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Real Estate Crowdfunding

Author : Adam Gower
ISBN : 9781000176124
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 47. 30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Real Estate Crowdfunding: An Insider’s Guide to Investing Online introduces the reader to basic real estate investment concepts and then takes a deep dive into how to invest passively yet wisely in real estate syndications. This book will teach the reader how to: • invest in crowdfunded real estate syndicates • understand key financial concepts used in the industry • diversify their investment portfolios • read between the lines of investment contracts • maximize profit while minimizing losses This book is a guide to the foundational financial concepts upon which all real estate projects are based and explains the language of real estate from an insider’s perspective. It provides a road map of what to watch for and how to win at the game of passive real estate investing.

Real Estate Crowdfunding In China

Author : Renjie Tang (S.M.)
ISBN : OCLC:1135864260
Genre :
File Size : 83. 68 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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As FinTech and online alternative finance has become a disrupter for the world, one of their subcategories, crowdfunding has a considerable potential to change the real estate industry. The study was to examine the real estate crowdfunding (short for RECF) in China and understand the present status of the industry, challenges, opportunities, and trends. The data mainly came from the Chinese crowdfunding websites, industry reports, and the RECF platforms; the methodology included fundamental data analysis, case study and comparison with the RECF in other regions such as US, UK, and Europe. The study started with an introduction of real estate FinTech, crowdfunding, and theoretical framework about RECF as well as the global RECF market to get a better understanding of the RECF in China. Then the research examined the history, and current status about the platform models, players, and characteristics of the RECF in China; the two representative cases (Duocaitou and Kaishiba) were are analyzed in detail to interpret the drivers under their successes and problems in general. The study found out the possible challenges for the RECF industry in China, including the blurred regulatory environment, low diversification in types and locations of properties and immature platforms as well as low desire to expand globally. Finally, the research attempted to seek for potentials and recommendations that will ultimately lead to the successful future development of this industry. The study was subject to the limitations on accessibility to the database and timeliness of data in such a changing industry. However, its findings and suggestions can be useful to players who are supposed to engage in the RECF ecosystem and intend to involve in the RECF in China such as regulators, real estate developers, institutional or retail investors, and RECF startups. Future researches are necessary to understand the effectiveness of risk management systems on the RECF platforms, the ways that the institutional players can involve in the industry, the globalization of the Chinese RECF, and mechanism of RECF ecosystem.

Crowdfunding Real Estate

Author : Craig Turnbull
ISBN : 1925144224
Genre : Investments
File Size : 55. 96 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Bestselling author of 4 books on property, Craig Turnbull has released the world s first book on Real Estate Crowdfunding. Craig believes fundamentally that owning property, and investing in property, is the foundation for physical wealth for most people. His mission is to inspire people to create the life that they want, with real estate investing simply the vehicle to pay for that lifestyle. Written in everyday language by an expert in property, this book is for anyone who wants to explore new and exciting possibilities for wealth creation, that ultimately offer life choice and freedom. Crowdfunding Real Estate is the fifth book in a best-selling series on real estate investing from property developer and real estate investor, Craig Turnbull. His other four best-selling books on real estate investment, sold over 100,000 copies, including the number one title It s Easy to be a Property Millionaire. With 30 years experience in real estate developing and property investing, Craig has coordinated property projects with a combined value of more than $200 million. Craig holds a business degree in property and finance, a Diploma in Financial Planning, and is a licensed real estate. "

Real Estate Crowdfunding

Author : Antonio Costanzo
ISBN : 1093761350
Genre :
File Size : 25. 8 MB
Format : PDF
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Real Estate Crowdfunding: The differences between Equity and Lending Crowdfunding. The first book for small investors who want to know more about the world of real estate investments through the new forms of social lending and equity crowdfunding

An Introduction On Real Estate Crowdfunding

Author : Edoardo Izzo
ISBN : 1091518432
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 88. 84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Real estate crowdfunding is for sure one of the most profitable ventures in these contemporary times.An introduction on "Real estate crowdfunding" is a beginner's short guide based on the author's experience.You'll learn how to: -Approach the fundamental basis of Crowdfunding;-Work with real estate crowdfunding;-Find the best platforms and website;-Find profitable opportunities;-Invest with small amount of money.

