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Animal Outlaws

Author : Gid Graham
ISBN : LCCN:39008452
Genre : Animal behavior
File Size : 34. 43 MB
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True stories about wild animals and their struggles for life and liberty.

Brute Force

Author : Dominic Lennard
ISBN : 9781438476612
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 39. 34 MB
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Considers how dangerous beasts in horror films illuminate the human-animal relationship. It’s always been a wild world, with humans telling stories of killer animals as soon as they could tell stories at all. Movies are an especially popular vehicle for our fascination with fierce creatures. In Brute Force, Dominic Lennard takes a close look at a range of cinematic animal attackers, including killer gorillas, sharks, snakes, bears, wolves, spiders, and even a few dinosaurs. Lennard argues that animal horror is not so much a focused genre as it is an impulse, tapping into age-old fears of becoming prey. At the same time, these films expose conflicts and uncertainties in our current relationship with animals. Movies considered include King Kong, Jaws, The Grey, Them!, Arachnophobia, Jurassic Park, Snakes on a Plane, An American Werewolf in London, and many more. Drawing on insights from film studies, art history, cognitive science, and evolutionary psychology, Brute Force is an engaging critical exploration—and appreciation—of cinema’s many bad beasts. “The brilliance of Dominic Lennard’s Brute Force is not only that it is long overdue, but one didn’t realize it was due in the first place! Yet upon reflection and, of course, through Lennard’s engaging book, one realizes not only the ubiquity of animals in horror, but their utter centrality to so many classic horror films. In reading this, we can hear the distant rumble of footsteps of a genetically reborn Tyrannosaurus or the hurried pounding of our beloved Rover who has decided that he wants more than kibbles and bits for dinner—and we look mighty appetizing. ‘Groundbreaking’ is often overused, but in this case it truly fits.” — David Desser, coeditor of Tough Ain’t Enough: New Perspectives on the Films of Clint Eastwood

Animals And The Law

Author : Jordan Curnutt
ISBN : 9781576071472
Genre : Law
File Size : 78. 95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Provides an overview of legislation intended to protect animals and covers issues surrounding such legislation.

The Trail Breakers

Author : Paul Lederer
ISBN : 9781497694033
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 55. 75 MB
Format : PDF
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To forge a new trail, a cowboy ventures into a frightening wilderness Glen Wycherly’s ranch holds two thousand cattle on ten thousand acres, and there is no one who knows the land better than Ray Hardin. But in all his years working for old man Wycherly and his ungrateful children, there is still one place that Ray has never been: an Apache stronghold just off Wycherly’s property, where settlers fear to tread. Now the army claims that the area is secure, and Wycherly wants to use it to drive cattle through. It’s up to Hardin to blaze a trail. With his best friend at his side, Hardin rides into the unexplored territory, fearing Apache, bandits, and the dreadful twists of fate that threaten every traveler in the West. By the time this journey is done, either the trail will be broken or Hardin will be.

Panhandle Plains Historical Review

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105013853218
Genre : Great Plains
File Size : 89. 64 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Panhandle Plains Historical Review

Author :
ISBN : UCAL:B3505661
Genre : Texas
File Size : 63. 48 MB
Format : PDF
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The Deadliest Outlaws

Author : Jeffrey Burton
ISBN : 9781574412703
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 43. 80 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"In their day, these men were the most daring of their kind, and the most feared. They were accused of crimes that were not theirs, but their proven record is long and lurid. Their downfall was brought about by what one editor called "the magic of the telephone and telegraph," by quarrels between themselves, and by their reckless defiance of ever-mounting odds."

Living Beings

Author : Penelope Dransart
ISBN : 9781000182989
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 51. 41 MB
Format : PDF
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Living Beings examines the vital characteristics of social interactions between living beings, including humans, other animals and trees.Many discussions of such relationships highlight the exceptional qualities of the human members of the category, insisting for instance on their religious beliefs or creativity. In contrast, the international case studies in this volume dissect views based on hierarchical oppositions between human and other living beings. Although human practices may sometimes appear to exist in a realm beyond nature, they are nevertheless subject to the pull of natural forces. These forces may be brought into prominence through a consideration of the interactions between human beings and other inhabitants of the natural world.The interplay in this book between social anthropologists, philosophers and artists cuts across species divisions to examine the experiential dimensions of interspecies engagements. In ethnographically and/or historically contextualized chapters, contributors examine the juxtaposition of human and other living beings in the light of themes such as wildlife safaris, violence, difference, mimicry, simulation, spiritual renewal, dress and language.

Wild And Wacky Pet Jokes And Riddles

Author : Michael J. Pellowski
ISBN : 9781402750687
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 66. 26 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Collects jokes, knock-knocks, and puns that deal with pets and other animals, from dogs and cats to fish and reptiles.

