activation deactivation and poisoning of catalysts

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Activation Deactivation And Poisoning Of Catalysts

Author : John Butt
ISBN : 9780323140867
Genre : Science
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Activation, Deactivation, and Poisoning of Catalysts deals with the circumstances and mechanisms underlying catalyst activation, deactivation, and poisoning. The emphasis is on the techniques for handling deactivating systems, not on results per se. Deactivation by fouling and sintering is given consideration. This book is organized into three sections and consists of 12 chapters. The first part is devoted to a systematic development of the manner in which catalysts are activated, deactivated, poisoned, and in some cases reactivated on a microscopic basis. The first chapter explains the concept of the active center as utilized in catalysis, along with catalyst regeneration, rejuvenation, and detoxification. In the second part, the reader is introduced to the problem of heat transfer as well as the transport of reactants and products in the interior of the particle coupled with chemical reaction therein. The macroscopic deactivation behavior of the catalyst particle is described in terms of fundamental kinetic deactivation phenomena and of parameters governing heat and mass transfer. The last part is primarily concerned with a collection of catalyst particles within the reactor, with emphasis on the global activity of the reactor. In the last chapter, a pragmatic approach is presented to predict the design and performance of chemical reactors containing a deactivating catalyst. This book is written for catalytic chemists, researchers, reactor designers, and students interested in catalyst activation, deactivation, and poisoning.

Advances In Catalyst Deactivation

Author : Calvin H. Bartholomew
ISBN : 9783038421870
Genre : Science
File Size : 59. 69 MB
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This book is a printed edition of the Special Issue "Advances in Catalyst Deactivation" that was published in Catalysts

Combinatorial Catalysis And High Throughput Catalyst Design And Testing

Author : E.G. Derouane
ISBN : 9789401143295
Genre : Science
File Size : 65. 6 MB
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Catalysts are central in modern industrial chemistry and there is an urgent need to develop new catalysts. Such a rapid pace of development brings with it a new set of challenges at all levels of research, from synthesis and characterization to testing and modelling. This book reviews the current status of combinatorial catalysis, scientific catalyst design techniques, methods for preparing inorganic combinatorial libraries, experimental design methods, data processing, system modelling an simulation, and catalyst testing. The individual contributions reveal the development of high throughput catalyst design and test methods and identify the main challenges in the field, including new catalyst preparation techniques, rapid performance evaluation, and new microreactor configurations. Readership: All those working in catalytic process analysis and development. The extensive review of catalysis principles is especially relevant for postgraduate students seeking to pursue studies in catalysis.

Industrial Catalytic Processes For Fine And Specialty Chemicals

Author : Sunil S Joshi
ISBN : 9780128016701
Genre : Science
File Size : 48. 2 MB
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Industrial Catalytic Processes for Fine and Specialty Chemicals provides a comprehensive methodology and state-of-the art toolbox for industrial catalysis. The book begins by introducing the reader to the interesting, challenging, and important field of catalysis and catalytic processes. The fundamentals of catalysis and catalytic processes are fully covered before delving into the important industrial applications of catalysis and catalytic processes, with an emphasis on green and sustainable technologies. Several case studies illustrate new and sustainable ways of designing catalysts and catalytic processes. The intended audience of the book includes researchers in academia and industry, as well as chemical engineers, process development chemists, and technologists working in chemical industries and industrial research laboratories. Discusses the fundamentals of catalytic processes, catalyst preparation and characterization, and reaction engineering Outlines the homogeneous catalytic processes as they apply to specialty chemicals Introduces industrial catalysis and catalytic processes for fine chemicals Includes a number of case studies to demonstrate the various processes and methods for designing green catalysts

Principles And Practice Of Heterogeneous Catalysis

Author : John Meurig Thomas
ISBN : 9783527314584
Genre : Science
File Size : 71. 46 MB
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This long-awaited second edition of the successful introduction to the fundamentals of heterogeneous catalysis is now completely revised and updated. Written by internationally acclaimed experts, this textbook includes fundamentals of adsorption, characterizing catalysts and their surfaces, the significance of pore structure and surface area, solid-state and surface chemistry, poisoning, promotion, deactivation and selectivity of catalysts, as well as catalytic process engineering. A final section provides a number of examples and case histories. With its color and numerous graphics plus references to help readers to easily find further reading, this is a pivotal work for an understanding of the principles involved.

