zeppelin hindenburg an illustrated history of lz 129

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Zeppelin Hindenburg

Author : Dan Grossman
ISBN : 0750969954
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LZ129 Hindenburg was intended as the first of many German airships built for passenger, freight, and mail service between Europe and North and South America. Although most famous for her fiery crash on May 6, 1937, Hindenburg had completed 62 successful flights before the ship's hydrogen lifting gas ignited while landing at Lakehurst, New Jersey. Here three world-renowned Hindenburg experts have collaborated to create the definitive photographic history of the zeppelin. Gripping historical research is combined with a vivid selection of rare ephemera, rare photographs, and a fold-out section showcasing the ship's plans.

Transports Of Delight

Author : Peter Hancock
ISBN : 9783319552484
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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This inspiring book shows how the spiritual side of life, with its thoughts, feelings, and aspirations, is intimately bound up with our material technologies. From the wonder of Gothic Cathedrals, to the quiet majesty of lighter than air flight, to the ultimate in luxury of the north Atlantic steamers, Peter Hancock explores how these sequential heights of technology have enabled our dreams of being transported to new and uncharted realms to become reality. Sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively, technology has always been there to make material the visions of our imagination. This book shows how this has essentially been true for all technologies from Stonehenge to space station.But technology is far from perfect. Indeed, the author argues here that some of the most public and tragic of its failures still remain instructive, emblematic, and even inspiring. He reports on examples such as a Cathedral of the Earth (Beauvais), a Cathedral of the Seas (Titanic), and a Cathedral of the Air (Hindenburg) and tells their stories from the viewpoint of material transcendence. By interweaving their stories he reveals how technologies can succeed in elevating human beings and, in taking them to whole new realms of being, he explores and explains why these experiences are ‘Transports of Delight.’


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The Zeppelin Airship Lz 129 Hindenburg

Author : Barbara Waibel
ISBN : 9783954003013
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Author : Tim James
ISBN : 9781472140937
Genre : Science
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The Universe came into being 13.8 billion years ago. At this point, all of existence could be summed up as an endless soup of particles frothing at temperatures many times hotter than the Sun. It was chaos. Fortunately, as the Universe expanded, everything began to cool and the particles stabilised. It was around this time, as disorder gave way to order, that the elements were born. Fast forward to June 2016 and the periodic table of elements was finally completed with the discovery and addition of four new elements. At last we could identify all the ingredients necessary to make a world. But it doesn't stop there. Human ingenuity knows no bounds; we have even begun to invent our own elements and have created an entire science devoted to their study: chemistry. When it comes to chemistry, Tim James knows his stuff. In Elemental he tells the story of the periodic table from its ancient Greek roots, when you could count the number of elements humans were aware of on one hand, to the modern alchemists of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, who have used nuclear chemistry and physics to generate new elements and complete the periodic table. In addition to this, James answers questions such as: What is the chemical symbol for a human? What would happen if all of the elements were mixed together? How many bananas can you stand next to before you die of radiation sickness? Which liquid can teleport through walls? Why is the medieval dream of transmuting lead into gold now a reality?

Lz 129 Hindenburg

Author : John Duggan
ISBN : 0951411489
Genre : Hindenburg (Airship)
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The LZ 129 took four years to build at a time when the world was suffering the impact of the Great Depression and it took the financial support of the National Socialists to bring the work to completion. Ownership of the airship passed from her builders, the Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH to the 1935-established operating company, the Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei, whose objectives included showing the flag at home and abroad. The Hindenburg was involved in propaganda events of 1936, namely the Plebiscite Flight, the Olympic Games and Party celebrations at the Nurnberg Rally. Following successful service on the South and North Atlantic services, she crashed when coming in to land at Lakehurst in May 1937. Numerous theories as to the cause of the disaster are analysed, including the influence of commercial pressures, which caused a hurried landing to take place in dangerous conditions. A careful analysis of the financial performance of the North American service reveals that an increased number of flights in 1937 would have secured an operational profit. Route details for all flights, together with numerous photographs not published before, complete the story of the Hindenburg.

Air Mail An Illustrated History 1793 1981

Author : Donald B. Holmes
ISBN : UOM:39015026549389
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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Depicts the development of air mail service around the world and vividly describes the experiences of the pioneer air mail aviators

The Zeppelin

Author : Michael Belafi Belafi
ISBN : 9781473827851
Genre : History
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This new publication from Michael Belafi offers some truly intriguing content. Photographs of the mighty Zeppelin at all stages of development feature in a publication that aims to chart the entire course of the airship's history. ??Named after the German Count Ferdinand Von Zeppelin, an early pioneer of rigid airship development, the Zeppelin was first flown commercially by Deutsch Luftschiffahrts (DELAG), the world's first airline in revenue service. By mid-1914, DELAG had carried over 10,000 fare-paying passengers on over 1500 flights. When war hit, it was employed to military advantage, wreaking carnage upon Britain's towns and cities. German defeat in 1918 temporarily halted the airship business (many had to be surrendered under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles), although it did bounce back with the construction of the Graf Zeppelin in the 30s. A series of terrible accidents was soon to signal the demise of the Zeppelin however; following the Hindenburg disaster of 1937, and in the midst of a host of political and economic issues, the Zeppelin was soon to be consigned to the history books as one of the great aviation relics of the 20th Century. This new publication explores each facet of its history, and concludes by assessing the legacy of rigid airship development, still felt to this day.

When Giants Roamed The Sky

Author : Alanson Dale Topping
ISBN : 1884836690
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Karl Arnstein's life was defined by the world wars which shattered Europe. But for these cataclysmic events, his life's work might have been far different. From Zeppelin in Germany to Goodyear in Akron, Ohio, Arnstein participated in the design and development of more airships than any other engineer. He could have been a philosopher or mathematician, but a desire to be practical attracted Arnstein to civil engineering. This knowledge spared him from the horrors of trench warfare, and a favorable impression he made on airship pioneer Count Zeppelin unexpectedly took him from the front to an aircraft factory in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Here Arnstein adapted his analysis of utilitarian structures fixed firmly to the ground to examination of flying structures, the Zeppelins. And it is not just for his contributions to Zeppelin design that Arnstein should be remembered. His story is in many ways the story of airship building in the early decades of the twentieth century. And his legacy endures in the Goodyear blimps which are the tire company's corporate icons and symbols of Akron's important airship heritage. Appendices include a listing of Karl Arnstein's patents, a list of selected writings by Karl Arnstein, and statistics on LuftschiffBau-Zeppelin airships and U.S. Navy rigid airships.

Lighter Than Air

Author : Lee Payne
ISBN : UOM:39015004526813
Genre : Transportation
File Size : 80. 38 MB
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