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Compassionate Music Teaching

Author : Karin S. Hendricks
ISBN : 9781475837346
Genre : Education
File Size : 41. 66 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Compassionate Music Teaching provides a framework for music teaching in the 21st century by outlining qualities, skills, and approaches to meet the needs of a unique and increasingly diverse generation of students. The text focuses on how six qualities of compassion (trust, empathy, patience, inclusion, community, and authentic connection) have made an impact in human lives, and how these qualities might relate to the practices of caring and committed music teachers. This book bridges the worlds of research and practice, discussing cutting-edge topics while also offering practical strategies that can be used immediately in music studios and classrooms. Each chapter is addressed from multiple perspectives, including: research in music, education, psychology, sociology, and related fields; insights from various students and teachers across the United States; and an in-depth study of five music teachers who represent a broad range of genres, student ages, and pedagogical approaches. The book is dedicated to exploring those conditions that help students not only to learn, but also to grow, thrive, and freely express—and become compassionate musicians, teachers, performers, and people as well.

Music Education On The Verge

Author : Judy Lewis
ISBN : 9781793654144
Genre : Education
File Size : 46. 68 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Music Education on the Verge is a collection of narratives by music teacher-educators describing how they responded to the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each chapter offers examples of innovative music pedagogy that can be adapted and applied by music educators and music teacher educators with their students.

Queering Vocal Pedagogy

Author : William Sauerland
ISBN : 9781538166680
Genre : Music
File Size : 83. 5 MB
Format : PDF
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"This book explores the experiences of trans and genderqueer singers, imparting practical and theoretical knowledge for singing teachers, choral directors, and educators-readers will garner specific strategies in voice teaching, an understanding of inclusive gender language, and an overview of the impact of gender and identity in teaching singers"--

The Art Of Teaching Music

Author : Estelle R. Jorgensen
ISBN : 9780253000200
Genre : Music
File Size : 42. 85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Art of Teaching Music takes up important aspects of the art of music teaching ranging from organization to serving as conductor to dealing with the disconnect between the ideal of university teaching and the reality in the classroom. Writing for both established teachers and instructors on the rise, Estelle R. Jorgensen opens a conversation about the life and work of the music teacher. The author regards music teaching as interrelated with the rest of lived life, and her themes encompass pedagogical skills as well as matters of character, disposition, value, personality, and musicality. She reflects on musicianship and practical aspects of teaching while drawing on a broad base of theory, research, and personal experience. Although grounded in the practical realities of music teaching, Jorgensen urges music teachers to think and act artfully, imaginatively, hopefully, and courageously toward creating a better world.

Trauma And Resilience In Music Education

Author : Deborah Bradley
ISBN : 9781000479942
Genre : Music
File Size : 42. 19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Trauma and Resilience in Music Education: Haunted Melodies considers the effects of trauma on both teachers and students in the music class- room, exploring music as a means for working through traumatic expe- riences and the role music education plays in trauma studies. The volume acknowledges the ubiquity of trauma in our society and its long-term deleterious effects while showcasing the singular ways music can serve as a support for those who struggle. In twelve contributed essays, authors examine theoretical perspectives and personal and societal traumas, providing a foundation for thinking about their implications in music education. Topics covered include: Philosophical, psychological, sociological, empirical, and narrative perspectives of trauma and resilience. How trauma-informed education practices might provide guidelines for music educators in schools and other settings Interrogations of how music and music education may be a source of trauma Distinguishing itself from other subjects—even the other arts—music may provide clues to the recovery of traumatic memory and act as a tool for releasing emotions and calming stresses. Trauma and Resilience in Music Education witnesses music’s unique abilities to reach people of all ages and empower them to process traumatic experiences, providing a vital resource for music educators and researchers.

More Than Music Lessons

Author : Merlin B. Thompson
ISBN : 9781538164051
Genre : Music
File Size : 39. 16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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More than Music Lessons invites contemporary music studio teachers to link their teaching with notions of humanity and presents a timely vision of bringing student-centered teaching to life in the applied studio. It provides a myriad of practical tips and strategies, exploring the themes of parents, practicing, projects, and character.

