why is there no labor party in the united states

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Why Is There No Labor Party In The United States

Author : Robin Archer
ISBN : 0691149348
Genre : Political Science
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Why is the United States the only advanced capitalist country with no labor party? This title puts forward an explanation for why there is no American labor party - an explanation that suggests that much of the conventional wisdom about 'American exceptionalism' is untenable.

It Didn T Happen Here

Author : Seymour Martin Lipset
ISBN : 0393322548
Genre : History
File Size : 74. 98 MB
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Revival Why Is There No Socialism In The United States 1976

Author : W Sombart
ISBN : 9781351696586
Genre : Political Science
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Why is the United States the only advanced capitalist country with no labor party? This question is one of the great enduring puzzles of American political development, and it lies at the heart of a fundamental debate about the nature of American society. Tackling this debate head-on, Robin Archer puts forward a new explanation for why there is no American labor party-an explanation that suggests that much of the conventional wisdom about "American exceptionalism" is untenable. Conventional explanations rely on comparison with Europe. Archer challenges these explanations by comparing the United States with its most similar New World counterpart-Australia. This comparison is particularly revealing, not only because the United States and Australia share many fundamental historical, political, and social characteristics, but also because Australian unions established a labor party in the late nineteenth century, just when American unions, against a common backdrop of industrial defeat and depression, came closest to doing something similar. Archer examines each of the factors that could help explain the American outcome, and his systematic comparison yields unexpected conclusions. He argues that prosperity, democracy, liberalism, and racial hostility often promoted the very changes they are said to have obstructed. And he shows that it was not these characteristics that left the United States without a labor party, but, rather, the powerful impact of repression, religion, and political sectarianism.

Radicalism In The States

Author : Richard M. Valelly
ISBN : 0226845354
Genre : History
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Concentrated in states outside the Northeast and the South, state-level third-party radical politics has been more widespread than many realize. In the 1920s and 1930s, American political organizations strong enough to mount state-wide campaigns, and often capable of electing governors and members of Congress, emerged not only in Minnesota but in Wisconsin and Washington, in Oklahoma and Idaho, and in several other states. Richard M. Valelly treats in detail the political economy of the Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party (1918-1944), the most successful radical, state-level party in American history. With the aid of numerous interviews of surviving organizers and participants in the party's existence, Valelly recreates the party's rise to power and subsequent decline, seeking answers to some broad, developmental questions. Why did this type of politics arise, and why did it collapse when it did? What does the party's history tell us about national political change? The answers lie, Valelly argues, in America's transition from the political economy of the 1920s to the New Deal. Combining case study and comparative state politics, he reexamines America's political economy prior to the New Deal and the scope and ironies of the New Deal's reorganization of American politics. The results compellingly support his argument that the federal government's increasing intervention in the economy profoundly transformed state politics. The interplay between national economy policy-making and federalism eventually reshaped the dynamics of interest-group politics and closed off the future of "state-level radicalism." The strength of this argument is highlighted by Valelly's cross-national comparison with Canadian politics. In vivid contrast to the fate of American movements, "province level radicalism" thrived in the Canadian political environment. In the course of analyzing one of the "supressed alternatives" of American politics, Valelly illuminates the influence of the national political economy on American political development. Radicalism in the States will interest students of economic protest, of national policy-making, of interest-group politics and party politics.

Labor And The Class Idea In The United States And Canada

Author : Barry Eidlin
ISBN : 9781108613132
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 61. 1 MB
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Why are unions weaker in the US than in Canada, two otherwise similar countries? This difference has shaped politics, policy, and levels of inequality. Conventional wisdom points to differences in political cultures, party systems, and labor laws. But Barry Eidlin's systematic analysis of archival and statistical data shows the limits of conventional wisdom, and presents a novel explanation for the cross-border difference. He shows that it resulted from different ruling party responses to worker upsurge during the Great Depression and World War II. Paradoxically, US labor's long-term decline resulted from what was initially a more pro-labor ruling party response, while Canadian labor's relative long-term strength resulted from a more hostile ruling party response. These struggles embedded 'the class idea' more deeply in policies, institutions, and practices than in the US. In an age of growing economic inequality and broken systems of political representation, Eidlin's analysis offers insight for those seeking to understand these trends, as well as those seeking to change them.

Labor Parties In Postindustrial Societies

Author : Frances Fox Piven
ISBN : 0195209273
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 69. 43 MB
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The political landscape created by industrialization in the first half of the twentieth century has become increasingly unstable as the industrial labor force contracts, eroding support for labor parties on a global scale. This volume examines challenges faced by labor in the West over the last decade, through a comparative study of labor-based political parties in the United States, England, France, West Germany, Sweden, Israel and Canada. The contributors, internationally-recognized sociologists and political scientists, examine factors contributing to the growth, maintenance or decline of these parties, while Piven offers a comprehensive overview of labor politics and shows how the history of labor parties in other countries helps make sense of the postwar history of the Democratic party in the U.S.

Making Minnesota Liberal

Author : Jennifer Alice Delton
ISBN : 9781452905624
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 49. 79 MB
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In Making Minnesota Liberal, Jennifer A. Delton delves into the roots of Minnesota politics and traces the change from the regional, third-party, class-oriented politics of the Farmer-Labor party to the national, two-party, pluralistic liberalism of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor party (DFL). While others have examined how anticommunism and the Cold War shaped this transformation, Delton takes a new approach, showing the key roles played by antiracism and the civil rights movement. In telling this story, Delton contributes to our understanding not only of Minnesotas political history but also of.

Prisoners Of The American Dream

Author : Mike Davis
ISBN : 9781786635921
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 44. 22 MB
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Prisoners of the American Dream is Mike Davis’s brilliant exegesis of a persistent and major analytical problem for Marxist historians and political economists: Why has the world’s most industrially advanced nation never spawned a mass party of the working class? This series of essays surveys the history of the American bourgeois democratic revolution from its Jacksonian beginnings to the rise of the New Right and the re-election of Ronal Reagan, concluding with some bracing thoughts on the prospects for progressive politics in the United States.

Marxian Socialism In The United States

Author : Daniel Bell
ISBN : 0801483093
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 65. 48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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First published in 1952, this work is widely considered a classic account of the American Left. In his introduction to this Cornell paperback edition, Michael Kazin reevaluates the book, viewing it in the context of subsequent work on the subject and of the recent history of the Left itself.

Creating Social Democracy

Author : Klaus Misgeld
ISBN : 027104344X
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 83. 5 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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