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American Holocaust

Author : David E. Stannard
ISBN : 0195085574
Genre : History
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This controversial treatise focuses on the social and cultural issues involved in the invasion of the Americas by European nations. It describes the suppression or extermination of native cultures, and focuses on the cultural and ideological principles behind the colonization efforts.

The Indian Dream

Author : Samuelin MarTinez
ISBN : 9781481761932
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 24. 2 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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How does a mother and son heal from the most horrid human experience, an American Holocaust that everyone is convinced never existed. My mother faced the greatest fears of having to surrender her son to an American campaign to "Kill the Indian save the child" under the threat of America taking me from her if she did not send me to school. This is the story of how difficult it was for America to kill the Indian in me and how my mother maintained our traditional relations to healing our broken spirits. This is a story of how I recovered from the traumas inflicted in me since I was five years old and how I joined a national effort to share our healing with others. Working for thirty eight years as a Psychiatric Social Worker in one of the first Crisis Emergency Response Clinics serving Raza Survivors of the holocaust, and how I became a 'Social Justice Healer developing a diagnostic criteria for what our people suffer as Survivors. This book is full of examples of healing the Dislocados, the uprooted and disconnected suffering from layers of loss. I describe in detail a healing practice for all the trauma caused by a history of cruel and unusual punishment. I call the healing approach Traditional Healing Praxis and provide case examples of the healing power that emerged from forty thousand years of native self reliance. This is a story of how we survived the continuation of Corporate America's "Indian Wars." A story of how we never surrendered our native love Huatacame and continued to shelter, feed, clothe, teach, triage-doctor and protect our children.

American Holocaust

Author : Tim O'Donnell
ISBN : 9780595147557
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 35. 79 MB
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American Holocaust will lead the reader down the road of logic to the conclusion that the victimless crime laws are hate crimes against humanity. The United States, with a rate of incarceration ten times that of countries which use criminal laws only for victim crimes, is currently the world's greatest religious persecutor of moral minorities. So far, the American Holocaust has taken 1,500,000 lives and is currently taking lives at the rate of 19,000 per year. Of the 2,000,000 current prisoners in the United States, 1,000,000 of the convicts are in jail to convince them to convert to the religious morality of the majority, and 800,000 prisoners are real criminals who were created by the recidivism of previously incarcerated victims of the victimless crime laws. The price of victimless crime laws in the United States to both the American voter perpetrators and to the victims, is not only in lives but also in massive human suffering and trillions of dollars.

Holocaust Angst

Author : Jacob S. Eder
ISBN : 9780190237820
Genre : Antisemitism
File Size : 28. 84 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In the face of an outpouring of research on Holocaust history, Holocaust Angst takes an innovative approach. It explores how Germans perceived and reacted to how Americans publicly commemorated the Holocaust. It argues that a network of mostly conservative West German officials and their associates in private organizations and foundations, with Chancellor Kohl located at its center, perceived themselves as the "victims" of the afterlife of the Holocaust in America. They were concerned that public manifestations of Holocaust memory, such as museums, monuments, and movies, could severely damage the Federal Republic's reputation and even cause Americans to question the Federal Republic's status as an ally. From their perspective, American Holocaust memorial culture constituted a stumbling block for (West) German-American relations since the late 1970s. Providing the first comprehensive, archival study of German efforts to cope with the Nazi past vis-a-vis the United States up to the 1990s, this book uncovers the fears of German officials-some of whom were former Nazis or World War II veterans-about the impact of Holocaust memory on the reputation of the Federal Republic and reveals their at times negative perceptions of American Jews. Focusing on a variety of fields of interaction, ranging from the diplomatic to the scholarly and public spheres, the book unearths the complicated and often contradictory process of managing the legacies of genocide on an international stage. West German decision makers realized that American Holocaust memory was not an "anti-German plot" by American Jews and acknowledged that they could not significantly change American Holocaust discourse. In the end, German confrontation with American Holocaust memory contributed to a more open engagement on the part of the West German government with this memory and eventually rendered it a "positive resource" for German self-representation abroad. Holocaust Angst offers new perspectives on postwar Germany's place in the world system as well as the Holocaust culture in the United States and the role of transnational organizations. "

An American Holocaust The Story Of Lataine S Ring

Author : Kerry L. Barger
ISBN : 9781257754144
Genre : History
File Size : 56. 82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Over 75 years ago on March 18, 1937 around 3:17 pm, one of the most modern school buildings in America exploded in a rural Texas community decimating the student population and destroying innocent lives. Considered the worst public school disaster in American history, controversial theories surrounding this tragedy are still debated to this day. The event sparked changes that soon reverberated around the world and continue to affect each of us in our homes, schools, businesses and places of worship. This story relays more than simple facts. It is a personal account of unprepared loss and shattered dreams, followed by unfathomable grief. It describes the feelings of those who died in their innocence and of those who witnessed horror and lived through the aftermath. This is also a story of hope. Countless lives have been saved by bold actions that were taken in the wake of this unanticipated sacrifice of so many children who were literally consumed by fire in this American holocaust.

