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A Course In Behavioral Economics

Author : Erik Angner
ISBN : 9781137017512
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 72. 28 MB
Format : PDF
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A Course in Behavioral Economics is a concise and reader-friendly introduction to one of the most influential areas of economics today. Covering all core areas of the subject, the book requires no advanced mathematics and is full of examples, exercises, and problems drawn from the fields of economics, management, marketing, political science, and public policy, among others. It is an ideal first textbook for students coming to behavioral economics from a wide range of disciplines, and would also appeal to the general reader looking for a thorough and readable introduction to the subject. Available to lecturers: access to an Instructor's Manual at www.palgrave.com/economics/angner, containing a sample syllabus, instructor guide, sample handouts and examinations, and PowerPoint slides.

Behavioral Economics

Author : Philip Corr
ISBN : 9781315391205
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 62. 3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Behavioral economics is everywhere – whether used by governments to shape our judgement and decision making, advertisers and marketers to sell products, or even politicians to sell policies, its insights are important and far-reaching. Behavioral Economics: The Basics is the first book to provide a rigorous yet accessible overview of the growing field that attempts to uncover the psychological processes which mediate all the economic judgements and decisions we make. In seven accessible chapters, the book answers questions like: What is behavioral economics? How does it help us to understand economic behavior? What does it tell us about how people form judgements and make decisions in their private and public lives? What does it tell us about the psychological nature of financial catastrophes that afflict our economic system? With recommended further readings throughout, Behavioral Economics: The Basics is essential for all students taking courses in behavioral economics, economic psychology, consumer psychology, microeconomics and game theory, and also for professionals looking for an accessible introduction to the topic. Further online resources may be found at www.behaviouraleconomicsbasics.net

Behavioral Economics

Author : Masao Ogaki
ISBN : 9789811064395
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 69. 18 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book is intended as a textbook for a course in behavioral economics for advanced undergraduate and graduate students who have already learned basic economics. The book will also be useful for introducing behavioral economics to researchers. Unlike some general audience books that discuss behavioral economics, this book does not take a position of completely negating traditional economics. Its position is that both behavioral and traditional economics are tools that have their own uses and limitations. Moreover, this work makes clear that knowledge of traditional economics is a necessary basis to fully understand behavioral economics. Some of the special features compared with other textbooks on behavioral economics are that this volume has full chapters on neuroeconomics, cultural and identity economics, and economics of happiness. These are distinctive subfields of economics that are different from, but closely related to, behavioral economics with many important overlaps with behavioral economics. Neuroeconomics, which is developing fast partly because of technological progress, seeks to understand how the workings of our minds affect our economic decision making. In addition to a full chapter on neuroeconomics, the book provides explanations of findings in neuroeconomics in chapters on prospect theory (a major decision theory of behavioral economics under uncertainty), intertemporal economic behavior, and social preferences (preferences that exhibit concerns for others). Cultural and identity economics seek to explain how cultures and people’s identities affect economic behaviors, and economics of happiness utilizes measures of subjective well-being. There is also a full chapter on behavioral normative economics, which evaluates economic policies based on findings and theories of behavioral economics.

Behavioral Economics

Author : Philip J. Corr
ISBN : 1138228907
Genre : Consumer behavior
File Size : 57. 42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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What is behavioral economics and why is it important? -- The ascent and dissent of economics -- Econ: homo economicus -- Human: more homer (simpson) than homo economicus -- Manners, monkeys and moods -- Nudge: whys, ways and weasels -- Sell! the commercial (and political) world of persuasion

Behavioral Economics And Public Health

Author : Ichiro Kawachi
ISBN : 9780199398331
Genre : Economics
File Size : 74. 44 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Behavioral economics has potential to offer novel solutions to some of today's most pressing public health problems: How do we persuade people to eat healthy and lose weight? How can health professionals communicate health risks in a way that is heeded? How can food labeling be modified to inform healthy food choices? Behavioral Economics and Public Health is the first book to apply the groundbreaking insights of behavioral economics to the persisting problems of health behaviors and behavior change. In addition to providing a primer on the behavioral economics principles that are most relevant to public health, this book offers details on how these principles can be employed to mitigating the world's greatest health threats, including obesity, smoking, risky sexual behavior, and excessive drinking. With contributions from an international team of scholars from psychology, economics, marketing, public health, and medicine, this book is a trailblazing new approach to the most difficult and important problems of our time.

