basic physics of functionalized graphite springer series in materials science

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Basic Physics Of Functionalized Graphite

Author : Pablo D. Esquinazi
ISBN : 9783319393551
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 63. 81 MB
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This book summarizes the basic physics of graphite and newly discovered phenomena in this material. The book contains the knowledge needed to understand novel properties of functionalized graphite demonstrating the occurrence of remarkable phenomena in disordered graphite and graphite-based heterostructures. It also discusses applications of thin graphitic samples in future electronics. Graphite consists of a stack of nearly decoupled two-dimensional graphene planes. Because of the low dimensionality and the presence of Dirac fermions, much of graphite physics resembles that of graphene. On the other hand, the multi-layered nature of the graphite structure together with structural and/or chemical disorder are responsible for phenomena that are not observed yet in graphene, such as ferromagnetic order and superconductivity. Each chapter was written by one or more experts in the field whose contributions were relevant in the (re)discovery of (un)known phenomena in graphite. The book is intended as reference for beginners and experts in the field, introducing them to many aspects of the new physics of graphite, with a fresh overview of recently found phenomena and the theoretical frames to understand them.

Dielectrics For Nanosystems 3 Materials Science Processing Reliability And Manufacturing

Author : D. Misra
ISBN : 9781566776271
Genre : Dielectrics
File Size : 59. 15 MB
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This issue covers papers relating to advanced semiconductor products that are true representatives of nanoelectronics have reached below 100 nm. Depending on the application, the nanosystem may consist of one or more of the following types of functional components: electronic, optical, magnetic, mechanical, biological, chemical, energy sources, and various types of sensing devices. As long as one or more of these functional devices is in 1-100 nm dimensions, the resultant system can be defined as nanosystem. Papers will be in all areas of dielectric issues in nanosystems. In addition to traditional areas of semiconductor processing and packaging of nanoelectronics, emphasis will be placed on areas where multifunctional device integration (through innovation in design, materials, and processing at the device and system levels) will lead to new applications of nanosystems.

Advances In Heat Transfer

Author : Ephraim M. Sparrow
ISBN : 9780128155264
Genre : Science
File Size : 35. 96 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Advances in Heat Transfer, Volume 50, provides in-depth review articles from a broader scope than in traditional journals or texts, with this comprehensive release covering chapters on Heat Transfer in Rotating Channels, Advances in Liquid Metal Science and Technology in Chip Cooling and Thermal Management, Heat Transfer in Rotating Cooling Channel, Anomalous Heat Transfer: Examples, Fundamentals, and Fractional Calculus Models, and much more. Fills the information gap between regularly scheduled journals and university-level textbooks by providing in-depth review articles over a broader scope than in traditional journals or texts Essential reading for all mechanical, chemical and industrial engineers working in the field of heat transfer, or in graduate schools or industry

Chemical Functionalization Of Carbon Nanomaterials

Author : Vijay Kumar Thakur
ISBN : 9781482253962
Genre : Science
File Size : 34. 30 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Carbon-based nanomaterials are rapidly emerging as one of the most fascinating materials in the twenty-first century. Chemical Functionalization of Carbon Nanomaterials: Chemistry and Applications provides a thorough examination of carbon nanomaterials, including their variants and how they can be chemically functionalized. It also gives a comprehensive overview of current advanced applications of functionalized carbon nanomaterials, including the automotive, packaging, coating, and biomedical industries. The book covers modern techniques to characterize chemically functionalized carbon nanomaterials as well as characterization of surface functional groups. It includes contributions from international leaders in the field who highlight the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary flexibility of functionalized carbon nanomaterials. The book illustrates how natural drawbacks to carbon nanomaterials, such as low solubility, can be countered by surface modifications and shows how to make modifications. It discusses developments in the use of carbon nanomaterials in several critical areas in scientific research and practice, including analytical chemistry, drug delivery, and water treatment. It explores market opportunities due to the versatility and increasing applicability of carbon nanomaterials. It also gives suggestions on the direction of the field from its current point, paving the way for future developments and finding new applications. Chemical Functionalization of Carbon Nanomaterials: Chemistry and Applications is a significant collection of findings in a rapidly developing field. It gives an in-depth look at the current achievements of research and practice while pointing you ahead to new possibilities in functionalizing and using carbon nanomaterials.

