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Belle Moskowitz

Author : Elisabeth Israels Perry
ISBN : 9780429761706
Genre : Political Science
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It is commonly believed that women’s entry into the political realm is a recent phenomenon. Originally published in 1992, Belle Moskowitz shatters that myth, restoring to history the career of a remarkable woman who achieved unprecedented influence and power in American politics many decades before the contemporary era. As political advisor to Alfred E. Smith, four-term governor of New York and presidential candidate. Moskowitz played a crucial role in both state and national politics throughout the 1920s. Elisabeth Israels Perry, who is Moskowitz’s granddaughter, has thoroughly searched through private and public records to document Moskowitz’s career, drawing as well on the reminiscences of Moskowitz’s daughter Miriam Israels Gabo. This outstanding biography was co-winner of the New York State Historical Association Manuscript Prize in 1987.

Towards A New Understanding Of Masculine Habitus And Women And Leadership In Public Relations

Author : Martina Topić
ISBN : 9781000707885
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 34. 22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This edited volume analyses leadership in the public relations (PR) industry with a specific focus on women and their leadership styles. It looks at how women lead, the inf luence of the socialisation process on leadership styles, the difference between feminine and masculine leadership styles, and the impact of leadership style on career opportunities for women. The book features case studies exploring leadership in PR around the world in an attempt to answer a central research question: is there a masculine habitus in the PR industry despite the rise of women in PR? The authors of each chapter conducted original research on women working in PR within their own country and provide original insights into the position of women in a feminised industry, as well as proposing new and original theoretical frameworks for future research. Written for scholars, researchers and students of PR and communication, this book will also be of interest to those studying gender studies, leadership and organisational analysis, and sociology.

After The Vote

Author : Elisabeth Israels Perry
ISBN : 9780199341856
Genre : History
File Size : 31. 54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Soon after his inauguration in 1934, New York City mayor Fiorello La Guardia began appointing women into his administration. By the end of his three terms in office, he had installed almost a hundred as lawyers in his legal department, but also as board and commission members and as secretaries, deputy commissioners, and judges. No previous mayor had done anything comparable. Aware they were breaking new ground for women in American politics, the "Women of the La Guardia Administration," as they called themselves, met frequently for mutual support and political strategizing. This is the first book to tell their stories. Author Elisabeth Israels Perry begins with the city's suffrage movement, which prepared these women for political action as enfranchised citizens. After they won the vote in 1917, suffragists joined political party clubs and began to run for office, many of them hoping to use political platforms to enact feminist and progressive public policies. Circumstances unique to mid-twentieth century New York City advanced their progress. In 1930, Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt authorized an inquiry into alleged corruption in the city's government, long dominated by the Tammany Hall political machine. The inquiry turned first to the Vice Squad's entrapment of women for sex crimes and the reported misconduct of the Women's Court. Outraged by the inquiry's disclosures and impressed by La Guardia's pledge to end Tammany's grip on city offices, many New York City women activists supported him for mayor. It was in partial recognition of this support that he went on to appoint an unprecedented number of them into official positions, furthering his plans for a modernized city government. In these new roles, La Guardia's women appointees not only contributed to the success of his administration but left a rich legacy of experience and political wisdom to oncoming generations of women in American politics.

Routledge Library Editions Women And Politics

Author : Various
ISBN : 9780429677182
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 34. 69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Routledge Library Editions: Women and Politics (9 Volume set) presents titles, originally published between 1981 and 1993. The set draws attention to the importance of women and how their presence and active involvement, in politics and related fields, during the twentieth century has been crucial throughout the world.

Eleanor Roosevelt Volume 1

Author : Blanche Wiesen Cook
ISBN : 9781101567463
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 22. 16 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The central volume in the definitive biography of America's most important First Lady. "Engrossing" (Boston Globe). The captivating second volume of this Eleanor Roosevelt biography covers tumultuous era of the Great Depression, the New Deal, and the gathering storms of World War II, the years of the Roosevelts' greatest challenges and finest achievements. In her remarkably engaging narrative, Cook gives us the complete Eleanor Roosevelt—an adventurous, romantic woman, a devoted wife and mother, and a visionary policymaker and social activist who often took unpopular stands, counter to her husband's policies, especially on issues such as racial justice and women's rights. A biography of scholarship and daring, it is a book for all readers of American history.