The Foundations Of Behavioral Economic Analysis

Author : Sanjit Dhami
ISBN : 9780198853671
Genre :
File Size : 30. 46 MB
Format : PDF
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This fifth volume of The Foundations of Behavioral Economic Analysis covers behavioral models of learning. It is an essential guide for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students seeking a concise and focused text on this important subject, and examines heuristics and biases in judgment and decision making, mental accounting, and behavioral finance and bounded rationality. This updated extract from Dhami's leading textbook allows the reader to pursue subsections of this vast and rapidly growing field and to tailor their reading to their specific interests in behavioral economics.

The Behavioral Economics Of Inflation Expectations

Author : Tobias Rötheli
ISBN : 9781108482851
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 71. 88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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As one of the first texts to take a behavioral approach to macroeconomic expectations, this book introduces a new way of doing economics. Rötheli uses cognitive psychology in a bottom-up method of modeling macroeconomic expectations. His research is based on laboratory experiments and historical data, which he extends to real-world situations. Pattern extrapolation is shown to be the key to understanding expectations of inflation and income. The quantitative model of expectations is used to analyze the course of inflation and nominal interest rates in a range of countries and historical periods. The model of expected income is applied to the analysis of business cycle phenomena such as the great recession in the United States. Data and spreadsheets are provided for readers to do their own computations of macroeconomic expectations. This book offers new perspectives in many areas of macro and financial economics.

An Introduction To Behavioral Economics

Author : Nick Wilkinson
ISBN : 9781137267351
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 77. 8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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An Introduction to Behavioral Economics offers a comprehensive, rigorous, and up-to-date introduction to what is one of the most rapidly advancing areas in economics today. It considers the debates in this exciting field through a cross-disciplinary approach that incorporates insights from economics and other social sciences, as well as evolutionary biology and neuroscience. This edition features: · two new chapters, Chapter 2 on methodology and Chapter 4 on beliefs, heuristics and biases · fully revised content, including expanded material on neuroeconomics, rationality, and behavioral game theory · a large number of real-life case studies and examples, as well as review questions

Dishonesty In Behavioral Economics

Author : Alessandro Bucciol
ISBN : 9780128158586
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 66. 81 MB
Format : PDF
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Dishonesty in Behavioral Economics provides a rigorous and comprehensive overview of dishonesty, presenting state-of-the-art research that adopts a behavioral economics perspective. Throughout the volume, contributors emphasize the effects of psychological, social, and cognitive factors on the decision-making process. In contrast to related titles, Dishonesty in Behavioral Economics emphasizes the importance of empirical research methodologies. Its contributors demonstrate how various methods applied to similar research questions can lead to different results. This characteristic is important because, of course, it is difficult to obtain reliable measures of dishonesty. Reviews many key issues in the literature around lying, cheating, fraudulence, and deception Covers both state-of-the-art methods and data collection mechanisms (e.g., laboratory experiments, field experiments, online surveys) Discusses novel interdisciplinary research findings and from them proposes new avenues of research

Modern Developments In Behavioral Economics

Author : John Malcolm Dowling
ISBN : 9789812701435
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 40. 11 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book examines the field of behavioral economics and provides insights into the following questions: ? Does utility bring happiness?? How do emotions and personal perspectives color our economic decisions?? How do altruism, trust, fairness and justice come into play in game theory?? Why are some organizations so successful in implementing their objectives?? Can advances in neuroeconomics unlock the secrets of how decisions are made?The book looks at decision making and behavior from the point of view of (i) individual behavior and choice; (ii) group and interactive choice; and (iii) collective choices and decision making. In particular, it covers the following aspects: instances when bounded rationality leads to decisions inconsistent with standard economic assumptions; risk and the processes by which investors and consumers make decisions; altruistic and cooperative behavior as alternatives to competition; game theory as a way to explore motives of cooperation versus competition; the determinants of happiness and the relationship between utility and well-being; the concept of social capital, including motivations for charity and being a responsible citizen; how trust and fairness relate to economic actions and the motivation to cooperate rather than compete; behavior such as crime, corruption and bribery from ethical, social and economic viewpoints; and, finally, the decision making process of collective choice and how societies develop rules for governing themselves.This is the first book to bridge economics, psychology, sociology and political sciences and explain the nuanced subtleties of decision making.

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