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A Modern Enterprise Architecture Approach

Author : Dr Mehmet Yildiz
Genre : Computers
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The revised version of this book to provide essential guidance, compelling ideas, and unique ways to Enterprise Architects so that they can successfully perform complex enterprise modernisation initiatives transforming from chaos to coherence. This is not an ordinary theory book describing Enterprise Architecture in detail. There are myriad of books on the market and in libraries discussing details of enterprise architecture. My aim here is to highlight success factors and reflect lessons learnt from the field within enterprise modernisation and transformation context. As a practising Senior Enterprise Architect, myself, I read hundreds of those books and articles to learn different views. They have been valuable to me to establish my foundations in the earlier phase of my profession. However, what is missing now is a concise guidance book showing Enterprise Architects the novel approaches, insights from the real-life experience and experimentations, and pointing out the differentiating technologies for enterprise modernisation. If only there were such a guide when I started engaging in modernisation and transformation programs. The biggest lesson learned is the business outcome of the enterprise modernisation. What genuinely matters for business is the return on investment of the enterprise architecture and its monetising capabilities. The rest is the theory because nowadays sponsoring executives, due to economic climate, have no interest, attention, or tolerance for non-profitable ventures. I am sorry for disappointing some idealistic Enterprise Architects, but with due respect, it is the reality, and we cannot change it. This book deals with reality rather than theoretical perfection. Anyone against this view on this climate must be coming from another planet. In this concise, uncluttered and easy-to-read book, I attempt to show the significant pain points and valuable considerations for enterprise modernisation using a structured approach and a simple narration especially considering my audience from non-English speaking backgrounds. The architectural rigour is still essential. We cannot compromise the rigour aiming to the quality of products and services as a target outcome. However, there must be a delicate balance among architectural rigour, business value, and speed to the market. I applied this pragmatic approach to multiple substantial transformation initiatives and complex modernisations programs. The key point is using an incrementally progressing iterative approach to every aspect of modernisation initiatives, including people, processes, tools, and technologies as a whole. Starting with a high-level view of enterprise architecture to set the context, I provided a dozen of distinct chapters to point out and elaborate on the factors which can make a real difference in dealing with complexity and producing excellent modernisation initiatives. As eminent leaders, Enterprise Architects are the critical talents who can undertake this massive mission using their people and technology skills, in addition to many critical attributes such as calm and composed approach. Let's keep in mind that as Enterprise Architects, we are architects, not firefighters! I have full confidence that this book can provide valuable insights and some 'aha' moments for talented architects like yourself to tackle this enormous mission of turning chaos to coherence.

The Practice Of Enterprise Architecture

Author : Svyatoslav Kotusev
ISBN : 0648309835
Genre :
File Size : 47. 76 MB
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Based on an extensive study of the actual industry best practices, this book provides a systematic, end-to-end description of various aspects of an EA practice integrated into a consistent logical picture. This book offers research-based, conceptually sound and practically actionable answers to the key questions related to enterprise architecture.

Complex Enterprise Architecture

Author : John D. McDowall
ISBN : 9781484243060
Genre : Computers
File Size : 52. 45 MB
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Implement successful and cost-effective enterprise architecture projects. This book provides a new approach to developing enterprise architecture based on the idea of emergent behaviors—where instead of micromanaging system implementation, the enterprise architecture effort establishes clear goals and leaves the details to the implementation teams. System development efforts are measured based on their contribution to achieving business goals instead of implementing specific (possibly outdated) requirements. Most enterprise architecture initiatives employ one of the existing system architecture frameworks such as Zachman or The Open Group Architecture Framework, but these are not well-suited for enterprise architecture in a modern, agile organization. The new approach presented in this book is based on the author’s experience with large enterprise architecture efforts. The approach leverages research into complex adaptive systems and emergent behaviors, where a few simple rules result in complex and efficient enterprise behaviors. Simplifying the task of establishing and maintaining the enterprise architecture cuts the costs of building and maintaining the architecture and frees up those resources for more productive pursuits. System implementers are given the freedom to rapidly adapt to changing user needs without the blessing of the enterprise modeling priesthood, and the architecture is transformed from a static pile of obscure models and documents into an operational framework that can be actively used to manage an enterprise’s resources to better achieve business goals. The enterprise architect is free to stop focusing on building and maintaining models and start focusing on achieving business goals. What You’ll Learn Refocus enterprise architecture on business needs by eliminating most of the enterprise-level models Delegate tasks to the development teams who do system implementation Document business goals, establish strategies for achieving those goals, and measure progress toward those goals Measure the results and gauge whether the enterprise architecture is achieving its goals Utilize appropriate modeling techniques that can be effectively used in an enterprise architecture Who This Book Is For Architecture practitioners and architecture managers: Practitioners are experienced architects who have used existing frameworks such as Zachman, and have experience with formal architecture modeling and/or model-based system engineering; managers are responsible for managing an enterprise architecture project and either have experience with enterprise architecture projects that were ineffective or are looking for a different approach that will be more cost-effective and allow for more organizational agility. Government program managers looking for a different approach to make enterprise architecture more relevant and easier to implement will also find this book of value.

