weniger schlecht programmieren

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Weniger Schlecht Programmieren

Author : Kathrin Passig
ISBN : 9783897215689
Genre : Computers
File Size : 55. 88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Kathrin Passig gilt als Meisterin des unorthodoxen Blickwinkels, und wenn sie sich zusammen tut mit einem gestandenen Entwickler, um ein Programmierbuch zu schreiben, darf man gespannt sein. Mit Sachverstand und Witz widmen sich die beiden den Holzwegen, Fehleinschätzungen und Irrtümern, die insbesondere Programmier-Neulingen und Hobby-Entwicklern das Leben schwer machen. Ein Buch für alle, die ahnen, dass ein besserer Programmierer in ihnen steckt. Hätte ich das früher gewusst! Auch wenn es nicht unbedingt auf der Hand liegt: Programmieren hat viel mit Kommunikation zu tun. Programmierstil, Namensgebung, Umgang mit Kommentaren oder mit Fremdcode – oftmals haben sich gerade dort Konventionen etabliert, wo eine Sprache keine strengen Vorgaben macht. Lernen Sie die unterschiedlichen Traditionen der verschiedenen Sprachen kennen und erfahren Sie, wie Sie sich auf diesem unsicheren Terrain halbwegs unfallfrei bewegen. Vom Umgang mit Fehlern – Wer hat nicht schon Stunden damit verbracht, nach einem Fehler im Programm zu suchen, um herauszufinden, warum etwas nicht so funktioniert, wie eigentlich geplant? Es gibt eine Menge Anzeichen, die darauf schließen lassen, wo genau etwas im Code nicht stimmt. Lernen Sie, wie Sie solche Roststellen erkennen, wie Sie mit systematischem Debugging Fehler finden und durch Tests dauerhaft bändigen. Die Qual der Wahl – Nicht jede Programmiersprache eignet sich gleich gut für jede Aufgabe, Daten lassen sich auf unterschiedliche Weise vorhalten, Entwicklungsumgebungen und Versionskontrollsysteme gibt es viele – auf technischer Ebene gilt es jede Menge Entscheidungen zu treffen, deren Konsequenzen schwer zu überreißen sind. Universell gültige Empfehlungen kann niemand abgeben, aber mit den Erfahrungswerten und Entscheidungshilfen der Autoren fahren Sie für den Anfang nicht schlecht.

97 Things Every Programmer Should Know

Author : Kevlin Henney
ISBN : 1449388671
Genre : Computers
File Size : 85. 28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Tap into the wisdom of experts to learn what every programmer should know, no matter what language you use. With the 97 short and extremely useful tips for programmers in this book, you'll expand your skills by adopting new approaches to old problems, learning appropriate best practices, and honing your craft through sound advice. With contributions from some of the most experienced and respected practitioners in the industry--including Michael Feathers, Pete Goodliffe, Diomidis Spinellis, Cay Horstmann, Verity Stob, and many more--this book contains practical knowledge and principles that you can apply to all kinds of projects. A few of the 97 things you should know: "Code in the Language of the Domain" by Dan North "Write Tests for People" by Gerard Meszaros "Convenience Is Not an -ility" by Gregor Hohpe "Know Your IDE" by Heinz Kabutz "A Message to the Future" by Linda Rising "The Boy Scout Rule" by Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob) "Beware the Share" by Udi Dahan

Digital Humanities

Author : Fotis Jannidis
ISBN : 9783476054463
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 47. 70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Computerbasierte Verfahren greifen in viele Bereiche der Geistes- und Kulturwissenschaften ein und spielen eine zunehmende Rolle in der universitären Bildung. Dieser Band bietet eine fundierte Einführung in die grundlegenden Konzepte, Methoden und Werkzeuge der Digital Humanities. Sie präsentiert Grundlagen wie Digitalisierung, Aufbau von Datensammlungen, Datenmodellierung und XML. Darüber hinaus behandelt sie Anwendungsgebiete wie Digitale Edition, Information Retrieval, Netzwerkanalyse, Geographische Informationssysteme, Simulation ebenso weiterführende Aspekte wie die Rolle der Bibliotheken, Archive und Museen sowie rechtliche und ethische Fragen.