Satan In The Dance Hall

Author : Ralph G. Giordano
ISBN : 9780810863637
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 85. 48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Satan in the Dance Hall explores the overwhelming popularity of social dancing and its close relationship to America's rapidly changing society in the 1920s. The book focuses on the fiercely contested debate over the morality of social dancing in New York City, led by moral reformers and religious leaders like Rev. John Roach Straton. Fed by the firm belief that dancing was the leading cause of immorality in New York, Straton and his followers succeeded in enacting municipal regulations on social dancing and moral conduct within the more than 750 public dance halls in New York City. Ralph G. Giordano conveys an easy to read and full picture of life in the Jazz Age, incorporating important events and personalities such as the Flu Epidemic, the Scopes Monkey Trial, Prohibition, Flappers, Gangsters, Texas Guinan, and Charles Lindbergh, while simultaneously describing how social dancing was a hugely prominent cultural phenomenon, one closely intertwined with nearly every aspect of American society fromthe Great War to the Great Depression. With a bibliography, an index, and over 35 photos, Satan in the Dance Hall presents an interdisciplinary study of social dancing in New York City throughout the decade.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Author : Conrad Black
ISBN : 9781610392136
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 68. 21 MB
Format : PDF
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Franklin Delano Roosevelt stands astride American history like a colossus, having pulled the nation out of the Great Depression and led it to victory in the Second World War. Elected to four terms as president, he transformed an inward-looking country into the greatest superpower the world had ever known. Only Abraham Lincoln did more to save America from destruction. But FDR is such a large figure that historians tend to take him as part of the landscape, focusing on smaller aspects of his achievements or carping about where he ought to have done things differently. Few have tried to assess the totality of FDR's life and career. Conrad Black rises to the challenge. In this magisterial biography, Black makes the case that FDR was the most important person of the twentieth century, transforming his nation and the world through his unparalleled skill as a domestic politician, war leader, strategist, and global visionary -- all of which he accomplished despite a physical infirmity that could easily have ended his public life at age thirty-nine. Black also takes on the great critics of FDR, especially those who accuse him of betraying the West at Yalta. Black opens a new chapter in our understanding of this great man, whose example is even more inspiring as a new generation embarks on its own rendezvous with destiny.

The Revolution Of 28

Author : Robert Chiles
ISBN : 9781501714191
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 72. 46 MB
Format : PDF
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The Revolution of ’28 explores the career of New York governor and 1928 Democratic presidential nominee Alfred E. Smith. Robert Chiles peers into Smith’s work and uncovers a distinctive strain of American progressivism that resonated among urban, ethnic, working-class Americans in the early twentieth century. The book charts the rise of that idiomatic progressivism during Smith’s early years as a state legislator through his time as governor of the Empire State in the 1920s, before proceeding to a revisionist narrative of the 1928 presidential campaign, exploring the ways in which Smith’s gubernatorial progressivism was presented to a national audience. As Chiles points out, new-stock voters responded enthusiastically to Smith's candidacy on both economic and cultural levels. Chiles offers a historical argument that describes the impact of this coalition on the new liberal formation that was to come with Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal, demonstrating the broad practical consequences of Smith’s political career. In particular, Chiles notes how Smith’s progressive agenda became Democratic partisan dogma and a rallying point for policy formation and electoral success at the state and national levels. Chiles sets the record straight in The Revolution of ’28 by paying close attention to how Smith identified and activated his emergent coalition and put it to use in his campaign of 1928, before quickly losing control over it after his failed presidential bid.

