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Parting The Cosmic Veil

Author : Kenneth R. Lang
ISBN : 9780387333663
Genre : Science
File Size : 24. 46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book describes our gradual awareness of a vast, previously concealed Universe. It is a story of expanding horizons and the discovery of invisible worlds. This voyage of discovery is presented within universal themes, such as invisibility, motion, content, form, impermanence, violence and emptiness, beginnings and ends. These are topics that concern us all, helping us take the Universe personally, so each chapter begins with the human aspect of some of these themes. The book is additionally broadened by including the perceptions of artists, poets and writers, as well as with line drawings that forcefully compact a scientific insight.

Comprehending And Decoding The Cosmos

Author : Jerome Drexler
ISBN : 9781581129298
Genre : Science
File Size : 89. 77 MB
Format : PDF
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There are many mysteries involving cosmic phenomena. Jerome Drexler used 14 of these and his analytical concept of dark matter (DM) relationism to discover a promising candidate for dark matter, the source of ultra-high energy cosmic rays, and theories for star formation, starburst galaxies, and the emergence of DM halos. To test the validity of his discoveries, Drexler used another 11 unexplained cosmic phenomena discovered by astronomers primarily during 2005. Utilizing his same promising dark matter candidate, Drexler was able to explain in a plausible manner all 11 of these recently discovered cosmic mysteries. Drexler's research has led not only to an identification of dark matter and to plausible explanations for the 25 cosmic phenomena, but also to a deeper understanding of many aspects of the cosmos, leading to a partial decoding of the cosmos.

Discovering Postmodern Cosmology

Author : Jerome Drexler
ISBN : 9781599429878
Genre : Science
File Size : 80. 63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Learn how a world-class inventor-scientist is currently tackling the greatest scientific mysteries of the universe -- and succeeding. With his new book, Drexler provides a viable baseline to jump-start debate on a standard model for postmodern cosmology. It is the first book to not only address these seven unsolved cosmic mysteries, shown in this book's subtitle, but also offer plausible explanations for each of them. The correlation of these seven cosmic phenomena by Drexler offers a revolutionary advance in cosmological research and potentially broad acceptance and use of the related concepts. This book was written for open-minded cosmologists, astronomers, astrophysicists, physicists, engineers, students, enthusiasts and those at NASA, NSF, DOE and ESO who want to understand postmodern cosmology. The author's five years of cosmology research, and his successes, convinced him that his postmodern cosmology model is correctly based upon the relationships and linkages of these seven cosmic phenomena.

Space Exploration

Author : Richard Brownell
ISBN : 9781420508758
Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction
File Size : 75. 88 MB
Format : PDF
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Humans have always wondered about the nature of the universe outside the tangible reaches of Earth. Not until the twentieth century could space be explored in earnest, as advances in rocket, computer, and optical technologies made crewed travel outside the atmosphere possible. Yet even after humans walked on the moon, space continues to hold many secrets that can enrich our understanding of the universe we live in. Author Richard Brownell offers a compelling account of space exploration as it has evolved and sharpened its focus. Chapters discuss the evolution of astronomy, early attempts at manned flight, the race between the Soviet Union and the United States to land on the moon, the advances in science yielding from space exploration that have changed life on Earth, and the future of space exploration as space programs contract and budgets tighten.

How Dark Matter Created Dark Energy And The Sun

Author : Jerome Drexler
ISBN : 1581125518
Genre : Science
File Size : 41. 52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Through use of a lecture-slide format, this book presents an astrophysics detective story that chronicles Jerome Drexler's literature search for astronomical clues and evidence to unveil the nature of dark matter. There are a number of mysteries in astrophysics and cosmology that have remained unsolved for decades. What is dark matter? How exactly are stars created? In 1998, it was determined from supernova studies that the expansion of the Universe was accelerating, thereby creating the mystery of dark energy. Astrophysicists have developed mutually exclusive, single-phenomenon theories for each of these three phenomena, but not a unified theory for all three of them. The author's original goal was to identify dark matter, a decades-old mystery. In the process, he developed a new theory for dark matter and illuminated the nature of dark energy and the process of Sun formation. Since dark matter may have been instrumental in the creation of galaxies and stars, the author decided to test his new dark matter theory on the formation of the Sun. The results were very encouraging. He next sought a possible link between dark matter and the accelerating expansion of the Universe, which is attributed to the mysterious dark energy. Using his dark matter theory and the laws of physics, the author explained the accelerating expansion of the Universe in a plausible manner. This book chronicles the author's search for a unified astrophysical theory and how it finally evolved.