Lesen X 0

Author : Sebastian Böck
ISBN : 9783737007450
Genre :
File Size : 54. 4 MB
Format : PDF
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Coders At Work

Author : Peter Seibel
ISBN : 9781430219484
Genre : Computers
File Size : 64. 58 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Peter Seibel interviews 15 of the most interesting computer programmers alive today in Coders at Work, offering a companion volume to Apress’s highly acclaimed best-seller Founders at Work by Jessica Livingston. As the words “at work” suggest, Peter Seibel focuses on how his interviewees tackle the day-to-day work of programming, while revealing much more, like how they became great programmers, how they recognize programming talent in others, and what kinds of problems they find most interesting. Hundreds of people have suggested names of programmers to interview on the Coders at Work web site: www.codersatwork.com. The complete list was 284 names. Having digested everyone’s feedback, we selected 15 folks who’ve been kind enough to agree to be interviewed: Frances Allen: Pioneer in optimizing compilers, first woman to win the Turing Award (2006) and first female IBM fellow Joe Armstrong: Inventor of Erlang Joshua Bloch: Author of the Java collections framework, now at Google Bernie Cosell: One of the main software guys behind the original ARPANET IMPs and a master debugger Douglas Crockford: JSON founder, JavaScript architect at Yahoo! L. Peter Deutsch: Author of Ghostscript, implementer of Smalltalk-80 at Xerox PARC and Lisp 1.5 on PDP-1 Brendan Eich: Inventor of JavaScript, CTO of the Mozilla Corporation Brad Fitzpatrick: Writer of LiveJournal, OpenID, memcached, and Perlbal Dan Ingalls: Smalltalk implementor and designer Simon Peyton Jones: Coinventor of Haskell and lead designer of Glasgow Haskell Compiler Donald Knuth: Author of The Art of Computer Programming and creator of TeX Peter Norvig: Director of Research at Google and author of the standard text on AI Guy Steele: Coinventor of Scheme and part of the Common Lisp Gang of Five, currently working on Fortress Ken Thompson: Inventor of UNIX Jamie Zawinski: Author of XEmacs and early Netscape/Mozilla hacker What you’ll learnHow the best programmers in the world do their jobs! Who this book is for Programmers interested in the point of view of leaders in the field. Programmers looking for approaches that work for some of these outstanding programmers. Table of Contents Jamie Zawinski Brad Fitzpatrick Douglas Crockford Brendan Eich Joshua Bloch Joe Armstrong Simon Peyton Jones Peter Norvig Guy Steele Dan Ingalls L Peter Deutsch Ken Thompson Fran Allen Bernie Cosell Donald Knuth

Code Craft

Author : Pete Goodliffe
ISBN : 9781593271190
Genre : Computers
File Size : 84. 18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A guide to writing computer code covers such topics as variable naming, presentation style, error handling, and security.

Introduction To Programming In Python

Author : Robert Sedgewick
ISBN : 9780134076522
Genre : Computers
File Size : 87. 45 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Today, anyone in a scientific or technical discipline needs programming skills. Python is an ideal first programming language, and Introduction to Programming in Python is the best guide to learning it. Princeton University’s Robert Sedgewick, Kevin Wayne, and Robert Dondero have crafted an accessible, interdisciplinary introduction to programming in Python that emphasizes important and engaging applications, not toy problems. The authors supply the tools needed for students to learn that programming is a natural, satisfying, and creative experience. This example-driven guide focuses on Python’s most useful features and brings programming to life for every student in the sciences, engineering, and computer science. Coverage includes Basic elements of programming: variables, assignment statements, built-in data types, conditionals, loops, arrays, and I/O, including graphics and sound Functions, modules, and libraries: organizing programs into components that can be independently debugged, maintained, and reused Object-oriented programming and data abstraction: objects, modularity, encapsulation, and more Algorithms and data structures: sort/search algorithms, stacks, queues, and symbol tables Examples from applied math, physics, chemistry, biology, and computer science—all compatible with Python 2 and 3 Drawing on their extensive classroom experience, the authors provide Q&As, exercises, and opportunities for creative practice throughout. An extensive amount of supplementary information is available at introcs.cs.princeton.edu/python. With source code, I/O libraries, solutions to selected exercises, and much more, this companion website empowers people to use their own computers to teach and learn the material.

