crc handbook of optical resolutions via diastereomeric salt formation

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Crc Handbook Of Optical Resolutions Via Diastereomeric Salt Formation

Author : David Kozma
ISBN : 9781420042603
Genre : Science
File Size : 44. 67 MB
Format : PDF
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Optically active compounds are gaining ever-increasing importance in organic chemistry, both in the academic and the industrial arenas. The rational synthesis of the growing number of chiral chemicals, drugs, and natural products demands efficient methods for producing these compounds in an enantiomerically, highly pure form. Despite the available alternative techniques, optical resolution via Diastereomeric salt formation remains the most widely used method of preparing pure enantiomers. The CRC Handbook of Optical Resolutions Via Diastereomeric Salt Formation is the first book to exclusively address this important organic chemical process. It provides fast, one-stop access to a wealth of information, including all of the available data on 100 resolving agents, a list of 500 optically active compounds available in bulk along with their suppliers, data on more than 3,500 resolutions, and 4,200 citations. This handbook helps answer virtually any question that may arise during the development of a new resolution process. Which resolving agent and solvent should I use under these conditions? How can I separate the diastereoisomers? How can I optimize a resolution process? How do I determine enantiomeric purity? Which supplier has the resolving agent I need? For a racemate already resolved, what were the resolving agent, solvent, and relevant citation? This is the first book to deal exclusively with all aspects of this important organic chemical process, both theoretical and practical. With an abundance of analyzed examples, this single, authoritative reference provides all of the information you need to perform, develop, and optimize optical resolutions via Diastereomeric salt formation

Enantiomer Separation

Author : Fumio Toda
ISBN : 9781402023378
Genre : Science
File Size : 87. 31 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In spite of important advances in asymmetric synthesis, chiral compounds cannot all be obtained in a pure state by asymmetric synthesis. As a result, enantiomer separation remains an important technique for obtaining optically active materials. Although asymmetric synthesis is a once-only procedure, an enantiomer separation process can be repeated until the optically pure sample is obtained. This book discusses several new enantiomer separation methods using modern techniques developed by experts in the field. These methods consist mainly of the following three types: 1) Enantiomer separation by inclusion complexation with a chiral host compound 2) Enantiomer separation using biological methods 3) Enantiomer separation by HPLC chromatography using a column containing a chiral stationary phase. Separation of a racemic compound has been called “optical resolution” or simply “resolution”. Nowadays, the descriptions “enantiomer resolution” or “enantiomer separation” are also commonly used. Accordingly, “Enantiomer Separation” is used in the title of this book. The editor and all chapter contributors hope that this book is helpful for scientists and engineers working in this field.

Engineering Crystallography From Molecule To Crystal To Functional Form

Author : Kevin J. Roberts
ISBN : 9789402411171
Genre : Science
File Size : 79. 91 MB
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This book highlights the current state-of-the-art regarding the application of applied crystallographic methodologies for understanding, predicting and controlling the transformation from the molecular to crystalline state with the latter exhibiting pre-defined properties. This philosophy is built around the fundamental principles underpinning the three inter-connected themes of Form (what), Formation (how) and Function (why). Topics covered include: molecular and crystal structure, chirality and ferromagnetism, supramolecular assembly, defects and reactivity, morphology and surface energetics. Approaches for preparing crystals and nano-crystals with novel physical, chemical and mechanical properties include: crystallisation, seeding, phase diagrams, polymorphic control, chiral separation, ultrasonic techniques and mechano-chemistry. The vision is realised through examination of a range of advanced analytical characterisation techniques including in-situ studies. The work is underpinned through an unprecedented structural perspective of molecular features, solid-state packing arrangements and surface energetics as well as in-situ studies. This work will be of interest to researchers, industrialists, intellectual property specialists and policy makers interested in the latest developments in the design and supply of advanced high added-value organic solid-form materials and product composites.

Practical Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Author : Stéphane Caron
ISBN : 9781118093566
Genre : Science
File Size : 39. 10 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A hands-on guide to assist in the planning and execution ofsynthetic reactions in the laboratory Despite the maturity of organic chemistry, it can still be verychallenging to identify optimal methods for synthetictransformations that perform as well in real-world manufacturingprocesses as they do in the laboratory. This detailed andaccessible guide attempts to address this vexing issue and deliverproven methodologies practicing synthetic chemists will findvaluable for identifying reaction conditions that work reliablyover the broadest possible range of substrates. Practical Synthetic Organic Chemistry: Provides a practical guide to strategically planning andexecuting chemical syntheses for the bench chemist in industry Discusses information that is not common knowledge beyond theboundaries of process chemistry groups, such as the syntheticroutes of selected contemporary pharmaceutical drugs and practicalsolvents, as well as green chemistry concepts Highlights key reactions, including substitutions, additions,eliminations, rearrangements, oxidations, and reductions Addresses basic principles, mechanisms, advantages anddisadvantages of the methodology, and techniques for achievinglaboratory success Incorporating such an extraordinary wealth of information onorganic chemistry and its related fields into one complete volumedistinguishes Practical Synthetic Organic Chemistry as anincomparable desktop reference for professionals—and aninvaluable study aid for students.

Handbook Of Chiral Chemicals Second Edition

Author : David Ager
ISBN : 1420027301
Genre : Science
File Size : 80. 96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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As pharmaceutical companies look to develop single enantiomers as drug candidates, chemists are increasingly faced with the problems associated with this subclass of organic synthesis. "The Handbook of Chiral Chemicals, Second Edition" highlights the problems associated with the production of chiral compounds on a commercial scale. The handbook first elaborates upon starting materials obtained from a 'chiral pool', which can be derived from natural products. Then it explains methods and reactions that can introduce or influence stereogenic centers, particularly asymmetric hydrogenations, oxidations, pericyclic reactions, and enzymatic methods.While hydrogenations have been the most widely employed approach for the large-scale synthesis of several commercial compounds, the search for the ideal catalyst has consistently led researchers to enzymes present in biological systems. Several chapters concentrate on understanding how to manipulate enzymes for catalyzing new reactions for taking new substrates. Other significant topics include chiral auxiliaries, chromatographic techniques, enantiomers-specific reactions, and resolution. This second edition updates all its chapters, illustrating the speed of development in this field, and features new chapters that highlight successful approaches in an industrial setting. "The Handbook of Chiral Chemicals, Second Edition" is a guide to advances in the field that result in more efficient and cost-effective synthesis of chiral chemicals.

Bulletin Of The Chemical Society Of Japan

Author :
ISBN : UCSD:31822032913931
Genre : Chemistry
File Size : 90. 5 MB
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Author : American Chemical Society
ISBN : NYPL:33433060955311
Genre : Chemistry
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Chemistry And Industry

Author :
ISBN : UCSD:31822022865240
Genre : Chemistry, Technical
File Size : 54. 18 MB
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The Pilot Plant Real Book

Author : Francis X. McConville
ISBN : 0972176918
Genre : Chemical plants
File Size : 31. 65 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Handbook for chemists, chemical engineers, technicians. Information on chemicals, solvents, gases, materials, the selection of reactors, chillers, filters, pumps and other equipment, conversion factors, mathematical formulas, fundamentals of heat transfer, temperature control, safe operation of electrical equipment, chemical hygiene & safety, plus rules of thumb and recommendations for the safe, efficient operation of a small chemical pilot facility.

American Book Publishing Record

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105111052903
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