Tokenizing Real Estate

Author : Estanislao Tomás
ISBN : OCLC:1085514204
Genre :
File Size : 60. 77 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The following thesis studies the utilization and implementation of the blockchain technology into the crowdfunding real estate market. For this, the idea of tokenizing the shared ownership of investors in a building is presented. The effects of securitization in the real estate are, on the positive side the increase of liquidity and potential for investors to diversify. On the negative side, however, are the increase in volatility and the correlation to other asset classes. Three companies that are involved in real estate equity-crowdfunding investments in Switzerland are presented: Crowdhouse, Foxstone and ImmoYou. All three follow similar business models and obtain returns of 5-7%. None of the companies are regulated under the securities law. Two applications of the blockchain are considered useful to implement: tokens and smart contracts. With the tokenization, ownership could be securely registered and easily transferred. Smart contracts would allow the automatization of the distribution of rent payments to investors. However, the technology is not wide spread enough to benefit the industry entirely, making it only useful at the company's level. Finally, Switzerland has an inherent interest in supporting blockchain initiatives, which makes it an attractive regulatory jurisdiction. Despite the fact that there are still some open questions due to the infancy of the technology, it is shown that the idea proposed here could be implemented and that blockchain would make real estate equity-crowdfunding investments more efficient.

Real Estate Crowdfunding Explained

Author : Salvador Briggman
ISBN : 1532727240
Genre :
File Size : 34. 85 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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I've watched the emergence and quick rise of real estate crowdfunding and I have to tell you, I've been dying to write this book. So many of my readers have reached out with questions about this growing new industry. Whether you are an investors, real estate developer, or entrepreneur, this new sector is a game changer. My name's Salvador Briggman and I've been blogging about crowdfunding since 2012. On my main website,, I bring awareness to crowdfunding success stories and demystify this alternative financial tool. I'm lucky enough to have impacted over 1 million website visitors in the past year and have been cited by the New York Times, Wallstreet Journal, and more. In this ebook, my co-author Krystine Therriault and I bring tremendous clarity to real estate crowdfunding. We break down everything you need to know to get started raising money for a new property or investing in real estate online. Along with answering many of your questions, our biggest hope is that this comprehensive guide will get you pointed you in the right direction. We want you to succeed in this changing industry. If you enjoy this ebook, please take a second to leave a review on Amazon.'s time to get ready to dive into the world of real estate crowdfunding!

Crowdfunding Simplified For Real Estate Investors And Developers

Author : Eddie Edwards
ISBN : 0996716637
Genre :
File Size : 24. 26 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A simplified book on the working of getting deal funded and investing in the many number of real estate crowdfunding websites.

Investing In Real Estate Private Equity

Author : Sean Cook
ISBN : 1980587027
Genre :
File Size : 87. 60 MB
Format : PDF
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Investing in Real Estate Private Equity is your practical guide to investing in real estate through private offerings with established companies. The passive investment strategies for wealth building and income generation described in this book have traditionally been used by some of the world's most sophisticated institutional investors, but are now available to nearly everyone thanks to recent regulatory changes. This handbook will guide you through the process of building your own diversified real estate portfolio by identifying and making investments with established and experienced private real estate operators. This is NOT another get-rich-quick real estate fix & flip scheme. You will NOT be encouraged to sign up for conferences or clubs to learn a no-money-down investment strategy. This IS a practical guide meant to help you avoid common mistakes and navigate more skillfully through an often byzantine industry. You will learn:- What a private real estate investment is; the mechanics of syndicates, funds, and crowdfunding- Fundamentals of basic real estate evaluation- How to evaluate operators and investments- Fees, incentives, and other loads- Common terms and structures- Strategies to evaluate and manage risk- How to create and execute a personalized investment strategyMost people underestimate the time requirements, complexity, risk, and general brain damage involved with buying real estate directly. Thankfully, private real estate investments provide most of the same benefits as direct ownership, while taking advantage of established real estate companies' years of experience, market knowledge, industry reputation, negotiating leverage, and expertise. Even better, they allow investors to diversify their investment allocation across a range of real estate product types (multifamily, retail, office, self-storage, etc.) and throughout the capital stack (equity, debt, mezzanine, and preferred equity), all while working with specialists in each strategy.Written by an experienced practitioner with over $1 billion in transactional experience, this book challenges conventional wisdom and provides an inside look into how the industry actually works. Using the practical tips and strategies found here, you can build your own unique real estate portfolio, manage risk, avoid common mistakes, hopefully make money, and perhaps even have some fun along the way.

Crowdfunding Private Money For Notes And Real Estate In The 21st Century

Author : Manfred Sternberg
ISBN : 1536985929
Genre :
File Size : 90. 24 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The new book written by attorney Manfred Sternberg lets people raising money or wanting to invest money learn about Crowdfunding.