Last Of The Old Time Outlaws

Author : Karen Holliday Tanner
ISBN : 9780806147246
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 89. 70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Soft-spoken, cheerful, handsome, and well dressed, George West Musgrave “looked more like a senator than a cattle rustler.” Yet he was a cattle rustler as well as a bandit, robber, and killer, “guilty of more crimes than Billy the Kid was ever accused of.” In Last of the Old-Time Outlaws, Karen Holliday Tanner and John D. Tanner, Jr., recount the colorful life of Musgrave (1877-1947), enduring badman of the American Southwest. Musgrave was a charter member of the High Five/Black Jack gang, which was responsible for Arizona’s first bank hold-up, numerous post office and stagecoach robberies, and the largest Santa Fe Railroad heist in history. Following a decade-long hunt, he was captured and acquitted of killing a former Texas Ranger. After this near brush with prison or execution, he headed for South America, where he gained fame as the leading Gringo rustler. It wasn’t until the 1940s that Musgrave’s age and poor health brought an end to a criminal career that had spanned two continents and two centuries. Incorporating previously unknown facts about the career of this frontier outlaw, the Tanners thoroughly document Musgrave’s half-century of crime, from his childhood in the Texas brush country to his final days in Paraguay.

My Girlhood Among Outlaws

Author : Lily Klasner
ISBN : 0816503540
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 26. 11 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Born in Texas in 1862, Lily Klasner assumed leadership of her family at the age of 13, after her father was murdered. In this memoir, Lily recalls her experiences with Billy the Kid and other desperados--who often stopped over at the Klasner ranch in Pecos--and sets the record straight on a number of popular misrepresented events concerning them.

Robin Hood In Outlaw Ed Spaces

Author : Lesley Coote
ISBN : 9781317062059
Genre : History
File Size : 54. 43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Following in the tradition of recent work by cultural geographers and historians of maps, this collection examines the apparently familiar figure of Robin Hood as he can be located within spaces that are geographical, cultural, and temporal. The volume is divided into two sections: the first features an interrogation of the literary and other textually transmitted spaces to uncover the critical grounds in which the Robin Hood ’legend’ has traditionally operated. The essays in Part Two take up issues related to performative and experiential space, demonstrating the reciprocal relationship between page, stage, and lived experience. Throughout the volume, the contributors contend with, among other things, modern theories of gender, literary detective work, and the ways in which the settings that once advanced court performances now include digital gaming and the enactment of ’real’ lives.

French Ghosts Russian Nights And American Outlaws Souvenirs Of A Professional Vagabond

Author : Susan Spano
ISBN : 9781938901263
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 27. 41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Susan Spano, America’s original Frugal Traveler, explores some of the most romantic, most exotic, and wildest corners of the world in this captivating collection of her best-loved pieces. French Ghosts, Russian Nights, and American Outlaws: Souvenirs of a Professional Vagabond takes the reader on magical trips, when everything conspired to make a place unforgettable, like a temple in Java at sunrise or an ice hotel in the Artic Circle at sunset. In some of the stories, Susan finds the kind of enlightenment that only travel can provide by following in the footsteps of luminaries such as Federico Fellini, Julia Child, and Chairman Mao. Other stories are about travel itself: how it became Susan’s passion and calling; how it fed her incurably restless spirit; how it inspired her philosophy of travel and life: Go forth and find meaning. Take a condemned cable car over the Yangtze River or a shared taxi over the Andes with a leaking gas tank and chain-smoking driver. Eat oysters and drink martinis wherever you can. And, as often as possible, come home with a tan.

The Great Fossil Enigma

Author : Simon J. Knell
ISBN : 9780253006042
Genre : Science
File Size : 28. 48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Stephen Jay Gould borrowed from Winston Churchill when he described the conodont animal as a "riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma." This animal confounded science for more than a century. Some thought it a slug, others a fish, a worm, a plant, even a primitive ancestor of ourselves. The list of possibilities grew and yet an answer to the riddle never seemed any nearer. Would the animal that left behind these miniscule fossils known as conodonts ever be identified? Three times the animal was "found," but each was quite a different animal. Were any of them really the one? Simon J. Knell takes the reader on a journey through 150 years of scientific thinking, imagining, and arguing. Slowly the animal begins to reveal traces of itself: its lifestyle, its remarkable evolution, its witnessing of great catastrophes, its movements over the surface of the planet, and finally its anatomy. Today the conodont animal remains perhaps the most disputed creature in the zoological world.

Montana Campfire Tales

Author : Dave Walter
ISBN : 9780762768035
Genre : History
File Size : 43. 98 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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No one knew more about Montana’s history than the late, great Dave Walter, and no one told the state’s stories with more eloquence, humor, and accuracy. This new edition of the classic Montana Campfire Tales invites readers to gather around the campfire as Walter revisits the tragic Baker Massacre, recounts Truman Everts’s harrowing ordeal in Yellowstone, and sheds light on more forgotten but fascinating aspects of the Treasure State’s past. Evocative historical photos and maps further bring to life the rich details in this book. Visitors and residents alike will treasure Montana Campfire Tales for many years, whether in an armchair next to a fireplace or around a fire at a campground.

