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Comparative Biochemistry And Physiology

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Comparative Biochemistry And Physiology Of Enzymatic Digestion

Author : H. J. Vonk
ISBN : UOM:39015006704194
Genre : Science
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Trends In Comparative Biochemistry And Physiology

Author : E. W. Taylor
ISBN : 8125800611
Genre : Biochemistry
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Fish Physiology Recent Advances

Author : Stefan Nilsson
ISBN : 9789401165587
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Fishes are very successful vertebrates and have adapted to a wide range of environmental conditions, from the deep ocean to the smallest brook or pond. The physiological background to these environmental adaptations is, obviously, far from clear, and provides fish physiologists with many challenges. The number of extant fish species has been estimated to be in excess of 20000, and only relatively few of these have been subject to physiological studies. Yet among these animals can be found many physiological systems different from those of the land-dwelling vertebrates, and also systems similar to those of the 'higher' vertebrates but at a different level of phylogenetic development. Apart from the rapidly increasing interest in basic fish physi ology, the last few years have seen a dramatic increase in applied research, aimed primarily in two directions: fish culture and envi ronmental toxicology. Physiological research is of vital importance in both these fields, and basic fish physiology is a necessary base for the applied research. This book is intended for a wide readership among senior undergraduate, postgraduate and research students, as well as uni versity teachers and researchers in zoology, physiology, aqua culture and biology generally. The book focuses on five major areas of basic and applied research: haemopoiesis, acid-base regu lation, circulation, gastro-intestinal functions and physiological toxicology. The chapters will serve as introductions to these fields, as well as up-to-date reviews of the most recent advances in the research areas.

Functional Genomics In Aquaculture

Author : Marco Saroglia
ISBN : 9781118350010
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Genomics has revolutionized biological research over the course of the last two decades. Genome maps of key agricultural species have offered increased understanding of the structure, organization, and evolution of animal genomes. Building upon this foundation, researchers are now emphasizing research on genome function. Published with the World Aquaculture Society, Functional Genomics in Aquaculture looks at the advances in this field as they directly relate to key traits and species in aquaculture production. Functional Genomics in Aquaculture opens with two chapters that provide a useful general introduction to the field of functional genomics. The second section of the book focuses on key production traits such as growth, development, reproduction, nutrition, and physiological response to stress and diseases. The final five chapters focus on a variety of key aquaculture species. Examples looking at our understanding of the functional genomes of salmonids, Mediterranean sea bass, Atlantic cod, catfish, shrimp, and molluscs, are included in the book. Providing valuable insights and discoveries into the functional genomes of finfish and shellfish species, Functional Genomics in Aquaculture, will be an invaluable resource to researchers and professionals in aquaculture, genetics, and animal science.


Author : Ernest S. Chang
ISBN : 9780199832422
Genre : Science
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The Crustacea is one of the dominant invertebrate groups, displaying staggering diversity in form and function, and spanning the full spectrum of Earth's environments. Crustaceans are increasingly used as model organisms in all fields of biology, as few other taxa exhibit such a variety of body shapes and adaptations to particular habitats and environmental conditions. Physiology is the fourth volume in The Natural History of the Crustacea series, and the first book in over twenty-five years to provide an overview of the comparative physiology of crustaceans. An understanding of physiology is crucial to a comprehension of the biology of this fascinating invertebrate group. Written by a group of internationally recognized experts studying a wide range of crustacean taxa and topics, this volume synthesizes current research in a format that is accessible to a wide scientific audience.

Advances In Comparative Physiology And Biochemistry

Author : O Lowenstein
ISBN : 9780323152884
Genre : Science
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Advances in Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry, Volume 7, presents four papers that illustrate a logical progression from evolutionary and genetic aspects of the biochemistry of a family of enzymes to the biochemical. The first study deals with the comparative biochemistry, physiology, and genetics of animal α-amylases. The second study examines the biochemistry of intercellular recognition, which is a component of so many biological phenomena. It covers the evolution of intercellular recognition processes; primitive sex mechanisms as precursors of intercellular recognition; conjugation in single-celled eukaryotes; fertilization in metazoans; cell aggregation as a developmental event in cellular slime molds; aggregation of dissociated sponge cells; and contact cellular interactions during embryonic development. The third paper explores the role of amino acids in neurotransmission. The final paper on the biochemical and biophysical aspects of the complex range of functions of the swimbladder in fishes establishes a link with the higher categories of organismal interaction in the fields of behavior and ecology.

The Physiology Of Trematodes

Author : J. D. Smyth
ISBN : 0521222834
Genre : Science
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Ecological And Environmental Physiology Of Mammals

Author : Philip C. Withers
ISBN : 9780191092671
Genre : Science
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Mammals are the so-called "pinnacle" group of vertebrates, successfully colonising virtually all terrestrial environments as well as the air (bats) and sea (especially pinnipeds and cetaceans). How mammals function and survive in these diverse environments has long fascinated mammologists, comparative physiologists and ecologists. Ecological and Environmental Physiology of Mammals explores the physiological mechanisms and evolutionary necessities that have made the spectacular adaptation of mammals possible. It summarises our current knowledge of the complex and sophisticated physiological approaches that mammals have for survival in a wide variety of ecological and environmental contexts: terrestrial, aerial, and aquatic. The authors have a strong comparative and quantitative focus in their broad approach to exploring mammal ecophysiology. As with other books in the Ecological and Environmental Physiology Series, the emphasis is on the unique physiological characteristics of mammals, their adaptations to extreme environments, and current experimental techniques and future research directions are also considered. This accessible text is suitable for graduate level students and researchers in the fields of mammalian comparative physiology and physiological ecology, including specialist courses in mammal ecology. It will also be of value and use to the many professional mammologists requiring a concise overview of the topic.

Advances In Comparative Physiology And Biochemistry

Author : O Lowenstein
ISBN : 9780323152891
Genre : Social Science
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Advances in Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry, Volume 8, presents five papers covering topics that range from biochemical aspects of the genetics of the various mutants of the fruit fly Drosophila to the physiological, biophysical, and biochemical mechanisms in diving animals. The first study on the biochemistry and genetics of purine metabolism in Drosophila melanogaster examines purine nucleotide biosynthesis and interconversion, catabolism of purines, genetics of catabolic enzymes, and purine auxotrophy. The second study on central nervous system regulation of pituitary melanocyte-stimulating hormone presents experiments with amphibians, reptiles, and mammals that test nervous-neuroendocrine control of MSS release. The third study examines the comparative physiology of calcium regulation in submammalian vertebrates, including fishes, amphibians, and birds. The fourth study looks at the cerebellum of fishes. The final paper deals with the comparative physiology of diving in vertebrates. The book will be useful to biologists given their appreciation of functional biological principles, as well as a reference tool for specialists.

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