Life As We Know It

Author : Joseph Seckbach
ISBN : 9781402044038
Genre : Science
File Size : 68. 13 MB
Format : PDF
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Life As we Know It covers several aspects of Life, ranging from the prebiotic level, origin of life, evolution of prokaryotes to eukaryotes and finally to various affairs of human beings. Although Life is hard to define, one can characterize it and describe its features. The information presented here on the various phenomena of Life were all written by highly qualified authors including scientists, a professional athlete and three Nobel Laureates.

Scientific Information About The Universe And The Scientific Theories Of The Evolution Of The Universe

Author : Rick Adair
ISBN : 1404203974
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 62. 24 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The articles in this collection focus on the revolution in cosmology that took place in 1998 that has shaken scientists' understanding of the universe. Until then, scientists believed that the universe had been expanding for billions of years but was slowing down. However, data collected and analyzed since 1998 points to an accelerating universe. Each article in this educational anthology covers the authors' insights into the new mysterious universe.

Just Smoke And Mirrors

Author : Dr. W. Sumner Davis
ISBN : 9781469702735
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 52. 94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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What is it about mythology, mysticism and pseudoscience that has such a vast appeal to us? From dark roomed seances, to Tarot cards and Ouija boards, to Astrology and Rune stones, American Culture seems fascinated by the paranormal. Has our society lost faith in the age old institutions of religion? Or are we attempting to escape what many feel is a mundane reality? In this latest book, we will explore this search for wonder, and examine its negative effects on true science and critical thought.

Defense Supply Agency Regulations Dsar

Author : United States Department of Defense
ISBN : STANFORD:36105211249938
Genre :
File Size : 57. 9 MB
Format : PDF
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Afterlives Of Affect

Author : Matthew C. Watson
ISBN : 9781478012078
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 89. 26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In Afterlives of Affect Matthew C. Watson considers the life and work of artist and Mayanist scholar Linda Schele (1942–98) as a point of departure for what he calls an excitable anthropology. As part of a small collective of scholars who devised the first compelling arguments that Maya hieroglyphs were a fully grammatical writing system, Schele popularized the decipherment of hieroglyphs by developing narratives of Maya politics and religion in popular books and public workshops. In this experimental, person-centered ethnography, Watson shows how Schele’s sense of joyous discovery and affective engagement with research led her to traverse and disrupt borders between religion, science, art, life, death, and history. While acknowledging critiques of Schele’s work and the idea of discovery more generally, Watson contends that affect and wonder should lie at the heart of any reflexive anthropology. With this singular examination of Schele and the community she built around herself and her work, Watson furthers debates on more-than-human worlds, spiritualism, modernity, science studies, affect theory, and the social conditions of knowledge production.

Newton Einstein And Velikovsky

Author : Charles Ginenthal
ISBN : 9781329742567
Genre : History
File Size : 61. 33 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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If Velikovsky’s celestial hypothesis is correct, it must not only correlate with historical evidence, but must also correlate with and be corroborated by scientific evidence. His thesis requires that there should exist unambiguous scientific evidence that celestial mechanics, accepted by all scientists as being perfect as possible, is in error. If that can be proved to be the case, that cosmological theory for the stability of the solar system and the evolution of the universe  birth and evolution of galaxies, as well as stars  must also be in error. The need for such a book that gathers the evidence for celestial mechanics, the cosmology of the universe and especially the evolution of the solar system in recent times that Immanuel Velikovsky presented, is long overdue.

