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Blue Sky God

Author : Don MacGregor
ISBN : 9781846949371
Genre : Religion
File Size : 82. 47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Blue Sky God interprets some new scientific theories with blue sky thinking to bring radical insights into God, Jesus and humanity, drawing also on some deep wells from the past in the writings of the early Christians. In an accessible style, it looks at science research and theories in areas such as quantum physics and consciousness, epigenetics, morphic resonance and the zero point field. From there, seeing God as the compassionate consciousness at the ground of being, it draws together strands to do with unitive consciousness and the Wisdom way of the heart. Throughout, it seeks to encourage an evolution in understanding of the Christian message by reinterpreting much of the theological language and meaning that has become ‘orthodoxy’ in the West. In doing so, it challenges many of the standard assumptions of Western Christianity. It outlines a spiritual path that includes elements from all of the world's great religions, is not exclusive, and yet has a place of centrality for Jesus the Christ as a Wisdom teacher of the path of transformative love.

Is God Behind The Big Blue Sky

Author : Katherine Roberts Moore
ISBN : 9781609117054
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 82. 49 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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How does a grandmother answer her grandson's question: Is God Behind the Big Blue Sky? This charming book is one grandmother's response to the theological questions posed by four-year Charlie. His questions are fairly typical of what children ages four to seven would ask. These questions could throw curves to parents who may be caught off guard with such pointed questions about faith and God. Would you know how to answer them? Charlie's questions include, Who is God? and When I fly in a plane, will I see God? The answers to such queries are open-ended and broad. But reading this book will provide a foundation on how to broach such topics with young children. The theme presents responses telling of God's supreme goodness and his overwhelming love for his Creation. God's love is likened to the care that a child receives from a loving parent. These are important spiritual messages for children and adults alike. Katherine Roberts Moore, Christian educator and spiritual director, wrote this book to answer her grandson's questions about God. Silence and centering prayer are most inspiring for me. The actual cessation of activity and going into a silent mode allows me to focus and to think more clearly. She lives with her husband near Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, and is working on her next book. Publisher's website: http: //

Exam Prep For Blue Sky God The Evolution Of Science And

Author :
Genre :
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The Goddess Revival

Author : Aida Besancon Spencer
ISBN : 9781608999217
Genre : Religion
File Size : 73. 62 MB
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The Goddess Revival is a Christianity Today Book Award Winner, 1996. All of the authors are clearly sympathetic to the problems women have faced in the church throughout its history. They empathize with women who shun the patriarchal oppression of their churches to turn to goddess spirituality. They are also solidly grounded in the Scriptures, Christian theology and church history. They recognize the bondage imposed by goddess worship. This book presents a scholarly and clear consideration of the issues involved and builds a strong case for Christianity as the most woman-friendly alternative. While providing a comprehensive study of goddess spirituality and examining the roots of the movement, the authors focus primarily on God and the way people have understood God through the centuries--in both paganism and the Judeo-Christian tradition--as both male and female. They demonstrate how the uniqueness of God contrasts with the multiplicity of gods and goddesses in pagan spiritualities, while comparing the values in both traditions that are similar (that is, a search for what is good, inner empowerment, unity, positive social change). In the process of building a clear Christian theology, they gently counter the arguments of their pagan opponents. In the end, the reader is left with a glorious picture of the one true God and a clear apologetic for those in nursing who insist that the Christian God is too oppressive and patriarchal to merit our allegience. The appendixes provide a powerful case study of a young woman drawn into witchcraft. She explains why it appealed to her, then how it enslaved her and destroyed her marriage and other relationships. . . The two final appendixes offer some excellent biblical studies on the issues raised in the book. The total package provides an outstanding resource -- Journal of Christian Nursing

Under The Blue Sky

Author : Charles Mackay
ISBN : OXFORD:600062301
Genre :
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The Gospel Trumpet N S No

Author :
ISBN : OXFORD:590428399
Genre :
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Blue Sky Dream

Author : David Beers
ISBN : 9780307819093
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 24. 92 MB
Format : PDF
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In Blue Sky Dream: A Memoir of America’s Fall from Grace, award-winner David Beers offers a powerful, personal vision of the rise and fall of the American middle class. Here is a dazzling literary chronicle of a family, a people, and a nation: the “blue sky tribe” of ever-optimistic middle-class Americans who believed in something called the American Dream, then woke up one day to discover it was gone. Blue Sky Dream is a book incredibly rich in ideas, in ways of seeing the recent past with stunning clarity. David Beers explores issues that define our times—downsizing, middle-class anxiety, the profound anger with government, the sense that something has gone awry with the United States—with such skill, personal immediacy, and compassion that readers will see their own histories in his prose. Blue Sky Dream can rightly be called a communal memoir, because in telling his family’s tale—growing tensions and disillusionment in their suburban paradise, a son rejecting his parents’ values, one sudden and inexplicable moment of violence—Beers tells the story of his people, the blue sky tribe “who imagined ourselves to be living the inevitable future, and are very surprised today to discover we were but a strange and aberrant moment that is now receding into history.”

Sunday Afternoons In The Nursery Or Familiar Narratives From The Book Of Genesis By The Author Of A Book For The Cottage I E Maria Louisa Charlesworth Etc

Author :
ISBN : BL:A0017127267
Genre : Bible stories, English
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God S Perfect Sky

Author : Cheyene Montana Lopez
ISBN : 9781463003296
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 35. 14 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book is poetry about the sky which I look out the windows either early morning hours just before daybreak and think of nothing but poetry and the sky. I see what I see, I feel what I feel writing this book from heart and its beauty which is in poetry form so one can understand it and see it the way I see life all in beautiful words. This is freestyle poetry that I only writer at its best. I notice rain falling or trees or the wind darting and blowing to the gray rain clouds or fair quaint light blue skies and I take all this of nature and place into poems. I really like this book. So this is my newest book of poetry to all my buyers,readers,supporters and fans.

Vodou In The Haitian Experience

Author : Celucien L. Joseph
ISBN : 9781498508322
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 87. 49 MB
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One glaring lacuna in studies of Haitian Vodou is the scarcity of works exploring the connection between the religion and its main roots, traditional Yoruba religion. Discussions of Vodou very often seem to present the religion in vacuo, as a sui generis phenomenon that arose in Saint-Domingue and evolved in Haiti, with no antecedents. What is sorely needed then is more comparative studies of Haitian Vodou that would examine its connections to traditional Yoruba religion and thus illuminate certain aspects of its mythology, belief system, practices, and rituals. This book seeks to bridge these gaps. Vodou in the Haitian Experience studies comparatively the connections and relationships between Vodou and African traditional religions such as Yoruba religion and Egyptian religion. Such studies might enhance our understanding of the religion, and the connections between Africa and its Diaspora through shared religious patterns and practices. The general reader should be mindful of the transnational and transcultural perspectives of Vodou, as well as the cultural, socio-economic, and political context which gave birth to different visions and ideas of Vodou. The chapters in this collection tell a story about the dynamics of the Vodou faith and the rich ways Vodou has molded the Haitian narrative and psyche. The contributors of this book examine this constructed narrative from a multicultural voice that engages critically the discipline of ethnomusicology, drama, performance, art, anthropology, ethnography, economics, literature, intellectual history, philosophy, psychology, sociology, religion, and theology. Vodou is also studied from multiple theoretical approaches including queer, feminist theory, critical race theory, Marxism, postcolonial criticism, postmodernism, and psychoanalysis.

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