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The Rhetoric Of Alexander Hamilton

Author : Bower Aly
ISBN : UOM:39015012090620
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Alexander Hamilton Portrait In Paradox

Author : John Chester Miller
ISBN : UOM:39015005662823
Genre : Newly independent states
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Alexander Hamilton left an imprint upon this country that time has not effaced. Probably no American statesman since has displayed more audacity and a bolder and more constructive imagination. We can point to no one of his time so prodigal of ideas and so obsessed by a determination to make the United States a powerful nation.

The Works Of Alexander Hamilton

Author : Alexander Hamilton
ISBN : UCAL:B3488561
Genre : Finance, Public
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1768 1778

Author : Alexander Hamilton
ISBN : UOM:39015020772425
Genre : United States
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Alexander Hamilton And Aaron Burr

Author : Anna Erskine Crouse
ISBN : PSU:000053713162
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The curious intermeshing of Burr's and Hamilton's lives at a time when individual Americans were in a position to forcefully shape the future of their country led ultimately to one of the most controversial duels in our history. Co-students at Princeton, co-lawyers in criminal trials, and friends, a long series of political conflicts and personal antagonisms led to the match was cost Hamilton his life and Burr his reputation.

Alexander Hamilton S Revolution

Author : Phillip Thomas Tucker
ISBN : 9781510716605
Genre : History
File Size : 30. 54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The acclaimed historian explores Hamilton's critical role during America’s battle for independence in “an illuminating book, written with verve and intensity” (John Ferling, author of Whirlwind). Despite his humble beginnings, Alexander Hamilton was one of the best and brightest of his generation. Today, he is known for his work as Secretary of the Treasury in Washington's administration. But Hamilton also made significant contributions during the Revolutionary War, where he forged a close bond with Washington. In this groundbreaking work, Phillip Thomas Tucker reveals that Hamilton was not only Washington's favorite staff officer, but also his right-hand man for most of the Revolution, serving as Chief of Staff from 1777 to early 1781. The entire patriotic cause benefited immeasurably from the advice and strategies provided to Washington by his youngest staff officer, Alexander Hamilton. While Hamilton found this position rewarding, he continually asked Washington for a field command. Hamilton's wish was granted at the decisive battle of Yorktown, where his Infantry Battalion charged on the defensive bastion on Cornwallis's left flank. Hamilton's capture of this position forced Cornwallis's surrender and sealed the ultimate colonial victory.

British Sea Captain Alexander Hamilton S A New Account Of The East Indies 17th 18th Century

Author : Alexander Hamilton
ISBN : STANFORD:36105110283046
Genre : History
File Size : 63. 41 MB
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This is a new edition of one of the most important accounts of the Indian Ocean and Asia during the late 17th century. It is heavily annotated with hundreds of footnotes. Since its first publication in Scotland and England (in 1727 and 1744 respectively), it has only been republished once, in a limited edition in 1930. It is a fascinating insight into the life of a Scottish seafarer and a history of southeast Asia, the Indian Ocean and other areas. Hamilton was an eye-witness to wars, pirate attacks, scheming English and Asian profiteers, and imprisonment. This edition is taken from the original text of the 1727 edition.

Alexander Hamilton Documents Decoded

Author : Christina G. Villegas
ISBN : 9781440857645
Genre : History
File Size : 87. 87 MB
Format : PDF
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An indispensable resource for all readers, this book summarizes the founding of America alongside the personal and public life of one of America's most influential Founders through a comprehensive investigation of Hamilton's extensive writings. • Offers insight into both the public and private life of Alexander Hamilton, one of America's most significant historical figures and an American icon • Allows students to better grasp the seminal events of the founding of America through the writings of one of the leading Founders • Encourages thoughtful examination of primary source documents on the early years of the American republic

Alexander Hamilton

Author : Susanna Keller
ISBN : 9781680488081
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 67. 86 MB
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Although Alexander Hamilton recently recaptured the spotlight as the subject of a hit Broadway show, his role as one of the first and foremost interpreters of the U.S. Constitution means that his importance was never in doubt. This biography introduces readers to the exciting life, and dramatic death, of the man whose accomplishments include (though are hardly limited to) working as Washington's aide during the American Revolution, writing the majority of the Federalist Papers, serving as the first Secretary of the Treasury, and influencing the establishment of the two-party political system. Sidebars highlight key vocabulary terms or offer informative quick facts, which is a great resource for report-writing.

