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Cuidados Paliativos Y Atencion Primaria

ISBN : 8407002283
Genre : Science
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Handbook Integrated Care

Author : Volker Amelung
ISBN : 9783030692629
Genre : Business & Economics
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This handbook shares profound insights into the main principles and concepts of integrated care. It offers a multi-disciplinary perspective with a focus on patient orientation, efficiency, and quality by applying widely recognized management approaches to the field of healthcare. The handbook also highlights international best practices and shows how integrated care can work in various health systems. In the majority of health systems around the world, the delivery of healthcare and social care is characterised by fragmentation and complexity. Consequently, much of the recent international discussion in the fields of health policy and health management has focused on the topic of integrated care. “Integrated” acknowledges the complexity of patients’ needs and aims to meet them by taking into account both health and social care aspects. Changing and improving processes in a coordinated way is at the heart of this approach. The second edition offers new chapters on people-centredness, complexity theories and evaluation methods, additional management tools and a wealth of experiences from different countries and localities. It is essential reading both for health policymakers seeking inspiration for legislation and for practitioners involved in the management of public health services who want to learn from good practice.

Caregiving And Home Care

Author : Mukadder Mollaoglu
ISBN : 9789535137788
Genre : Medical
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The management of chronic diseases is one of the tasks of all members of the health team, and different models need to be applied in the practice of chronic care management. One of these models is home care services. There are two main sections in this book. In the first part of the section, the concept of caregiving and care at home is explained. In the second part, the responsibilities of caregivers at home and the responsibilities of caregivers of people who have health problems that occur during different periods of life are discussed. In the second section, the problems of caregivers are also included. I would like to think that what is quoted in this book, which contains examples from different cultures of the world for home care approaches, will contribute to the development of home care services. This book is presented to all health professionals working in the field of health services as well as health politics professionals and students trained in these areas.

Palliative Care In Europe

Author : H. ten Have
ISBN : 1586032003
Genre : Medical
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The book is concerned with the organisation, ideas and problems of palliative care in the European context. As a result of a BIOMED project, various organisations, concepts and problematic issues of palliative care have been studied and described. The literature analysing and discussing these issues is rather scarce. So, this book will first provide an excellent overview of developments in palliative care in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and the Netherlands. The book aims at the following readership:healthcare professionals interested in the characteristics of palliative care; palliative care practitioners interested in exploring and analysing the conceptual and philosophical issues of their discipline; policy-makers, ethicists, social scientists interested in the concepts and philosophical dimensions of palliative care. The contributions to the book have been developed in the context of a three year research project 'Palliative Care Ethics' (PALLIUM). This project, funded by the Commission of the European Communities, aims at clarifying the interrelations of concepts and moral issues in palliative care in seven European countries. All authors have co-operated as researchers in the project over the last 3 years. They are experts in palliative care and/or ethics in their respective countries. All of the chapters have been exclusively prepared for this volume in the context of the project.

Aesthetic Treatments For The Oncology Patient

Author : Paloma Tejero
ISBN : 9781351395069
Genre : Medical
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Editors Paloma Tejero, MD, consultant and founding partner, Mediestetic Clinics, Toledo; codirector, courses for the degrees of Master of Aesthetic Medicine and Master of Quality of Life and Medical-Aesthetic Care of the Oncological Patient, University of Alcalá; instructor, classes in the degree of Master of Aesthetic Medicine, Complutense University, Rey Juan Carlos University, and University of the Balearic Islands; president of the Association of Aesthetic Medicine of Castilla La Mancha; president of GEMEON (Group of Experts in Oncological Aesthetic Medicine); and honorary member, Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine. Hernan Pinto, MD, PhD, MSc, CETC, i2e3 Research Institute, Barcelona; codirector, Expert Course in Medical Writing, University of Alcalá; head of the Scientific Commission of the Spanish Aesthetic Medicine Society (SEME); main handling editor, Journal of Union Internationale de Médecine Esthétique (UIME); board member, Spanish Medical Writers Association (AERTeM); board member, GEMEON (Group of Experts in Oncological Aesthetic Medicine); honorary professor, Yichun University. Physicians are increasingly recognizing that helping cancer patients to feel good about themselves and about their appearance can be of vital importance in giving them the emotional support and psychological resilience to survive and recover from the side effects of the disease and its treatment. Aesthetic physicians are in a prime position to help a cancer patient with the side effects and recover lost volume, hydration, and pigmentation in skin, nails, and hair, as well as to advise on nutrition, prostheses, and complementary therapies. This pioneering volume will be an important resource that brings together expertise in this area and the practical details a physician will need. CONTENTS: The oncological patient and aesthetic medicine: The bonded approach * Challenges for oncology: Prevention, palliation, and survival * Cancer as a chronic disease * Clinical record: Oncological screening * Tumor markers * The psychological approach: The healing power of image and comprehensive assistance to cancer patients * The role of the family * The oncological patient environment: Legal framework and ethics * Radiotherapy: The prevention of secondary effects, radiodermatitis, and long-term toxicity * Prevention and treatment of dermatological secondary effects of cancer therapy * Prevention and treatment of adverse effects of antineoplastic therapy and of delayed-onset side effects: Prevention and treatment of hair loss * Melatonin for prevention and treatment of complications associated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy: Implications for cancer stem cell differentiation * Chronic antineoplastic therapies and their impact on quality of life * Interactions with medical-aesthetic treatments * Medical-aesthetic treatments in the survivor patient * Medical-aesthetic treatments in oncology patients * Facial medical-aesthetic treatments in oncology patients * Filler materials: Indications, contraindications, and special considerations in oncology patients * Aesthetic medical treatments during the disease: What is the plan? * The role of the aesthetic doctor in follow-up of the oncology patient * Medico-aesthetic collaboration * Dietetics and nutrition in oncology patients: Evaluation of nutritional status, weight control, and nutrigenomics * Nutrition: Diet therapy and nutritional supplements * Introduction to vascular complications in oncology patients * Anatomy of lymphatic drainage of the limbs * Prevention and treatment of secondary lymphedema of extremities, early diagnosis of lymphostasis, and postsurgical prevention and conservative treatment of lymphedema * Prevention and treatment of venous thromboembolism * Cosmetic-medical treatments * Micropigmentation applied to oncology patients * Photoprotection in oncology patients * Scar care after surgical treatment in oncology patients * Cancer and physical exercise * Ozone therapy in oncology patients * Thermal treatments in postcancer care