The Chief

Author : Hugh Allen Anderson
ISBN : UCAL:B4455459
Genre : Science
File Size : 20. 34 MB
Format : PDF
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At a time when Indians were merely red devils in the minds of most American settlers, Ernest Thompson Seton--the Chief--assumed the role of their steadfast advocate. Seton's high regard for Indians and their spiritual, peaceful relationship with nature was manifested in his "Woodcraft" youth activities, which were the basis for Scouting.

The Outlaws Of Sherwood

Author : Robin McKinley
ISBN : 9781497673663
Genre : Young Adult Fiction
File Size : 58. 69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Newbery Medal–winning author of The Hero and the Crown brings the Robin Hood legend to vivid life. Young Robin Longbow, subapprentice forester in the King’s Forest of Nottingham, must contend with the dislike of the Chief Forester, who bullies Robin in memory of his popular father. But Robin does not want to leave Nottingham or lose the title to his father’s small tenancy, because he is in love with a young lady named Marian—and keeps remembering that his mother too was gentry and married a common forester. Robin has been granted a rare holiday to go to the Nottingham Fair, where he will spend the day with his friends Much and Marian. But he is ambushed by a group of the Chief Forester’s cronies, who challenge him to an archery contest . . . and he accidentally kills one of them in self-defense. He knows his own life is forfeit. But Much and Marian convince him that perhaps his personal catastrophe is also an opportunity: an opportunity for a few stubborn Saxons to gather together in the secret heart of Sherwood Forest and strike back against the arrogance and injustice of the Norman overlords.


Author : Lisa Plumley
ISBN : 9781476024295
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 73. 72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"Four stars! A fun, fast-paced, passionate adventure of a lady and a mad ride through the wild west. A real treat for western romance fans!" —Romantic Times Mason Kincaid is on a mission to reclaim his young son and his good name from the men who had stolen both. But even an outlaw can't leave a lady alone in the middle of the Arizona territory--especially after she's been accidentally dumped from the stagecoach he's just held up. Now, Miss Amelia O'Malley is along for the ride--and this mismatched duo is headed for an adventure together that could be the beginning of a future destined to last. "What a grand ride! Outlaw is a fantastic, rip-roaring western romance that ropes you in, ties you up in knots, and doesn't turn loose until the last page is turned. A tremendous rush! This one is fun!" —Romance Communications "Hysterically funny with plenty of outrageous situations and eccentric characters, Outlaw is a true gem from first page to last. Ms. Plumley is an author of exceptional talent whose witty style makes her one of the genre's finest." —Rendezvous "Well-versed in her craft, Lisa Plumley does so much more than just tell a story. With wit and verve, she catches the reader's imagination from the very first sentence, spinning a tale of adventure and romance... I didn't want this remarkable romance to end. I loved it!" —Romance Communications "Ms. Plumley spins a yarn of humor, pathos, and romance that leaves the reader eager to turn the pages. Her colorful descriptions and attention to historical detail accentuate her story with depth and authenticity. Ms. Plumley is an author worth watching!" —Calico Trails "This is one great western romance you will love. I did. SPLENDID! 4½ BELLS!" —Bell, Book and Candle "Lisa Plumley's seemingly effortless prose flows like a swift-running river, carrying the reader along until the last poignant pages. A sweet, ageless tale of love and healing, in the American West. 4 stars!" —Affaire de Coeur "A delightful, totally pleasing romp through the Old West... Ms. Plumley has, with a deft touch, given the world of romance a pair of lovers to be remembered. A great read!" —Under the Covers Book Reviews "Lisa Plumley gives readers an exciting western adventure with witty dialogue. The hero is to die for... Western fans will adore this story! —Reader To Reader Reviews

Chance Fortune And The Outlaws

Author : Shane Berryhill
ISBN : 9781429992091
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 23. 26 MB
Format : PDF
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For as long as he can remember, fourteen-year-old Joshua Blevins has wanted to be a superhero. He has the brains, the passion, and the heart. There's only one problem: he doesn't have any superpowers. But Josh isn't about to let that stop him. Determined not to give up on his dream, Josh enlists the aid of his mentor, Captain Fearless, a retired costumed adventurer, to gain entrance to the Burlington Academy for the Superhuman under the false identity of Chance Fortune—a superhuman with the power of having unnaturally good luck. Masquerading as Chance, Josh rises among the ranks of his fellow students at the Academy, eventually becoming the leader of his own combat team, the Outlaws. Together, Chance and his teammates Psy-Chick, Shocker, Gothika, Space Cadet, Iron Maiden, and Private Justice make new friends, battle new enemies, and ultimately find themselves caught up in a struggle for the fate of the universe. Can Chance and the Outlaws save the universe—AND survive their freshman year? At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Utah Historical Quarterly

Author : J. Cecil Alter
ISBN : UCR:31210024283580
Genre : Utah
File Size : 25. 86 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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List of charter members of the society: v. 1, p. 98-99.

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