Minerals Advances In Research And Application 2011 Edition

Author :
ISBN : 9781464923357
Genre : Science
File Size : 81. 70 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Minerals: Advances in Research and Application: 2011 Edition is a ScholarlyEditions™ eBook that delivers timely, authoritative, and comprehensive information about Minerals. The editors have built Minerals: Advances in Research and Application: 2011 Edition on the vast information databases of ScholarlyNews.™ You can expect the information about Minerals in this eBook to be deeper than what you can access anywhere else, as well as consistently reliable, authoritative, informed, and relevant. The content of Minerals: Advances in Research and Application: 2011 Edition has been produced by the world’s leading scientists, engineers, analysts, research institutions, and companies. All of the content is from peer-reviewed sources, and all of it is written, assembled, and edited by the editors at ScholarlyEditions™ and available exclusively from us. You now have a source you can cite with authority, confidence, and credibility. More information is available at

Electrical Properties Of Graphite Nanoparticles In Silicone

Author : Samuel David Littlejohn
ISBN : 9783319007410
Genre : Science
File Size : 60. 54 MB
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This thesis examines a novel class of flexible electronic material with great potential for use in the construction of stretchable amplifiers and memory elements. Most remarkably the composite material produces spontaneous oscillations that increase in frequency when pressure is applied to it. In this way, the material mimics the excitatory response of pressure-sensing neurons in the human skin. The composites, formed of silicone and graphitic nanoparticles, were prepared in several allotropic forms and functionalized with naphthalene diimide molecules. A systematic study is presented of the negative differential resistance (NDR) region of the current-voltage curves, which is responsible for the material’s active properties. This study was conducted as a function of temperature, graphite filling fraction, scaling to reveal the break-up of the samples into electric field domains at the onset of the NDR region, and an electric-field induced metal-insulator transition in graphite nanoparticles. The effect of molecular functionalization on the miscibility threshold and the current-voltage curves is demonstrated. Room-temperature and low-temperature measurements were performed on these composite films under strains using a remote-controlled, custom-made step motor bench.

Springer Handbook Of Nanomaterials

Author : Robert Vajtai
ISBN : 9783642205958
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 70. 92 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Springer Handbook of Nanomaterials covers the description of materials which have dimension on the "nanoscale". The description of the nanomaterials in this Handbook follows the thorough but concise explanation of the synergy of structure, properties, processing and applications of the given material. The Handbook mainly describes materials in their solid phase; exceptions might be e.g. small sized liquid aerosols or gas bubbles in liquids. The materials are organized by their dimensionality. Zero dimensional structures collect clusters, nanoparticles and quantum dots, one dimensional are nanowires and nanotubes, while two dimensional are represented by thin films and surfaces. The chapters in these larger topics are written on a specific materials and dimensionality combination, e.g. ceramic nanowires. Chapters are authored by well-established and well-known scientists of the particular field. They have measurable part of publications and an important role in establishing new knowledge of the particular field.

Functionalizing Graphene And Carbon Nanotubes

Author : Filipe Vargas Ferreira
ISBN : 9783319351100
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 38. 64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book compiles all current information on the different types of functionalization of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and graphene, both covalent and non-covalent. The book starts with a general overview of the synthesis, characterization and application of functionalized CNTs and graphene. Special attention is dedicated to the characterization of functionalized materials, a topic rarely addressed on the literature. The authors provide a comparison between the functionalization of these two types of carbon materials.

Carbon Nanotubes From Basic Research To Nanotechnology

Author : Valentin N. Popov
ISBN : 1402045735
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 63. 24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Carbon Nanotubes: From Basic Research to Nanotechnology, Sozopol, Bulgaria, 21-31 May 2005

Nanomaterials And Supramolecular Structures

Author : Anatoliy Petrovych Shpak
ISBN : 9048123097
Genre : Science
File Size : 69. 29 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The text features experimental investigations which use a variety of modern methods and theoretical modeling of surface structures and physicochemical processes which occur at solid surfaces. Nanomaterials and Supramolecular Structures: Physics, Chemistry, and Applications is intended for specialists experienced in the fields of Nanochemistry, Nanophysics, Surface Chemistry (and Physics), synthesis of new nanostructural functional materials and their practical applications. It will also prove useful to students, post-graduates, researchers, and lecturers.

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