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Decolonisation In Aotearoa

Author : Jenny Lee-Morgan
ISBN : 0947509178
Genre : Education
File Size : 38. 91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book examines decolonisation and M ori education in Aotearoa New Zealand in ways that seeks to challenge, unsettle and provoke for change. Editors Jessica Hutchings and Jenny Lee-Morgan have drawn together leading M ori writers and intellectuals on topics that are at the heart of a decolonising education agenda, from tribal education initiatives to media issues, food sovereignty, wellbeing, Christianity, tikanga and more. A key premise is that colonisation excludes holistic and M ori experiences and ways of knowing, and continues to assert a deep influence on knowledge systems and ways of living and being, and that efforts to combat its impact must be broad and comprehensive. The book presents a kaupapa M ori and decolonised agenda for M ori education. The writers put kaupapa M ori into practice through a p r kau (narrative) approach to explore the diverse topics in a range of styles. Digital editions in ebook and Kindle versions will be available from 15 October "

Imagining Decolonisation

Author : Rebecca Kiddle
ISBN : 9781988545752
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 48. 7 MB
Format : PDF
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Decolonisation is a term that alarms some, and gives hope to others. It is an uncomfortable and often bewildering concept for many New Zealanders. This book seeks to demystify decolonisation using illuminating, real-life examples. By exploring the impact of colonisation on Māori and non-Māori alike, Imagining Decolonisation presents a transformative vision of a country that is fairer for all.

The New Zealand Project

Author : Max Harris
ISBN : 9780947492595
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 33. 55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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By any measure, New Zealand must confront monumental issues in the years ahead. From the future of work to climate change, wealth inequality to new populism – these challenges are complex and even unprecedented. Yet why does New Zealand’s political discussion seem so diminished, and our political imagination unequal to the enormity of these issues? And why is this gulf particularly apparent to young New Zealanders? These questions sit at the centre of Max Harris’s ‘New Zealand project’. This book represents, from the perspective of a brilliant young New Zealander, a vision for confronting the challenges ahead. Unashamedly idealistic, The New Zealand Project arrives at a time of global upheaval that demands new conversations about our shared future.

Cultural Safety In Aotearoa New Zealand

Author : Dianne Wepa
ISBN : 9781316276839
Genre : Medical
File Size : 28. 61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In this second edition of Cultural Safety in Aotearoa New Zealand, editor Dianne Wepa presents a range of theoretical and practice-based perspectives adopted by experienced educators who are active in cultural safety education. Thoroughly revised to incorporate the latest methods and research, this edition reflects updates in government policies and nursing practices, and features new chapters on ethical considerations when working cross-culturally, as well as the legislative requirements of the Nursing Council of New Zealand. Each chapter includes key terms and concepts, practice examples providing content from healthcare workers' everyday experiences, reflective questions to encourage the assimilation of ideas into practice, and references to allow further exploration of the issues discussed. Cultural Safety in Aotearoa New Zealand will equip students, tutors, managers, policy analysts and others involved in the delivery of healthcare with the tools to acknowledge the importance of cultural difference in achieving health and well-being in diverse communities.

Decolonization And Feminisms In Global Teaching And Learning

Author : Sara de Jong
ISBN : 9781351128964
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 57. 66 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Decolonization and Feminisms in Global Teaching and Learning is a resource for teachers and learners seeking to participate in the creation of radical and liberating spaces in the academy and beyond. This edited volume is inspired by, and applies, decolonial and feminist thought – two fields with powerful traditions of critical pedagogy, which have shared productive exchange. The structure of this collection reflects the synergies between decolonial and feminist thought in its four parts, which offer reflections on the politics of knowledge; the challenging pathways of finding your voice; the constraints and possibilities of institutional contexts; and the relation between decolonial and feminist thought and established academic disciplines. To root this book in the political struggles that inspire it, and to maintain the close connection between political action and reflection in praxis, chapters are interspersed with manifestos formulated by activists from across the world, as further resources for learning and teaching. These essays definitively argue that the decolonization of universities, through the re-examination of how knowledge is produced and taught, is only strengthened when connected to feminist and critical queer and gender perspectives. Concurrently, they make the compelling case that gender and feminist teaching can be enhanced and developed when open to its own decolonization.

Decolonisation Or Colonisation?