The Best Types Of Real Estate Investments Why You Should Invest In Buying Real Estate Properties The Benefits Of Investing In Buying Real Estate Properties How To Find A Worthwhile Real Estate Investment And The Future Of Housing In The Digital Era

Author : Dr Harrison Sachs
ISBN : 9798736032860
Genre :
File Size : 66. 47 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This essay sheds light on the best type of real estate investments, explicates why you should invest in buying real estate properties, demystifies the benefits of investing in buying real estate properties, and expounds upon how to find a worthwhile real estate investment. Furthermore, the future of housing in the digital era is demystified, the most affordable types of housing options that will be popular in the future are revealed, and how 3d printed homes will revolutionize the housing industry is elucidated in this essay. Moreover, why manufactured homes are considered the utmost affordable and best type of high quality housing option for home buyers is explicated and the multitude of advantages and disadvantages appertaining to owning a manufactured home, a post-1976 mobile home, are delineated in this essay. Furthermore, how to generate extreme wealth online on social media platforms by profusely producing ample lucrative income generating assets is elucidated in this essay. Additionally, the utmost best income generating assets to create for generating extreme wealth online in the digital era are identified, how to become a highly successful influencer online on social media platforms is elucidated, and the plethora of assorted benefits of becoming a successful influencer online are revealed in this essay. Moreover, how to attain extreme fame leverage is demystified and how to earn substantial money online so that you afford to eminently enrich every aspect of your life is meticulously expounded upon in this essay. When cherry picking a real estate investment, it can be eminently overwhelming to ascertain which real estate investment is apt to yield the greatest return on investment overtime. When investing in real estate, it is imperative to perform your due diligence and not succumb to undergoing a real estate investment that will yield a negative return on investment and cause you to hemorrhage money. A real estate investment should ideally generate positive cash inflows and be able to rapidly offset the upfront investment costs needed to procure the real estate property. A real estate investment should also afford you with the opportunity to procure the real estate property substantially below market value so that you can rapidly offset the upfront investment costs needed to procure the real estate property. Making an imprudent real estate investment can cause you to hemorrhage money and succumb to capital losses. Real estate investments are not limited to investing in traditional homes, apartment buildings, multi-family homes, nor modular homes. Investors can also invest in real estate investment trusts, join real estate investment groups, and can avail themselves of real estate crowdfunding opportunities. Additionally, investors can also procure mobile home parks, parking lots, and storage facilities if they are keen on undergoing unconventional real estate investments. The real estate market offers a host of investment options to all types of investors even if they cannot afford to outright buy a traditional home as a real estate investment. Out of all the real estate investment, it stands to preponderantly reason that the best types of real estate investments are owning storage facilities and mobile home parks in which you collect rent from an exorbitant amount of tenants per month. These type of real estate investments are deemed unconventional real estate investments that are often blithely overlooked as real estate investment options since they require the investor to have an exorbitant amount of tenants for the real estate investments to be profitable. Nonetheless, it can be far more profitable in the long haul to procure storage facilities and mobile home parks at a low upfront investment costs per square foot of real estate and rent them out to a myriad of tenants at a reasonable rate than it can be procure high end real estate properties at high upfront investments costs per square foot of real estate.

How To Invest In Real Estate

Author : Andrew Ray Buffett
ISBN : 9798685954381
Genre :
File Size : 60. 25 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 799
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Investing in real estate is one of the easiest ways to generate a reliable passive income in the long-term. Despite this well-known fact, there are millions of people out there with the credit and the skills to profit from the real estate market just sitting on their hands as they feel they don't have perhaps the most important thing of all in order to get started. Finding the capital to make their first real estate investment is the number one reason that most people don't fulfill their real estate potential. While not without its difficulties, finding complete funding for a project is far from insurmountable and How to invest in real estate, can teach you everything you need to know in order to turn your real estate dreams into reality.Inside you will learn everything you need to know in order to rig the system to ensure that you can profit from a successful real estate investment, despite the fact that you didn't actually put so much as one penny down to cover any of the costs. While this might sound far-fetched, the truth of the matter is that professional real estate investors do it every day through a process of maximizing their borrowing position, presenting the best deals to lends and knowing where money is.What's more, you will also find everything you need to know in order to get started in not just one but with three different distinct real estate investing plans, each of which is designed to ensure you turn a profit without opening your own purse strings even a fraction of an inch. So, what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to your boring old 9-to-5 job and start planning for your independently wealthy future, buy this book today!Inside you will find: ●Easy ways to use the laws to your advantage and ensure your credit report is as squeaky clean as possible.●How a direct mailing campaign can lead to a wealth of viable real estate investments that are 100 percent free of competition or real estate agent interference.●The multitude of ways you can use foreclosed properties to turn a profit.●Each and every type of potential private lender and how to best get on their good sides.●A surefire way to get the money for your deal within 24-hours, assuming you have a deal that is worth the excitement.●The secret to making money on real estate investments despite owning a property for less than two weeks and making no renovations.●Easy ways to make yourself as attractive to hard money lenders as possible.●Top options when it comes to crowdfunding your next real estate investment.●And more...

