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All About Science

Author : Maria Burguete
ISBN : 9789814472944
Genre : Science
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There is a lot of confusion and misconception concerning science. The nature and contents of science is an unsettled problem. For example, Thales of 2,600 years ago is recognized as the father of science but the word science was introduced only in the 14th century; the definition of science is often avoided in books about philosophy of science. This book aims to clear up all these confusions and present new developments in the philosophy, history, sociology and communication of science. It also aims to showcase the achievement of China's top scholars in these areas. The 18 chapters, divided into five parts, are written by prominent scholars including the Nobel laureate Robin Warren, sociologist Harry Collins, and physicist-turned-historian Dietrich Stauffer. Contents:About Science 1: Basics — Knowledge, Nature, Science and Scimat (Lui Lam)About Science 2: Philosophy, History, Sociology and Communication (Lui Lam)Philosophy of Science:Towards a Phenomenological Philosophy of Science (Guo-Sheng Wu)The Predicament of Scientific Culture in Ancient China (Hong-Sheng Wang)What Do Scientists Know! (Nigel Sanitt)How to Deal with the Whole: Two Kinds of Holism in Methodology (Jin-Yang Liu)History of Science:Helicobactor: The Ease and Difficulty of a New Discovery (Robin Warren)Science in Victorian Era: New Observations on Two Old Theses (Dun Liu)Medical Studies in Portugal Around 1911 (Maria Burguete)The Founding of the International Liquid Crystal Society (Lui Lam)Sociology of Science:Three Waves in Science Studies (Harry Collins)Solitons and Revolution in China: 1978–1983 (Lui Lam)Scientific Culture in Contemporary China (Bing Liu and Mei-Fang Zhang)Communication of Science:Science Communication: A History and Review (Peter Broks)Popular-Science Writings in Early Modern China (Lin Yin)Other Science Matters:Understanding Art Through Science: From Socrates to the Contextual Brain (Kajsa Berg)Spy Video Games After 9/11: Narrative and Pleasure (Ting-Ting Wang)Statistical Physics for Humanities: A Tutorial (Dietrich Stauffer) Readership: Researchers and laypeople interested in science. Keywords:Science;Philosophy;Sociology;Communication

The Invention Of Science Why History Of Science Matters For The Classroom

Author : Catherine Milne
ISBN : 9789460915253
Genre : Science
File Size : 57. 2 MB
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The Invention of Science: Why History of Science Matters for the Classroom introduces readers to some of the developments that were key for the emergence of Eurocentric science, the discipline we call science. Using history this book explores how human groups and individuals were key to the invention of the discipline of we call science. All human groups have a need and desire to produce systematic knowledge that supports their ongoing survival as a community. This book examines how history can help us to understand emergence of Eurocentric science from local forms of systematic knowledge. Each chapter explores elements that were central to the invention of science including beliefs of what was real and true, forms of reasoning to be valued, and how the right knowledge should be constructed and the role of language. But most importantly this book presented these ideas in an accessible way with activities and questions to help readers grapple with the ideas being presented. Enjoy!

Communicating Science

Author : Alan G. Gross
ISBN : 9780195134544
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 27. 2 MB
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This book describes the development of the scientific article from its modest beginnings to the global phenomenon that it has become today. Their analysis of a large sample of texts in French, English, and German focuses on the changes in the style, organization, and argumentative structure of scientific communication over time. They also speculate on the future currency of the scientific article, as it enters the era of the World Wide Web. This book is an outstanding resource text in the rhetoric of science, and will stand as the definitive study on the topic.

Science And Ideology In The Policy Sciences

Author : Paul Diesing
ISBN : 0202368734
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 80. 65 MB
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The purpose of this book is to examine how ideology operates--in the sense of influencing the conduct of inquiry--in the policy sciences, defined as economics, political science, and sociology. The author seeks to identify the main ideologies and show how each ideology produces a preference for certain problems, methods, and hypotheses; how it sensitizes scientists to certain phenomena and suggests certain interpretations of those phenomena; and how it closes off other phenomena and concepts from investigation and testing, or at least distorts that investigation. In this book, Diesing critically examines all the major schools of policy-related social thought from 1930 to 1975. He deals with Neoclassical Economics and its various applications, the Keynesians, the Systems Approach, the Schumpeter perspective, the Critical Intellectuals, the Pluralists, the J. K. Galbraith School, New Left Marxism, and the Ecological Paradigm of Schumacher and others. The world looks different if your perspective is that of a rational small businessman working in a society of hypothetical perfect competition, as opposed to that of a proletarian, looking up at your oppressors. Part One is descriptive and evaluative, considering each ideology in turn; Part Two considers the policy implications. "In 1982, Diesing published a remarkable book entitled Science and Ideology in the Policy Sciences. When I interviewed Diesing in Buffalo in the summer of 1984, he told me that to date, the publication had been reviewed in only two professional journals. I was astounded. Science & Ideology... was the best book I had read in a decade, and it related directly to all the policy sciences. The lack of professional response may partially reflect Diesings disinterest in self-promotion, but beyond this is the community problem. Scholars are recognized within disciplines, but there is only a tiny community of social science. I consider this to be the most brilliant of Diesings books. Like all of Diesings works, it remains highly relevant today."--from the introduction by Richard Hartwig.

