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Where Is Knowing Going

Author : John C. Haughey, SJ
ISBN : 9781589016217
Genre : Religion
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Catholic institutions of higher learning are at a crossroads: How can they remain true to their roots while recognizing that many of their administrations, faculties, and student bodies have little connection with the tradition? How can these institutions remain competitive while maintaining a relationship to the Church? During the past several years Catholic theologian John C. Haughey, SJ, has conducted groundbreaking research on these questions. He has done this in tandem with a team of Catholic scholars from around the United States. Haughey has also conducted numerous workshops with faculty at a dozen Catholic colleges and universities to learn firsthand about their research and teaching aspirations. Those relationships and conversations provide the foundation for this book’s many insights. In Where Is Knowing Going? Haughey explores what constitutes the Catholic identity of Catholic colleges and universities. Going beyond a doctrinal understanding of Catholic identity to one that engages and is engaged by the intellectual tradition of Catholicism, Haughey does not find that the issue of Catholic identity is adequately dealt with by marketing the distinctive identities of institutions in terms of their founding religious orders or saints. He provides a sure-handed process whereby the pursuits of individual faculty can be better aligned with the formal mission of the institution.

Go Not Knowing Where

Author : Leonie Van Daalen-Roell
ISBN : 2839913917
Genre :
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This is Leonie van Daalen-Roell's own story of her Aristocratic Dutch family of privilege, glamour and power. She arrived in Central Java not knowing that she was living on one of the last sugar plantations owned by her mother's family in Tjepiring, the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) or that this would be the last ten years of the 300 year reign of the Dutch colony. This is not your normal memoire. It is written through the eyes of a young, bright, creative child whose life in a tropical paradise of Java suddenly breaks into pieces as the horror of war and uncertainty of life become her reality. The story intensifies when Pearl Harbor is attacked on December 7, 1941. The U.S.A. goes to war with Japan and commensurate with them the Dutch government also declares war on Japan. Everything Leonie holds dear; her home, family, loving servants, treasured animals and all personal comforts, cease to exist. Immediately, her father is called to serve in the war and must leave. The family quickly flees from chaos and mass looting. The plantation house is ransacked and all personal possessions damaged. They are evacuated in the mountains with only fl. 150- and a few family jewels hidden and secured in her mother's belt for future survival. It is a 355 page fast paced, well- written book in English. We follow her unbelievable life journey where her family is separated in different camps, men and boys from woman and children. Humiliation, starvation, and severe punishment were the norm. Rules were rigid; the work was difficult. With few tools they were frequently forced to use their hands. They served as slaves. Survival was challenging due to the cruelty exhibited by the guards. Disease and illnesses weakened the physical body as did an increasing lack of food. Their strong faith in God inspired and fed them spiritually. One is captivated by the ingenuity Leonie exhibited, enduring life in Japanese occupation and internment in East Indies camps. At age 11 she matured overnight. As she observed her mother's declining health and delicate psychology; she took grave risks caring for her mother and as well her sister, Anny and brother, Willem in three concentration camps. All too soon another separation of a family was witnessed as the Japanese guards gathered Willem and all boys over the age of 10 in trucks to be relocated to male camps. Leonie's scholarship and facts of the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) wartime history and War of Independence keeps the story flowing while striking a balance between detail and creative expression. She maintains an historian's measured analysis throughout. The book holds one's interest and attention; she enables the reader to be carried into this unfortunate reality and creates comparable landscape to what is happening today in the Middle East. Her story depicting human tragedy, loss and unbelievable conditions is juxtaposed by a silent, resilient and powerful strength. This book contains family photos, original letters to family members at various camps that highlighted the psychological impact and state of mind... as well exhibits a remarkable faith in God to endure. The only book the Japanese allowed prisoners of war to have in their possession was a Bible. Leonie has her father's Bible complete with notes made while enduring slave labor on the 415 km Burma railway. Leonie returned to Holland in 1946 after nearly four years in various camps. Her reentry into life in The Netherlands was full of adjustment. She would return to Tjepiring in 1949 as her father was called back to rebuild the sugar plantation and the economic structure of this region in the midst of danger during the War of Independence. I recommend this book be included in schools, municipal libraries and universities. This is Leonie van Daalen-Roell's first book. She is a Dutch born writer residing in Switzerland.

Not Knowing

Author : Steven D'Souza
ISBN : 191064966X
Genre : Creative ability in business
File Size : 23. 96 MB
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Knowledge and expertise are highly valued in today's business world. These values are introduced at an early age by our education system, and at work, we are assessed based on what we know, on having the answers and solutions. Our need for certainty, to know what's going on, to have all the answers, exerts strong pressure in our lives. This award-winning book offers an alternative, contrarian approach to dealing with such pressures--and to embrace "not knowing" rather than fearing it. The authors argue it is by "not knowing" that we in fact develop an exploratory mindset, and we discover, engage and create new ways to deal with business and management problems and issues. The book is supported by stories of individuals and the positive change they made in their lives through "not knowing." Solving new problems with old ways of thinking are no longer useful in the new world.

