the global south

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Volunteer Tourism In The Global South

Author : Wanda Vrasti
ISBN : 9780415694025
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 32. 89 MB
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This work explores the increasingly popular phenomenon of volunteer tourism in the Global South, paying particular attention to the governmental rationalities and socio-economic conditions that valorise it as a noble and necessary cultural practice. Combining theoretical research with primary data gathered during volunteering programs in Guatemala and Ghana, the author argues that although volunteer tourism may not trigger social change, provide meaningful encounters with difference, or offer professional expertise, as the brochure discourse and the scholarly literature on tourism and hospitality often promises, the formula remains a useful strategy for producing the subjects and social relations neoliberalism requires. Vrasti suggests that the value of volunteer tourism should not to be assessed in terms of the goods and services it delivers to the global poor, but in terms of how well the practice disseminates entrepreneurial styles of feeling and action. Analysing the key effects of volunteer tourism, it is demonstrated that far from being a selfless and history-less rescue act, volunteer tourism is in fact a strategy of power that extends economic rationality, particularly its emphasis on entrepreneurship and competition, to the realm of political subjectivity. Volunteer Tourism in the Global South provides a unique and innovative analysis of the relationship between the political and personal dimensions of volunteer tourism and will be of great interest to scholars and students of international relations, cultural geography, tourism, and development studies.

The Romance Of Crossing Borders

Author : Neriko Musha Doerr
ISBN : 9781785333590
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 33. 32 MB
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What draws people to study abroad or volunteer in far-off communities? Often the answer is romance – the romance of landscapes, people, languages, the very sense of border-crossing – and longing for liberation, attraction to the unknown, yearning to make a difference. This volume explores the complicated and often fraught desires to study and volunteer abroad. In doing so, the book sheds light on how affect is managed by educators and mobilized by students and volunteers themselves, and how these structures of feeling relate to broader social and economic forces.

Volunteer Tourism

Author : Jim Butcher
ISBN : 9781317750345
Genre : Travel
File Size : 40. 52 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Just a generation ago the notion that holidays should be invested with ethical and political significance would have sounded odd. Today it is part of the lifestyle political landscape. Volunteer tourism is indicative of the growth of lifestyle strategies intended to exhibit care and responsibility towards others less fortunate, strategies aligned closely with developing one’s ethical identity and sense of global responsibility. It sits alongside telethons, pay-per-click, Fair Trade and ethical consumption generally as a way to “make a difference”. Volunteer tourism involves a personal mission to address the political question of development. It draws upon the private virtues of care and responsibility and disavows political narratives beyond this. Critics argue that this leaves the volunteers as unwitting carriers of damaging neoliberal or postcolonial assumptions, whilst advocates see it as offering creative and practical ways to build a new ethical politics. By contrast, this volume analyses volunteer tourism as indicative of a retreat from public politics into the realm of private experience, and as an expression of diminished political and moral agency. This thought provoking book draws on development, political and sociological theory and is essential reading for students, researchers and academics interested in the phenomenon of volunteer tourism and the politics of lifestyle that it represents.

Practicing Sustainable International Volunteer Tourism

Author : Stephen Wearing
ISBN : 1910158429
Genre :
File Size : 69. 6 MB
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'Practicing Sustainable International Volunteer Tourism' provides a uniquely holistic “how to guide” for the practice of sustainable international volunteer tourism which incorporates contextual as well as practical advice for primary stakeholders including communities, practitioners, governments and volunteer tourists. The first full length guide that highlights the interconnected relationship among and between key stakeholders, Practicing Sustainable International Volunteer Tourism integrates theoretical insights with application. As the international volunteer tourism sector continues to grow, it has become an increasingly complex marketplace which has materialized into a diversity of expectations, motivations and experiences. While sometimes convergent, opportunities for divergence among key stakeholders can also become core challenges in creating an ethical as well as sustainable sector. This timely guide was written with the shared belief that for international volunteer tourism to be appropriately practiced, each individual stakeholder needs to understand their co-stakeholders’ interests and the corollary nuances of their participation. As such. this book is divided by stakeholder group and includes sections for each on “how to practice sustainable international volunteer tourism”, ethical and moral issues, choosing your project, a case study, do’s and don’ts and additional resources. International volunteer tourism is now includes commercial operators, international as well as domestic NGOs, government agencies and local communities around the world. Additionally, while the market has traditionally been dominated by international volunteer tourists from the Global North to the Global South, today Global South-to Global South volunteers further diversify international volunteer tourism mobilities. These diverse stakeholders have developed an array of services and programs designed to serve the needs of host communities as well as the international volunteer tourists. As a result of the numerous critiques against the international volunteer tourism industry, various organizations have developed guidelines. Yet, these guidelines lack a comprehensive perspective that addresses the multiple key stakeholder interests as well as challenges. In this book, the authors: * Highlight the critical need for key stakeholder groups to understand the complex interests at stake in order to create a more mutually beneficial and ethical international volunteer tourism sector; * Challenge traditional assumptions of the benefits of volunteer tourism, and suggests how best practice can truly enable positive contributions to local communities economically, politically, socially and environmentally; * Advocate international volunteer tourism practices that link with national and international governmental organizations that are better prepared to affect policy changes in order really have positive effects. This book is a must-have reading for all those studying and working in the tourism industry as well as not for profits, commercial operators, International and National NGOs, government agencies, communities and international volunteer tourists themselves.

