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Young People Place And Identity

Author : Peter E. Hopkins
ISBN : 9781136975691
Genre : Science
File Size : 66. 56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Young People, Place and Identity offers a series of rich insights into young people’s everyday lives. What places do young people engage with on a daily basis? How do they use these places? How do their identities influence these contexts? By working through common-sense understandings of young people’s behaviours and the places they occupy, the author seeks to answer these and other questions. In doing so the book challenges and re-shapes understandings of young people’s relationships with different places and identities. The textbook is one of the first books to map out the scales, themes and sites engaged with by young people on a daily basis as they construct their multiple identities. The scales explored here include the body, neighbourhood and community, mobilities and transitions and urban-rural settings and how these all shape and are shaped by young people’s identities. Each chapter explores how social identities (such as race, gender, sexuality, class, disability and religion) are constructed within particular contexts and influenced by multiple processes of inclusion and exclusion. These discussions are supported by details of the research methods and ethical issues involved in researching young people’s lives. Drawing upon research from a range of contexts, including Europe, North America and Australasia, this book demonstrates the complex ways in which young people creatively shape, contest and resist their engagements with different places and identities. The range of issues, topics and case studies explored include: ethical and methodological issues in youth research; youth subcultures; experiences of home; territorialism; youth and crime; political engagement and participation; responses to global issues; engagements with different institutional contexts; negotiating public space; the transition to adulthood; drinking cultures. The author explores these issues through blending together original empirical research, theory and policy. Individual chapters are supported by key themes, project ideas and suggested further reading. Details of key authors, journals and research centres and organisations are also included at the end of the book. This textbook will be pertinent for undergraduate and postgraduate students and academic researchers interested in better understanding the relationships between young people, places and identities.

Young People Leisure And Place

Author : Margaret Robertson
ISBN : 1594540292
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 69. 69 MB
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Young People, Leisure and Place reports on cross-cultural research into the personal geographies of young people. It explores young people's leisure and recreational pursuits, including favourite places, and.offers a tentative theory of adolescent thinking and development. The major themes explored are the impact of globalisation on young people, their reference systems and their use of private and public spaces. Evidence is presented of global, national and local dimensions of growing up in different countries in a post-modern world. The book contributes to a better understanding of issues of contemporary citizenship in a globalised world where the commodification of knowledge blurs boundaries and values. Effective citizenship in a world of time-space compression and instant access to diverse sources of information is problematic. This book provides a fascinating insight into the discerning values of young people. As they reveal their hopes and dreams within the knowledge society, the young people involved in this cross-cultural enquiry also highlight their conservatism and the traditional core values associated with their homes and families.

The Geographies Of Young People

Author : Stuart C Aitken
ISBN : 9781134593088
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 43. 87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Geographies of Young People traces the changing scientific and societal notions of what it is to be a young person, and argues that there is a need to rethink how we view childhood spaces, child development and the politics of growing up. This book brings coherency to the growing field of children's geographies by arguing that although most of it does not prescribe solutions to the moral assault against young people, it nonetheless offers appropriate insights into difference and diversity, and how young people are constructed. Other books in the series: Culture/Place/Health (forthcoming) Seduction of Place (forthcoming) Celtic Geographies (forthcoming) Timespace Bodies Mind and Body Spaces Children's Geographies Leisure/Tourism Geographies Thinking Space Geopolitical Traditions Embodied Geographies Animal Spaces, Beastly Places Closet Space Clubbing De-centering Sexualities Entanglements of Power.

Die Identit Re Generation

Author : Markus Willinger
ISBN : 9781907166402
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 48. 12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Dass die europaischen Volker ihr Recht auf ihr Erbe, ihre Geschichte und sogar auf ihre eigenen Heimatlander verleugnen, ist langst ein typisches Syndrom des modernen Westens geworden. Masseneinwanderung, selektive und unseriose Medienberichterstattung, die Forderung des Unnaturlichen, oder bestenfalls gedankenloser Massenkonsum, sind dabei die europaische Kultur zu zerstoren. Europas autochthone Bevolkerung besteht fast ausschliesslich aus atomisierten Individuen, denen jeder Sinn in ihrem Leben fehlt, und die Tag um Tag von der politischen Klasse schikaniert werden. Es gibt viele Meinungen wie es dazu kommen konnte, doch die Proteste vom Mai 1968 waren zweifellos ein Wendepunkt auf dem Weg Europas in eine sich selbst hassende, dekadente Gesellschaft. Dieses Buch ist jedoch kein Geschichtsbuch. Es handelt nicht davon wie Europa sich in seine missliche Lage manovriert hat, sondern davon, was zu Europas Rettung getan werden muss, und vor allem wer es tun muss. Nachdem eine ganze Generation von politischen Journalisten und akademischen Pseudoeliten unseren Kontinent verraten hat, ist es nun die Aufgabe der Jugend, die unter dieser kranken Gesellschaft am meisten zu leiden hatte, das Blatt zu wenden. In Die identitare Generation, prasentiert der junge Aktivist Markus Willinger seine geistigen Leitlinien fur die aufkommende identitare Bewegung. Willinger liefert uns ein kristallklares Bild dessen, was falsch lief, und zeigt an in welcher Richtung wir nach Losungen suchen mussen. In einem nahtlosen Ubergang zwischen radikal politischer und existenzialistisch philosophischer Sphare, spricht Die identitare Generation in harten und doch poetischen Worten aus, was junge Europaer den korrupten Reprasentanten der politischen und sozialen Klasse schon langst hatten sagen sollen. Dabei ist dieses Buch weit mehr als nur ein Manifest. Es ist eine Kriegserklarung. Markus Willinger wurde 1992 in Scharding am Inn in Osterreich geboren. Seit seinem 15. Lebensjahr ist er fur die neue Rechte politisch aktiv, und studiert momentan Geschichte und Politikwissenschaft an der Universitat Stuttgart."

