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Archetypes Of The Enneagram Exploring The Life Themes Of The 27 Enneagram Subtypes From The Perspective Of Soul

Author : Susan Rhodes
ISBN : 0982479212
Genre : Psychology
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"What is my path in life?" That s something we all want to know. The enneagram can help us find the answer because it reveals the nine key sources of motivation that give rise to human behavior. While these nine patterns of motivation are usually equated with personality types (or even as ego types that hamper our spiritual evolution), Susan Rhodes sees them nine dynamic archetypes that help us fulfill our destiny, dharma, or calling in life. In her first book, "The Positive Enneagram," she describes the nine types from an affirmative and non-dualistic perspective. In "Archetypes of the Enneagram," she goes further, illuminating the fascinating world of the 27 enneagram subtypes, using examples from film, TV, and real life. But she also delves more deeply into the nature of the enneagram, the nine types, and the subtypes, providing a Jungian-based model for enneagram work--a model in which the 27 subtypes become 27 paths to individuation. Comprehensive, provocative, and original, "Archetypes of the Enneagram" is the kind of book that invites readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery."

The Enneagram And Jungian Archetypal Images

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:930615500
Genre : Archetype (Psychology)
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One hundred and eighty-five adults participated in this multiple correlation study designed to see if enneagram types and archetypes occur in predictable patterns. The Heroic Myth Index assessed evidence of twelve primary archetypes. The Wagner Enneagram Inventory measured nine enneagram behavior patterns. The study also tested movement between stress and security points on the enneagram. Theorists hypothesize that movement occurs in a progressive or regressive move depending on levels of ego strength and anxiety. The Barron scale from the M.M.P.I.-2 determined the degree of ego strength, and an anxiety scale developed by Charles Spielberger assessed state anxiety. Results indicated that individuals with high positive enneagram scores, except for types 2 and 6, showed approximately.6 degree of correlation at the.001 level of significance with one of four archetypes in Pearson's Self stage. Other predictions of high correlations between the enneagram and Pearson's model, and movement along paths due to anxiety and ego strength failed to find support. Although statistical analysis failed to find high degrees of correlation between the enneagram and Pearson's model, analysis of thematic content offer some interesting information on human development.

The American Book Of Living And Dying

Author : Richard F. Groves
ISBN : 9780399578410
Genre : Self-Help
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For most people, the thought of dying or caring for a terminally ill friend or family member raises fears and questions as old as humanity: What is a “good death”? What appropriate preparations should be made? How do we best support our loved ones as life draws to its close? In this nondenominational handbook, Richard F. Groves and Henriette Anne Klauser provide comfort, direction, and hope to the dying and their caregivers through nine archetypal stories that illustrate the most common end-of-life concerns. Drawing from personal experiences, the authors offer invaluable guidance on easing emotional pain and navigating this difficult final passage. With a compelling new preface, this edition also features an overview of the hospice movement; a survey of Celtic, Tibetan, Egyptian, and other historic perspectives on the sacred art of dying; as well as various therapies, techniques, and rituals to alleviate suffering, stimulate reflection, and strengthen interpersonal bonds. The American Book of Living and Dying gives us courage to trust our deepest instincts, and reminds us that by telling the stories of those who have passed, we remember, honor, and continue to learn from them.

The Integral Enneagram A Dharma Oriented Approach For Linking The Nine Personality Types Nine Stages Of Transformation Ken Wilber S Integr

Author : Susan Rhodes
ISBN : 0982479220
Genre : Psychology
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The enneagram is a geometric figure most well-known for its ability to describe nine personality types. But we can also use the enneagram to understand our relationships with other people and to discover why different types are attracted to different transformational paths. The Integral Enneagram is a unique book with an approach not presented elsewhere--an approach that not only supports our individual development but our ability to use whatever we develop to come into union with the greater purposes of life.

The Complete Idiot S Guide To The Power Of The Enneagram

Author : Herb Pearce, M. Ed.
ISBN : 9781440626449
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 86. 91 MB
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Discover your personality type. The enneagram system has been used for decades to help people understand their strengths and weaknesses, heal neuroses and inner conflicts, enhance creativity, strengthen team building in the workplace, and aid in couples therapy. This guide takes the mystery and complexity out of this rich system of analysis and allows anyone to benefit from its useful insights.

Six Pathways To Healthy Child Development And Academic Success

Author : James P. Comer
ISBN : 9781483361208
Genre : Education
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Ensure that all school decisions are made in the best interest of children and their success with this first-ever published field guide promoting child development and learning.

