Read Music Method

Read Music Method

Written by: Joanna Rogers

  • Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Publish Date: 2015-05-11
  • ISBN-10: 1483912353
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Book Summary

Read Music Method, the Graph to Staff Approach, provides an unforgettably fun and easy way to teach and learn how to read music. The beginning stages of reading music are broken into easy progressive steps. Students gain a deep comprehension of the musical staff, and right away, begin writing and playing their own music. Tracking and note recognition become second nature. Children of all learning styles are tempted to quickly advance by the sheer fun of trying the next task! Students will: 1) Build a solid basic skill of reading lines and spaces, 2) Recognize intervals like old friends, 3) Recognize notes by reading, writing, and listening, 4) Quickly and easily begin reading notes on the musical staff. Table of Contents: Finding Middle C, Line Notes and Space Notes, Stepping Up and Down, Crossovers, Middle C Position, Compose In Middle C Position, Contrary Motion in Middle C Position, The Staff Today, Letter Names, Practice Reading and Tracking, Bass Clef F and Treble Clef G, Compose in Contrary Motion, Listen and Write, Above and Below Middle C, Contrary Motion on the Staff, Treble Clef and Bass Clef Symbols, C Scale, Reading C Scale, Finger Numbers, Reading Skips, Compose Using Skips, Listen and Write, C Position, Playing C Position on the Staff, Intervals, The Grand Staff, Symmetrical Cs and Landmarks, Intervals and Octaves, Triads, Root of a Chord, Rhythm, Sharps and Flats, Dynamics, Time Signature, Flashcards.

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