cooking with microgreens the grow your own superfood

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Cooking With Microgreens The Grow Your Own Superfood

Author : Sal Gilbertie
ISBN : 9781581576344
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 90. 31 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Microgreens: The new superfood you grow in your own kitchen! Microgreens are young plants that are harvested a few weeks after germination. We've all heard of the nutritional virtues of kale, for example, but did you know that the microgreen versions of many plants hold anywhere from 4 to 50 times the nutrients per volume as the same plants in mature form? Microgreens truly are the new superfood. Chefs and gardeners around the country are discovering that these easy-to-grow plants can be raised in the convenience of your own kitchen in a few weeks' time. And the range of flavor profiles is amazing—from spicy radishes or daikon to fresh-from-the-farm corn flavor in miniature corn microgreens. Sal Gilbertie gives you all you need to know to growithese delicious plants. He walks you through many of the most popular varieties, explaining growing specifics and flavor profiles. He then provides fabulous recipes for enjoying your harvest in salads, soups, main courses, and much more.


Author : Fionna Hill
ISBN : 1770857141
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 83. 58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"The book is informative and accessible, delivering in a buoyant voice all you need to know about the ultimate in local eating -- making a meal of houseplants. It is nicely illustrated as well, with tantalizing photographs of microgreens at every stage, from seed to planting to plate. And there are more than a dozen recipes included... Highly recommended for gardeners, foodies, and health enthusiasts." -- Library Journal (starred review) The first edition of Microgreens sold 17,000 copies. This new edition is expanded with 30 new photographs and ten additional crops for a total of 30 microgreens. There are also four new recipes using microgreens. Microgreens provides practical guidance on growing arugula and other popular mini-greens unique for their powerful nutritional punch, tasty variety of colors, textures and flavors, and high levels of concentrated active compounds. The author provides guidance for growing, harvesting and preparing the most popular microgreens plus newer microgreens like kale, daikon radish, bok choy, shungiku, and mizuna. The comprehensive instructions explain which containers to use, how to sow the seeds, when to harvest, how to store the bounty, and much more. A special chapter has tips on helping children to grow microgreens. Microgreens shows how easy it is to bring fresh, nutritional and economical gourmet produce to the dinner table any time of year. This how-to book is ideal for health-conscious home cooks, especially those who believe in the importance of home-grown foods.

How To Grow Microgreens

Author : Fionna Hill
ISBN : 1869537653
Genre : Cooking (Greens)
File Size : 60. 34 MB
Format : PDF
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Microgreens - the tiny seedlings of herbs and vegetables are today's hottest gourmet garnish (and kids love them too). They are fantastic for container growing in small spaces, taste great and pack a powerful nutritional punch. Most varieties are ready in a week or so, and you can grow them in winter. Over 20 tasty varieties - describes and includes recipe ideas.

The Green Smoothie Bible

Author : Kristine Miles
ISBN : 9781569759745
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 80. 16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Presents recipes for a variety of smoothies made from fruits and vegetables to help in such areas as losing weight, fighting heart disease, and preventing diabetes.


Author : Nick Jones
ISBN : 1070760595
Genre :
File Size : 54. 12 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Do you want to try a new style of healthy living? Microgreens in the store are not cheap. That's why you should consider this book as an investment and grow them yourself! Do you like growing healthy food or do you want a new business idea to start in your spare time? You have come to the right place if you want to learn how to grow these superfoods. This book is all about microgreens. Microgreens are a healthy new food option that people love today. Microgreens have a large number of nutrients so they are considered a superfood. They are a relatively new way to enjoy healthy nutrition. Microgreens are also easy to grow. You can grow them in your kitchen or on a shelf somewhere in your house. You can grow them in a greenhouse or in your garden. Microgreens don't take long to grow so you don't need to have much of a green thumb to be able to grow them. In this book, I will talk all about how to grow microgreens and we will teach you how to be successful in the process. I will teach you easy ways to have a safe and healthy crop. More specifically: Difference between sprouts, microgreens, baby greens, and mature greens Recommended equipment Soil mixes and hydroponics A detailed list of different microgreens and how to grow them A step by step process to get started A long list of troubleshooting to get the best harvest possible A few microgreen recipes which you can enjoy With how easy microgreens are to grow and how popular they are right now, they are also a great business to get into. There is a high demand for microgreens and there are not that many people growing them. In this book, we will also talk all about how to get into the business of selling microgreens. More specifically: Things you need to consider before starting your venture Deciding if there is a market for microgreens How to become certified organic How to test your seeds What should be on your label? How to decide your pricing strategy How to market your microgreens and where to sell them Whether you are looking to live a healthier lifestyle or make some money on the side, microgreens could be the answer for you. No matter what you want to use them for, all of the information that you need to know is inside of this book. Open up these pages, and you will become an expert in the field of microgreens. Click the buy now button to grow microgreens from your own home!

Rawlicious Superfoods

Author : Peter Daniel
ISBN : 9781583949238
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 64. 99 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Authors Peter and Beryn Daniel reveal Rawlicious Superfoods. Revered by ancient cultures and verified by scientists, superfoods are reemerging today as a profound solution to widespread nutritional deficiencies. This book combines beautiful illustrations and photos, information on superfoods, and delicious recipes to inspire the whole family. The authors show how to easily add superfoods, from berries to bee pollen to maca to cacao to tonic herbs, to our diets to enjoy delicious health. With over 100 new recipes with full-color photographs and 17 enchanting illustrations to bring each superfood to life, the authors reveal the healing power of the world's top superfoods and share information on cutting-edge nutrition. Rawlicious Superfoods covers aloe, baobab, goji berries, chia, berries, blue-green algae, camu camu, grasses and microgreens, hemp, coconut, sea vegetables, maca, lucuma, mesquite, bee products, raw cacao, and medicinal herbs and discusses "What Are Superfoods?," "Where Is the Proof?," "What About Cost," "Stocking the Kitchen with Superfoods," and much more so that readers come away with a comprehensive knowledge of superfoods. From the table of contents: Foreword by David Wolfe Introduction Our Journey with Superfoods What Are Superfoods? Functional Food Where Is the Proof? What About Cost? Quality Is Key How to Use This Book A Superfoodist's Kitchen Stocking the Kitchen with Superfoods Aloe Baobab Goji Berries Chia Berries Blue-Green Algae Camu Camu Grasses and Microgreens Hemp Coconut Sea Vegetables Maca Lucuma Mesquite Bee Products Raw Cacao Medicinal Herbs

Growing Microgreens

Author : Susan Alima Friar
ISBN : 0991004612
Genre : Cooking (Greens)
File Size : 63. 10 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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How would you like to have fresh garden greens ready to eat in 7 to 10 days winter or summer? Step by step, I will take you from the ?no fail,? highly nutritious broccoli and kale to the colorful and kid favorite sunflower and pea shoots and way beyond. You only need a few minutes each day to tend your plants and you can have a rainbow of colors in a minimum of space and very reasonable cost. Microgreens are the youngest cultivated, green plants (1 to 2? in height) as opposed to sprouts which are germinated seeds. Seeds can be from vegetable or herb to edible flower seeds. Grow them in your home on your window sill or on your patio or anywhere that gets some light and is between 60 and 80 degrees. At the same time, growing this miniature garden can offer you a peaceful moment in your day as you watch the magic of nature with its varied shades, textures and tastes provide you with your own live green superfoods.

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