Becoming Educated

Author : John Smyth
ISBN : 1433122111
Genre : Education
File Size : 26. 43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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<I>Becoming Educated examines the education of young people, especially those from the most 'disadvantaged' contexts. The book argues that because the focus has been obdurately and willfully on the wrong things - blaming students; measuring, testing and comparing them; and treating families and communities in demeaning ways that convert them into mere 'consumers' - that the resulting misdiagnoses have produced a damaging ensemble of faulty 'solutions.' By shifting the emphasis to looking at what is going on 'inside' young lives and communities, this book shifts the focus to matters such as taking social class into consideration, puncturing notions of poverty and disadvantage, understanding neighborhoods as places of hope and creating spaces within which to listen to young peoples' aspirations. These are a radically different set of constructs from the worn-out ones that continue to be trotted out, and, if understood and seriously attended to, they have the potential to make a real difference in young lives. This is a book that ought to be read by all who claim to know what is in the best interests of young people who are <I>becoming educated.

Young People Reading

Author : Evelyn Arizpe
ISBN : 9781351966405
Genre : Education
File Size : 81. 41 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The value of small-scale qualitative research projects into young people’s reading is often underestimated. Yet these finely tuned studies, with a precise focus and highly specialised approach, can provide us with profound insights into the richness and variety of young people’s reading practices. Bringing together contributors from six continents, this fascinating volume explores researchers’ experiences of investigating the reading habits, preferences and practices of young people aged 12–21. Detailing a variety of empirical methodologies and research methods, its chapters also consider reading in an array of contexts, in various languages and using diverse media. Key issues addressed in the book include: the complexity of sociocultural similarities and differences in young people’s reading in international contexts multilingual, bilingual and monolingual readers’ experiences of reading how young readers use a range of different print and digital media how our understanding of the range of texts available to young readers and the different contexts of and purposes for reading can be enhanced through small-scale qualitative research. Providing in-depth discussion of contributors’ research and findings, and touching on many different contexts, text types and media, this volume will support and inspire current and future researchers, lecturers and teachers interested in young people’s reading.

Knowing Their Place Identity And Space In Children S Literature

Author : Terri Doughty
ISBN : 9781443836197
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 60. 6 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Traditionally in the West, children were expected to “know their place,” but what does this comprise in a contemporary, globalized world? Does it mean to continue to accept subordination to those larger and more powerful? Does it mean to espouse unthinkingly a notion of national identity? Or is it about gaining an awareness of the ways in which identity is derived from a sense of place? Where individuals are situated matters as much if not more than it ever has. In children’s literature, the physical places and psychological spaces inhabited by children and young adults are also key elements in the developing identity formation of characters and, through engagement, of readers too. The contributors to this collection map a broad range of historical and present-day workings of this process: exploring indigeneity and place, tracing the intertwining of place and identity in diasporic literature, analyzing the relationship of the child to the natural world, and studying the role of fantastic spaces in children’s construction of the self. They address fresh topics and texts, ranging from the indigenization of the Gothic by Canadian mixed-blood Anishinabe writer Drew Hayden Taylor to the lesser-known children’s books of George Mackay Brown, to eco-feminist analysis of contemporary verse novels. The essays on more canonical texts, such as Peter Pan and the Harry Potter series, provide new angles from which to revision them. Readers of this collection will gain understanding of the complex interactions of place, space, and identity in children’s literature. Essays in this book will appeal to those interested in Children’s Literature, Aboriginal Studies, Environmentalism and literature, and Fantasy literature.

Museums Migration And Identity In Europe

Author : Christopher Whitehead
ISBN : 9781317092681
Genre : Art
File Size : 25. 98 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The imperatives surrounding museum representations of place have shifted from the late eighteenth century to today. The political significance of place itself has changed and continues to change at all scales, from local, civic, regional to national and supranational. At the same time, changes in population flows, migration patterns and demographic movement now underscore both cultural and political practice, be it in the accommodation of ’diversity’ in cultural and social policy, scholarly explorations of hybridity or in state immigration controls. This book investigates the historical and contemporary relationships between museums, places and identities. It brings together contributions from international scholars, academics, practitioners from museums and public institutions, policymakers, and representatives of associations and migrant communities to explore all these issues.

Youth Culture And Private Space

Author : S. Lincoln
ISBN : 9781137031082
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 31. 59 MB
Format : PDF
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Siân Lincoln considers the use, role and significance of private spaces in the lives of young people. Drawing on extensive ethnographic research, she explores the place of 'the private' in youth cultural discourses, both historically and contemporarily, that until now have remained largely absent in youth cultural research.

Children Place And Identity

Author : Jonathan Scourfield
ISBN : 9781134266326
Genre : Education
File Size : 31. 25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In this, the first sociology book to consider the important issue of how children identify with place and nation, the authors use original research and international case studies to explore this topic in depth. The book is rooted in original qualitative research the authors conducted with a diverse sample of children (aged eight to eleven) across Wales, but this data is also located in the context of existing international research on place identity. The book features analysis of lively exchanges between children on their local, national and global identities, politics, language and race. It engages with important social and political questions such as whether cultural distinctiveness can be preserved in a context of globalization, whether we are destined to passively receive dominant representations of the nation or can creatively construct our own versions; and whether national identities are necessarily exclusive. Most importantly, the book focuses on what local and national identities mean to children in an era of cultural and economic globalization. Including material on racialization, language, politics, class and gender, Children, Place and Identity will be a valuable resource to students and researchers of childhood studies and the sociology of childhood.

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