Management Skills Upgrade V 20 20

Author : Richard A. Engdahl
ISBN : 9781412039444
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 76. 42 MB
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This book is a thinking person's guide to more effective employment of management and leadership concepts they already know but do not generally use well. It consists of 47 short (often one or two pages) chapters on a diverse range of subjects that affect people's ability to successfully work with others, but that most people have incorporated in their skill sets as ineffective or, worse, bad habits. An unknown, but wise person once stated that we should never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. Thank goodness, then, that there is not so much malice surrounding us daily, but that does leave an awful lot of stupidity to be dealt with. Perhaps we can best begin by examining ourselves and the interactions we have with others.... "Gee, what I should have said was...." or "what I should have done was...." "Should have" never gets anything done at all, much less accomplishing the impossible task of correcting the past. This book is full of tips and advice on what people "should have" along with some simple methods to help employ those ideas when needed. The reality is that its not who you know and its not what you know, but rather what you can think of in time, that saves the day. The book is written with one idea or topic per short, short chapter, and in a language that is straight forward and easy to understand, with a sense of humor. It is meant to be read one chapter at a time and for readers to skip around and have fun. It is easy to take the ideas and suggestions in this book to heart not because of esoteric and detailed research justifications, and not because of the author's degrees and certifications, but simply because they work! Further, the author has provided many tips on being consciously competent, which means, being able to remember the ideas when and where they are needed. It a meaningful guide for more effective relationships and a happier, more successful life -- and fun to read.

Experiencing God

Author : Henry T. Blackaby
ISBN : 9780805447538
Genre : Religion
File Size : 57. 18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A modern classic--revised with more than 70 percent new material--is based on seven Scriptural realities that teach Christians how to develop a true relationship with the Creator.

The Go Point

Author : Michael Useem
ISBN : 9781400082995
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 20. 62 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Discusses the art of effective decision making by gathering stories about the decisions made by leaders in different fields, analyzing the outcomes, and explaining how to create a personal template to help make better decisions.

Everyone Worth Knowing

Author : Lauren Weisberger
ISBN : 9780743294560
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 74. 61 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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An irresistible tale about what happens when a girl on the fringe enters the realm of New York's chic, party-hopping elite. On paper, Bette Robinson's life is good. At twenty-six, she's got a great deal on an apartment in Manhattan, and she's on target to become an associate at the prestigious investment bank where she works with her best friend. Her eighty-hour workweeks might keep her from socializing or dating outside her office walls -- but she's paying her dues on the well-trod path to wealth and happiness. So when Bette quits her job like the impulsive girl she's never been, she not only shocks her friends and family -- she has no idea what to do next. For months, Bette gets out and about by walking her four-pound dog around her decidedly unglamorous Murray Hill neighborhood. Then she meets Kelly, head of Manhattan's hottest PR and events planning firm, and suddenly Bette has a brand-new job where the primary requirement is to see and be seen. The work at Kelly & Company takes Bette inside the VIP rooms of the city's most exclusive nightclubs, to parties crowded with celebrities and socialites. Bette learns not to blink at the famous faces, the black Amex cards, the magnums of Cristal, or the ruthless paparazzi. Soon she's dating an infamous playboy who's great for her career but bad for her sanity -- and scaring off the one decent guy she meets. Still, as her coworkers repeatedly point out, how can you complain about a job that pays you to party? Bette has to agree -- until she begins appearing in a vicious new gossip column. That's when Bette's life on paper takes on a whole new meaning -- and she learns the line between her personal and professional lives is...invisible.

Take Your Eye Off The Ball 2 0

Author : Pat Kirwan
ISBN : 9781633192942
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 20. 89 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Renowned NFL analysts' tips to make football more accessible, colorful, and compelling than ever before More and more football fans are watching the NFL each week, but many of them don't know exactly what they should be watching. What does the offense's formation tell you about the play that's about to be run? When a quarterback throws a pass toward the sideline and the wide receiver cuts inside, which player is to blame? Why does a defensive end look like a Hall of Famer one week and a candidate for the practice squad the next? These questions and more are addressed in Take Your Eye Off the Ball 2.0, a book that takes readers deep inside the perpetual chess match between offense and defense. This book provides clear and simple explanations to the intricacies and nuances that affect the outcomes of every NFL game. This updated edition contains recent innovations from the 2015 NFL season.


Author : Rosalyn McMillan
ISBN : 9780446930321
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 75. 78 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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After years of working in a factory, Ginger decides to go back to school and join the 9-to-5 white-collar world. The higher she climbs, however, the more her jealous, controlling husband tries to pull her back down. Desperate to hold onto the things she loves, yet driven to achieve more, Ginger must make choices that are both extraordinary difficult--and ultimately freeing.

Knowing Aslan

Author : Thomas Williams
ISBN : 9781418553555
Genre : Religion
File Size : 37. 45 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In addition to being one of the best-loved books of all time, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is sure to set box-office records when it releases Christmas 2005. Distributed by Disney, with special effects by WETA Workshop (The Lord of the Rings), and backed by a $150MM budget, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe will draw millions of viewers, both Christian and non-Christian. In the same way that Christians walked away from viewing Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ with a hunger to share Christ with their neighbors, Christians will leave The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe wanting to share the Christ depicted by Aslan in the movie. Aslan, killed by the White Witch and raised to life three days later, is a shadow of the One who was crucified and raised to life for our sins. Using biblical parallels, this small, easy-to-read book will lead readers to an understanding of Christ and what He did for them by drawing lessons from The C.S. Lewis book and movie. Christians will want to buy this book in bulk as a non-threatening, warm-hearted evangelistic tool.

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