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Carl Jung

Author : Claire Dunne
ISBN : 9781780288314
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 49. 62 MB
Format : PDF
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This is the first fully-illustrated biography of one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century, famous for his pioneering exploration of dreams, the unconscious, and spirituality. Carl Jung continues to be revered today as a true revolutionary who helped to shape psychology, provided a bridge between Western and Eastern spirituality, and brought into general awareness such fundamental concepts as archetypes, the collective unconscious, and synchronicity. In this important book, Claire Dunne chronicles Jung's journey of self-discovery from a childhood filled with visions both terrifying and profound, through his early professional success, to his rediscovery of spirituality in mid-life. Special attention is paid to the tumultuous relationships between Jung and Sigmund Freud, the unconventional yet vital role performed by his colleague, Toni Wolff, and the revelatory visions Jung experienced following a close brush with death. The words of Jung himself and those who shared his work and private life are shared verbatim, connected by Claire Dunne's lively and accessible commentary and by an evocative array of illustrations including photographs of Jung, his associates, and the environments in which he lived and worked, as well as art images both ancient and contemporary that reflect Jung's teachings. Jung emerges as a healer whose skills arose from having first attended to the wounds in his own soul. This is an essential work of reference as well as a fascinating and entertaining read for everyone interested in psychology, spirituality, and personal development.

The Nurse As Wounded Healer

Author : Marion Conti-O'Hare
ISBN : 0763715689
Genre : Medical
File Size : 76. 66 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This work depicts the evolution of the wounded healer phenomenon and its impace on the practice of nursing. It explores how healing has been defined in the past, and emphasizes the changing focus necessary to meet the relevant health care needs of an increasingly wounded society in the 21st century.

Healing This Wounded Earth

Author : Eleanor Stoneham
ISBN : 9781846944451
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 49. 77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The world is seriously wounded threatened by violence egocentricity and mass consumerism. Government intervention alone will never solve society's problems. We need personal responsibility and healing on a global scale. This carefully researched book skillfully weaves science and spirituality with philosophy and ancient wisdom using potent imagery of the Wounded Healer embodied in the life of Jesus Christ the story of the healing centaur Chiron and the work of the indigenous shaman. Through suffering his own physical and mental wounds the Wounded Healer acquires a special empathy for recognizing and healing the wounds of others. This book is full of hope as it speaks to a palpable global shift towards holistic and spiritual values. Through the healing needs of relationship our economy our environment and the living Gaia and finally the curing professions of pastoral and medical care it shows how we may all become catalysts for social change for a happier and more peaceful world.

Come Walk With Me

Author : Elaine Ruth Pope
ISBN : 9781465315878
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 64. 25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"The author asks as you read this 'prison reform' book interlaced with small parts of her own personal involvement, that you overlook the grammar, punctuation and, sentence structure errors because she did not and, does not consider herself a writer. But she felt this story had to be told to inform society there is another view of prison life on the inside, rather than only the stories reported by the media and the justice system itself. Therefore, what you are about to read will take you on a journey into the chilling hellhole of prison and, you will find it is not at all what you expected it to be. Quite the contrary, it is a house of dreams for souls who are victims themselves: Victims of abuse while living on the outside in society and, victims of abuse by the penal system during incarceration. In addition, they are victims of drug and alcohol related incidents, or bad judgment and, in more cases than we can imagine, of wrongful conviction." "Elaine was almost oblivious to the insane walk; two sets of remote controlled steel gates, a search room, a 70-foot fenced walkway topped with rolls of ice-steel razor wire, another set of barred gates, but this time, she was conducted straight to the hospital. Every time she made this trip she was appalled at the madness behind the disproportionate security. It appeared to her the perimeter towers, rifles, steel topped clubs, pepper spray and stun guns strapped to the hips of every guard were security enough against men who were shackled behind these cement walls." (p. 17) "Elaine was alone in Starke, Florida. She had driven from Michigan alone to meet Horace and to help him with his appeals and also, when the time was right to become his wife. During the five months since her arrival from Michigan, she had made a few acquaintances, but hadnt had sufficient time to make a good friend. Horace had been her only friend. She had neither friends nor family to stand by her side to give comfort and solace as Horace slowly died a suffering death. But why? Why would a woman, who was considered an average societal wife and mother, leave family and home, even divorcing, to marry a man on death row? Why enter into an environment where personal diminishment is the daily experience? And especially perplexing, why enter into a relationship with a man whose impending death was possibly the only future? Why did Elaine do this? Did She have a choice? It seemed, somehow, her whole life had prepared her in a special way to follow this course, as if a plot had been written. Did she feel a martyr? Did she feel a fool? Did she feel courageous? Elaine truly doesn't have answers to any of these questions, yet one thing she knows about herself," (p. 21) "Even though Horace worked hard in the orange groves all day and led a Honky Tonk band at night in several Lounges in Bartow and Eloise, it didn't matter what he could have been. His reality was, he was marked...His being part Japanese at that prejudicial time and Native American as well, he was prejudged and condemned by an absurd record of poverty and ethnicity. Whether he was laboring in the groves or strumming his guitar playing in lounges at night, Horace was a wandering man with a wandering heart in search of fulfillment. And for this honky-tonk heartbreaker, unfortunately, the worst was about to come for he was one more person who would not be touched by the American Dream but was about to become part of Americas nightmare. (page 29) "The Court: If I can assure you that I would makewell, I will assure you that in the event you are sentenced to life or death The Defendant: Yes, maam. The Court:that I would do everything within my power to have them protect you, but in protecting you, not isolate you from sight and hearing of other inmates. The Defendant: Yes, maam, I understand.


