why dominant parties lose mexico s democratization in comparative perspective

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Why Dominant Parties Lose

Author : Kenneth F. Greene
ISBN : 9781139466868
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 52. 31 MB
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Why have dominant parties persisted in power for decades in countries spread across the globe? Why did most eventually lose? Why Dominant Parties Lose develops a theory of single-party dominance, its durability, and its breakdown into fully competitive democracy. Greene shows that dominant parties turn public resources into patronage goods to bias electoral competition in their favor and virtually win elections before election day without resorting to electoral fraud or bone-crushing repression. Opposition parties fail because their resource disadvantages force them to form as niche parties with appeals that are out of step with the average voter. When the political economy of dominance erodes, the partisan playing field becomes fairer and opposition parties can expand into catchall competitors that threaten the dominant party at the polls. Greene uses this argument to show why Mexico transformed from a dominant party authoritarian regime under PRI rule to a fully competitive democracy.

Dominant Political Parties And Democracy

Author : Matthijs Bogaards
ISBN : 9781136960093
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 67. 37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book examines dominant parties in both established democracies and new democracies and explores the relationship between dominant parties and the democratic process. Bridging existing literatures, the authors analyse dominant parties at national and sub-national, district and intra-party levels and take a fresh look at some of the classic cases of one-party dominance. The book also features methodological advances in the study of dominant parties through contributions that develop new ways of conceptualizing and measuring one-party dominance. Combining theoretical and empirical research and bringing together leading experts in the field - including Hermann Giliomee and Kenneth Greene - this book features comparisons and case studies on Japan, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Italy, France and South Africa. This book will be of interest to students and scholars of political science, democracy studies, comparative politics, party politics and international studies specialists.

Mexico S Evolving Democracy

Author : Jorge I. Domínguez
ISBN : 9781421415543
Genre : History
File Size : 67. 86 MB
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"Jorge Dominguez and his colleagues deliver an exceptional analysis of the 2012 Mexican elections through their continuation of the panel studies they ran for the 2000 and 2006 elections. They analyze the elections from both traditional and non-traditional vantage points, seeking fuller answers to the lingering question as to why Mexicans once again elected "la dictadura perfecta" (the perfect dictatorship), referring to the PRI's grip on power for most of the twentieth century. To evaluate the PRI's rehabilitation and eventual electoral success, Dominguez and his team of distinguished political scientists of Mexican electoral politics explore Mexico's electoral institutions, parties, candidates, campaign strategies, public opinion surveys, and media coverage as well as issues of clientelism, corruption, drugs, violence, and the rise of new protest movements in the run-up to and aftermath of the elections. Not only does the book provide rich detail for Latin American electoral and democratization scholars, but its coherent narrative will also appeal to those unfamiliar with Mexican politics. Parts One and Two of the book provide an excellent recap of the "state of play" in 2012; Part Three analyzes why Mexicans voted as they did; and Part Four considers the election's implications for Mexico's political system more broadly. The book will be sought out by scholars and upper level undergraduate and graduate students of comparative politics, democratization studies, and Mexican and Latin American politics. There should also be interest among policymakers"--

Savage Democracy Institutional Change And Party Development In Mexico

Author :
ISBN : 0271047453
Genre :
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Routledge Handbook Of Regionalism Federalism

Author : John Loughlin
ISBN : 9781136727696
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 88. 62 MB
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Almost all states are either federal or regionalized in some sense. It is difficult to find a state that is entirely unitary and the Routledge Handbook of Regionalism and Federalism necessarily takes in almost the entire world. Both federalism and regionalism have been subjects of a vast academic literature mainly from political science but sometimes also from history, economics, and geography. This cutting edge examination seeks to evaluate the two types of state organization from the perspective of political science producing a work that is analytical rather than simply descriptive. The Handbook presents some of the latest theoretical reflections on regionalism and federalism and then moves on to discuss cases of both regionalism and federalism in key countries chosen from the world’s macro-regions. Assembling this wide range of case studies allows the book to present a general picture of current trends in territorial governance. The final chapters then examine failed federations such as Czechoslovakia and examples of transnational regionalism - the EU, NAFTA and the African Union. Covering evolving forms of federalism and regionalism in all parts of the world and featuring a comprehensive range of case studies by leading international scholars this work will be an essential reference source for all students and scholars of international politics, comparative politics and international relations.