The Book On Real Estate Crowdfunding

Author : Anthony Charles
ISBN : 1983039349
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 59. 93 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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While crowdfunding iѕ ѕtill in itѕ infancy, thеrе are ѕеvеrаl diffеrеnt rеаѕоnѕ whу it соuld become the next big thing in thе рrореrtу mаrkеt. If one rеаllу thinkѕ about it, со-оwnеrѕhiр of рrореrtiеѕ has already been dоnе fоr decades wоrldwidе. Gеnеrаllу, the concept оf сrоwd funding hаѕ lоng been used in inѕtаnсеѕ ѕuсh аѕ роlitiсаl саmраignѕ, relief ореrаtiоnѕ after саlаmitiеѕ аnd scientific research among mаnу оthеrѕ. Nоw with thе grеаt buzz аbоut it lately, еvеn individuаlѕ who аrе nоt еntirеlу business-oriented аrе fаѕt bесоming interested in gеtting involved in сrоwdfunding rеаl estate. In as muсh аmоunt as they саn аffоrd, they get tо hаvе a share оn rеаl рrореrtiеѕ such аѕ retail сеntеrѕ аnd corporate buildingѕthe idеаlѕ оf сrоwd funding hаѕ bееn арtlу аррliеd tо thе tеnеtѕ of real еѕtаtе. Pаrt of thе riѕе in сrоwdfunding hаѕ to do with meeting invеѕtоrѕ

Rental Strategy Business

Author : Mark Auklund
ISBN : 1080981497
Genre :
File Size : 65. 10 MB
Format : PDF
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Discover the Systems to Make Millions from Real Estate! Are you looking to get started in real estate, but don't know where to start? Do you see other people creating fortunes, and wonder "if this idiot can do that, why don't I do it as well"? Wouldn't it be nice to know that you own assets that build your wealth while you sleep? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you've found the right book! Real estate is an amazing tool to create a strong, wealthy financial future. While most people are looking to just buy a house and "settle down", other people are seizing this opportunity and create a huge profit while providing value to the world. You don't have to have experience in real estate, and you don't have a lot of capital - all you need is the right guidance! In this book you'll discover: Why invest in real estate, and how you can do it properly Different real estate strategies, so you can pick the one that is the most suitable for your style How to rehab properties to sell them in a gigantic profit The fundamentals of rental, buying, flipping and crowdfunding building And much, much more surprises you'll not see in any other real estate book! FAQ What so special about this book? In this book, you will get the full picture of real estate investing. You'll get dozens of approaches, strategies and secret methods to create wealth with real estate, even if it's your first time and even if you don't have a lot of money to invest. I don't have money to invest in real estate, what can I do? No money - No problem! Many people aren't aware that you don't need to have money to start a real estate business. What is needed is a pen and a sheet. If you can get people to sign on contracts, you are literally risking nothing from your own capital. Scroll up, click on "Buy Now with 1-Click", and get your copy NOW!


Author : Adam Gower
ISBN : 0578799502
Genre :
File Size : 38. 50 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The definitive guide to raising money for commercial real estate. Implement the systems in this short book and never be short of money for your real estate projects again.

Leaders Of The Crowd

Author : Adam Gower
ISBN : 9783030003838
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 22. 9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 600
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Crowdfunding is nothing new. In fact, America was built and financed by crowdfunding. But in 1933 Congress passed the Securities Act, which shut the door on this most democratic means of raising capital and spreading wealth. In 2012, enjoying broad bipartisan support, congress threw the doors open again, passing the JOBS Act (Jumpstart Our Business Startups). Its intent was to stimulate growth of small businesses and startups, but an unexpected consequence of the Act was that the biggest beneficiary has been the real estate industry. Researching the origins of the JOBS Act, Dr. Adam Gower conducted a series of conversations with the people who lobbied for and wrote the laws that became the Act. What he discovered was that at no time had anyone thought that the real estate industry was a relevant constituency. Perplexed by this disconnect between what had been intended and what had happened, he talked to those who had been the very first real estate people to utilize the JOBS Act. These pioneers, all moving on parallel tracks, seeded the biggest, most transformational change to the real estate industry in history. This book uncovers these conversations with the people who created the laws and those who connected the dots to real estate. It weaves a thread through the labyrinthine processes of government, chronicling how the Act was conceived, formed, and ultimately signed into law, and it reveals how the visionaries who have revolutionized real estate capital formation embarked on their missions to change their industry forever. Learn how the JOBS Act, never expected to benefit real estate, has transformed the industry, changing the way capital is raised and syndications are formed forever and how an unintended consequence is helping almost everyone in America invest in real estate like never before.