Peer Mentoring In Music Education

Author : Andrew Goodrich
ISBN : 9781000822526
Genre : Education
File Size : 39. 13 MB
Format : PDF
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Peer Mentoring in Music Education: Developing Effective Student Leadership offers a practical guide to peer mentoring in music education, enabling music teachers to implement and benefit from this technique with their students. Drawing on extensive and current research in education and music education, the core focus of this book is on the instructional practice of peer mentoring and how students can become effective leaders. Through case studies and examples focused on music education, the author shows how peer mentoring can transform learning for all students and foster student leadership as part of a student-centered instructional approach. Part I explores the foundations of these instructional practices, the role of the music teacher, the role of the student, and how socializing and student leadership contribute to meaningful learning. Part II portrays stories of four exemplary music teachers who use peer mentoring and student leadership in their music programs across a wide array of age levels and music classes and ensembles. Music teachers will benefit from learning about the transformative power of peer mentoring and student leadership, and how these instructional practices aid with diversity, equity, inclusion, and access so that all students are valued in the music class and ensemble. Peer Mentoring in Music Education: Developing Effective Student Leadership provides a comprehensive guide for in-service and preservice music teachers seeking to understand peer mentoring and incorporate this technique in teaching.

Narratives And Reflections In Music Education

Author : Tawnya D. Smith
ISBN : 9783030287078
Genre : Education
File Size : 66. 42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This volume offers chapters written by some of the most respected narrative and qualitative inquiry writers in the field of music education. The authorship and scope are international, and the chapters advance the philosophical, theoretical, and methodological bases of narrative inquiry in music education and the arts. The book contains two sections, each with a specific aim. The first is to continue and expand upon dialogue regarding narrative inquiry in music education, emphasizing how narrative involves the art of listening to and hearing others whose voices are often unheard. The chapters invite music teachers and scholars to experience and confront music education stories from multiple perspectives and worldviews, inviting an international readership to engage in critical dialogue with and about marginalized voices in music. The second section focuses on ways in which narrative might be represented beyond the printed page, such as with music, film, photography, and performative pieces. This section includes philosophical discussions about arts-based and aesthetic inquiry, as well as examples of such work.

The Oxford Handbook Of Music Performance Volume 1

Author : Gary McPherson
ISBN : 9780190056285
Genre : Education
File Size : 90. 95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The two-volume 'Oxford Handbook of Music Performance' provides the most comprehensive and authoritative resource for musicians, educators and scholars currently available. It is aimed primarily for practicing musicians, particularly those who are preparing for a professional career as performers and are interested in practical implications of psychological and scientific research for their own music performance development; educators with a specific interest or expertise in music psychology, who will wish to apply the concepts and techniques surveyed in their own teaching; undergraduate and postgraduate students who understand the potential of music psychology for informing music education; and researchers in the area of music performance who consider it important for the results of their research to be practically useful for musicians and music educators.

General Music

Author : Carlos R. Abril
ISBN : 9780197509043
Genre : Music
File Size : 45. 33 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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General Music: Dimensions of Practice is a practical guide for music teachers and teaching artists who strive to teach music holistically. The book begins by framing general music as a holistic music education that is comprehensive, meaningful, and relevant to diverse learners in school and community settings. It is followed by chapters that are organized into one of four dimensions of music practice: performing, connecting, creating, and responding. Chapter authors share creative and innovative teaching ideas, for both elementary and secondary school students, that focus on a wide range of topics, including: songwriting, composing, improvising, singing, moving, playing, listening, analyzing, contextualizing, and connecting. Each chapter provides (a) a rationale for a given area of music study, establishing its importance and relevance; (b) a research or theoretical background, to inform and guide practice; and (c) a pedagogical model or framework illustrated through lesson ideas, curriculum units, or vignettes. The ideas in this book seek to inspire and guide teachers as they build comprehensive music programs that are informed by students and communities.

