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What Price Love

Author : Stephanie Laurens
ISBN : 006175577X
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 31. 62 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Enter the unforgettable world of New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Laurens, creator of the phenomenal Cynster family. This amazing clan -- and their friends -- is a bold, powerful group of men who let nothing stand in their way when it comes to matters of the heart. And in this, Stephanie Laurens's newest novel, a passionate man and a daring woman confront the ultimate question. . . . What Price Love? There is nothing more fascinating than a darkly handsome rake, especially one as controlled and elusive as Dillon Caxton, protégé of Demon Cynster. Despite his dangerous air, Dillon is a man of sterling reputation, but it wasn't always so. Years ago, an illicit scheme turned into a nefarious swindle, and only the help of his cousin, Felicity, and her husband, Demon, saved Dillon from ruin. Now impeccably honest, he guards his hard-won reputation and is the Keeper of the Register of all racing horses in England. His standing and aloofness make Dillon undeniably desirable to young ladies, but despite all the lures thrown his way, he remains uninterested -- his attention unfixed. Until "Miss Priscilla Dalling" erupts into his life. A stunning beauty, she affects Dillon as no other ever has, but what fascinates him even more is that this tempting young lady is clearly desperate, and equally clearly lying about wanting to see the Register to fulfill the whim of an eccentric aunt. Lady Priscilla Dalloway will do anything to see what's in the Register -- even lie! Her twin brother, Russell, who had fought with their father and left the family home to work with the finest racehorses, has disappeared. Pris knows that clues to his whereabouts can be found in the tome Dillon Caxton refuses to let her see. She unleashes her feminine wiles on Dillon -- to no avail. But Dillon is now determined to learn the truth behind her quest. Exploiting the powerful attraction that flares between them, he succeeds in convincing Pris to tell him all, to trust him with her twin's life. Together, Dillon and Pris locate Rus, only to discover that his life is being threatened by the perpetrators of a massive betting swindle. The time is ripe for Dillon to repay old debts by helping another as he himself was helped. Assisted by Demon, Felicity, and Barnaby Adair, Dillon and Pris embark on a journey riddled with danger -- and undeniable passion -- as they seek to overturn the swindle and expose Rus's deadly enemies. And along the way they discover the answer to that age-old question: What price love?

What Price Are You Willing To Pay For Love

Author : Terri L. McCrea
ISBN : 9781418433154
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 55. 18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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YOU'VE GOT ISSUES break through book is for you. Isn't it time to cease the self-imposed pain and live your ideal dreams, passions and new found visions. This manuscript will guide you on a self-discovery journey from the past, through the present, and into a new beginning to reach a goal of baggage-free and purposeful living. Take the challenge and change your life. The objectives and goals of this step by step self-help manuscript will help you: Recognize and place a label on the problems in your life. Realize how unresolved baggage affects your present day living. Receive the necessary tools in order to let go of harmful Issues. Regress in order to remember the pain. Release shameful, hurtful and traumatic baggage (skeletons) of the past. Repair and rebuild new connections with damaged or strained relationships. Reclaim positive self-talk and healthier communications skills. Review quarterly life promises in order to eliminate procrastination and stagnation tendencies. Remember the importance of connecting daily to your spiritual connection promises. Reconnect to new coping skills and daily relaxation/ downtime connection

Love And Friendship In Plato And Aristotle

Author : A. W. Price
ISBN : 0191586617
File Size : 60. 2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book fully explores for the first time an idea common to Plato and Aristotle, which unites their treatments - otherwise very different - of love and friendship. The idea is that although persons are separate, their lives need not be. One person's life may overflow into another's, and as such, helping another person is a way of serving oneself. The author shows how their view of love and friendship, within not only personal relationships, but also the household and even the city-state, promises to resolve the old dichotomy between egoism and altruism. - ;Friendship and desire in the Lysis; Love in the Symposium; Love in the Phaedrus; Perfect friendship in Aristotle; Aristotle on the varieties of friendship; The household; The City; Epilogue; Appendices; Homogeneity and beauty in the Symposium; Psychoanalysis looks at the Phaedrus ; Plato's sexual morality; Aristotle on erotic love; List of modern works cited. -

Love S Price

Author : Cheryl Holt
ISBN : 9781626757271
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 67. 78 MB
Format : PDF
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CHERYL HOLT dazzles readers once again with another tale of soaring romance and breathtaking drama as she delivers the second novel in her critically-acclaimed ‘Lord Trent’ trilogy. Helen Stewart never understood why—as a tiny girl—she and her twin sister Harriet were sent away to boarding school and never allowed home for holidays. At age sixteen, they were shocked to discover that they are the illegitimate daughters of the notorious rogue, Charles Sinclair. Cast out by their relatives, they moved to London, and Helen has made a life for herself as a lady’s companion. In her line of employment, she must maintain a stellar reputation, but she’s exhausted by the fussy whims of the debutantes she’s forced to chaperone. She’d give anything to change her fate. James Harcourt, Earl of Westwood, is in a bind. After his father died, he learned that his estates were bankrupt. He gambles to replenish his coffers so he’s living a dissolute bachelor’s life. When his female ward arrives unexpectedly for an extended visit, he must protect her from scandal by hiring a lady’s companion. When pretty, alluring Helen interviews for the position, he’s instantly smitten. She possesses the qualifications to fill a much more intimate role. He shocks her by suggesting she become his mistress, and when his offer is rebuffed, he begins a cunning seduction, aimed at wearing her down. Helen can’t resist the temptation he offers, but she doesn’t have the sophistication to survive in his world. And as James immerses them in a dangerous spiral of pleasure and excitement, he proves that he is determined to have her at any cost...