International Scientific Conference Energy Management Of Municipal Facilities And Sustainable Energy Technologies Emmft 2019

Author : Vera Murgul
ISBN : 9783030574536
Genre : Electronic books
File Size : 41. 84 MB
Format : PDF
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This book is intended to assist to improve energy efficiency in the industrial sector. The book offers case studies for industrial energy efficiency improvement and contains brief reports on cutting-edge research in all fields of the energy industry. This book, which is composed of select research proceedings of the EMMFT 2019 conference, covers such issues as: good quality energy use, energy generation technologies, materials used for energy generation, and storage technologies, as well as materials for water purification, petroleum engineering, and digital energy systems. The case studies discussed comprise the use of fossil fuel and non-fossil fuel energy resources, novel materials with advanced heat transport or heat resistance, and energy digitalization. Coverage extends to all theoretical and applied aspects of the field. This book is an ideal resource for scientists and energy analysts, industrial practitioners, engineers, researchers, and postgraduate students working in the field of management and technology for improving energy efficiency in the industry. Also, the book is of interest to researchers, engineers, and laboratory personnel in the fields of power systems and smart grids.

Global Implications Of Modern Enterprise Information Systems Technologies And Applications

Author : Gunasekaran, Angappa
ISBN : 9781605661476
Genre : Computers
File Size : 80. 35 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"This book presents useful strategies, techniques, and tools for the successful design, development, and implementation of enterprise information systems"--Provided by publisher.

Ejise Volume 15 Issue 1

Author :
ISBN : 9780015666378
Genre :
File Size : 72. 63 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Handbook Of Research On Enterprise Systems

Author : Gupta, Jatinder N. D.
ISBN : 9781599048604
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 74. 54 MB
Format : PDF
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Addresses the field of enterprise systems, covering progressive technologies, leading theories, and advanced applications.

Advances In Government Enterprise Architecture

Author : Saha, Pallab
ISBN : 9781605660691
Genre : Law
File Size : 88. 12 MB
Format : PDF
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Presents current developments, issues, and trends in enterprise architecture (EA). Provides insights into the impact of effective EA on IT governance, IT portfolio management, and IT outsourcing.

Handbook Of Research On Modern Systems Analysis And Design Technologies And Applications

Author : Syed, Mahbubur Rahman
ISBN : 9781599048888
Genre : Computers
File Size : 68. 22 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"This book provides a compendium of terms, definitions, and explanations of concepts in various areas of systems and design, as well as a vast collection of cutting-edge research articles from the field's leading experts"--Provided by publisher.

Business Information Systems Workshops

Author : Witold Abramowicz
ISBN : 9783642154010
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 53. 58 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the four workshops that were organized in conjunction with the International Conference on Business Information Systems, BIS 2010, which took place in Berlin, Germany, May 3-5, 2010. The 33 papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 74 submissions. In addition, the volume includes the invited keynote for the LIT workshop. The topics covered are applications and economics of knowledge-based technologies (ILOG), business and IT alignment (BITA), information logistics (ILOG), and legal information systems (LIT).

Sustainable Enterprise Architecture

Author : Kirk Hausman
ISBN : 9781466508996
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 89. 32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Enterprise architecture requires an understanding of all technologies, strategies, and data consumption throughout the enterprise. To this end, one must strive to always broaden knowledge of existing, as well as emerging trends and solutions. As a trade, this role demands an understanding beyond the specificities of technologies and vendor products

Combining Business Process Management And Enterprise Architecture For Better Business Outcomes

Author : Claus T. Jensen
ISBN : 9780738435619
Genre : Computers
File Size : 27. 25 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This IBM® Redbooks® publication explains how to combine business process management (BPM) and Enterprise Architecture (EA) for better business outcomes. This book provides a unique synergistic approach to BPM and EA, based on a firm understanding of the life cycles of the enterprise and the establishment of appropriate collaboration and governance processes. When carried out together, BPM provides the business context, understanding, and metrics, and EA provides the discipline to translate business vision and strategy into architectural change. Both are needed for sustainable continuous improvement. This book provides thought leadership and direction on the topic of BPM and EA synergies. Although technical in nature, it is not a typical IBM Redbooks publication. The book provides guidance and direction on how to collaborate effectively across tribal boundaries rather than technical details about IBM software products. The primary audience for this book is leaders and architects who need to understand how to effectively combine BPM and EA to drive, as a key differentiator, continuous improvement and transformational change with enterprise scope.