Music Making In U S Prisons

Author : Mary L. Cohen
ISBN : 9781771123389
Genre : Music
File Size : 87. 38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The U.S. incarceration machine imprisons more people than in any other country. Music-Making in U.S. Prisons looks at the role music-making can play in achieving goals of accountability and healing that challenge the widespread assumption that prisons and punishment keep societies safe. The book’s synthesis of historical research, contemporary practices, and pedagogies of music-making inside prisons reveals that, prior to the 1970s tough-on-crime era, choirs, instrumental ensembles, and radio shows bridged lives inside and outside prisons. Mass incarceration had a significant negative impact on music programs. Despite this setback, current programs testify to the potency of music education to support personal and social growth for people experiencing incarceration and deepen social awareness of the humanity found behind prison walls. Cohen and Duncan argue that music-making creates opportunities to humanize the complexity of crime, sustain meaningful relationships between incarcerated individuals and their families, and build social awareness of the prison industrial complex. The authors combine scholarship and personal experience to guide music educators, music aficionados, and social activists to create restorative social practices through music-making.

Constructing A Personal Orientation To Music Teaching

Author : Mark Robin Campbell
ISBN : 9781136950858
Genre : Education
File Size : 41. 38 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Constructing a Personal Orientation to Music Teaching promotes inquiry and reflection to facilitate teacher growth, lifelong learning and a disposition toward educational change. Strongly grounded in current theories and research in teacher education, the text engages readers in analyzing their own experiences in order to conceptualize the complexity of teaching; involves them in clarifying their reasons for seeking a career in teaching; supports their insights, questions, and reflections about their work; and promotes a reflective, critical attitude about schools in general as teachers are urged to think of themselves as change agents in school settings.

The Bloomsbury Handbook Of Popular Music Policy

Author : Shane Homan
ISBN : 9781501345340
Genre : Music
File Size : 82. 21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Bloomsbury Handbook of Popular Music Policy is the first thorough analysis of how policy frames the behavior of audiences, industries, and governments in the production and consumption of popular music. Covering a range of industrial and national contexts, this collection assesses how music policy has become an important arm of government, and a contentious arena of global debate across areas of cultural trade, intellectual property, and mediacultural content. It brings together a diverse range of researchers to reveal how histories of music policy development continue to inform contemporary policy and industry practice. The Handbook maps individual nation case studies with detailed assessment of music industry sectors. Drawing on international experts, the volume offers insight into global debates about popular music within broader social, economic, and geopolitical contexts.


Author : Gareth Dylan Smith
ISBN : 9780429559969
Genre : Music
File Size : 31. 22 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 586
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Eudaimonia: Perspectives for Music Learning asserts the fertile applications of eudaimonia—an Aristotelian concept of human flourishing intended to explain the nature of a life well lived—for work in music learning and teaching in the 21st century. Drawing insights from within and beyond the field of music education, contributors reflect on what the "good life" means in music, highlighting issues at the core of the human experience and the heart of schooling and other educational settings. This pursuit of personal fulfillment through active engagement is considered in relation to music education as well as broader social, political, spiritual, psychological, and environmental contexts. Especially pertinent in today’s complicated and contradictory world, Eudaimonia: Perspectives for Music Learning is a concise compendium on this oft-overlooked concept, providing musicians with an understanding of an ethically-guided and socially-meaningful music-learning paradigm.

The Routledge Companion To Jazz And Gender

Author : James Reddan
ISBN : 9781000591514
Genre : Music
File Size : 74. 90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Routledge Companion to Jazz and Gender identifies, defines, and interrogates the construct of gender in all forms of jazz, jazz culture, and education, shaping and transforming the conversation in response to changing cultural and societal norms across the globe. Such interrogation requires consideration of gender from multiple viewpoints, from scholars and artists at various points in their careers. This edited collection of 38 essays gathers the diverse perspectives of contributors from four continents, exploring the nuanced (and at times controversial) construct of gender as it relates to jazz music, in the past and present, in four parts: Historical Perspectives Identity and Culture Society and Education Policy and Advocacy Acknowledging the art form’s troubled relationship with gender, contributors seek to define the construct to include all possible definitions—not only female and male—without binary limitations, contextualizing gender and jazz in both place and time. As gender identity becomes an increasingly important consideration in both education and scholarship, The Routledge Companion to Jazz and Gender provides a broad and inclusive resource of research for the academic community, addressing an urgent need to reconcile the construct of gender in jazz in all its forms.