Javaspaces Principles Patterns And Practice

Author : Eric Freeman
ISBN : 0201309556
Genre : Computers
File Size : 57. 52 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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""Ever since I first saw David Gelernter's Linda programming language almost twenty years ago, I felt that the basic ideas of Linda could be used to make an important advance in the ease of distributed and parallel programming. As part of the fruits of Sun's Jini project, we now have the JavaSpaces technology, a wonderfully simple platform for developing distributed applications that takes advantage of the power of the Java programming language. This important book and its many examples will help you learn about distributed and parallel programming. I highly recommend it to students, programmers, and the technically curious." Bill Joy, Chief Scientist and co-founder, Sun Microsystems, Inc." JavaSpaces technology, a powerful Jini service from Sun Microsystems, facilitates building distributed applications for the Internet and Intranets. The JavaSpaces model involves persistent object exchange "areas" in which remote processes can coordinate their actions and exchange data. It provides a necessary ubiquitous, cross-platform framework for distributed computing, emerging as a key technology in this expanding field. This book introduces the JavaSpaces architecture, provides a definitive and comprehensive description of the model, and demonstrates how to use it to develop distributed computing applications. The book presents an overview of the JavaSpaces design and walks you through the basics, demonstrating key features through examples. Every aspect of JavaSpaces programming is examined in depth: entries, distributed data structures, synchronization, communication, application patterns, leases, distributed events, and transactions. You will find information on such vital topics as: Distributed data structures Synchronization techniques Loosely coupled communication Message passing Channel data structures for communication Application patterns such as replicated worker, command pattern, and marketplace Leases and automated lease renewal Using distributed events with spaces Handling partial failure with distributed transactions The official JavaSpaces specification from Sun Microsystems "JavaSpaces Principles, Patterns, and Practice" also includes two full-scale applications--one collaborative and the other parallel--that demonstrate how to put the JavaSpaces model to work. 0201309556B04062001

Product Leadership

Author : Richard Banfield
ISBN : 9781491960578
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 82. 35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 527
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In today’s lightning-fast technology world, good product management is critical to maintaining a competitive advantage. Yet, managing human beings and navigating complex product roadmaps is no easy task, and it’s rare to find a product leader who can steward a digital product from concept to launch without a couple of major hiccups. Why do some product leaders succeed while others don’t? This insightful book presents interviews with nearly 100 leading product managers from all over the world. Authors Richard Banfield, Martin Eriksson, and Nate Walkingshaw draw on decades of experience in product design and development to capture the approaches, styles, insights, and techniques of successful product managers. If you want to understand what drives good product leaders, this book is an irreplaceable resource. In three parts, Product Leadership helps you explore: Themes and patterns of successful teams and their leaders, and ways to attain those characteristics Best approaches for guiding your product team through the startup, emerging, and enterprise stages of a company’s evolution Strategies and tactics for working with customers, agencies, partners, and external stakeholders

Programming Beyond Practices

Author : Gregory T Brown
ISBN : 9781491943908
Genre : Computers
File Size : 55. 80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 418
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Writing code is the easy part of your work as a software developer. This practical book lets you explore the other 90%—everything from requirements discovery and rapid prototyping to business analysis and designing for maintainability. Instead of providing neatly packaged advice from on high, author Gregory Brown presents detailed examples of the many problems developers encounter, including the thought process it takes to solve them. He does this in an unusual and entertaining fashion by making you the main character in a series of chapter-length stories. As these stories progress, the examples become more complex, and your responsibilities increase. Together, these stories take you on a journey that will make you question and refine the way you think about, and work on, software projects. Steps in this unique journey include: Using prototypes to explore project ideas Spotting hidden dependencies in incremental changes Identifying the pain points of service integrations Developing a rigorous approach towards problem-solving Designing software from the bottom up Data modeling in an imperfect world Gradual process improvement as an antidote for over-commitment The future of software development

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