American Indian Holocaust And Survival

Author : Russell Thornton
ISBN : 080612220X
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 70. 14 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Demographic overview of North American history describing in detail the holocaust that occurred to the Indians.

From Auschwitz To America

Author : Alice Balestrino
ISBN : OCLC:1132123534
Genre : American literature
File Size : 29. 23 MB
Format : PDF
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The Holocaust In American Life

Author : Peter Novick
ISBN : 0547349610
Genre : History
File Size : 43. 77 MB
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Prize-winning historian Peter Novick illuminates the reasons Americans ignored the Holocaust for so long -- how dwelling on German crimes interfered with Cold War mobilization; how American Jews, not wanting to be thought of as victims, avoided the subject. He explores in absorbing detail the decisions that later moved the Holocaust to the center of American life: Jewish leaders invoking its memory to muster support for Israel and to come out on top in a sordid competition over what group had suffered most; politicians using it to score points with Jewish voters. With insight and sensitivity, Novick raises searching questions about these developments. Have American Jews, by making the Holocaust the emblematic Jewish experience, given Hitler a posthumous victory, tacitly endorsing his definition of Jews as despised pariahs? Does the Holocaust really teach useful lessons and sensitize us to atrocities, or, by making the Holocaust the measure, does it make lesser crimes seem "not so bad"? What are we to make of the fact that while Americans spend hundreds of millions of dollars for museums recording a European crime, there is no museum of American slavery?


Author : Deborah E. Lipstadt
ISBN : 9780813573694
Genre : History
File Size : 85. 14 MB
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Immediately after World War II, there was little discussion of the Holocaust, but today the word has grown into a potent political and moral symbol, recognized by all. In Holocaust: An American Understanding, renowned historian Deborah E. Lipstadt explores this striking evolution in Holocaust consciousness, revealing how a broad array of Americans—from students in middle schools to presidents of the United States—tried to make sense of this inexplicable disaster, and how they came to use the Holocaust as a lens to interpret their own history. Lipstadt weaves a powerful narrative that touches on events as varied as the civil rights movement, Vietnam, Stonewall, and the women’s movement, as well as controversies over Bitburg, the Rwandan genocide, and the bombing of Kosovo. Drawing upon extensive research on politics, popular culture, student protests, religious debates and various strains of Zionist ideologies, Lipstadt traces how the Holocaust became integral to the fabric of American life. Even popular culture, including such films as Dr. Strangelove and such books as John Hershey’s The Wall, was influenced by and in turn influenced thinking about the Holocaust. Equally important, the book shows how Americans used the Holocaust to make sense of what was happening in the United States. Many Americans saw the civil rights movement in light of Nazi oppression, for example, while others feared that American soldiers in Vietnam were destroying a people identified by the government as the enemy. Lipstadt demonstrates that the Holocaust became not just a tragedy to be understood but also a tool for interpreting America and its place in the world. Ultimately Holocaust: An American Understanding tells us as much about America in the years since the end of World War II as it does about the Holocaust itself.

Psychiatry America S Holocaust The Twelve Steps Curing Mental Illness Developing The Nonviolent Adult Mind

Author : Clover Greene
ISBN : 1469735032
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 48. 28 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Collapsing from the grief of not being loved, twenty years old, Clover Greene was committed to psychiatry. Just as after any horror to horrible to be real, after four electric shocks, Greene developed hysterical amnesia, vaguely remembering being locked up by psychiatry. Psychiatry, America’s Holocaust: The Twelve Steps Curing Mental Illness, Developing the Nonviolent Adult Mind chronicles author Clover Greene’s journey back from the precipice of suicidal and homicidal terror. It is a collection of Greene’s thoughts, original poetry, and helpful information designed to help the reader to better understand the ups and downs of recovering from mental illness. Over a period of time, Greene was recommitted through psychiatry and forced to take drugs. Unable to escape to the outside, Greene’s suppressed feelings of confusion periodically built up and exploded into suicidal and homicidal drug rages. Real doctors in real hospitals saved Greene’s life from suicide attempts and the life-threatening physical damage caused by psychiatric drugs. After thirty-one years under a psychiatrist’s care, Greene was incredibly still alive, saved by a twelvestep program and the support of others in the same position. In this memoir, Greene shares the harrowing account of escaping psychiatry alive and being reborn in the spirit of love.

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