Deactivation Of Catalysts

Author : Ronald Hughes
ISBN : UOM:39015006430410
Genre : Science
File Size : 84. 94 MB
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Catalyst Deactivation 1980 International Symposium Proceedings

Author : B. Delmon
ISBN : 9780080954325
Genre : Science
File Size : 27. 60 MB
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Catalyst Deactivation 1980: International Symposium Proceedings

Catalysts For Upgrading Heavy Petroleum Feeds

Author : Edward Furimsky
ISBN : 9780080549316
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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The book provides the most up-to-date information on testing and development of hydroprocessing catalysts with the aim to improve performance of the conventional and modified catalysts as well as to develop novel catalytic formulations. Besides diverse chemical composition, special attention is devoted to pore size and pore volume distribution of the catalysts. Properties of the catalysts are discussed in terms of their suitability for upgrading heavy feeds. For this purpose atmospheric residue was chosen as the base for defining other heavy feeds which comprise vacuum gas oil, deasphalted oil and vacuum residues in addition to topped heavy crude and bitumen. Attention is paid to deactivation with the aim to extent catalyst life during the operation. Into consideration is taken the loss of activity due to fouling, metal deposition, coke formed as the result of chemical reaction and poisoning by nitrogen bases. Mathematical models were reviewed focussing on those which can simulate performance of the commercial operations. Configurations of hydroprocessing reactors were compared in terms of their capability to upgrade various heavy feeds providing that a suitable catalyst was selected. Strategies for regeneration, utilization and disposal of spent hydroprocesing catalysts were evaluated. Potential of the non-conventional hydroprocessing involving soluble/dispersed catalysts and biocatalysts in comparison with conventional methods were assessed to identify issues which prevent commercial utilization of the former. A separate chapter is devoted to catalytic dewaxing because the structure of dewaxing catalysts is rather different than that of hydroprocessing catalysts, i.e., the objective of catalytic dewaxing is different than that of the conventional hydroprocessing, The relevant information in the scientific literature is complemented with the Patent literature covering the development of catalysts and novel reactor configurations. Separate chapter was added to distinguish upgrading capabilities of the residues catalytic cracking processes from those employing hydroprocessing. Upper limits on the content of carbon residue and metals in the feeds which can still be upgraded by the former processes differ markedly from those in the feeds which can be upgraded by hydroprocessing. It is necessary that the costs of modifications of catalytic cracking processes to accommodate heavier feeds are compared with that of hydroprocessing methods. Objective of the short chapter on upgrading by carbon rejecting processes was to identify limits of contaminants in heavy feeds beyond which catalytic upgrading via hydroprocessing becomes uneconomical because of the costs of catalyst inventory and that of reactors and equipment. - Comprehensive and most recent information on hydroprocessing catalysts for upgrading heavy petroleum feeds. - Compares conventional, modified and novel catalysts for upgrading a wide range of heavy petroleum feeds. - Comparison of conventional with non-conventional hydroprocessing, the latter involving soluble/dispersed catalysts and biocatalysts. - Development and comparison of mathematical models to simulate performance of catalytic reactors including most problematic feeds. - Residues upgrading by catalytic cracking in comparison to hydroprocessing.

Kirk Othmer Encyclopedia Of Chemical Technology

Author :
ISBN : 9780471484967
Genre : Chemical engineering
File Size : 36. 86 MB
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Presents a wide scope of articles on chemical substances, properties, manufacturing, and uses; on industrial processes, unit operations in chemical engineering; and on fundamentals and scientific subjects related to the field. Describes established technology along with cutting edge topics of interest in the wide field of chemical technology.

Advances In Catalysis

Author :
ISBN : 0080565107
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 51. 15 MB
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Advances in Catalysis

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