The Price Of Love

Author : Peter Robinson
ISBN : 9781848944374
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 37. 91 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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When DCI Alan Banks arrived in Eastvale his life was every bit as much of a mess as it is now. But he is holding an envelope that could change everything he understood about the events that sent him north twenty years ago. Walking again the narrow alleys and backstreets of his mind, he remembers the seedy Soho nights of his last case - dubious businessmen in dodgy clubs, young girls on the game. And a killer on the loose. In addition to the brand-new novella that fills in the gaps in Banks's life before Yorkshire, Peter Robinson gives us ten more brilliant and eclectic stories that have never before been published in the UK. The Eastvale Ladies' Poker Circle finds that murder may be just another game of risk. Is a suitcase of cash worth a man's head on a plate? And tragedy leads a young boy to learn the price of love . . .

The Price Of Love

Author : Nikola T. James
ISBN : 9781509829057
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 67. 95 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Nikola was sexually assaulted and raped as a girl, her disturbed behaviour and emotional cries for help ignored by the adults around her. Her self-esteem at rock bottom she fell prey to a frightening stranger, a man who would turn her life into a living nightmare. He was handsome and charming and she was too young to see the warning signs. She married him while she was in her teens and the abuse started on the first night of their honeymoon. Over the next few years she was kept a virtual prisoner, subject to beatings and abuse, tormented by her husband who insisted he was only doing this because he loved her. Finally, fearing he would kill her, she found the strength to escape. Eventually Nikola turned her life around and today works as a therapist helping others. Written without self-pity, this is a compelling and ultimately inspiring book.

The Price Of Love

Author : Laramie Briscoe
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 75. 32 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Rockin' Country Reading Order Only The BeginningOne Day At A TimeThe Price of Love ****Book 3 of the Rockin' Country Series**** Wife Husband Superstar entertainers Two people completely in love Harmony and Reaper thought life would be easier once they sealed the deal. Stage personas put to the side, settling into marriage should have allowed them to be Hannah and Garrett to the world at large. Boy, were they ever wrong! Pressure from record companies, fans, and the people surrounding them put their brand-new union under the strain of the entertainment machine. Long nights apart, quick meetings in hotel rooms, and new faces on the music scene were not what either of them thought they would have to contend with. When love is strong, emotions go haywire, and frustration is at an all-time high, everyone's true colors are revealed. Hannah and Garrett have a decision to make--is fame worth the price of love?

Price Of Love

Author : Celestine Allen
ISBN : 9781480958906
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 60. 69 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Price of Love By: Celestine Allen Serena was hopelessly in love with Otis “Two Fists” Nelson, a world champion boxer, since she first met him when she was just twenty years old. After two children and years together, Serena was hopeful that her relationship with Otis was heading toward marriage. But despite Otis’ promises of marriage, he married Kim, a famous actress, and Serena was left playing the role of the lonely mistress. A contract that he would care for her and their children was contested, so Serena was forced into airing the details of their personal relationship in a courtroom and in the public eye, revealing the true extent of their love, despite broken hearts and broken promises. Serena and Otis’ love was true, but a complicated life in the limelight and pressure to maintain a certain image left Otis a conflicted and unreliable partner to Serena and father to their children. Could Otis finally be true to himself and choose Serena? And if not, could Serena move on and find love again?

Pura Sangre What Price Love

Author : Stephanie Laurens
ISBN : 8498727561
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 87. 74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Enigmatic libertine Dillon Caxton is a man of unblemished reputation. His position as head of the genealogical records of racing horses in England attracts young ladies of London society. Dillon wasnt interested in any until bursts into his life Priscilla Dalloway, a woman of exceptional beauty that fascinates even more sense because he feels she hides something.

Cotton In A Polyester World

Author : Kamernebti Mer Amon
ISBN : 9781465322234
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 87. 50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Cotton in a Polyester World has taken years in the making. It is the inspiration of many eventspersonal and historical passages in life. The poet sees the world, as Bob Kaufman says, as a fish with frogs eyes. The soul kitchenthe battle hymnsthe heartbeatsthe reflections/dedications are the openings of doors to her soul. Enter, enjoy, and reflect. "Cotton In A Polyester World is so deep that it picks you up and wraps you up in a symphony only seen through the poet's eyes, only heard through the poet's voice, only spoken through the poet's lips. This work is simply a treasure." Louise Dente Executive Producer/Director Cultural Caravan Productions, Inc. Cotton In A Polyester World is both light and humorous, witty and quick, while others are thought provoking and self-revealing - honest in their forward straight motion. And as it is with most literary work that gives rise to thought, these poems incite within the mind, A Quiet Revolution. Kamernebtis crafts Verses that are universal in theme and personal in nature. They dont demand your agreement, just your attention. And if they can urge you into an understanding of her thoughts and beliefsso be it. let the Music be heard, one harmonious note after the other. - Nikki Williams, Artist/Author, Brown Women Who Fly, Beautiful, Also, are the Souls of My People Cotton In A Polyester World uses rich language, dancing metaphors, and rhythmic words to speak of African love and triumph. John Watusi Branch Executive Director, Afrikan Poetry Theatre

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