Governor Lady

Author : Teva J. Scheer
ISBN : 9780826265050
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 34. 16 MB
Format : PDF
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Governor Lady is the fascinating story of one of the most famous political women of her generation. Nellie Tayloe Ross was elected governor of Wyoming in 1924—just four years after American women won the vote—and she went on to be nominated for U.S. vice president in 1928, named vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee the same year, and appointed the first female director of the Mint in 1932. Ross launched her career when her husband, William Bradford Ross, the preceding governor, died, leaving her widowed with four sons and no means of supporting them. She was an ironic choice to be such a pioneer in women’s rights, since she claimed her entire life that she had no interest in feminism. Nevertheless, she believed in equal opportunity and advancement in merit irrespective of gender—core feminist values. The dichotomy between Ross’s career and life choices, and her stated priorities of wife and mother, is a critical contradiction, making her an intriguing woman. Exhaustively researched and powerfully written, Governor Lady chronicles the challenges and barriers that a woman with no job experience, higher education, or training faced on the way to becoming a confident and effective public administrator. In addition to the discrimination and resentment she faced from some of her male associates, she also aroused the enmity of Eleanor Roosevelt, whom she displaced at the DNC. Born exactly one hundred years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Ross lived to celebrate the nation’s bicentennial, so her long and remarkable life precisely spanned the second U.S. century. She was reared in the Victorian era, when upper- and middle-class women were expected to be domestic, decorative, and submissive, but she died as the women’s movement was creating a multitude of opportunities for young women of the 1970s. Nellie’s story will be of great interest to anyone curious about women’s history and biography. The contemporary American career woman will especially identify with Ross’s struggle to balance her career, family, and active personal life.

Lillian Wald

Author : Marjorie N. Feld
ISBN : 9780807832363
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 88. 8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Founder of Henry Street Settlement on New York's Lower East Side as well as the Visiting Nurse Service of New York, Lillian Wald (1867-1940) was a remarkable social welfare activist. She was also a second-generation German Jewish immigrant who developed c

The Challenge Of Feminist Biography

Author : Sara Alpern
ISBN : 0252062922
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 54. 11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This path-breaking anthology illuminates the lives of ten influential twentieth-century American women and looks at the challenges experienced by the women who have written about them. Exploring the frequently complicated dialogue between writer and subject, the contributors discuss tools appropriate to writing women's biography while their riveting accounts reveal how feminist scholarship led them to approach the study of women's lives in unconventional ways. "This wonderful collection demonstrates the significance of women's biography as a central part of feminist scholarship. The feminist biographer inserts a second life into a biography, her own, giving us yet another layer of depth and insight."--Ann J. Lane, author of To "Herland" and Beyond: The Life and Work of Charlotte Perkins Gilman

American Women And The Repeal Of Prohibition

Author : Kenneth D. Rose
ISBN : 9780814774663
Genre : History
File Size : 83. 12 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Of crucial strategic importance to both the British and the Continental Army, Staten Island was, for a good part of the American Revolution, a bastion of Loyalist support. With its military and political significance, Staten Island provides rich terrain for Phillip Papas's illuminating case study of the local dimensions of the Revolutionary War. Papas traces Staten Island's political sympathies not to strong ties with Britain, but instead to local conditions that favored the status quo instead of revolutionary change. With a thriving agricultural economy, stable political structure, and strong allegiance to the Anglican Church, on the eve of war it was in Staten Island's self-interest to throw its support behind the British, in order to maintain its favorable economic, social, and political climate. Over the course of the conflict, continual occupation and attack by invading armies deeply eroded Staten Island's natural and other resources, and these pressures, combined with general war weariness, created fissures among the residents of “that ever loyal island,” with Loyalist neighbors fighting against Patriot neighbors in a civil war. Papas’s thoughtful study reminds us that the Revolution was both a civil war and a war for independence—a duality that is best viewed from a local perspective.

Jews In America

Author : Matthew B. Schwartz
ISBN : 9781532644115
Genre : History
File Size : 54. 79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Using a readable question-and-answer format, Jews in America: The First 500 Years presents the activities of Jews in America since the beginnings of European settlement. It tells something of the story of how Jews came to the “golden land” and what they have done here—men and women, scientists and athletes, soldiers and merchants, settlers and scholars. It is indeed a remarkable story.

Encyclopedia Of The Gilded Age And Progressive Era

Author : John D. Buenker
ISBN : 9781317471684
Genre : History
File Size : 72. 51 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Spanning the era from the end of Reconstruction (1877) to 1920, the entries of this reference were chosen with attention to the people, events, inventions, political developments, organizations, and other forces that led to significant changes in the U.S. in that era. Seventeen initial stand-alone essays describe as many themes.

The Man He Became

Author : James Tobin
ISBN : 9780743265164
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 30. 79 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Reveals how FDR's fight against polio led to one of the most remarkable comebacks in the history of American politics as he turned his personal disaster into a political advantage, rallying the nation in the Great Depression and leading it through World War II.