Perspectives On Volunteering

Author : Jacqueline Butcher
ISBN : 9783319398990
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 64. 31 MB
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​This volume overlooks the distinct expressions and awareness of volunteering in the lived reality of people from different regions of the world. By casting the net widely this book not only expands the geographic reach of experiences, models and case studies but also transcends the conventional focus on formal volunteering. It highlights institutional forms of volunteering specific to developing nations and also describes volunteering that is more loosely institutionalized, informal, and a part of solidarity and collective spirit. As a result this book provides a different look at the values, meaning, acts and expressions of volunteering. The chapters in this book consist of essays and case studies that present recent academic research, thinking and practice on volunteering. Working from the premise that volunteering is universal this collection draws on experiences from Latin America, Africa including Egypt, and Asia. This book focuses on developing countries and countries in transition in order to provide a fresh set of experiences and perspectives on volunteering. While developing countries and countries in transition are in the spotlight for this volume, the developed country experience is not ignored. Rather the essays use it as a critical reference point for comparisons, allowing points of convergence, disconnect and intersection to emerge.

Volunteer Tourism

Author : Mary Mostafanezhad
ISBN : 9781317000976
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 39. 75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Crossing disciplinary and chronological boundaries, Volunteer Tourism: Popular Humanitarianism in Neoliberal Times is the first full-length treatment of volunteer tourism from a longitudinal ethnographic perspective. Volunteer tourism, one of the fastest growing niche tourism markets in the world, is a type of tourism in which tourists pay to participate in conservation, humanitarian or development oriented projects. Volunteer Tourism is a comprehensive and comparative study of the perspectives of Thai host community members, NGO practitioners and international volunteer tourists. The book thus shines an ethnographic lens onto the complexities and contradictions of the volunteer tourism experience in northern Thailand. Drawing on cross-disciplinary perspectives in geography and anthropology as well as development, tourism and cultural studies, Volunteer Tourism illustrates how a focus on sentimentality in the volunteer tourism encounter obscures the structural inequalities on which the experience is based. Such a focus situates volunteer tourism within the commodification and sentimentalization of development and global justice agendas, which hail the new moral consumer and reframe questions of structural inequality as questions of individual morality. As a result, albeit inadvertently, the practice of volunteer tourism serves the continued expansion of the cultural logics and economic practices of neoliberalism.

Moral Encounters In Tourism

Author : Asst Prof Mary Mostafanezhad
ISBN : 9781472418449
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 89. 2 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Illustrating the role of power and power relations in tourism encounters within different political, economic, environmental and cultural contexts, the authors in this anthology analyse, theoretically and empirically, the implications of the privileging of some moralities at the expense of others. Key themes include the moral consumption of tourism experiences, embodiment in tourism encounters, environmental moralities as well as methodological aspects of morality in tourism research. Crossing disciplinary and chronological boundaries, Moral Encounters in Tourism provides a much-anticipated overview of this new interdisciplinary terrain and offers possible routes for new research on the intersection of morality and tourism studies.

Conflicted Commitments

Author : Gada Mahrouse
ISBN : 9780773592094
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 41. 13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Conflicted Commitments analyzes a form of non-violent, direct transnational solidarity in which activists from the global North travel to support and protect people in the global South. Gada Mahrouse contends that this brand of activism is a compelling site of racialized power relations and is highly instructive for a nuanced understanding of systems of race. Mahrouse argues that the individuals who partake in this form of activism consciously deploy their white, western privilege to offer support and protection to those facing threats of violence. Moreover, given that this type of activism asserts itself as an exemplary form of anti-racist commitment, it illustrates that well-meaning practices can inadvertently reproduce racialized power structures that are embedded in imperial and colonial legacies. Mahrouse focuses on Palestine and Iraq in the post-9/11 era to contemplate the contemporary challenges that these regions pose for solidarity activism. By exploring how individual activists manage and negotiate their dominant positioning in these encounters, Mahrouse reflects more broadly on the ethics of social justice strategies in an increasingly transnational world. A detailed study of the racialized complexities and contradictions inherent in transnational solidarity activism, Conflicted Commitments makes a significant contribution to critical race and feminist studies.

International Volunteer Tourism

Author : Stephen Wearing
ISBN : 9781845936969
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 75. 4 MB
Format : PDF
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Summary: This book revisits and further develops the topics and themes covered in Volunteer Tourism: Experiences That Make a Difference, written over 10 years ago. Concentrating on the experience of the volunteer tourist and the host community, this new edition builds on the view of volunteer tourism as a positive and sustainable form of tourism to examine a broader spectrum of behaviours and experiences and consider critically where the volunteer tourist experience both compliments and collides with host communities, using multiple case studies. The book has nine chapters and a subject index.

Tourism And Geographies Of Inequality

Author : Fabian Frenzel
ISBN : 9781317635765
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 79. 28 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Slum tourism is a controversial pastime on the rise globally. This volume provides a collection of studies that shed light on the phenomenon from historical, geographical, sociological, political and anthropological perspectives. Based on unique and in depth research from across the globe, the collection forms an indispensable resource for Scholars and Students of tourism and the geographies of inequality. Connecting slum tourism to debates over the ethics and aesthetics of travel, volunteering, second homes and cross border mobilities, the case studies provide ample ground for an understanding of slum tourism as transversal terrain in which the questions of global equity came to the fore. This book was published as a special issue of Tourism Geographies.

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