The Extravagant Universe

Author : Robert P. Kirshner
ISBN : 9781400883806
Genre : Science
File Size : 56. 81 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Extravagant Universe tells the story of a remarkable adventure of scientific discovery. One of the world's leading astronomers, Robert Kirshner, takes readers inside a lively research team on the quest that led them to an extraordinary cosmological discovery: the expansion of the universe is accelerating under the influence of a dark energy that makes space itself expand. In addition to sharing the story of this exciting discovery, Kirshner also brings the science up-to-date in a new epilogue. He explains how the idea of an accelerating universe--once a daring interpretation of sketchy data--is now the standard assumption in cosmology today. This measurement of dark energy--a quality of space itself that causes cosmic acceleration--points to a gaping hole in our understanding of fundamental physics. In 1917, Einstein proposed the "cosmological constant" to explain a static universe. When observations proved that the universe was expanding, he cast this early form of dark energy aside. But recent observations described first-hand in this book show that the cosmological constant--or something just like it--dominates the universe's mass and energy budget and determines its fate and shape. Warned by Einstein's blunder, and contradicted by the initial results of a competing research team, Kirshner and his colleagues were reluctant to accept their own result. But, convinced by evidence built on their hard-earned understanding of exploding stars, they announced their conclusion that the universe is accelerating in February 1998. Other lines of inquiry and parallel supernova research now support a new synthesis of a cosmos dominated by dark energy but also containing several forms of dark matter. We live in an extravagant universe with a surprising number of essential ingredients: the real universe we measure is not the simplest one we could imagine.

Star Theatre

Author : William Firebrace
ISBN : 9781780238883
Genre : Science
File Size : 39. 74 MB
Format : PDF
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Most of us can recall a childhood visit to a planetarium: the sense of anticipation as the room darkens. The stars begin to appear as the voice of an astronomer is heard. In the planetarium, where the audience is transported to distant galaxies, the wondrous complexity of the cosmos combines with entertainment to become a theater of the night. Star Theatre explores the history of the planetarium’s mix of science and spectacle. William Firebrace reveals how in the planetarium, the solar system and universe is demonstrated on an ever-expanding scale. He traces the origins of the building through history, from its antecedents to its invention in Germany in the 1920s, developments in the USSR and the United States, to its expansion across the globe at the time of the space race, and finally to the evolution of the contemporary planetarium in a time of startling astronomical and cosmological discoveries. This concise and well-illustrated history will appeal to astronomy lovers and those interested in architecture, theater, and cinema.

News Newsmaking

Author : Stephen Hess
ISBN : 0815717695
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 49. 98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Over the last fifteen years, Stephen Hess has become a leading and much-quoted authority on Washington government and the media. In this volume, he presents a collection of his best essays on the media written over the past decade. The book includes: •"All the President's Reporters" examines the White House press corps and the way it covers the president. •"Leaks and Other Informal Communications" is an insider's look at why government officials leak information to journalists. •"The Sex Test" asks whether it makes any difference if the news is written by men or women. Addional collections of Hess' essays published by Brookings include International News & Foreign Correspondence (1996) and Presidents & the Presidency (1996).

The Characteristics And The Life Cycle Of Stars

Author : Larry Krumenaker
ISBN : 1404203958
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 57. 87 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Presents a collection of essays that examines the characteristics and life cycles of stars, and analyzes how stars are formed, what goes on during the life of a star, and what happens when stars die.

Space Exploration Throughout History

Author : Jennifer Lombardo
ISBN : 9781534567801
Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction
File Size : 44. 31 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 369
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Humans have always been fascinated by the stars. The development of telescopes allowed them to learn more about the universe around them, and as technology advanced, they were able to travel into space and make plans for an entire space tourism industry. Through accessible main text, informative sidebars, and annotated quotes, readers learn about the scientists who have made space exploration possible and the amazing things they have discovered over the centuries. Readers will be inspired by the exciting possibilities the future may hold. In addition, historical and contemporary images present the history of space exploration in an exciting visual way.