Presidents Oligarchs And Bureaucrats

Author : Dr Susan Stewart
ISBN : 9781409476658
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 66. 25 MB
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Over the last decade the "transition paradigm", which is based on the conviction that authoritarian political systems would over time necessarily develop into democracies, has been subjected to serious criticism. The complex political and societal developments in the post-Soviet region in particular have exposed flaws in the claim that a shift from authoritarianism to democracy is inevitable. Using case studies from the post-Soviet region, a broad range of international contributors present an original and innovative contribution to the debate. They explore the character of post-Soviet regimes and review the political transformations they have experienced since the end of the Cold War. Through a combination of theoretical approaches and detailed, empirical analysis the authors highlight the difficulties and benefits of applying the concepts of hybrid regimes, competitive authoritarianism and neopatrimonialism to the countries of the post-Soviet space. Through this in-depth approach the authors demonstrate how "Presidents, Oligarchs and Bureaucrats" in the region lead their countries, examine the sources of their legitimacy and their relationship to the societies they govern and advance the general theoretical debate on regime change and transition paths.

The Oxford Handbook Of Legislative Studies

Author : Shane Martin
ISBN : 9780191019074
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 39. 41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Legislatures are political bodies essential to democracy and the rule of law. They present social scientists with numerous intriguing puzzles, with far-reaching implications for our understanding of political institutions. Why, and how, have these ancient assemblies, established in pre-democratic times, survived the transition to mass democracies? How have they adapted? How do they structure such processes as budgeting, legislation, and executive oversight? How do their members get selected, and what consequences flow from differences in these rules? What roles do committees and political parties play in contemporary legislatures? What functions do legislatures perform in autocratic, semi-democratic or recently democratized societies? What explains the similarities and differences in legislative rules, powers and recruitment? What are the policy and other consequences of variation in how legislatures are organized and function? The 33 chapters in The Oxford Handbook of Legislative Studies, written by 47 of the most distinguished legislative scholars, provide a comprehensive and up-to-date description and assessment of the state of the art in legislative studies. Key themes explored include theoretical paradigms and methodological approaches to the study of legislatures, representation and legislative careers, internal organization, the role of parties within legislatures and the role of legislatures in policy making and accountability. The Handbook also explores the emergence of parliaments in historical and contemporary contexts, including new democracies and trans-national institutions.

Mexico S Political Awakening

Author : Vikram K. Chand
ISBN : UTEXAS:059173008190822
Genre : History
File Size : 77. 47 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A bottom-up perspective on democratization, correcting analyses that view the process in Mexico as flowing down from the President. The author challenges existing theories by stressing the importance of strong social institutions for the development of democracy.

Annual Review Of Political Science

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105211742957
Genre : Political science
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Voting For Autocracy

Author : Beatriz Magaloni
ISBN : 0521862477
Genre : History
File Size : 53. 56 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book provides a theory of the logic of survival of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), one of the most resilient autocratic regimes in the twentieth century. An autocratic regime hid behind the facade of elections that were held with clockwise precision. Although their outcome was totally predictable, elections were not hollow rituals. The PRI made millions of ordinary citizens vest their interests in the survival of the autocratic regime. Voters could not simply throw the "rascals out of office" because their choices were constrained by a series of strategic dilemmas that compelled them to support the autocrats. The book also explores the factors that led to the demise of the PRI. The theory sheds light on the logic of "electoral autocracies," among the most common type of autocracy today, and the factors that lead to the transformation of autocratic elections into democratic ones. This book is the only systematic treatment in the literature today dealing with this form of autocracy.

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