conquer your fear of water

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Conquer Your Fear Of Water

Author : Melon Dash
ISBN : 9781420885392
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 81. 9 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Do you wish you could swim, have fun and exercise in water wherever you go? Get to the heart of the problem. Anyone can learn to swim once he or she overcomes fear. Overcoming fear requires understanding what being in complete control in water feels like. It requires understanding the steps of loss of control and the simple way to keep it. It is easy. Chances are, you ve never heard of these steps. But everyone recognizes them when they see them in this book. They are universal steps. They are the universal steps of learning. You cannot fail to learn to swim using these steps. (You cannot fail to learn anything using these steps.) What is swimming? First, it s confidence in water. If you haven t learned strokes and breathing, chances are you don t feel safe. Feeling safe knowing how to remain in control and prevent panic is your next step. Once you master your safety, you can learn any stroke you desire because you re no longer focused on survival. Conquer Your Fear of Water advances these ideas: 1. Learning to swim requires comfort and confidence in water first. 2. Learning to swim to be reliable for your safety in water comes before learning strokes. 3. Learning to swim and learning strokes are two different processes. 4. Overcoming fear is a simple, fascinating personal process. 5. Overcoming fear and learning to swim is fun. 6. If you start at the beginning and skip no steps, you cannot fail to overcome fear and learn to swim. Every step you need is presented in the book. Formal strokes are not part of this book. Readers wrote: "I really like that you stress having fun first and being comfortable . The book is full of fantastic advice. It s working for me. I now know I will not pass on my fear to my children. You will make a difference in millions of lives." D.K. "This book is very, very impressive and leaves no doubt in my mind why your system works. The book does a tremendous job of sharing your method. The concepts, the language, and the detailed steps are easy to understand. You anticipate and explain in great detail a lot of the things that happen in the water that scare novices. Your book answered a lot of questions I have had, and explained a lot of what I have experienced in the water." S.N. No matter where you are with your swimming today, it s just the right place to begin. To move from here to there in water with ease and the ability to stop and rest without needing the bottom or the side of the pool, start at the beginning and skip no steps. This course has been honed since 1983 by Miracle Swimming Institute / 21st Century Swimming Lessons, Inc. in Berkeley, California and Sarasota, Florida. It is now in 19 cities around the world. It sets a new standard for all teaching.

Conquer Your Fear Of Water

Author : M. Ellen Dash
ISBN : 1734097302
Genre :
File Size : 66. 38 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Conquer Your Fear Of The Triathlon Swim

Author : Ali Meeks
ISBN : 173420494X
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 25. 28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A book that addresses how to overcome the fear of swimming faced by many triathletes.

Surviving Your Worst Fear

Author : Bonnie Baker
ISBN : 9781562292256
Genre :
File Size : 56. 64 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Is your life shackled by fear? Now you can be set free! Many of us are bound by fear and don't know why-fear of the unknown, fear of not being loved, fear of heights, fear of dying, fear of failure, fear of rejection. But God didn't intend for His children to live their lives in fear. Fear opens the door for the enemy's attacks on your soul. In this candid new book, Evangelist Bonnie Baker shares the fears that gripped her life for years, including a debilitating fear of water following a childhood near-drowning episode. She offers the keys to divine deliverance from every fear that keeps you bound. Yes, you can conquer your fears!

30 Days To Taming Your Fears

Author : Deborah Smith Pegues
ISBN : 9780736941402
Genre : Religion
File Size : 29. 82 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Deborah Smith Pegues, behavioral specialist and bestselling author of 30 days to Taming Your Tongue (more than 500,000 copies sold), sheds light on rational and irrational fears and offers readers a path of hope and assurance. With her trademark clarity and practical wisdom, Deborah addresses spiritual, relational, physical safety, financial, and emotional fears with godly principles and straightforward helps. Each step of the way, she gives readers power over fear by helping them understand: the foundation of their fears God’s perspective on their specific anxiety, fear, or phobia how to respond to fear triggers with information, awareness, and confidence ways to embrace healthy fears and to resist unhealthy ones how neutralizing their fears maximizes their life This will be an invaluable resource for anyone walking the minefield of constant apprehensions who is ready to exchange fear for the peace which passes all understanding.

Only You Can Conquer Your Fear

Author : Birister Sharma
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 43. 55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Who is the biggest enemy of your success? Who stops you to achieve your goal? Who makes you weak? Who makes you sick? Who makes you a loser? Your fear is the biggest enemy of your success. Your fear stops you to achieve your goal. Your fear makes you weak. Your fear makes you sick. Your fear makes you a loser. It is only your fear that stops you doing anything in your life. If you want to become a successful in your life, then you’ve to overcome your fear. If you want to achieve your goal, then you’ve to conquer your fear. If you want to become strong and powerful, then you’ve to beat your fear. If you want to become a winner, then you’ve to defeat your fear. Once you conquer your fear, nobody can stop you to touch the great summit of your success and glory. Highlights of the book: * This book helps you to know your actual fears. * This book helps you to understand your fears. * This book helps you to handle your fears. * This book helps you to face your fears. * This book helps you to conquer your fears. * This book helps you to guide yourself. * This book helps you to change and transform yourself.