Handbook Of Enterprise Systems Architecture In Practice

Author : Saha, Pallab
ISBN : 9781599041919
Genre : Computers
File Size : 51. 59 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"This book is a valuable addition to the reading list of executives, managers, and staff in business, government, and other sectors who seek to keep their enterprises agile and efficient as they manage change, implement new business processes and supporting technologies, and pursue important strategic goals"--Provided by publisher.

Enterprise Architecture And Integration Methods Implementation And Technologies

Author : Lam, Wing
ISBN : 9781591408895
Genre : Computers
File Size : 33. 40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"This book provides a detailed analysis of the important strategies for integrating IT systems into fields such as e-business and customer-relationship management. It supplies readers with a comprehensive survey of existing enterprise architecture and integration approaches, and presents case studies that illustrate best practices, describing innovative methods, tools, and architectures with which organizations can systematically achieve enterprise integration"--Provided by publisher.

Enterprise Architecture Made Simple

Author : Håkan Edvinsson, Lottie Aderinne
ISBN : 9781634620291
Genre : Computers
File Size : 65. 43 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Learn how to institute and implement enterprise architecture in your organization. You can make a quick start and establish a baseline for your enterprise architecture within ten weeks, then grow and stabilize the architecture over time using the proven Ready, Set, Go Approach. Reading this book will: 1. Give you directions on how to institute and implement enterprise architecture in your organization. You will be able to build close relationships with stakeholders and delivery teams, but you will not need to micromanage the architecture’s operations. 2. Increase your awareness that enterprise architecture is about business, not information technology. 3. Enable you to initiate and facilitate dramatic business development. The architecture of an enterprise must be tolerant of currently unknown business initiatives. 4. Show you how to get a holistic view of the process of implementing enterprise architecture. 5. Make you aware that information is a key business asset and that information architecture is a key part of the enterprise architecture. 6. Allow you to learn from our experiences. This book is based on our 30 years of work in the enterprise architecture field, colleagues in Europe, customer cases, and students. We do not pretend to cover all you need to know about enterprise architecture within these pages. Rather, we give you the information that is most important for effective and successful guidance. Sometimes, less is more. If your company is about to make a major change and you are looking for a way to reduce the changes into manageable pieces—and still retain control of how they fit together—this is your handbook. Maybe you are already acting as an enterprise architect and using a formal method, but you need practical hints. Or maybe you are about to set up an enterprise architect network or group of specialists and need input on how to organize your work. The Ready-Set-Go method for introducing enterprise architecture provides you, the enterprise architect, with an immediate understanding of the basic steps for starting, organizing, and operating the entirety of your organization’s architecture. Chapter 1: Ready shows how to model and analyze your business operations, assess their current status, construct a future scenario, compare it to the current structure, analyze what you see, and show the result in a city plan. Chapter 2: Set deals with preparing for the implementation of the architecture with governance, enterprise architecture organization, staffing, etc. This is the organizing step before beginning the actual work. Chapter 3: Go establishes how to implement a city plan in practice. It deals with the practicalities of working as an enterprise architect and is called the “running” step. The common thread through all aspects of the enterprise architect’s work is the architect’s mastery of a number of tools, such as business models, process models, information models, and matrices. We address how to initiate the architecture process within the organization in such a way that the overarching enterprise architecture and architecture-driven approach can be applied methodically and gradually improved.

Modern Enterprise Business Intelligence And Data Management

Author : Alan Simon
ISBN : 9780128017456
Genre : Computers
File Size : 48. 34 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Nearly every large corporation and governmental agency is taking a fresh look at their current enterprise-scale business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing implementations at the dawn of the "Big Data Era"...and most see a critical need to revitalize their current capabilities. Whether they find the frustrating and business-impeding continuation of a long-standing "silos of data" problem, or an over-reliance on static production reports at the expense of predictive analytics and other true business intelligence capabilities, or a lack of progress in achieving the long-sought-after enterprise-wide "single version of the truth" – or all of the above – IT Directors, strategists, and architects find that they need to go back to the drawing board and produce a brand new BI/data warehousing roadmap to help move their enterprises from their current state to one where the promises of emerging technologies and a generation’s worth of best practices can finally deliver high-impact, architecturally evolvable enterprise-scale business intelligence and data warehousing. Author Alan Simon, whose BI and data warehousing experience dates back to the late 1970s and who has personally delivered or led more than thirty enterprise-wide BI/data warehousing roadmap engagements since the mid-1990s, details a comprehensive step-by-step approach to building a best practices-driven, multi-year roadmap in the quest for architecturally evolvable BI and data warehousing at the enterprise scale. Simon addresses the triad of technology, work processes, and organizational/human factors considerations in a manner that blends the visionary and the pragmatic. Takes a fresh look at true enterprise-scale BI/DW in the "Dawn of the Big Data Era" Details a checklist-based approach to surveying one’s current state and identifying which components are enterprise-ready and which ones are impeding the key objectives of enterprise-scale BI/DW Provides an approach for how to analyze and test-bed emerging technologies and architectures and then figure out how to include the relevant ones in the roadmaps that will be developed Presents a tried-and-true methodology for building a phased, incremental, and iterative enterprise BI/DW roadmap that is closely aligned with an organization’s business imperatives, organizational culture, and other considerations

