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Anthropology Of Policy

Author : Cris Shore
ISBN : 9781134827022
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 85. 64 MB
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Arguing that policy has become an increasingly central concept and instrument in the organisation of contemporary societies and that it now impinges on all areas of life so that it is virtually impossible to ignore or escape its influence, this book argues that the study of policy leads straight into issues at the heart of anthropology.

Policy Worlds

Author : Cris Shore
ISBN : 0857451170
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 90. 8 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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There are few areas of society today that remain outside the ambit of policy processes, and likewise policy making has progressively reached into the structure and fabric of everyday life. An instrument of modern government, policy and its processes provide an analytical window into systems of governance themselves, opening up ways to study power and the construction of regimes of truth. This volume argues that policies are not simply coercive, constraining or confined to static texts; rather, they are productive, continually contested and able to create new social and semantic spaces and new sets of relations. Anthropologists do not stand outside or above systems of governance but are themselves subject to the rhetoric and rationalities of policy. The analyses of policy worlds presented by the contributors to this volume open up new possibilities for understanding systems of knowledge and power and the positioning of academics within them.

Family And Social Policy In Japan

Author : Japan Anthropology Workshop. Meeting
ISBN : 0521016355
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 84. 76 MB
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Table of contents

Unhealthy Health Policy

Author : Arachu Castro
ISBN : 0759105111
Genre : Medical
File Size : 62. 37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This new collection turns a critical anthropological eye on the nature of health policy internationally. The authors reveal the prevailing social inequalities that often represent significant threats to the health and well being of the poor, ethnic minorities, and women. The authors define an anthropology of policy concerned with decision-making and the impact of health policy on human lives. It will be a critical resource for researchers and practitioners in medical anthropology, medical sociology, public policy, and public health care. Visit our website for sample chapters!

Using Anthropology In Policy Relevant Research

Author : Kirk L. Gray
ISBN : IND:39000002372659
Genre : Anthropology
File Size : 71. 50 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Anthropology Of Education Policy

Author : Angelina E. Castagno
ISBN : 9781317312468
Genre : Education
File Size : 63. 52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Advancing a rapidly growing field of social science inquiry—the anthropology of policy—this volume extends and solidifies this body of work, focusing on education policy. Its goal is to examine timely issues in education policy from a critical anthropological, ethnographic, and comparative perspective, and through this to theorize new ways of understanding how policy "does its work." At the center is a commitment to an engaged anthropology of education policy that uses anthropological knowledge to imagine and foster more equitable and just forms of schooling. The authors examine the ways in which education policy processes create, reflect, and contest regimes of knowledge and power, sorting and stratifying people, ideas, and resources in particular ways. In contrast to conventional analyses of policy as text-based, dictated, linear, and rational, an anthropological perspective positions policy at the interface of top-down, bottom-up, and meso-level processes, and as de facto and de jure. Demonstrating how education policy operates as a social, cultural, and deeply ideological process "on the ground," each chapter clearly delineates the implications of these understandings for educational access, opportunity, and equity. Providing a single "go to" source on the disciplinary history, theoretical framework, methodology, and empirical applications of the anthropology of education policy across a range of education topics, policy debates, and settings, the book updates and expands on seminal works in the field, carving out an important niche in anthropological studies of public policy.

Anthropology Public Policy And Native Peoples In Canada

Author : Noel Dyck
ISBN : 9780773563711
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 48. 76 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The essays in Anthropology, Public Policy, and Native Peoples in Canada provide a comprehensive evaluation of past, present, and future forms of anthropological involvement in public policy issues that affect Native peoples in Canada. The contributing authors, who include social scientists and politicians from both Native and non-Native backgrounds, use their experience to assess the theory and practice of anthropological participation in and observation of relations between aboriginal peoples and governments in Canada. They trace the strengths and weaknesses of traditional forms of anthropological fieldwork and writing, as well as offering innovative solutions to some of the challenges confronting anthropologists working in this domain. In addition to Noel Dyck and James Waldram, the contributing authors are Peggy Martin Brizinski, Julie Cruikshank, Peter Douglas Elias, Julia D. Harrison, Ron Ignace, Joseph M. Kaufert, Patricia Leyland Kaufert, William W. Koolage, John O'Neil, Joe Sawchuk, Colin H. Scott, Derek G. Smith, George Speck, Renee Taylor, Peter J. Usher, and Sally M. Weaver.