Author : Sandra I. Hall
ISBN : OCLC:271096740
Genre : Aboriginal Australians
File Size : 53. 44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Decolonisation Identity And Nation In Rhodesia 1964 1979

Author : David Kenrick
ISBN : 9783030326982
Genre : History
File Size : 37. 72 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book explores concepts of decolonisation, identity, and nation in the white settler society of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) between 1964 and 1979. It considers how white settlers used the past to make claims of authority in the present. It investigates the white Rhodesian state’s attempts to assert its independence from Britain and develop a Rhodesian national identity by changing Rhodesia’s old colonial symbols, and examines how the meaning of these national symbols changed over time. Finally, the book offers insights into the role of race in Rhodesian national identity, showing how portrayals of a ‘timeless’ black population were highly dependent upon circumstance and reflective of white settler anxieties. Using a comparative approach, the book shows parallels between Rhodesia and other settler societies, as well as other post-colonial nation-states and even metropoles, as themes and narratives of decolonisation travelled around the world.

Decolonisation And The Pacific

Author : Tracey Banivanua Mar
ISBN : 9781316683989
Genre : History
File Size : 59. 43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book charts the previously untold story of decolonisation in the oceanic world of the Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, presenting it both as an indigenous and an international phenomenon. Tracey Banivanua Mar reveals how the inherent limits of decolonisation were laid bare by the historical peculiarities of colonialism in the region, and demonstrates the way imperial powers conceived of decolonisation as a new form of imperialism. She shows how Indigenous peoples responded to these limits by developing rich intellectual, political and cultural networks transcending colonial and national borders, with localised traditions of protest and dialogue connected to the global ferment of the twentieth century. The individual stories told here shed new light on the forces that shaped twentieth-century global history, and reconfigure the history of decolonisation, presenting it not as an historic event, but as a fragile, contingent and ongoing process continuing well into the postcolonial era.

Waitangi And Indigenous Rights

Author : F. M. Brookfield
ISBN : UOM:39015022880077
Genre : History
File Size : 48. 79 MB
Format : PDF
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This is a contribution to the debate surrounding the Treaty of Waitangi. A central theme is how a revolutionary taking of power by one people over another may be partly legitimated. Wrongs done to those who suffered the take-over must then be redressed with due allowance for new rights and interests that have resulted from it.

Better Britons

Author : Nadine Attewell
ISBN : 9781442667075
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 36. 67 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In 1932, Aldous Huxley published Brave New World, his famous novel about a future in which humans are produced to spec in laboratories. Around the same time, Australian legislators announced an ambitious experiment to “breed the colour” out of Australia by procuring white husbands for women of white and indigenous descent. In this study, Nadine Attewell reflects on an assumption central to these and other policy initiatives and cultural texts from twentieth-century Britain, Australia, and New Zealand: that the fortunes of the nation depend on controlling the reproductive choices of citizen-subjects. Better Britons charts an innovative approach to the politics of reproduction by reading an array of works and discourses – from canonical modernist novels and speculative fictions to government memoranda and public debates – that reflect on the significance of reproductive behaviours for civic, national, and racial identities. Bringing insights from feminist and queer theory into dialogue with work in indigenous studies, Attewell sheds new light on changing conceptions of British and settler identity during the era of decolonization.


Author : Charles Brasch
ISBN : IND:30000027961568
Genre : Humanities
File Size : 42. 59 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Emerging From Empire?

Author : Donald Denoon
ISBN : UOM:39015045690750
Genre : Decolonization
File Size : 55. 21 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Early Childhood Education In Aotearoa New Zealand History Pedagogy And Liberation

Author : J. Ritchie
ISBN : 9781137375797
Genre : Education
File Size : 22. 30 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Taking as a starting point the work of Aotearoa New Zealand to provide an education system that includes curriculum, pedagogy, and language from indigenous Maori culture, this book investigates the ensuing practices, policies, and dilemmas that have arisen and provides a wealth of data on how truly culturally inclusive education might look.

Feminist Thought In Aotearoa New Zealand

Author : Rosemary Du Plessis
ISBN : STANFORD:36105020187204
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 82. 34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This collection of essays focuses on diversity in feminist political analysis in New Zealand. The text responds to questions about how politics, identity, activism and community are being rethought in the 1990s.