Ocm Java Ee 6 Enterprise Architect Exam Guide Exams 1z0 807 1z0 865 1z0 866

Author : Paul Allen
ISBN : 9780071826747
Genre : Computers
File Size : 87. 61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 637
Read : 1062

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A Complete Study System for OCM Exams 1Z0-807, 1Z0-865, and 1Z0-866 Prepare for the Oracle Certified Master Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect exams with this exclusive Oracle Press guide. The multiple-choice exam, the assignment, and the essay exam are covered. Chapters feature challenging exercises, a certification summary, a two-minute drill, and a self-test to reinforce the topics presented. This authoritative resource helps you pass these exams and also serves as an essential, on-the-job reference. Get complete coverage of all exam objectives, including: Application design concepts and principles Common architectures Integration and messaging Business-tier technologies Web-tier technologies Design patterns Security Electronic content includes: 120 multiple-choice practice exam questions Test engine that provides practice exams and customized quizzes by chapter

Handbook On Enterprise Architecture

Author : Peter Bernus
ISBN : 3540003436
Genre : Computers
File Size : 79. 82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 559
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This handbook is about methods, tools and examples of how to architect an enterprise through considering all life cycle aspects of Enterprise Entities. It is based on ISO15704:2000, or the GERAM Framework. A wide audience is addressed, as the handbook covers methods and tools necessary to design or redesign enterprises, as well as those necessary to structure the implementation into manageable projects.

Advances In Information Systems Development

Author : Gabor Maygar
ISBN : 0387708014
Genre : Computers
File Size : 36. 99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 636
Read : 837

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This volume carries the proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Information Systems Development (ISD). ISD progresses rapidly, continually creating new challenges. Progress in ISD comes from research as well as from practice. The aim of the Conference is to provide an international forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences between academia and industry, and to stimulate exploration of new solutions.

Force Com Enterprise Architecture

Author : Andrew Fawcett
ISBN : 9781786465054
Genre : Computers
File Size : 45. 55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 961
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Architect and deliver packaged Force.com applications that cater to enterprise business needs About This Book Explore the lightning framework, advanced application life cycle processes, and testing Use the Force.com platform to build truly integrated, scalable, and robustly engineered applications focused on enterprise-level customer demands Using the Lightning technology to deliver modern and responsive user experiences targeting multiple devices through Lightning Experience and Salesforce1 Mobile. Step-by-step, work on examples to get you building your own ready-to-install packaged application Who This Book Is For This book is for advanced Force.com developers and architects who need to understand the Salesforce platform from the perspective of enterprise-level requirements. A prior understanding of Apex and Visualforce is a must. Those familiar with other enterprise software ecosystems will also find this book ideal as they adopt Force.com. What You Will Learn Package, install, test, and upgrade an application Define architecture-aligning data storage and functional requirements Develop Apex code that is easy to navigate, self-documenting, testable, robust, and organic Leverage your application's clientagnostic Service layer backbone to support numerous platform areas Get the most from hosting your application within the Lightning Experience and Salesforce1 Mobile clients Apply querying, indexing, and asynchronous best practices Leverage mocking and dependency injection in your Apex tests Explore tips for developing advanced applications In Detail Companies of all sizes have seen the need for Force.com's architectural strategy focused on enabling their business objectives. Successful enterprise applications require planning, commitment, and investment in the best tools, processes, and features available. This book will teach you how to architect and support enduring applications for enterprise clients with Salesforce by exploring how to identify architecture needs and design solutions based on industry standard patterns. There are several ways to build solutions on Force.com, and this book will guide you through a logical path and show you the steps and considerations required to build packaged solutions from start to finish. It covers all aspects, from engineering to getting your application into the hands of your customers, and ensuring that they get the best value possible from your Force.com application. You will get acquainted with extending tools such as Lightning App Builder, Process Builder, and Flow with your own application logic. In addition to building your own application API, you will learn the techniques required to leverage the latest Lightning technologies on desktop and mobile platforms. Style and approach The book takes a straightforward approach, taking apart the Force.com architecture for you to gain a deep understanding of how you can implement the Salesforce platform based on enterprise-level requirements.

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