Change Achieve Your Dreams Conquer Your Fears

Author : Celia Rodríguez
ISBN : 9781507190746
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 42. 9 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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WARNING: reading this book plants the knowledge necessary to change your life and be happy. Do not read if you don’t want to master your fears and make important changes. Do you dare? In CHANGE, Achieve Your Dreams, Conquer Your Fears you will learn how you can change your current situation through coaching techniques. Coaching is a simple method, easy to apply and within reach of everybody. You will learn why it is scary to make changes, and how to make them. You will learn exercises to help you make better decisions, discover who you are and what you want. By making better decisions, you will achieve a higher success rate. Through a simple coaching technique, you will discover what to do to leave your comfort zone. It will help you in any area of your life and in any situation you want to overcome. Each chapter is accompanied by exercises to help you understand the content better and initiate change while you read the book, conquering your fears and changing things you don’t want in your life. This book has additional free content. Instructions to access it are included inside.

Learning To Swim When You Re Scared

Author : Katie Smith
ISBN : 0992436362
Genre :
File Size : 69. 79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A step by step journey that will help you face your fears and move beyond them. Are you an adult who has always wanted to learn to swim but are simply too scared to try? Are you tired of sitting on the sidelines or the sand while your friends and family enjoy the pool or the ocean? Or have you just decided that NOW is the time to finally learn to swim so you can cross it off your Bucket List? If so, Learning to Swim When You're Scared is just the book to help you! Created specifically for adults who want to swim but lack the confidence to do so it focuses on the steps you need to undertake with simple, positive language and helpful illustrations. If you're looking for a short cut or the previously unpublished "secrets" to becoming a proficient swimmer then keep looking. Learning To Swim When You're Scared doesn't make unrealistic promises or offer a guarantee of success. Rather it gives you the tools you need to make it happen. There are many reasons why people are afraid of learning to swim - some are simple and some are complex. But that doesn't matter. You can conquer your fear and move beyond it as long as you are prepared to roll your sleeves up and have a go. Learning to swim as an adult isn't "easy" - if it was you would have done it already, right? That's not to say it's difficult either, you just need the right information to help you. Learning To Swim When You're Scared will not have you swimming laps in a magically short time frame, rather it's function is to prepare you for formal lessons by getting you confident with submerging, floating and kicking. Learning To Swim When You're Scared starts with some preparation: Pinpointing why you're scaredComing to terms with previous negative experiencesSome simple at home "baby steps" to get the ball rollingThe importance of a support person It then moves on the nitty gritty - getting in the pool and your head under the water. Full submersion is the key to becoming a swimmer and it is a skill that can take time to learn. This book will guide you each step of the way. Once you can go under the water confidently it then moves onto other basic water skills inclduing: Getting your feet off the bottomLearning to float on the front and backThe correct way to kick While seemingly simple these core skills will set you on the path to becoming a proficient swimmer. Spending time and effort on them right at the beginning will pay huge dividends down the track. Everybody can learn to swim! Any lover of swimming and the water will tell you there is nothing quite like it. You don't have to continue being a non-swimmer just because you always have been. It doesn't matter how old you are, if you are overweight or if you have tried and failed before. If you are willing to put in the work you can do it. Don't sit on the sidelines any longer! Come on in the water is great.

Faith Success Go Ahead Walk On Water

Author : Earnest Claiborn
ISBN : 9780983832843
Genre : Religion
File Size : 37. 72 MB
Format : PDF
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Without Faith you will Fail, but with Faith you will Succeed! "Faith = Success: Go Ahead, Walk on Water" will unlock the doors to the mysteries of faith and give you keen insight and knowledge about faith. The Lord inspired me to write "Faith = Success: Go Ahead, Walk on Water" nearly ten years ago for the edification of the church, families, and individuals around the world. I have been working on this book for nearly ten years as God has directed me, and given me the wisdom and knowledge to write. Without a doubt, the wisdom and knowledge that you will learn from this book is going to change your life forever. Chapter titles from the book include: Crazy Faith: It Doesn't Make Sense 5 Kinds of Faith Enemies of Faith Unleash The Champion in You After reading "Faith = Success: Go Ahead, Walk on Water", and after applying these biblical principles, you will gain increased faith, spiritual growth, and victories in your life. This is the book you, your family, and friends have been waiting for. --from the Introduction

Tapping The Healer Within

Author : Roger Callahan
ISBN : 9780071394925
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 23. 55 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 113
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The first book on "TFT" by its founder Thought Field Therapy (TFT) has already changed the way thousands of people have overcome emotional problems. Now, in Tapping the Healer Within, the founder of TFT shows readers how to harness its healing power on their own, to overcome phobias, anxieties, addictions, and other common psychological problems. The process combines principles of Western and Eastern healing methods, using energy points in the body to release emotional distress.

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