Alexander Hamilton S Economic Plan

Author : Ryan P. Randolph
ISBN : 0823942511
Genre : History
File Size : 51. 49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Summary Of Phillip Thomas Tucker S Alexander Hamilton S Revolution

Author : Everest Media,
ISBN : 9798822564480
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 77. 69 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book. Sample Book Insights: #1 James Hamilton, a Scottish merchant, had met Rachel in the Leeward Island of St. Kitts in 1750. They lived an unconventional lifestyle together for about fifteen years, until Rachel was unable to legitimize their relationship in legal terms. #2 After nearly a decade of fleeing St. Croix, Lavien filed for divorce in 1759 in order to protect his one legitimate heir, Peter Lavien, while ensuring that Alexander and James were declared bastard and whore children’ who could never legally inherit any of his property. #3 Alexander Hamilton’s life in Nevis, until age ten, and then Christiansted, St. Croix, was filled with the sights and sounds of the busy wharf and dock: noisy fishermen and sailors from around the world, black slaves, stately royal palms and orange trees loaded with ripe fruit, and flocks of low-flying brown pelicans. #4 Alexander’s early experiences on St. Croix shaped his character and made him hate slavery. The world of the Danish West Indies shaped and molded the man destined to become one of America’s most beloved Founding Fathers.

The Works Of Alexander Hamilton Correspondence 1769 1789

Author : Alexander Hamilton
ISBN : OXFORD:N10590197
Genre : Finance
File Size : 24. 26 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Alexander Hamilton S New York City Read Along Ebook

Author : Dona Herweck Rice
ISBN : 9781087648354
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 28. 13 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In Alexander Hamilton's New York City, readers will learn all about the history of New York City during the time of Alexander Hamilton, and analyze their mutual influence. Through the use of dynamic primary sources like maps and letters, students will be engaged as they read about history and build their literacy skills. Supporting current social studies standards, this full-color text includes intriguing images, interesting sidebars, a glossary, and other important text features to support learning and strengthen key comprehension skills. Challenging activities require students to use text evidence to connect back to what they've read.

Alexander Hamilton Of Spy Park

Author : Lamar Hamilton
ISBN : WISC:89065700825
Genre :
File Size : 42. 15 MB
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The Revolutionary Writings Of Alexander Hamilton

Author : Alexander Hamilton
ISBN : UOM:39015077610791
Genre : History
File Size : 60. 51 MB
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Alexander Hamilton's thought has, for over two hundred years, been noted for its deviations from American revolutionary Whig orthodoxy. From a conventional Whig at the beginning of his career, Hamilton developed a Federalist viewpoint that liberty depended above all on the creation of a powerful central government. In this collection, we find the seeds of this development, as Hamilton's early optimistic confidence in the triumph of American Whig principles begin to give way, under the influence of his experience during the Revolution, to his mature Federalism.

Fears Of A Setting Sun

Author : Dennis C. Rasmussen
ISBN : 9780691210230
Genre : History
File Size : 62. 46 MB
Format : PDF
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Americans seldom deify their Founding Fathers any longer, but they do still tend to venerate the Constitution and the republican government that the founders created. Strikingly, the founders themselves were far less confident in what they had wrought, particularly by the end of their lives. In fact, most of them-including George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson-came to deem America's constitutional experiment an utter failure that was unlikely to last beyond their own generation. Fears of a Setting Sun is the first book to tell the fascinating and too-little-known story of the founders' disillusionment. As Dennis Rasmussen shows, the founders' pessimism had a variety of sources: Washington lost his faith in America's political system above all because of the rise of partisanship, Hamilton because he felt that the federal government was too weak, Adams because he believed that the people lacked civic virtue, and Jefferson because of sectional divisions laid bare by the spread of slavery. The one major founder who retained his faith in America's constitutional order to the end was James Madison, and the book also explores why he remained relatively optimistic when so many of his compatriots did not. As much as Americans today may worry about their country's future, Rasmussen reveals, the founders faced even graver problems and harbored even deeper misgivings.