Author : Jean Edward Smith
ISBN : 9781588366245
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 41. 39 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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NATIONAL BESTSELLER - "A model presidential biography... Now, at last, we have a biography that is right for the man" - Jonathan Yardley, The Washington Post Book World One of today’s premier biographers has written a modern, comprehensive, indeed ultimate book on the epic life of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In this superlative volume, Jean Edward Smith combines contemporary scholarship and a broad range of primary source material to provide an engrossing narrative of one of America’s greatest presidents. This is a portrait painted in broad strokes and fine details. We see how Roosevelt’ s restless energy, fierce intellect, personal magnetism, and ability to project effortless grace permitted him to master countless challenges throughout his life. Smith recounts FDR’s battles with polio and physical disability, and how these experiences helped forge the resolve that FDR used to surmount the economic turmoil of the Great Depression and the wartime threat of totalitarianism. Here also is FDR’s private life depicted with unprecedented candor and nuance, with close attention paid to the four women who molded his personality and helped to inform his worldview: His mother, Sara Delano Roosevelt, formidable yet ever supportive and tender; his wife, Eleanor, whose counsel and affection were instrumental to FDR’s public and individual achievements; Lucy Mercer, the great romantic love of FDR’s life; and Missy LeHand, FDR’s longtime secretary, companion, and confidante, whose adoration of her boss was practically limitless. Smith also tackles head-on and in-depth the numerous failures and miscues of Roosevelt’ s public career, including his disastrous attempt to reconstruct the Judiciary; the shameful internment of Japanese-Americans; and Roosevelt’s occasionally self-defeating Executive overreach. Additionally, Smith offers a sensitive and balanced assessment of Roosevelt’s response to the Holocaust, noting its breakthroughs and shortcomings. Summing up Roosevelt’s legacy, Jean Smith declares that FDR, more than any other individual, changed the relationship between the American people and their government. It was Roosevelt who revolutionized the art of campaigning and used the burgeoning mass media to garner public support and allay fears. But more important, Smith gives us the clearest picture yet of how this quintessential Knickerbocker aristocrat, a man who never had to depend on a paycheck, became the common man’s president. The result is a powerful account that adds fresh perspectives and draws profound conclusions about a man whose story is widely known but far less well understood. Written for the general reader and scholars alike, FDR is a stunning biography in every way worthy of its subject.

The Journey Home

Author : Joyce Antler
ISBN : 9781439138380
Genre : Religion
File Size : 54. 98 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A unique, positive collection of essays profiles a number of forgotten female Jewish leaders who played key roles in various American social and political movements, from suffrage and birth control to civil rights and fair labor practices.

Empire Statesman

Author : Robert A. Slayton
ISBN : 9780684863023
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 42. 62 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A portrait of the former New York governor chronicles Smith's struggles in state government and the anti-Catholic sentiments that torpedoed his bid for the presidency in 1928.

Fdr S Shadow

Author : Julie M. Fenster
ISBN : 9780230100961
Genre : History
File Size : 49. 26 MB
Format : PDF
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In 1921, FDR had just lost an election as VP candidate with Governor Cox against Harding, he was overcome by an illness that left him paralyzed from the waist down, and his marriage was on the rocks. He retired to his home in Hyde Park with his wife Eleanor and an ever-present advisor, Louis Howe. With her signature insight, Julie Fenster presents a vivid, behind-the-scenes portrait of the world of the Roosevelts in a critical time, taking readers inside this peculiar arrangement and revealing how this intimate friendship lead to the resurgence of FDR. Eleanor Roosevelt, too, would never be the same again. Their son Elliott said, "The person who was most responsible for the development of my mother's personality was Louis Howe, as he was of my father. He was a man that gave my father the iron will and the ability to move ahead politically, which I don't think he would have ever done on his own. Louis Howe was probably the greatest influence on both my father and my mother's lives."

Flora White

Author : Linda C. Morice
ISBN : 9781498542395
Genre : History
File Size : 63. 33 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 162
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This study examines the origins of the progressive education movement through the lens of the life of Flora White (1860–1948), an educator who worked to promote the physical and intellectual growth of girls and young women. It analyzes the role of women in the movement and how marginalized women dealt with powerful men to advance their own agency.

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