Z Rich 95 Open Questions In Analytical Psychology

Author : Mary Ann Mattoon
ISBN : 9783856305567
Genre : Psychology
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The Zurich Congress marked a return to the origins of Analytical Psychology: here it was that C. G. Jung lived for the first six decades of this century and developed the school of psychology he came to be known for. Here, too, is where many of today's Jungian analysts from all over the world received their training, and their initiation into the profession. As this collection of the complete proceedings attests, the theme of "open questions" drew a bountiful array of intriguing responses, and this to the largest gathering of Jungian analysts ever: more than 800 in all.

The Enneagram An Insightful Guide To Understanding Yourself And Examining Your Flaws Fears And Needs Grow Your Self Awareness And Evolve Your Personality Improve Mindfulness And Concentration

Author : Jeremiah Bonn
ISBN : 1687660352
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How can I find out my Enneagram type? Can you be more than one Enneagram type? What is the purpose of the Enneagram? What is the Enneagram of Personality? These personality categories have been developed from the notion that there is no good and bad personality type. For example, you may feel that being introverted is bad because it's lonely but when you look at it from another perspective, a healthy introvert is just someone who is independent and truly comfortable with himself to the point that he relishes doing things by himself. Other people may see being extroverted as exhausting but the truth is, many extroverts can charm the pants off anyone they meet, allowing so many doors to open. That's how open the Enneagram system is - it takes into account that everything is in a spectrum, including our stability (commonly referred to as health in enneagram discussions) and natural tendencies. In this book you'll find: The Enneagram as a Framework for Understanding the Multidimensional Nature of Personalit The Enneagram as a Universal Symbol of an Ancient Teaching: The Perennial Wisdom The Point Nine Archetype: Nine - THE PEACEMAKER The Point Eight Archetype: THE CHALLENGER The Point Seven Archetype: THE ENTHUSIAST The Point Six Archetype: THE LOYALIST The Point Five Archetype: THE INVESTIGATOR The Point Four Archetype: THE INDIVIDUALIST The Point Three Archetype: THE ACHIEVER The Point Two Archetype: THE HELPER The Point One Archetype: THE REFORMER and much more...

The Fool S Excellent Adventure

Author : Susan Rhodes
ISBN : 0982479255
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 57. 33 MB
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The Fool's Excellent Adventure: A Hero's Journey through the Enneagram and Tarot is the first book to explore the relationship between two great systems: the tarot and the enneagram. The tarot provides us with images that can spark our creative imagination. The enneagram allows us to access the gifts of the nine personality types. Used together, they help us to re-imagine the world as a place of magical significance in which each of us has a unique role to play and a unique purpose to accomplish. The hero's journey depicted here is based on Joseph Campbell's mythic vision and Carl Jung's transformational approach to psychology. Two decades ago, in his book Tarot and the Journey of the Hero, Hajo Banzhaf used the hero's journey to develop a tarot model describing the symbolic role of the 21 cards in the major arcana. He depicted the first nine cards as the Arc of the Day (nine archetypal approaches to life), the second nine as the Arc of the Night (nine challenges associated with "shadow work"), and last three as the Goal state (representing the reconciliation of the opposites within our nature). There is one card left over: The Fool. This card depicts each of us as we move through life, never sure of what we'll find around the next bend! Using Pythagorean number symbolism, it's possible to match up the nine enneagram types with the nine paths envisioned by Banzhaf. The only thing missing is a complete Arc of the Goal (one with nine cards instead of three. This book shows what a complete Arc might look like by adding six new archetypal images, thus creating 27-card symbolic tarot. Such an enneagram-informed model allows the traditional symbolism of the tarot to be informed by the relational wisdom of the enneagram. You don't need to know the tarot or enneagram to use this book. The Fool's Excellent Adventure is intended for anyone with an interest in the tarot, the enneagram, or adventurous self-discovery. Additional topics: Discovering your Enneagram Type; Using the Enneagram in Tarot Divination; Using the Tarot to Re-discover the Enneagram; Enneagram-based Tarot Spreads; The Minor Arcana and the Enneagram; Applying the 27-Card Model with a Conventional Tarot Deck; The Transformational Implications of The Fool's "Quantum Zero"; The Animating Spirit of Hermetic Philosophy; The Role of the Enneagram in the Western Mystery Tradition; The Relationship between the Tarot, Enneagram and Qabala; Linking the Enneagram and Qabala through Sacred Geometry; and The Implications of the Golden Dawn's Tarot Attributions.

Thorsons Principles Of The Enneagram

Author : Karen Webb
ISBN : 0722531915
Genre : Enneagram
File Size : 40. 36 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Enneagram is an ancient system for analysing personality types. It is used by psychotherapists, and spiritual teachers throughout the world. This guide introduces each type and shows how they can be used for personal development.

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