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Dancing About Architecture

Author : Boman Desai
ISBN : 9781481730143
Genre : Music
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Dancing About Architecture reveals how J&P's very first song, “Love Me Do,” showcased from the start their individual songwriting fingerprints; how John contributed to the quintessential Paulsong, “Yesterday”; what makes a Johnsong a Johnsong and a Paulsong a Paulsong; and, among other things, the DNA linking such different songs as “She Said She Said” and “Good Day Sunshine,” “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” and “She’s Leaving Home,” and “Norwegian Wood” and “The Fool on the Hill” among many others. Dancing About Architecture traces the individual fingerprints of J&P on each of their 162 collaborations from “Love Me Do” to “The Long and Winding Road,” from the simplest structures (“Please Please Me” and “I Saw Her Standing There”) to the more complex (“Getting Better” and “Happiness Is a Warm Gun”) to their culmination in the Abbey Road medley; and provides thumbnails for the structures of each song. Dancing About Architecture is about songwriting more than songwriters and for songwriters more than fans, tracking as it does the expansion of their repertoire through each musical discovery from song to song, album to album, and triumph to triumph until elanem were sitting on top of the world.

Dancing About Architecture

Author : Phil Beadle
ISBN : 9781845907471
Genre : Education
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Dancing about Architecture: A Little Book of Creativity is a compendium of outrageous ideas: ideas about how to take more risks, and about how to go about coming up with better ideas. Ideas about how to plan experiences that leave people who are in the same room as those ideas awestruck, and ideas to help you avoid the textbook, the worksheet the barely stifled yawn. From using The Book of Revelation as a planning device; to seeing every experience through the prism of physical activity or song; to measuring a poem to find its real heart; it outlines a methodology that, if you use it, will make you an even greater creative force than you already are.

Dancing About Architecture In A Performative Space Discourse Ethics And The Practice Of Music Education

Author : Julian Humphreys
ISBN : 0494731036
Genre :
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British singer/songwriter Elvis Costello once said, "Talking about music is like dancing about architecture -- it's a really stupid thing to want to do" (in Brackett, 1995, p. 157). In this thesis I talk not only about music but I also talk about talk about music, perhaps an even stupider thing to want to do. But I do so because recent critical discourses in musicology and music education suggest talk about music is an inherent part of music, such that if we talk about music at all we must additionally talk about talk about music. But in talking about talk about music we are called upon to talk about talk. Consequently this thesis divides into five parts.In Part I I talk about talk with a discussion of performativity. I outline three different conceptions of the performative, showing how ethics inheres in language, with talk about talk necessarily being talk about ethics to some extent. In Part II I talk about talk about music, showing how musicology has attempted to respond to this ethical dimension of talk with a "new" musicology. In Part III I write in a number of different genres, exploring the discursive norms governing genres of writing about music and musicians and how they impact what we take music to be. Thus I write in philosophical, ethnographic, genealogical, narratological, autobiographical and literary forms, concluding that literary writing on music and musicians acts as a meta-discourse on music, bringing multiple different discourses into dialogue within a single unified text. In Part IV I explore the implications of literary writing about music and musicians for the practice of music education with critical readings of four novels, concluding with the recommendation that a "Non-foundational approaches to music education" course be offered as part of music teacher education programs, in addition to the more traditional "Foundational approaches to music education" course. In Part V I provide two annotated bibliographies for teachers interested in teaching such a course and for those who simply wish to further their understanding of music and music education through critical engagement with literary texts about music and musicians.

Dancing About Architecture

Author : H. June Olah
ISBN : 1411668189
Genre :
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Dancing About Architecture is a wonderfully thought-out and well-orchestrated tapestry of short stories all intertwined by a subtle and surprising link. Upon expiriencing it for the first time, the reader will be pulled through the lives of the characters almost imperceptively, always wondering how he got from here to there, yet always trying to predict where the next tangent will arise. Trying to describe this story is truly like Dancing About Architecture: it simply must be read to be fully appreciated.