A Companion To The Anthropology Of Education

Author : Bradley A. Levinson
ISBN : 9781119111665
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 48. 54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A Companion to the Anthropology of Education presents a comprehensive and state-of-the-art overview of the field, exploring the social and cultural dimension of educational processes in both formal and nonformal settings. Explores theoretical and applied approaches to cultural practice in a diverse range of educational settings around the world, in both formal and non-formal contexts Includes contributions by leading educational anthropologists Integrates work from and on many different national systems of scholarship, including China, the United States, Africa, the Middle East, Colombia, Mexico, India, the United Kingdom, and Denmark Examines the consequences of history, cultural diversity, language policies, governmental mandates, inequality, and literacy for everyday educational processes

Political Anthropology

Author : Marc J. Swartz
ISBN : 0202367908
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 68. 73 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Politics: a static network of structural and functional models? Is it a "given" set of rules, statuses and procedures? Or a dynamic process, a continuum related to the past as well as to the present and continually influenced by pressures within and outside of a society? Taking the latter view of the nature of political behavior, the editors of Political Anthropology here present an original compilation of papers that thoroughly assess contemporary anthropological research and theory on political phenomena and explore the sources and maintenance of political power. One of the aims of this book is to take tentative steps toward resolving the developing crisis by investigating the structure of political action revealed in empirical data. Within the general framework of political dynamics the book uses processes such as decision making, the judicial process, the disturbance and settlement of policy issues, the application of sanctions, and the outcome of disputes among other things. These items will find their places as components of phases in the major sequence. Investigating societies from Africa to Alaska, politics is shown to be a global phenomenon--a "human process of action" centering on the conflict between the "common good" and "interests of groups," and on the resolution or extension of that conflict by the religious, structural, sociocultural, and psychological pressures within and external to a social grouping. Essential reading for anyone concerned with the nature of political process, Political Anthropology presents a fresh, important and comprehensive overview of the "wind of change" currently abroad in the study of political behavior. Marc J. Swartz has been professor of anthropology at the University of California, San Diego since 1969. He recently retired in 2005. His interests included various branches of anthropology such as social, political, and psychological. In the past he has done fieldwork in Micronesia, Tanzania, and Kenya. Victor W. Turner (1920-1983) received his Ph.D. at Manchester University where he became a Senior Fellow and Lecturer. After leaving Manchester he moved to Stanford University, where he became a fellow at the Center for Advanced Behavior Sciences. In 1964 he traveled to Cornell University where he stayed for four before moving onto the University of Chicago. There he was Professor of Social Thought and Anthropology. While at Chicago he joined the Committee on Social Thought and he began a long-term study in the area of contemporary Christian pilgrimage. His final position was at the University of Virginia where he was the William R. Kenan professor of Anthropology. Arthur Tuden was Professor of Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh. He was the long-term editor of the Journal Ethnology and he has written many articles as well as authored, co-authored, or edited six books. He did field research in areas of the Ukraine, Virgin Islands, Rhedosia, and parts of Pennsylvania's own Carpatho-Rus community.

Applied Anthropology

Author : John Van Willigen
ISBN : 0897898338
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 85. 5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Focuses on the use of the methods and theories of anthropology to solve the practical problems of human communities. It addresses a wide range of problem-solving practices in both development action and applied research. The core of the book is chapters focused on specific practices such as evaluation and action research. In addition, there are chapters on history, employment strategies, and ethics.

The Sage Handbook Of Social Anthropology

Author : Richard Fardon
ISBN : 9781446266014
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 84. 36 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In two volumes, the SAGE Handbook of Social Anthropology provides the definitive overview of contemporary research in the discipline. It explains the what, where, and how of current and anticipated work in Social Anthropology. With 80 authors, contributing more than 60 chapters, this is the most comprehensive and up-to-date statement of research in Social Anthropology available and the essential point of departure for future projects. The Handbook is divided into four sections: -Part I: Interfaces examines Social Anthropology's disciplinary connections, from Art and Literature to Politics and Economics, from Linguistics to Biomedicine, from History to Media Studies. -Part II: Places examines place, region, culture, and history, from regional, area studies to a globalized world -Part III: Methods examines issues of method; from archives to war zones, from development projects to art objects, and from ethics to comparison -Part IV: Futures anticipates anthropologies to come: in the Brain Sciences; in post-Development; in the Body and Health; and in new Technologies and Materialities Edited by the leading figures in social anthropology, the Handbook includes a substantive introduction by Richard Fardon, a think piece by Jean and John Comaroff, and a concluding last word on futures by Marilyn Strathern. The authors - each at the leading edge of the discipline - contribute in-depth chapters on both the foundational ideas and the latest research. Comprehensive and detailed, this magisterial Handbook overviews the last 25 years of the social anthropological imagination. It will speak to scholars in Social Anthropology and its many related disciplines.