The Cosmos

Author : Jay M. Pasachoff
ISBN : 9781108431385
Genre : Nature
File Size : 84. 14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Explains the fundamentals of astronomy together with the hottest current topics in this field, such as exoplanets and gravitational waves.

International Who S Who Of Authors And Writers 2004

Author : Europa Publications
ISBN : 1857431790
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 77. 35 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 719
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Accurate and reliable biographical information essential to anyone interested in the world of literature TheInternational Who's Who of Authors and Writersoffers invaluable information on the personalities and organizations of the literary world, including many up-and-coming writers as well as established names. With over 8,000 entries, this updated edition features: * Concise biographical information on novelists, authors, playwrights, columnists, journalists, editors, and critics * Biographical details of established writers as well as those who have recently risen to prominence * Entries detailing career, works published, literary awards and prizes, membership, and contact addresses where available * An extensive listing of major international literary awards and prizes, and winners of those prizes * A directory of major literary organizations and literary agents * A listing of members of the American Academy of Arts and Letters

Dispatches From The Field

Author : Andrew Gardner
ISBN : UOM:39015064702478
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 44. 93 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Penned by advanced graduate students amidst their dissertation fieldwork, these provocative essays capture the challenges and intricacies of that anthropological rite of passage. The collections authors frankly portray the mistakes they made in the field, their struggle to analyze the events unfolding before their eyes, the psychological and emotional frustration seemingly endemic to doing ethnography, and the ethical complexities of researching living people. The authors present these essays not as models of ideal fieldwork or as a series of lessons about how to overcome potential hurdles one faces in the field, but rather as a window into the complexities of being an ethnographer in the contemporary world. Against a backdrop of subject populations increasingly informed about global relations of power and, more specifically, informed about the topography of American imperialism, these humanistic essays vividly reflect recent shifts in both the focus and methods of anthropological research, as well as the dilemmas underlying the construction of anthropological knowledge. They are meant to spark discussion and debate. While tailored to an audience relatively new to ethnographic fieldwork (and intended as a teaching tool), this collection should appeal to anthropologists and ethnographers at all points in their career. --Back cover

Dispatches From The Cosmic Cobra Breeding Farm

Author : Jeremy Bagott
ISBN : 0999710745
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 75. 46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 761
Read : 532

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The author, a cog in a profession sputtering and wheezing under decades of chaotic regulation, discovers his nemesis, the head of an obscure Beltway foundation that has managed to have its copyrighted code of conduct enshrined in federal and state law. All 50 states and many territories, even the tiny U.S. territories of Guam and the Mariana Islands, now must heed the foundation's continually changing standards and criteria. The nonprofit, known as the "Appraisal Foundation," acts as a U.S. taxpayer-subsidized standard-setting body but it holds a unique government franchise. Hoisting the ensign of waste and abuse, the author, Jeremy Bagott, delivers a clarion call. He takes the reader (and taxpayer) on a whirlwind tour of the grand salons of Europe and Asia as trustees and officers in this congressionally authorized and taxpayer-funded organization travel the world and make badinage with the likes of a former British Labour Party chancellor of the exchequer and other notables at droll receptions in places like Paris, London, Singapore and Dubai. The foundation's winter retreats in places like West Palm Beach, Scottsdale and Pasadena host top officials of the equally obscure U.S. federal agency that provides the nonprofit its public grant. The author, a former newspaper editor, interweaves skillful scene-setting and thoughtful analysis with the surprising comments of stone-honest civil servants, double-talking careerists and anonymous fixers found deep in the plumbing of state and federal government. On his journey, the author discovers a far greater potential menace: the growing and largely unexamined reliance on a practice called "incorporation by reference." Coupled with evidence of rogue regulating, abdication and routine corner-cutting in state and federal rulemaking, it is slowly creating a fourth branch of government.

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