A Way Of Music Education

Author : C. Victor Fung
ISBN : 9780190858971
Genre : Music
File Size : 57. 17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Moving back through Dewey, Heidegger, Nietzsche, and Rousseau, the lineage of Western music education finds its origins in Plato and Pythagoras. Yet theories not rooted in the ancient Greek tradition are all but absent. A Way of Music Education provides a much-needed intervention, integrating ancient Chinese thought into the canon of music education in a structured, systematized, and philosophical way. The book's three central sources - the Yijing (The Book of Changes), Confucianism, and Daoism - inform author C. Victor Fung's argument: that the human being exists as an entity at the center of an organismic world in which all things and events, including music and music education, are connected. Fung ultimately proposes a new educational philosophy based on three key ideas in Chinese thought: change, balance, and liberation. A unique work, A Way of Music Education offers a universal approach engrained in a specific and ancient cultural tradition.

The Red Palace Train

Author : Steven T. Pankey
ISBN : 9781637641262
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 84. 26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 721
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The Red Palace Train By: Steven T. Pankey At daggers drawn, a wedding is planned. The Red Palace Train gives the novel reader, ears and eyes, with a clear view of the landscape, while right thinking people ring the changes on the arrival of a fresh phase. Some natives are narrow in their outlook. Others are rare and exceptional. This is a private view of the exhibition. The reader will be able to experience a sense of travel and see the inside of a splendid adventure.

Promising Practices In 21st Century Music Teacher Education

Author : Michele Kaschub
ISBN : 9780190206154
Genre : Music
File Size : 70. 29 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 449
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This book surveys emerging music and education landscapes to present a sampling of the promising practices of music teacher education that may serve as new models for the 21st century. Contributors explore the delicate balance between curriculum and pedagogy, the power structures that influence music education at all levels, the role of contemporary musical practices in teacher education, and the communication challenges that surround institutional change. Models of programs that feature in-school, out-of-school and beyond school contexts, lifespan learning perspectives, active juxtapositions of formal and informal approaches to teaching and learning, student-driven project-based fieldwork, and the purposeful employment of technology and digital media as platforms for authentic music engagement within a contemporary participatory culture are all offered as springboards for innovative practice.

Culturally Responsive Teaching And Learning In Higher Education

Author : Tripp, Lucretia Octavia
ISBN : 9781522599913
Genre : Education
File Size : 20. 13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 220
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As diversity continues to increase in classrooms, teachers need to be culturally aware and sensitive in order to ensure student success. It is important to understand what best practices are available to support this ever-increasing awareness of learning to respect those who are different and to understand how this is key to orchestrating a series of social interactions and social contexts. Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning in Higher Education is an essential scholarly reference source that provides comprehensive research on culturally responsive teaching and the impact of culture on teaching and contextualizes issues related to cultural diversity and inequity in education. Featuring a broad range of topics such as gender bias, STEM, and social media, the goal of the book is to build transformative educators and administrators equipped to prepare 21st century global citizens. It is ideal for faculty, teachers, administrators, principals, curriculum developers, course designers, professionals, researchers, and students seeking to improve teaching methodologies and faculty development.

Transforming Music Education

Author : Estelle R. Jorgensen
ISBN : 0253109582
Genre : Music
File Size : 34. 5 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 243
Read : 933

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"Brilliant... important reading for those who teach music, who write the curricular plans for teaching it, and who guide prospective teachers to the profession.... It is a must-read, for it awakens thoughts about why we teach and how." -- Patricia Shehan Campbell This quintet of essays examines the reasons why music education should be transformed, investigates the nature of education and musical transformation, and suggests alternative educational models and strategies. Estelle Jorgensen frames her argument for new approaches against the backdrop of historical musical and educational practice and draws on literature from various fields. Transforming Music Education is addressed to current and future music teachers, those who train them, and all who are interested in revolutionizing music education.

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