Author :
ISBN : UVA:X006174875
Genre : Myth
File Size : 61. 37 MB
Format : PDF
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Spiritual Leaders Who Changed The World

Author : Ira Rifkin
ISBN : PSU:000063203585
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 31. 90 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The result of a nationwide survey of experts in leading universities and seminaries, as well as leading representatives of dozens of religious traditions and spiritual persuasions, this authoritative list of seventy-five includes martyrs and mystics, intellectuals and charismatics from East and West. Their lives and wisdom are now easily accessible in this inspiring volume.A celebration of the human spirit, ideal for both seekers and believers, the curious and the passionate, thinkers and doers, this invaluable resource is an inspiring guide to the most creative spiritual ideas and actions of the past century. Each profile includes:?Synopsis of innovator?s life and the evolution of their spiritual leadership and influence.?Inspiring quotes?words of wisdom indicative of the innovator?s life and teachings.?A guide to further examination of their works, ideas, organizations, movements, legacy.?Resources for more in-depth study.

The Wounded Jung

Author : Robert C. Smith
ISBN : 081011576X
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 88. 86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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By exploring Carl Jung's transformative life experience and its effect on his thoughts and writings, The Wounded Jung shows how Jung's interest in the healing of the psyche was rooted in the conflicts of his childhood.

Teach Yourself Jung

Author : Ruth Snowden
ISBN : 0071472762
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 27. 40 MB
Format : PDF
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Learn about one of the 20th century's greatest minds When Carl Jung broke off from his mentor, Sigmund Freud, he began a new school of psychology, one that remains immensely popular today. Starting with his background and upbringing, Teach Yourself Jung leads you through the mind of Jung, teaching you about his exploration of mythology, dreams, visions, and fantasies. A clear and concise overview, this book is ideal for students, teachers, and anyone who wants to gain an understanding of their place in the universe.

Theories Of Personality

Author : Jess Feist
ISBN : PSU:000058481066
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 77. 59 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This trusted text centers on the premise that personality theories are a reflection of the unique cultural background, family experiences, personalities, and professional training of their originators. The book begins by acquainting students with the meaning of personality and providing them with a solid foundation for understanding the nature of theory, as well as its crucial contributions to science. The chapters that follow present twenty-three major theories: coverage of each theory also encompasses a biographical sketch of each theorist, related research, and applications to real life. The new edition includes greater coverage of the Big Five theory, a new organization, and updated research throughout.

The Celtic Soul Friend

Author : Edward Cletus Sellner
ISBN : 0877939675
Genre : Spiritual direction
File Size : 46. 36 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Edward Sellner describes the history of the anamchara or soul friend and the early Celtic Church out of which it arose. He offers a portrait of the Celtic spirituality, spirituality with a deep appreciation of nature, a respect for women's gifts and leadership, and a holistic perspective on the relationship of the mind and the body.

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