Science And Society

Author : Joseph Agassi
ISBN : 9789401164566
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 46. 40 MB
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"If a science has to be supported by fraudulent means, let it perish. " With these words of Kepler, Agassi plunges into the actual troubles and glories of science (321). The SOciology of science is no foreign intruder upon scientific knowledge in these essays, for we see clearly how Agassi transforms the tired internalistJexternalist debate about the causal influences in the history of science. The social character of the entire intertwined epistemological and practical natures of the sciences is intrinsic to science and itself split: the internal sociology within science, the external sociology of the social setting without. Agassi sees these social matters in the small as well as the large: from the details of scientific communication, changing publishing as he thinks to 'on-demand' centralism with less waste (Ch. 12), to the colossal tension of romanticism and rationality in the sweep of historical cultures. Agassi is a moral and political philosopher of science, defending, dis turbing, comprehending, criticizing. For him, science in a society requires confrontation, again and again, with issues of autonomy vs. legitimation as the central problem of democracy. And furthermore, devotion to science, pace Popper, Polanyi, and Weber, carries preoccupational dangers: Popper's elitist rooting out of 'pseudo-science', Weber's hard-working obsessive . com mitment to science. See Agassi's Weberian gloss on the social psychology of science in his provocative 'picture of the scientist as maniac' (437).

Rural Sociology In The Soviet Union

Author : Terence M. Cox
ISBN : UCAL:B3174988
Genre : History
File Size : 25. 70 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Social Studies Of Science And Technology Looking Back Ahead

Author : B. Joerges
ISBN : 1402014821
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 66. 14 MB
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The sociology of the sciences yearbook : a personal retrospective / Richard Whitley -- Sciences, science studies and their publics : speculating on future relations / Ulrike Felt -- Is that politics? / Emilie Gomart and Maarten Hajer -- Science and the postmodern shift in contemporary democracies / Yaron Ezrahi -- History of social science : understanding modernity and rethinking social studies of science / Bjorn Wittrock -- The 'triple helix' and 'new production of knowledge' as socio-cognitive fields / Terry Shinn -- The conundrum of consciousness : changing landscapes of knowledge at the turn of the millennium / Sabine Maasen -- In a constitutional moment : science and social order at the millennium / Sheila Jasanoff -- Growth, differentiation, expansion and change of identity - the future of science / Peter Weingart -- Institutionalizing science & technology studies in the academy / Stephen Hilgartner -- Prolepsis : considerations for histories of science after 2000 / Michael Hagner and Hans-Jorg Rheinberger -- Joy in repetition makes the future disappear : a critical assessment of the present state of STS / Michael Guggenheim and Helga Nowotny -- Reflections on the millennium, calendars, and the Gregorian hegemony / Bernward Joerges.

Scientific Practice And Ordinary Action

Author : Michael Lynch
ISBN : 0521597420
Genre : Science
File Size : 34. 53 MB
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This controversial book disputes the idea that science is the application of a unified method or the outgrowth of a progressive history of ideas.

The College Blue Book

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015080279048
Genre : Universities and colleges
File Size : 66. 78 MB
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Conceptual Change

Author : G.A. Pearce
ISBN : 9789401025485
Genre : Science
File Size : 89. 57 MB
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During Hallowe'en of 1970, the Department of Philosophy of the Univer sity of Western Ontario held its annual fall colloquium at London, On tario. The general topic of the sessions that year was conceptual change. The thirteen papers composing this volume stem more or less directly from those meetings; six of them are printed here virtually as delivered, while the remaining seven were subsequently written by invitation. The programme of the colloquium was to have consisted of major papers delivered by Professors Wilfrid Sellars, Stephan Korner, Paul Ziff and Hilary Putnam, with shorter commentary thereupon by Professors Robert Binkley, Joseph Ullian, Jerry Fodor and Robert Barrett, respec tively. And that is the way it happened, with one important exception: at the eleventh hour, Sellars and Binkley exchanged roles. This gave Binkley the rather unusual and challenging task of providing a suitable Sellarsian answer to a question not of his own asking - for Binkley's paper was written under Sellars' original title. Sellars' own contribution to the vo lume is perhaps more nearly what he would have presented as main speaker than a direct response to Binkley. However, it has seemed best, on balance, to attempt no further stylistic accommodation of the one paper to the other; their mutual philosophical relevance will be evident in any case. The editors would here like to extend special thanks to both Sellars and Binkley for their extraordinary efforts under the circumstances.

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