A Broken Sausage Grinder

Author : Hank Thomas
ISBN : 9781644624586
Genre : History
File Size : 21. 55 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This political guide helps us understand why the federal government is designed as it is and how it can be fixed. Everybody proclaims disgust with the political system, yet the system continues to get more disgusting. Is the hard–nosed partisanship in politics today the result of a flaw in the design of our system of government? Did our forefathers overlook something important when they were writing the Constitution? In A Broken Sausage Grinder, author Hank Thomas explains the basic components of the government in order to provide insight as to why it functions as it does. From the diverse settlements and colonial experiences to the development of and the motivation for our demand for freedom and self–determination, this study looks at what our founding fathers were attempting to create as the United States of America was being formed. It studies the variety of influences that have molded our political system over the years, and it presents conclusions about what is wrong with our system of government and how it can be fixed. John Senger of Clarion Foreword Reviews gave this book five stars and said, "Much like Madison, Hamilton, and John Jay, the author is consistently reasoned and moderate in his arguments for restraint in the political forum. In fact, he concludes: ‘Our problem today stems from a loss of respect for the beliefs and ideologies of other Americans.'" Kirkus Reviews said, "Thomas finally attempts to provide answers to the problems America faces, with such diverse advice as allowing only registered voters to make campaign contributions and stressing compromise over mere minority rule. Thomas' work is a compelling review of American political history in an easy–to–read form; a comprehensive set of appendices also aids the reader." Designed as a tool to facilitate discussion, A Broken Sausage Grinder communicates the idea that "we the people" form the foundation for our government; if it isn't working as we intended, "we the people" have the responsibility to fix it. Thank you for joining this important American conversation.

Jefferson And Hamilton

Author : John Ferling
ISBN : 9781608195428
Genre : History
File Size : 28. 50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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For readers of Ron Chernow's Alexander Hamilton, the spellbinding history of the epic rivalry that shaped our republic: Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and their competing visions for America. The decade of the 1790s has been called the “age of passion.” Fervor ran high as rival factions battled over the course of the new republic-each side convinced that the other's goals would betray the legacy of the Revolution so recently fought and so dearly won. All understood as well that what was at stake was not a moment's political advantage, but the future course of the American experiment in democracy. In this epochal debate, no two figures loomed larger than Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. Both men were visionaries, but their visions of what the United States should be were diametrically opposed. Jefferson, a true revolutionary, believed passionately in individual liberty and a more egalitarian society, with a weak central government and greater powers for the states. Hamilton, a brilliant organizer and tactician, feared chaos and social disorder. He sought to build a powerful national government that could ensure the young nation's security and drive it toward economic greatness. Jefferson and Hamilton is the story of the fierce struggle-both public and, ultimately, bitterly personal-between these two titans. It ended only with the death of Hamilton in a pistol duel, felled by Aaron Burr, Jefferson's vice president. Their competing legacies, like the twin strands of DNA, continue to shape our country to this day. Their personalities, their passions, and their bold dreams for America leap from the page in this epic new work from one of our finest historians. From the award-winning author of Almost a Miracle and The Ascent of George Washington, this is the rare work of scholarship that offers us irresistible human drama even as it enriches our understanding of deep themes in our nation's history.

The American Economy Essays And Primary Source Documents

Author : Cynthia Clark Northrup
ISBN : 9781576078662
Genre : History
File Size : 65. 40 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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More than five hundred alphabetically arranged entries cover issues of importance to economic life in the United States.

Dictionary Of Early American Philosophers

Author : John R. Shook
ISBN : 9781441171405
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 23. 83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Dictionary of Early American Philosophers, which contains over 400 entries by nearly 300 authors, provides an account of philosophical thought in the United States and Canada between 1600 and 1860. The label of "philosopher" has been broadly applied in this Dictionary to intellectuals who have made philosophical contributions regardless of academic career or professional title. Most figures were not academic philosophers, as few such positions existed then, but they did work on philosophical issues and explored philosophical questions involved in such fields as pedagogy, rhetoric, the arts, history, politics, economics, sociology, psychology, medicine, anthropology, religion, metaphysics, and the natural sciences. Each entry begins with biographical and career information, and continues with a discussion of the subject's writings, teaching, and thought. A cross-referencing system refers the reader to other entries. The concluding bibliography lists significant publications by the subject, posthumous editions and collected works, and further reading about the subject.

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