Decolonizing Conservation

Author : Dean Sully
ISBN : STANFORD:36105131745312
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 37. 66 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book argues for an important shift in cultural heritage conservation, away from a focus on maintaining the physical fabric of material culture toward the impact that conservation work has on people’s lives. In doing so, it challenges the commodification of sacred objects and places by western conservation thought and attempts to decolonize conservation practice. To do so, the authors examine conservation activities at Maori marae—meeting houses—located in the US, Germany, and England and contrasts them with changes in marae conservation in New Zealand. A key case study is the Hinemihi meeting house, transported to England in the 1890s where it was treated as a curiosity by visitors to Clandon Park for over a century, and more recently as a focal point of cultural activity for UK Maori communities. Recent efforts to include various Maori stakeholder communities in the care of this sacred structure is a key example of community based conservation that can be replicated in heritage practice around the world.

Decolonizing Research

Author : Jo-Ann Archibald
ISBN : 1786994615
Genre : Ethnology
File Size : 64. 92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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From Oceania to North America, indigenous peoples have created storytelling traditions of incredible depth and diversity. The term "indigenous storywork" has come to encompass the sheer breadth of ways in which indigenous storytelling serves as a historical record, as a form of teaching and learning, and as an expression of indigenous culture and identity. But such traditions have too often been relegated to the realm of myth and legend, recorded as fragmented distortions, or erased altogether. Decolonizing Research brings together indigenous researchers and activists from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to assert the unique value of indigenous storywork as a focus of research, and to develop methodologies that rectify the colonial attitudes inherent in much past and current scholarship. By bringing together their own indigenous perspectives, and by treating indigenous storywork on its own terms, the contributors illuminate valuable new avenues for research, and show how such reworked scholarship can contribute to the movement for indigenous rights and self-determination.

Indigenous Woman

Author :
ISBN : UCSC:32106017662203
Genre : Indian women
File Size : 28. 26 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Dreadlocks Vaka Vuku

Author : Mohit Prasad
ISBN : UOM:39015079339498
Genre : Islands of the Pacific
File Size : 85. 35 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 127
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Get Creative

Author : Jenny Fraser
ISBN : OCLC:1050136093
Genre : Aboriginal Australians
File Size : 39. 19 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The essential aim for this project was primarily for me to be myself - an artist and curator, to research the arts of healing and decolonisation and to follow practice-led research and reflective practice. Mostly importantly, to feel free, because I know when I am in my element, working and living within my passion, I will be free to be, and have the power to progress and collaborate unheeded.I first learned of Indigenous Decolonisation through friends in the Tino Rangatiratanga Sovereignty movement in Aotearoa (New Zealand) in 2001, but since then I have also learned that the term is also a contemporary concept in Indigenous health and healing studies. Among other processes in itself, decolonisation is that of a healing journey that may involve grief, anger, rage, growth and empowerment. This PhD project is situated as a site of motivation, innovation and protest. So while it may seem unnecessary to command that artists ‘get creative’ as the title suggests, the command comes more from the activist perspective, where getting creative is sometimes the only response possible. Beyond complaining, instead we can ask of ourselves ‘What are we going to do about it?’ and get creative.

A New Zealand Book Of Beasts

Author : Annie Potts
ISBN : 9781869407735
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 57. 46 MB
Format : PDF
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A New Zealand Book of Beasts is a groundbreaking examination of the interactions between humans and 'nonhuman animals' - both real and imagined - in New Zealand's arts and literature, popular culture, historiography, media and everyday life. Structured in four parts - Animal Icons, Animal Companions, Art Animals and Controversial Animals - the Book of Beasts touches on topics as diverse as moa-hunting and the SPCA, pest-control and pet-keeping, whaling and whale-watching; on species ranging from sheep to sperm whales and from pekapeka to possums; and on the works of authors and artists as various as Samuel Butler and Witi Ihimaera, Lady Mary Anne Barker and Janet Frame, Michael Parekowhai and Don Binney, Bill Hammond and Fiona Pardington. In examining through literature, art and culture the ways New Zealanders use and abuse, shape and are shaped by, glorify and co-opt, and describe and imagine animals, the authors tell us a great deal about our society and culture: how we understand our own identities and those of others; how we regard, inhabit and make use of the natural world; and how we think about what to buy, eat, wear, watch and read. This is an engaging, original and scholarly rigorous book of cultural criticism and a thoughtful addition to New Zealand literature.

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