Current Policies And Practices In European Social Anthropology Education

Author : Dracklé Dorle
ISBN : 1571815643
Genre : Education
File Size : 83. 36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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As Europe becomes more integrated at the economic and political level, attempts are being made to harmonize education policies as well. This volume offers an important contribution in that the authors examine, for the first time,the politics and practices of social anthropology education across Europe. They look at a wide variety of current developments, including new teaching initiatives, the use of participatory teaching materials, film and video, fieldwork studies, applied anthropology, student perspectives, the educational role of museums, distance learning and the use of new technologies.

Current Policies And Practices In European Social Anthropology Education

Author : Drackle Edgar
ISBN : 1571816925
Genre : Education
File Size : 82. 5 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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As Europe becomes more integrated at the economic and political level, attempts are being made to harmonize education policies as well. This volume offers an important contribution in that the authors examine, for the first time, the politics and practices of social anthropology education across Europe. They look at a wide variety of current developments, including new teaching initiatives, the use of participatory teaching materials, film and video, fieldwork studies, applied anthropology, student perspectives, the educational role of museums, distance learning and the use of new technologies.

Environmental Anthropology

Author : Patricia K. Townsend
ISBN : UOM:39015058237481
Genre : Science
File Size : 40. 82 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"Opening with a vivid description of an early anthropological life as a 'child' in a new place with no dictionaries or etiquette books, Patricia Townsend provides readers with a global view of environmental anthropological issues. This relatively new field has expanded through an exciting time during which the world has grown smaller and consumers more numerous and demanding. Trade has boomed internationally, and resources have been used greedily. Money has become a part of previously cashless societies; international media have romanticized primitive cultures while making them TV staples seen nightly in Western living rooms. Industrial risk has been introduced into remote, resource-rich areas. The role of the environmental anthropologist has been to organize the realities of interdependent plants, animals, and human beings, to advocate for the neediest among them, and to try passionately to save what is of value and importance to the survival of a diverse world"--Publisher description.

The Sorcerer S Apprentice

Author : Cyril S. Belshaw
ISBN : 9781483147697
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 77. 22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Sorcerer's Apprentice: An Anthropology of Public Policy sees the community in a global and national view, raises a statement saying that society itself is policy making, and asks what societies can achieve if they did things differently. The book is divided into five parts. Part I discusses the challenge of policy and explains how anthropology is a social science. Part II covers the analysis and policy of the village universe, the urban contribution, and elements of the nation state, international connections, and the ""supra-nation"". Part III includes the innovation and genesis of ideas, resources and their management, change, conflict, and resistance. Part IV discusses the process of technical assistance, politics and conflict, the relationship between the politician and the social scientist, the mastery of judgment, and the organization of social sciences, and Part V talks about the values, choice, and the problems of the social sciences. Sociologists, anthropologists, and politicians, especially those who would like to know the importance of the social studies, its relation to society and politics, and the global community would find the text a good read.

Anthropology And Food Policy

Author : Della E. McMillan
ISBN : 9780820312873
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 47. 73 MB
Format : PDF
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Starting from a base of anthropological fieldwork in particular societies and communities (in sub-Saharan East Africa, Mexico, Ecuador, Honduras, Malawi, and the Sudan), the authors utilize case studies to examine the meaning of their findings for the understanding needed for specific policy interventions. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Anthropology And Public Policy

Author : Walter Goldschmidt
ISBN : UTEXAS:059173023369558
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 38. 58 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Anthropology Development And The Post Modern Challenge

Author : Katy Gardner
ISBN : 0745307477
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 53. 60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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'A well-crafted, sensitive, reflective and constructive book. It is highly recommended.' --Development Policy Review

Water Policy Processes In India

Author : Vandana Asthana
ISBN : 9781135219185
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 43. 83 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The privatization of water is a keenly contested issue in an economically-liberalizing India. Since the 1990s, large social groups across India's diverse and disparate peoples have been re-negotiating their cultural relationships with each other as to whether they support or oppose pro-privatization water policy reforms. These claims and counter claims are seen as an impending war over water resources, one that includes many different players with many different agendas located across a wide variety of sites whose actions and interactions shape policy production in India. This book is the first to assess the dynamics of water policy processes in India. Using the case study of Delhi’s water situation, this book analyses emergent dynamics of policy process in India in general and, more specifically, in the post-economic reform era. Taking as its starting point a critique of linear version of policy making, the author explains both how and why particular types of knowledge, practices and values get established in policy as well as the complex interplay of knowledge, power and agency in water policy processes. Water Policy Processes in India covers a critical gap in the literature by analyzing how governments in practice make policies that greatly affect the welfare of their people; the process through which policies are developed and implemented; investigating the aims and motives behind policies; and identifying the potential areas of intervention in order to improve the policy process in both its development and implementation stages.

Symposium On Anthropology And Public Policy

Author :
ISBN : UOM:49015002973262
Genre :
File Size : 67. 66 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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