Primary Care Mental Health In Older People

Author : Carlos Augusto de Mendonça Lima
ISBN : 9783030108144
Genre : Medical
File Size : 44. 34 MB
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This book is a practical resource that will support the delivery of holistic mental health interventions in the primary and community care setting for older people. Primary care delivery is discussed in relation to both functional mental health problems, such as anxiety, depression, and psychotic and personality disorders, and acquired organic mental disorders of old age, such as dementia, cognitive impairments, and delirium. Careful consideration is paid to the complex relationship between mental and somatic health problems, as well as the impacts of multimorbidity and polypharmacy. Further topics include, for example, epidemiology, wider determinants of health, different care models, history taking, neurocognitive and capacity assessment, and pharmacological, psychological, and physical interventions. The wider goals of the book are to support the development of community resilience and self-care in older people; to promote universal access and equity for older people in order to enable them to achieve or recover the highest attainable standard of health, regardless of age, gender, or social position; and to promote pathways to care for older people with mental health problems respecting their autonomy, independence, human rights, and the importance of the life-course approach. This book will be an invaluable resource for all professionals who work with older adults with mental health problems and those training in these fields including physicians, psychiatrists, family doctors, geriatricians, general practitioners, nurses, psychologists, neurologists, occupational therapists, social workers, support workers and community health and social care workers.

Cumulated Index Medicus

Author :
ISBN : OSU:32436010790804
Genre : Medicine
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Palliative Care For Chronic Cancer Patients In The Community