The Quote Verifier

Author : Ralph Keyes
ISBN : 1429906170
Genre : Reference
File Size : 67. 15 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Our language is full of hundreds of quotations that are often cited but seldom confirmed. Ralph Keyes's The Quote Verifier considers not only classic misquotes such as "Nice guys finish last," and "Play it again, Sam," but more surprising ones such as "Ain't I a woman?" and "Golf is a good walk spoiled," as well as the origins of popular sayings such as "The opera ain't over till the fat lady sings," "No one washes a rented car," and "Make my day." Keyes's in-depth research routinely confounds widespread assumptions about who said what, where, and when. Organized in easy-to-access dictionary form, The Quote Verifier also contains special sections highlighting commonly misquoted people and genres, such as Yogi Berra and Oscar Wilde, famous last words, and misremembered movie lines. An invaluable resource for not just those with a professional need to quote accurately, but anyone at all who is interested in the roots of words and phrases, The Quote Verifier is not only a fascinating piece of literary sleuthing, but also a great read.

Rough Notes

Author : Bruce Thomas
ISBN : 1508919925
Genre : Authors
File Size : 44. 89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Bruce Thomas is best-known as the former bass player with Elvis Costello and the Attractions and as the writer of the best-selling biogrpahy of Bruce Lee: Fighting Spirit. As a session-musican he played on many hit records -- and trained in the martial art of Body, Mind and Spirit kung fu.

Interpreting Popular Music

Author : David Brackett
ISBN : 052092570X
Genre : Music
File Size : 44. 61 MB
Format : PDF
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There is a well-developed vocabulary for discussing classical music, but when it comes to popular music, how do we analyze its effects and its meaning? David Brackett draws from the disciplines of cultural studies and music theory to demonstrate how listeners form opinions about popular songs, and how they come to attribute a rich variety of meanings to them. Exploring several genres of popular music through recordings made by Billie Holiday, Bing Crosby, Hank Williams, James Brown, and Elvis Costello, Brackett develops a set of tools for looking at both the formal and cultural dimensions of popular music of all kinds.

Extraordinary Canadians Glenn Gould

Author : Mark Kingwell
ISBN : 9780143173052
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 34. 63 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Glenn Gould, one of the world’s most renowned classical musicians of the twentieth century, was also known as an eccentric genius—solitary, headstrong, a hypochondriac virtuoso. Abandoning stage performances in 1964, Gould concentrated instead on mastering the various media: recordings, radio, television, and print. His sudden death at age fifty stunned the world, but his music and legacy continue to inspire. Philosopher and critic Mark Kingwell regards Gould as a philosopher of music whose ideas about music governed his life. But those ideas were contradictory, mischievous, and deliberately provocative. Instead of a single narrative line to explain the musician, Kingwell adopts a kaleidoscopic approach. Just as Gould played twenty-one “takes” to record the opening aria in the famed 1955 Goldberg Variations, Kingwell offers twenty-one “takes” on Gould’s life. Each version offers a different interpretation of the man, but in each, Kingwell is sensitive to the complex harmonies and dissonances that sounded throughout the life of the great Gould.

How To Write About Music

Author :
ISBN : 9781628920468
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 50. 95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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If writing about music is like dancing about architecture, you'd do best to hone your chops and avoid clichés (like the one that begins this sentence) by learning from the prime movers. How to Write About Music offers a selection of the best writers on what is perhaps our most universally beloved art form. Selections from the critically-acclaimed 33 1/3 series appear alongside new interviews and insights from authors like Lester Bangs, Chuck Klosterman, Owen Pallet, Ann Powers and Alex Ross. How to Write About Music includes primary sources of inspiration from a variety of go-to genres such as the album review, the personal essay, the blog post and the interview along with tips, writing prompts and advice from the writers themselves. Music critics of the past and the present offer inspiration through their work on artists like Black Sabbath, Daft Punk, J Dilla, Joy Division, Kanye West, Neutral Milk Hotel, Radiohead, Pussy Riot and countless others. How to Write About Music is an invaluable text for all those who have ever dreamed of getting their music writing published and a pleasure for everyone who loves to read about music.

Choral Conducting And The Construction Of Meaning

Author : Liz Garnett
ISBN : 0754663795
Genre : Music
File Size : 72. 38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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It is a truism in teaching choral conducting that the director should look like s/he wishes the choir to sound. But how can these forms of physical communication be explained? Do they belong to a pre-cultural realm of primate social bonding, or do they rely on the context and conventions of a particular choral culture? Is body language an inherent part of musical performance styles, or does it come afterwards, in response to music? This book explores these questions at both theoretical and practical levels. Its findings will be of interest both to those engaged in the study of music as a cultural practice, and to practitioners involved in a choral conducting context that increasingly demands fluency in a variety of styles.

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