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With Hitler In The West

Author : Heinrich Hoffmann
ISBN : 9781473854796
Genre : History
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In May 1940, the German Army swept over Europe, unleashing a campaign of battles of annihilation on a hitherto unheralded scale. France was quickly overcome and Holland, along with Belgium, fell in a matter of days. At the head of this vast operation was the Führer with his Supreme Command, and on hand to document the highlights of their inimitable campaign was Heinrich Hoffmann, Hitler's close friend and official photographer. This is an invaluable photographic record of the events of Spring 1940, originally published as Mit Hitler im Westen, which was regarded as Heinrich Hoffman's finest work. The striking images displayed within provide both an intimate view inside the life of the Führer, and present a chilling glimpse into one of history's most vicious campaigns, and darkest hours. An important historic work, With Hitler in the West provides a fascinating insight into the events of 1940, that shook the world.

The Dry Danube

Author : Paul West
ISBN : 081121432X
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 23. 26 MB
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"Presents Hitler's 'memoir' of the years he spent as a failed art student in Vienna, just before World War One." -- Jacket.

Churchill Hitler And The Unnecessary War

Author : Patrick J. Buchanan
ISBN : 0307409562
Genre : History
File Size : 80. 97 MB
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Were World Wars I and II inevitable? Were they necessary wars? Or were they products of calamitous failures of judgment? In this monumental and provocative history, Patrick Buchanan makes the case that, if not for the blunders of British statesmen–Winston Churchill first among them–the horrors of two world wars and the Holocaust might have been avoided and the British Empire might never have collapsed into ruins. Half a century of murderous oppression of scores of millions under the iron boot of Communist tyranny might never have happened, and Europe’s central role in world affairs might have been sustained for many generations. Among the British and Churchillian errors were: • The secret decision of a tiny cabal in the inner Cabinet in 1906 to take Britain straight to war against Germany, should she invade France • The vengeful Treaty of Versailles that mutilated Germany, leaving her bitter, betrayed, and receptive to the appeal of Adolf Hitler • Britain’s capitulation, at Churchill’s urging, to American pressure to sever the Anglo-Japanese alliance, insulting and isolating Japan, pushing her onto the path of militarism and conquest • The greatest mistake in British history: the unsolicited war guarantee to Poland of March 1939, ensuring the Second World War Certain to create controversy and spirited argument, Churchill, Hitler, and “the Unnecessary War” is a grand and bold insight into the historic failures of judgment that ended centuries of European rule and guaranteed a future no one who lived in that vanished world could ever have envisioned. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Fort Eben Emael

Author : Simon Dunstan
ISBN : 9781782006923
Genre : History
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At the outbreak of World War II, Fort Eben Emael in Belgium was the strongest fortress in the world, and it lay exactly across the German invasion route of Belgium and France. The fort's elimination was essential for the success of Hitler's invasion of the West. Deemed impregnable to conventional attack, Hitler himself suggested the means for its capture with the first glider-borne assault in military history. On 10 May 1940, ten gliders carrying just 77 paratroopers landed on top of the fort. Using top-secret hollow-charge weapons for the first time in warfare, the assault pioneers of Sturmgruppe Granit subdued Fort Eben Emael within just 30 minutes, and the fortress surrendered within 30 hours. It remains one of the greatest raids in the annals of Special Forces.

Operation Nordwind 1945

Author : Steven J. Zaloga
ISBN : 9781782002383
Genre : History
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Operation Nordwind is one of the lesser known campaigns of World War II yet one of the more intriguing. Largely overshadowed by the Battle of the Bulge further north, Nordwind was the last great operation by the Waffen-SS Panzer divisions in the west, and the last time the Wehrmacht was on the offensive in the West. The campaign also highlights the difficulties of inter-Allied cooperation between the Americans and the French. This campaign has been extensively treated in German and French accounts, but is not well covered in English.

Hitler The Cat Goes West

Author : Robert G. Pielke
ISBN : 9780595011070
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 72. 61 MB
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It's 2090 A.D. The United States of America ceased to exist twenty years earlier, after the Supreme Court declared all who participate in an abortion subject to the death penalty. The six fragmentary nation-states that emerged out of the violence following from the Great Dissolution, are just now being forced to contemplate a reunification. For all the so-called heads of state are being systematically assassinated, and a militant religious group, the True Way, seems to be responsible. They have never concealed their desire to forge one theocratic union extending across the entire North American continent. In order to avoid the chaos that threatens to break out again as a result of the assassinations, most of the new nations are submitting to a reunion. Hired to perform one of the remaining assassinations is one “Hitler the Cat,” who has motives of his own to dispatch the reigning Bishop of the Republic of Southern California. However, things do not go as planned. Instead, a revised scheme brings together an unlikely band of conspirators who manage temporarily to convince the masses throughout the world that they are witnessing the Second Coming of Christ. But it’s not the Christ they expected. Rather, this particular Christ is a drug-addicted midget of Japanese ancestry, and his life expectancy is not overly long.

West And East

Author : Harry Turtledove
ISBN : 9780345491855
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 83. 99 MB
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An alternate history of World War II continues to explore what would have happened in the lives of leaders, soldiers, and civilians had Great Britain's Neville Chamberlain not appeased Hitler.

Hitler S Legacy

Author : John P. Teschke
ISBN : 082045821X
Genre : History
File Size : 34. 65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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<I>Hitler's Legacy is the first comprehensive look at the Nazi problem in Germany from 1945 until today. The work stresses the major personnel controversies that arose from the reappearance of Nazis in key positions and the payment of generous pensions to Third Reich officials by West German governments. The first comprehensive summary of Germany's own war-crime trials held since 1945, it also provides an overview of the allied postwar war crime trials at Nuremberg and elsewhere. Two case studies highlight the post-Nazi milieu of 1950s West Germany: Theodor Oberlaender and Hans Globke. Both men played significant roles in the Nazi regime and became more prominent in Adenauer's 1950s West German government.

Hitler S War

Author : Harry Turtledove
ISBN : 9780345515650
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 79. 79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Harry Turtledove's The War that Came Early: West and East. A stroke of the pen and history is changed. In 1938, British prime minister Neville Chamberlain, determined to avoid war, signed the Munich Accord, ceding part of Czechoslovakia to Hitler. But the following spring, Hitler snatched the rest of that country, and England, after a fatal act of appeasement, was fighting a war for which it was not prepared. Now, in this thrilling alternate history, another scenario is played out: What if Chamberlain had not signed the accord? In this action-packed chronicle of the war that might have been, Harry Turtledove uses dozens of points of view to tell the story: from American marines serving in Japanese-occupied China and ragtag volunteers fighting in the Abraham Lincoln Battalion in Spain to an American woman desperately trying to escape Nazi-occupied territory—and witnessing the war from within the belly of the beast. A tale of powerful leaders and ordinary people, at once brilliantly imaginative and hugely entertaining, Hitler’s War captures the beginning of a very different World War II—with a very different fate for our world today.

Exorcising Hitler

Author : Fred Taylor
ISBN : 9781596915367
Genre : History
File Size : 68. 71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A comprehensive history of the origins of democracy in Germany offers insight into the magnitude of the Third Reich's 1945 collapse and the challenges faced by the Allies in their efforts to construct a humane and democratic nation against formidable Nazi resistance. 30,000 first printing.

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