Author : Michael Silbermann
ISBN : 9783030545260
Genre : Medical
File Size : 83. 99 MB
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The new global cancer data suggests that the global burden has risen to 18.1 million new cases per year and 9.6 million cancer deaths per year. A number of factors appear to be driving this increase, in particular, a growing and aging global population and an increase of exposure to cancer risk factors linked to social and economic development. For rapidly-growing economies, the data suggests a shift from poverty- or infection-related cancers to those associated with lifestyles more typical in industrialized countries. There is still large geographical diversity in cancer occurrence and variations in the magnitude and profile of the disease between and within world regions. There are specific types of cancer that dominate globally: lung, female breast and colorectal cancer, and the regional variations in common cancer types signal the extent to which societal, economic and lifestyle changes interplay to deferentially impact on the profile of this most complex group of diseases. Unfortunately, despite advances in cancer care, a significant proportion of patients at home, experience sub-optimal outcomes. Barriers to successful treatment outcomes include, but are not limited to: access to oncologists in the primary health centers, non-adherence, lack of experienced oncology and palliative care nurses in the community, inadequate monitoring and the lack of training of family and pediatric physicians. Telemedicine approaches, including telephone triage/education, telemonitoring, teleconsultation and status tracking through mobile applications, have shown promise in further improving outcomes, in particular for chronic cancer patients following their hospitalization. Lessons can be learned from existing hospices in North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, Centers of Excellence in African (Uganda) and modern community services in India (Kerala). An important goal of this book is to describe and encourage professionals to develop new community programs in palliative care, which include training and empowering physicians and nurses in the community on the principles of palliative care. The Middle East Cancer Consortium (MECC) together with the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and the American Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) have conducted multiple courses ranging from basic palliative care to more specialized training in palliative care for multiple nationalities in Europe, Asia and Africa. Our experience clearly indicates that, to promote such activities, one needs strong leadership and confirmed political will to support the endeavor. The new book will emphasize the importance of having a core of multiple stakeholders including community leaders, government, NGOs and media to be actively involved in advocating for the cause and generating public awareness. This text will provide the reader with a comprehensive understanding of the outside-of-the-hospital treatment of cancer patients by medical, paramedical and volunteer personnel. In doing so, this text will encourage the creation of new palliative care services improving upon the existing ones and stimulate further research in this field. Part 1 of the text will begin with an overview of the current state of affairs of services provided to cancer patients while being cared for by primary health centers. It will also review the current literature regarding medical and psychological-based therapy options in the community for cancer patients at different stages of their disease. Part 2 will address the unique role of the community nurse, within the framework of the multidisciplinary team treating the patient, in the attempt to provide optimal evaluation and care in very challenging situations (such as with terminal patients). Part 3 will provide insightful models of this new discipline and serve as a valuable resource for physicians, nurses, social workers and others involved in the care of cancer patients. The book will take a multidisciplinary approach, integrating clinical and environmental data for practical management to enhance the efficacy of treatment while relieving suffering. Part 4 will also discuss the application of modern technological approaches to track symptoms, quality of life, diet, mobility, duration of sleep and medication use (including pain killers) in chronic cancer patients in the community. Part 5 of the book will also be devoted to modes of developing a collaborative program between governmental and non-governmental organization sectors. This includes volunteer workers in close collaboration with medical professionals for providing emotional and spiritual support, nursing care, nutritional support and empowering family caregivers. Such a model makes palliative care in the community a “people’s movement”, thus transferring part of the responsibility and ownership to the community.

Index Medicus

Author :
ISBN : OSU:32436011091400
Genre : Medicine
File Size : 59. 77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Emt Spanish Atenci?n Prehospitalaria Basica Und?cima Edici?n

Author : AAOS,
ISBN : 9781284151909
Genre : Medical
File Size : 27. 90 MB
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En 1971, la Academia Americana de Cirujanos Ortopedistas (AAOS) publicó la primera edición de Los Cuidados de Emergencia y Transporte de Enfermos y Heridos y sentó las bases para el entrenamiento de los SEM. Hoy en día, vemos cómo la undécima edición transforma la educación en los SEM llevándola a todo el mundo y ayudando a un desarrollo superior de los proveedores del SEM alrededor del planeta. Con base en los Estándares Nacionales de Educación de los SEM de Estados Unidos de América de y las guías 2015 de RCP/CCE del 2015, la undécima edición ofrece una cobertura completa de cada declaración de competencia con claridad y precisión en un formato conciso que asegura la comprensión del alumno y fomenta el pensamiento critico. Presenta un nuevo material cognitivo y didáctico, junto con nuevas destrezas y características para crear una solución de formación completa e innovadora para proveedores prehospitalarios. Hoy, el paquete de recursos educativos en SEM de la AAOS, desde primeros auxilios y RCP hasta el transporte de cuidados críticos, es el estándar de oro en materiales de capacitación, ofreciendo contenido excepcional y recursos de instrucción que satisfacen las diversas necesidades de los estudiantes y educadores de hoy en día. Contenido medico actualizado de ultima generación La undécima edición se alinea con los estándares médicos actuales — desde PHTLS hasta ILCOR — e incorpora conceptos médicos basados en evidencia para garantizar que los estudiantes e instructores tengan una interpretación precisa y profunda de la ciencia médica y su aplicación en la medicina prehospitalaria de hoy en día. Aplicación al Mundo Real del SEM A través de la evolución de estudios de caso de pacientes en cada capítulo, la undécima edición proporciona a los estudiantes el contexto de mundo real para aplicar los conocimientos adquiridos en cada capitulo clarificando cómo la información se utiliza para la atención de los pacientes en el campo e impulsa a los estudiantes a participar en el pensamiento crítico y la discusión. Una Fundación de por Vida La undécima edición parte de la premisa de que los estudiantes necesitan una base de fundamentos solidos y posteriormente refuerzo apropiado. La undécima edición proporciona a los estudiantes una comprensión amplia de la terminología médica, anatomía, fisiología y fisiopatología. Los conceptos son examinados brevemente y son relacionados con los capítulos posteriores, fortaleciendo los conocimientos fundamentales y ofreciendo un contexto cuando se estudian las emergencias específicas.


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ISBN : STANFORD:36105013700153
Genre : Latin America
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