Passive Income Ideas

Author : Warren Graham
ISBN : 1794193596
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 75. 89 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 750
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*Buy the Paperback version of this book and get the Kindle version for FREE* Are you tired of your daily job? Would like to understand what is passive income and how you can achieve financial freedom? Many people are living life on their own terms, working when they choose to, and earning more than they ever did at their "daily" jobs. This book contains clear advice and successful strategies for building wealth through Real Estate, Online Trading and Crowdfunding. It will be your guide on your journey to create real and relevant passive income streams and the life you want! Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... What Passive Income is and why it is the best option yet What are the Gurus teaching on money and financial freedom How to generate six figures per year in Real Estate (Flipping houses or Rental Properties) How to create income from Stock Trading Online and other securities And much more! Even without previous knowledge and no business background you can achieve your financial freedom. Please do not be like most people who do not take the steps and put in the work necessary to generate passive income for themselves. Enjoy the reading and take full advantage of the information that this book has to offer and create the life you want. Scroll up to the top and hit the BUY button NOW to start right away on your journey to financial freedom!

Reward And Donation Crowdfunding

Author : Rohit Gupta
ISBN : 9781684660896
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 62. 20 MB
Format : PDF
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The book is informative, apt details for both beginners and experienced Fundraisers. This book covers the basic idea of Reward Based Crowdfunding and Donation Based Crowdfunding. The main headlines of this book are:- • Reward-based crowdfunding: This type of Crowdfunding is also known as the non-equity way of funding your project. It has been widely used for funding campaigns like supporting a free development of software, promotion of motion pictures, aiding scientific research and development of inventions, etc. The people who are funding are hopeful of returns from the project. • Donation-based Crowdfunding: The best example for this would be raising funds from individuals to support personal or social causes. Applications Of Crowdfunding 1. Crowdfunding for personal & Individual Use 2. Crowdfunding for real estate 3. Crowdfunding for startups 4. Crowdfunding for businesses 5. Crowdfunding loans 6. Crowdfunding college debt

The Complete Beginners Guide To Real Estate Investing

Author : Grant Horton
ISBN : 1097608301
Genre :
File Size : 83. 12 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 754
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Despite the rise in numerous new investment strategies, real estate investment will always be king. People have to live somewhere. It's a basic human need. As such, it's sensible to invest in this unending necessity since there will always be a market for it. Most people get this, thus, the issue isn't that people don't understand how profitable real estate investments can be. The issue is that they have no idea where to start. For centuries, we've been led to believe that only wealthy people could partake in real estate investments. There's no way the average joe could actually do it too, right? Wrong! With the right guidance, anyone can start investing in real estate. This book is a great real estate investment guide for beginners which gives you everything you need to get started. Herein you'll learn how to strategically leverage rental properties, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), and expert negotiating skills. Take the first step to financial freedom!

Crowdfunding For Sustainable Entrepreneurship And Innovation

Author : Vassallo, Walter
ISBN : 9781522505693
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 60. 11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 260
Read : 463

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Business systems undergo a number of transitions as the needs and demands of society change. With heightened connectivity driven by the development of the Internet, new opportunities for venture development and creation have become available to business owners and entrepreneurs. Crowdfunding for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Innovation is a pivotal reference source for the latest scholarly research and business practices on the opportunities and benefits gained from the use of crowdfunding in modern society, discussing its socio-economic impact, in addition to its business implications. Featuring current trends and future directions for crowdfunding initiatives, this book is ideally designed for students, researchers, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and policy makers. New financing models such as crowdfunding are democratizing access to credit, offering individuals and communities the opportunity to support, co-create, contribute and invest in public and private initiatives. This book relates to innovation in its essence to anticipate future needs and in creating new business models without losing revenue. There are tremendous unexplored opportunities in crowdsourcing and crowdfunding; two sides of the same coin that can lead to a revolution of current social and economic models. The reading of this book will provide insight on the changes taking place in crowdfunding, and offer strategic opportunities and advantages.

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